One of the most proudest moments in my life!

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One of the most proudest moments in my life!

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        08-02-2008, 10:22 AM
    One of the most proudest moments in my life!

    So yesterday was Friday, our horsey playday out at the arena
    To enter games and fun along with other riders. My little 10 year
    Year old brother gets bored at the house in the country with no
    Friends of his age to play with, so I decided I would let him come
    And watch. As I was riding in the arena with Amber, a new friend I
    Made I was talking to, I noticed him in the stands outside of the
    Arena watching attentively at the riders and horses having fun.

    After I got out of the arena I asked my brother if he wanted to
    Ride Chava (after I rode her a good while and got all the hyper-
    Ness outta her!) and he said yes. Usually when we let him on
    A horse, we lead the horse around while he hangs on to the
    Saddle horn, I thought to myself...those days have got to go,
    He's a big enough boy to learn to ride on his own now. After
    Teaching him the basics of reining, stopping, and getting her
    To walk, I let him ride her around our truck and trailer a few
    Times by himself. He had problems reining and we had to
    Keep telling him how to use his hands, but he finally got it
    And was riding wherever he wanted to go on her, no fear
    At all! :)

    Later the games started, just a practice night (no ribbons to be
    Won and no pay to enter!) and I made him walk around the
    Barrels while I shouted what to do from the sidelines. I told
    A lady this was his first time riding a horse all by himself and
    She said he was doing fantastic! After he go to the last barrel,
    I told him to make her trot by kicking her and make her come to
    Me ( I told him if he was scared he could stop). Before I knew
    It the kid had her in a fast trot, no fear at all looking as he'd
    been riding forever! When he made it to me, he stopped her
    And everyone broke out in applause. I was soooo PROUD!
    Later that night, he would ride her around in a walk and trot
    And go wherever he wanted (of course in eye view), pleased
    With his self. He's a natural and really got some raw talent!
    Now he can't wait to go out to the arena with us every Friday
    and he is more than welcome!
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        08-02-2008, 11:06 AM
    That's a great story, you should feel proud!
        08-02-2008, 04:27 PM
    Aw that is great to hear. :) He's going to be a great rider!!!
    & Chava must be a lovely horse- hehe some don't like kids!
        08-02-2008, 05:39 PM
    Yeah, unfourtunately I am the only horse-person in my family. My brothers are all scared (such whimps!) :)
    But im training my 4y/o brother to be an onlypic equestrian (hopefully) :) :) :) :)
        08-04-2008, 05:19 PM
    Wow that is really cool. My BO's daughter yesterday rode in her first speed show yesterday. They have a "training" class and she won a couple of ribbons too. We were all proud of her b/c she doesn't so much "want" to learn at the farm. She usually is scared of the horses. I guess seeing everyone ride yesterday she wanted to get on. It was so fun to see her "go" around the barrels even if it was at the walk!!! :)

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