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QUESTION: How many of you have never fallen off?

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        01-26-2011, 10:10 AM
    I never fell off... Until I started jumping.
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        01-26-2011, 11:27 AM
    Only fell off once in the past 12 years, had to be taken to hospital after I remove most of the skin on my mid arm, and lower back. The doctor told me flat out that I was very lucky not to have broke something importand in the lines of my back, pelvis or elbow. Thank goodness I was wearing a helmet which smashed into many pieces. Couldn't sit up or lay down comfortably for two months while the skin grew back and it itched like mad. This was from a saddle I trying out broke into pieces scaring my horse, the great part is when the company (it was a new saddle) wouldn't compensate for the damages only give me a new saddle that I had to paying shipping for.

    Only other times my horse fell I hopped off and helped the pony up made sure he was okay and brought him back to the barn to wash him off.

    I hate the saying you got to fall off to be a good rider, I just happened to know how to have a death grip on the cantle or horn while stopping with one hand.
        01-26-2011, 05:28 PM
    Your not a real cowgirl till you've fallen off a horse...... lol I was always told that when I fell when I was younger.

    As a kid riding age 4-6 I don't remember ever falling. Took long break...
    As a youth riding age 12-22 I fell numerous times and once was pretty bad.
    As an adult after 2 years of not being able to ride due to life circumstances..... I hope I don't fall off any time soon.... It would hurt so bad... I don't know how I always jumped up and got back on a little sore but not bad.... Haha I was even told once in College by my riding instructor that I "Fall beautifully" "A perfect tuck and roll, I have never seen any one fall so gracefully." lol I was so proud of myself! HAHAHA
        01-26-2011, 05:57 PM
    Had a horse when I was a kid 12-18 and never fell off. He was an older gelding and I never realized till later what a great horse I had. Sold him to my moms best friend and a couple years later went to visit and ride him. His name was Pyaso. Spanish for Clown:) Anyway next thing I knew I was in the hospital with a buch of nurses and doctors around asking me weird questions like who the presedent was and do I know what year it is. At the time our presedent was Clinton but I thought it was Bush..The old one. Anyway I got the date wrong too. I was freeking out because I used to have hair down to my but and I had cut it likes 2 months earlier and Kept asking where my hair was...I was also in college and had to drop out of my classes because I had no clue what was going on. I did remember family and stuff like that. Anyway long story short I'v calculated based on what I remember that I lost about 3 months. Scary! I never thought that could happen to me. Since then I'v actually got into horses again. Im 29 now and have a 8 month old colt and a 6 year old mare:) I've done a lot more riding in the last couple years and have fallen off 2 more times:) Wish I could have been like some of you that fell off when you were kids but not as an adult....unfortunatly its been the oposite for me. Lol

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