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        04-25-2011, 02:56 AM
    I can't relate to you but I kinda can. I haven't got a husband (im only 15 lol) But I got to my school and feel left out cos all the girls are cake faces with their makeup, glam hair and nails, fake tans. And I go there with my hair in a PT, horse hair on my uniform, NATURAL tan, and nails coated with dirt. But I don't care, it is what I do and I love it! Im not going to give it up because of people
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        04-25-2011, 12:14 PM
    Originally Posted by Deerly    

    It may also be fun to invest in some pretty headbands to wear with your pony tail if you want to feel more feminine around the barn. Helps keep straggling hairs out of your face too!
    Ooo, this is a GREAT idea! You are so right; just little things like that make it feel like you gave some sort of effort, lol. :)
        04-25-2011, 12:25 PM
    I completely agree with making time for yourself at least once a month. Do a spa day and that should last you until the next month when you start to feel grimey again. If once a month is all you can swing on your busy schedule it is definitely a good idea to show your DH there's still a girl under there.
        04-25-2011, 01:38 PM
    Oh man, do I EVER love this thread! I went in to a salon for the first time in my life on my 21st birthday last year. I told the lady to give me a cut that was low maintenance, and she said it was no problem and that she understood I ride motorcycles and horses. Unfortunately, 'low maintenance' to her still meant 30 mins of blowdrying and curling and 3 different types of hair products so I couldn't maintain it lol. I just don't HAVE THE TIME! Plus I went to the barn right after the appt and it was flat as a pancake under my work hat. :P lol. Oh well, it was cute while it lasted.

    I agree that you need to carve a little bit out of your busy day and get super dressed up. Do your hair, wear something feminine and soft, maybe a little perfume Go out and feel fancy for an evening. It does wonders for the self esteem, and I'm sure your husband wouldn't mind seeing your girly side! :)

    Bottom line is, we're all in the same boat!!
        04-30-2011, 07:11 PM
    Wow! I don't feel so alone now..who knew all the places hay could be found!?! Thankfully my husband is currently in the tree service business so we sit around at night smelling line chainsaws and horse poo. It actually goes well together....hmmmm maybe a new line of perfume? Lol

    I agree in getting out. I try to get out with my DH at least once a month for a date night, and if we can do it with three boys you can too!! ;)
        04-30-2011, 07:53 PM
    I can sympathize. I live and work on a farm in the north. In winter, I am in a beanie and winter gear. Doesn't matter if I just had a shower, if I go out, my hair ends up plastered to my head.

    My winter jacket I wear during calving season so it has mud, poop, blood, placenta ....just about anything you can find on the farm, it has on it until it warms up
    Enough so I can wash it.

    I have been kicked out of the local grocery store for being too muddy. It's not like I try to be muddy, but when you want to grab a soda at lunch it's not feasible to run to the house to change clothes to buy a soda then change back when you get back from the store.

    I have no dress up clothes except a black pair of slacks. I don't feel comfortable unless I am in jeans/Tshirt/button down shirt. I have 2 pairs of boots. Work and good boots. I hate shopping unless I am buying horses, cows or riding gear.

    I was celebrating with the hubby and my daughter dressed me in this skimpy dress and heels. Trying not to disappoint, I wore it through dinner out, but made the hubby buy me sweats and sweatshirt to put on afterwards. (we were 70 miles from home). I don't dress up well. I would rather wear my carharts to dinner than dress up.
        04-30-2011, 07:57 PM
    Ps. Had the bad stylist too. Always wore my hair in a ponytail and wanted a change. Talked to a stylist who swore he understood my lifestyle. He chopped it off and put lots of layers in it. I hated it. It's been a year and a half and I am still growing it out. Forget style. I like being able to have a ponytail.
        05-01-2011, 03:58 AM
    This might sound like a cliche, but it is true, you are judging yourself on the outside and not the inside.

    I am sure with your DH that you would still love him if he were in a horrible car accident and terribly disasabled, or disfigued - he should feel the same way towards you - so it is you inside that he loves.

    Brad (my Hub) finds it attractive and economical that I am not the type to have my nails done - I think that your DH might feel the same way - ask him.
        05-01-2011, 09:31 AM
    Love this thread! I live in jeans, boots & a ball cap. My hair is in the growing out process from a VERY short cut, think Tabatha Coffey short and the back is long enough it's curling up around my ball caps lol! Told my hubby that I am working on a "femullet" BAHAHA! Man I can't wait to get it in a ponytail :)

    I go EVERYWHERE in horse gear, I actually had one woman say to me "honey, you are much too pretty to go around smelling like animals" I told her I didn't smell like animals, I smelled like money. She shut up real quick ;)
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        05-01-2011, 04:49 PM
    I understand!
    I never wear makeup if it involves a horse. I just try and keep my skin nice.
    You know, Barbie has been a cowgirl (along with an astronaut, doctor and vet lol)! You could always go as Hot Cowgirl! ;)

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