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Same Day, same 5 mins, same pony, same way

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        07-28-2009, 06:23 PM
    If he's scared of a whip, get him use to it! Don't simply avoid using it! Also Obviously something was going to go wrong, I BET YOU there was many warning signs that this was going to happen. Like he DID not want you on!! Yet you still got on... no offense but you kinda deserved that..... If someone wanted to get on your back.. but your back was sore, or you just werent in the mood but they got on anyways you would shove them off!

    And this whole you need to get back on is BULL!!!
    I agree with a lot of your post, but there are some thigns I don't agree with. While I agree with the thought that if the horse is sore you have no business getting on, but if the horse just doesn't want you up there? Too darn bad sonny, he's going to get used to it and behave. If we waited until the horse wanted us to ride, we would never ride. If I have a job I need to do on my horse, wether it be moving stock, etc. I need to do it now, not when he's in a good mood. It's all about manners. He may not like it, and he can tell me that, but not in a dangerous way.

    Also, I disagree with the idea that the 'get back on' school of thought is bull. There are too many times when kids don't get back on and it becomes repeat behaviour because they are gettign the desired result. It's called operant conditioning, similar to dog training. If they do something and get a good result, they will keep doing it. Of course there aretimes when this doesn't happen or doesn't apply, but it is a good rule that si you are capable of getting back on, you do; Even if its only for a few minutes.

    But kudos to the rest of your post :]
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        07-28-2009, 07:15 PM
    Originally Posted by PumpkinzMyBaby22    
    we've tried to lunge him, but he ges dominant towards you when the whip is picked up. And we don't have a round pen. =( like you gussed, mounting was a prob.
    If he challenges you, then you need to be more assertive toward you in your body language...a horse that challenges his handler, simply has no respect for his handler.

    You can desensitize him to a whip too, without having to be longing him with it first. Or just use an extra lead rope that you can fling out at his hip to get him to move out, or at his front end to make him back off when he challenges you. My Appaloosa was a horrific nightmare to longe when I first got him, as he would challenge me too, but after a few sessions of establishing respect, he is now very easy to longe. Pumpkin can learn how to longe properly, just learn how to use your body and be ASSERTIVE when he tries to challenge you.
        07-28-2009, 07:46 PM
    I disagree, you do NOT always get back on, especially if you are injured. That's disaster waiting to happen.

    If you are not injured, get back on. If you are injured, stay off until you can be checked over by a doctor.
        07-28-2009, 07:50 PM
    ^^ I agree;

    It is a good rule that if you are capable of getting back on, you do; Even if its only for a few minutes.
        07-29-2009, 01:57 AM
    You were really lucky, Chingaz, that your head and neck injury wasn't MORE serious than a few brain rabbits! Lol
    I've known some riders that have snapped a vertebrae in their spine from head banging the dirt like that. Not major falls, but at just the right angle to cause them some serious harm.
    Hope you guys are OK and are up and running soon, to tell Pumpkin off for his naughtiness!
        07-29-2009, 03:51 AM
    Green Broke

    Well we haven't been able to work with Pumpkin since then as my neck it still sore. Not extremly sore but still if I came off again it would end well badly for my head/neck. Thanks for the advice with the lunging! It sounds like it would help alot! Stupid question though, when I taught Chinga how to lounge I would get someone to walk with him on the lunge on the inside, and when he was going well they would slowly work there way inside the circle. Could this work for Pumpkin. I mean they are both very different horses and this proberly only worked with Chinga because he respects me.

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