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Share your "Horse Riding Story"

Share your "horse riding story" & tell us how you got started with horses.

Ok so here's mine~

Last year, in the summertime I was babysitting and my brother had a friend over. We had done everything there was to do so we were just sitting around, complaining of boredom. My mom offered to take us horseback riding, as there was a stables right on the next street. After all the years of living where we did & past generations owning horses, it was crazy that I had never ridden a horse until about 6 monthes ago..

At first, we all kind of said "no." but my mom would not give up. So a few unresponsive phone calls later, my mom sent the boys over to the barn to go and set up an appointment. We pretty much went within two hours.

There were seven of us..Me, my brother, his friend, the girl I was babysitting, my cousin (who we invited to come with us) & my mom.

When we first got there, we talked to the 2 instructors & they went over some ground rules, tried on helmets, etc. The horse's were already tacked up (except at that time, I didn't really know what that and when we were finished, we went outside to go and get on the ponies! There were three horses-Titan, Champ & Dakota :) We rode around for a bit (even trotted lol) and as soon as we got off and were finished, we planned to come back again..and again..and again.

We started taking lessons once a week..then twice a week..and now back to once a week again. By September, my mom fell in love with my horse (today) Ransom :)) We purchased him only after a month or so of riding :P

This year, I plan to do barrel jackpots and I am very excited! My riding story isn't so long because it's barely just beginning! Please share yours. I'd love to hear :)

^^I dare you to read that all ;)
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I take your dare & double dare you back! Sorry I can't type my story, I was raised around horses and grew up riding, I would have to write a novel & would be too boring. But your story is excellent, yay for your mom!
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I read it all it wasnt that long.. mines nothing special.. I never was around horses.. never had friends with horses or anything, but always wanted to learn to ride.. so at 24 I decided I was financially stable enough to take lessons.. and I was going to do it.. I found a place that would take me being a plus sized beginner guy and I never looked back and have been riding ever since.. kind of wish I would have started doing it sooner.. its helped me lose weight and not mind doing physical chores as much
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the thing is most people were shocked that I took interest in it like it was a phaze.. as I never showed any interest in it before.. as most guys my age at the time in my area were not into riding horses.. and my friends tried to tell me I was crazy.. but I ignored them.. and I even turned one of my friends onto riding after he learned what I was doing and he wanted to see now he takes lessons as well.. and he realized its not so bad to be a guy on a

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I've loved horses since I was three and watched Man From Snowy River for the first time. My dad is severely allergic to horses and my parents always thought it was just a phase, so I never got to take lessons or have my own horse. The first time I rode a horse was on a dude string ride that my parents took me on as a reward for accomplishing a set goal. It was me, my cousin (who is two months older than I am), and my parents. My dad was miserable the entire time, but I had a blast. They put me on the biggest horse they had (still not sure why...I was maybe 11 or 12 and Crow was easily 16.1-16.2hh). He was a big blue roan and his best friend was Cochise, the red roan my cousin was riding. I kept slowing Crow down and then letting him trot to catch up to Cochise.

After that, I convinced my grandma's neighbor to let me ride her older (14yo) paint mare when I was 14. I had always loved Mrs Cooper's black QH gelding, Tar, but he was unrideable due to a fetlock injury (got tangled in barbed wire and no-climb trying to get to my grandma's plum tree). Tonka, the mare, taught me a lot about dealing with a stubborn horse and establishing a good seat. She was an ex-barrel horse and I got to try her speed on for size one day when she decided she was going to decide how fast we were going to go. We were in a one acre pasture and she trotted down one fence line, cantered down the long fence line, then full-on galloped down the third fence line, jumped down into a ditch, clambered up the other side (ditch was deeper than she was tall), and trotted back to the gate like nothing had happened.

I also got to ride a Peruvian paso gelding that belonged to a vet tech I worked with. Charmer loved me (and disliked the vet tech), so she would ride her TB/appy gelding, JJ, and I would ride Charmer. We trail rode quite a few times, which was different than the pasture riding I did with Tonka (and more fun).

I was away from horses (but not my love of them) until I moved back up to my hometown a few years ago and got involved with one of my now-friends. I answered her ad asking for help lunging and caring for her horses and the rest, as they say, is history.

Just for fun, here's a pic of Tonka (the paint) and Charmer (the Peruvian paso):

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On a dark and stormy night, a little 12-year-old me fell in love with an old draft mare. That's where it all began.

My sister-in-law was serving as a tour guide through a low-grade auction horse in Wheeler County, Georgia. My newly separated and border-line estranged mother like horses. She liked horses like I liked horses; in a child-like, "wow, so pretty" kind of way. She and I saw this little draft mare tied in a rusty pipe stall. This mare was covered in yard thick, yellow dun hair and had a head like a cinder block. I loved that ugly head.

My mom bought her for 150 bucks and hauled her to my sister-in-law's barbed wire paddock farm. I remember the first time I sat on her. My sister-in-law led her in the round pen and I sat bareback. I dismounted and was covered in hair. I remember it so well!

I spend days grooming her. All the while, my mother was speaking to the owner of a barn only three minutes from my house. We moved the mare (Lola Mae, we named her) home a few days later.

I had never ridden before. Lola was a terror to ride. She got more difficult. We hired a trainer to sort her out. Lola threw her and broke the trainer's back. The barn owner said she never wanted that horse ridden on her property again.

That was the end of Lola Mae. We told her as a companion horse to a women with a herd of goats. Last I hear, she's happy there.

I learned a lot in the year between horses. During the year I was without my own horse, I learned to actually ride. I played with the BO's horses and rode whenever I could. I took lessons. I caught on quick. My passion for horses was no longer skin deep.

A few months after Lola, I fell in love with a four-year-old SSH called Baby Girl. She was spoiled, sure, but the plusses swam in my head; athletic, smart, well-bred, built like a winner, and beautiful. She had a beautiful mind. Even in her young age, she was safe. She made me feel safe. Not in a cocky way, but I felt secure. Within reason, I trusted her. I guess that's what it's like to feel a "click"; an instant bond between horse and rider. Whatever it was, it was good enough. I wanted this horse.

I rode her for a few months before that Christmas Eve, 2010, when she became mine. After that, every day was an adventure. We worked like hell. Rode every day, trained hard, had a vision and chased it. In our first year competing, we won our NATRC division. Our crowning moment of awesome was winning High Point Spotted Saddle Horse at Honey Creek CTR. We beat our horses twice Baby Girl's age and three times my age.

And the story continues! I'm only about three years into my horse life and have a lot to live.

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one of my my older sisters was into horses and took lessons. one day i was in the kitchen with my dad and he looked at me all confused "aren't you supposed to be at your horseback riding lesson?" I said "No, i don't do that. Kristen does." and he was like "Oh... well, do you want to?"

Once i got to know horses I loved them. I wasn't as super into riding as my sister was at the time because I really never got along with my trainer/BO where we boarded. it just wasn't fun when you had to take lessons and always hang around someone who was a jerk. My sister and her were close but for some reason we just never liked each other. Once we bought property and were able to keep our own horses I became much more obsessed.

My sister has grown out of her love of horses but for me it was definitely not a phase.
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I wish more guys rode!!!! Anyway here is my story

My best friend of now 11 years got me into horses. I met her at age 7 and she bragged about how she rode horses, but she'd never let me come watch her! She was a mean best friend, lol... never shared anything, but then I asked my mom if I could take lessons because it seemed like it would be fun and my bestie was doing it.

On my 8th birthday, my mom took me to the barn and I got my first ever ride on a pony and I did great. I kept taking lessons and the rest is history!
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Nice topic. :)

I used to dream about horses A LOT when I was a little girl. Draw them, imagine them, dream about them at night, speak of them - well, just as any horse-charmed little girl would do. :) I was taken to a couple of pony rides, but two times of three I was bucked of - speak of unsuitable for kids ponies here... So, as much as I asked for it, my parents wouldn't let me join a riding school, stating that it was too dangerous and unsuitable for me. I kept wishing all through my school years, until somehow the wish faded quietly - I guess I got used to not being able to ride. Then, app. 2 years ago, I started looking for a more active hobby than those I already had, but nothing seemed to please me - everything was either too far away from my home, too expensive, too this and too that, until during a party a friend of mine told how she used to learn basic riding. That moment I remembered my childhood dream and decided to give it a try, starting to look for a suitable stable where to learn riding the next day. When I found one, I had to stack up some money for the first lessons, but after a couple of months I could start my training, and, mind me, it was farther from home and more expensive, than any other possible hobby I had looked into until that. But somehow I didn't care, I just felt I've found the right thing and place for me.

At the first stable I used take lessons, I also met a horse, that was then still a greenie, and totally unsuitable for me back then, but I loved his personality nonetheless, and now, when I've gained the experience I needed...he's all mine. I bought my dream horse, my perfect match last December, changed barns and still feeling like doing the right thing. :)
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We moved in to our new house when I was 2 and a half years old. The previous owners gave Pumpkin to us for free, no longer wanting him. He was 7 years old at the time. I never remember having much to do with him, Dad would give my sister and I bareback rides while he grazed.

We went down the Melbourne for Christmas when I was 11. After we got back, I started to work with him, and put in the time, sweat, blood and tears. We had tack already in the shed, so I started pulling it out, battling with him to put it on, and get a lead line ride. He had been out, un-used in a paddock for the first 15 years of his life, naturally dominant, and the boss. Talk about a green on green situation.

Eventually, I was nagging mum and dad for riding lessons, and to be let off the lead line to ride him on my own. Nothing happened, so I did only what a determined 12 year old with a dream would do. I started riding him bareback at night for 2 years. Stupid idea, but I have to say, in the long run, it was really beneficial. Walk trot and canter. Eventually I told my mum, and since then it has been weekly lessons!

As I learned I rode him more and more, all the while getting bucked off and getting back on. The phrase 'you must get bucked off 100 times before you are a real rider' makes me a professional So many times I would come inside crying, and hear dad constantly tell his friends that I had basically ridden the Melbourne cup, bucking all the while.

Long story short:

He is turning 20 this year, and I am now getting him to weekly lessons and am going to start pony club. With the help of Chingaz, we have both come such along way, and he has taught me many life lessons.

There is one principle that should never be abandoned, namely, that the rider must first learn to control himself before he can control his horse. This is the basic, most important principle to be preserved in equitation - Alois Podhajsky

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