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Should I be riding her?

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        01-20-2011, 09:03 AM
    Originally Posted by kywalkinghorse2010    
    In my experience, if you don't bond with the horse, it's not going to be a good working relationship between the two of you.
    Interesting theory. The thousands of lesson horses in the world who carry dozens of different people in any given week would beg to differ. As would the nose-to-tail public trail horses.

    If you want to bond with your own horse, good on ya, but horses don't need to bond in order to form a good working relationship with their rider. All they need is to know who the alpha is in the situation.

    I love my horses and have bonded with each of them in different ways, but even if I weren't bonded to them, I'd expect them to behave.

    That's where I find the touchy feely, woo-woo crap the more out there NH trainers espouse, to be detrimental to newbies. Oh, you can't ride the horse until you form a special, magickal, emotional bond!!!! It'll take you months and months before you get there, and you need all the DVDs and special tools before you can even consider getting up in that saddle!

    Hogwash and balderdash.

    OP, at 14 y/o that horse of yours is already trained. There's no reason you can't ride her NOW.
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        01-20-2011, 04:35 PM
    Originally Posted by GreenTreeFrog    

    My Aunty got her at 5 and had her for 6 years. She was much more high spirited then. She did Parelli stuff with her, not sure how far, and she used to ride her a fair bit.

    At 11yo Elly went to my cousins 225 acres where she got a lot less attention but still some riding from my cousin and her step-daughters. She did say her husband (who has exp with horses) used to ride her first to calm her down.

    3 years later, at 14yo, she comes to me. So I am starting from the ground myself! And want to do it right with her.

    Sounds like she has had some time off but is otherwise trained. If you want a rideable horse, I would get somebody on her ASAP and get her butt moving. If you just move her around from the ground, she's going to think she's been retired and get more resistant to doing actual work. You can bond with her after she's worked her butt off to earn her keep.
        01-20-2011, 09:31 PM
    Originally Posted by GreenTreeFrog    
    I haven't been on her yet, I want to establish that bond with her, so she wants me to ride her. Or will I be waiting forever? Should I be riding her?
    Horses are different in their thinking and emotions. So I doubt they really "want" anyone to ride, but just happy with the job (well, some of them).

    I'd say as long as you work with her under saddle you do work on bonding with her. So if she's safe and you feel comfortable - absolutely start riding her!
        01-20-2011, 10:01 PM
    What Speed Racer said!!!!
    You want respect and obedience first, the love will come later.
    If this horse is 14 and has been ridden in the past without issue, and she won't move out for you under saddle, then she has got your number.
    Stop playing the '7 games' and 'join up', and get someone who has experience to help you get this horse's feet moving before someone gets hurt.

    Don't get me wrong, there are some great ideas and theories in NH and Parelli (before he became an over commercialized rock star), but I read the disclaimer in a Parelli book that said be sure you have a lot of horse experince BEFORE you start trying all that stuff.
    Every time a horse licks his lips doesn't mean that he is thinking about and accepting new concepts. Sometimes he just had a piece of grass stuck on there.
    Sorry for the mini rant.
    What I don't want for you is to have a horse that will walk backwards when you shake a carrot stick at it, but is dangerous under saddle.
    I have seen it all too often.
    I hope you are having fun in the saddle soon! :)

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