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Spending Time with Tom and Satin!

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        12-22-2009, 02:58 AM
    Green Broke
    Talking Spending Time with Tom and Satin!

    I'm staying with mom tonight so I get to spend all day tomorrow playing with Tom and moms horse satin! I am so excited!

    I just fed them tonight and it was really funny because I was getting the food out of the makeshift "tack room"(moms place burned so she has to use the horse trailer because her Bf where, we are staying, does not have a barn...)and it was really dark so I could not see at all and Mark and moms dog Grunt snuck around the trailer when I was yelling at Tom to not push Satin away and ran out from behind it and barked at me. I screamed at the top of my lungs, thought something was going to eat me! Poor Grunt was scared out of his wits and took off all the way to the house, Satin and Tom could have cared less...

    I got back in after feeding them and Mark asked me if Tom bullied Satin any, and looked really surprised when I told him no. Apparently Mark(who is a non horsey hubby) can't control Tom when he goes to acting out. I told him I just gave him a little verbal reprimand and he stopped(and stood and pouted lol) and Mark was amazed.

    It is so weird talking to a person who is non horsey, Mark wants to learn but is still kind of clueless, he tries to use little bits of horse jargin to sound like he knows what he is doing but it is just funny to me. Don't get me wrong, I am very encouraging towards him, but it is good for a laugh!

    Anyhoo, I will post after tomorrow how it went!
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        12-22-2009, 07:59 PM
    Green Broke
    Rode today, BRRRR!

    We went over to the burned house to see if I could find the rasp so I could trim Toms hooves, no such luck, I remembered that I left it I the front room... which is now a few feet of ash and a collapsed charred roof so I did not find anything. They will be fine until I buy another rasp, it was mostly cosmetic anyway.

    Tom surprised me. I worked on ground manners first and he was just a little sticky with the "back" command without me toughing him, but after a little work with the carrot stick he loosened up and started backing very well. I worked on him disengaging his hindquarters, dropping at the poll with rope pressure(he has it down pat if I use my fingers just needed to wean him off having to have them) , roll backs, bending, stopping, and we worked a lot on suppling exercises, he tends to be a little stiff. Overall he did amazing, though a c- for his lunging manners, has not quite got that down.

    Satin is a monster horse lol. The whole while I was working Tom I kept having to yell at her to get her out everything. She tried to eat her leadrope, the blanket, Toms headstall that I had layed on the ground for a minute. She knocked the saddle off the fence, tried to pull the pad into the water trough... GAH. And of course she is moms horse so I can do nothing with her. I couldn't just take Tom out of the pasture to ride because mom doesn't want her to freak out and hurt herself trying to get to him...AGGRAVATING.

    I was refilling the water trough and knew it would take a few minutes so I decided I would give Tom a little grooming. I hadn't left the halter on so I could catch him so we had a lesson in being caught... I felt ridiculous out there chasing him like a team penning horse with a calf... He decided he wanted to turn away from me when I approached him so I smacked him on the rear with the lead and made him leave the corner and Satin (he has a favorite corner), then would not let him get back to his beloved corner or stop moving, if he wanted to be difficult so was I. It took maybe 2 or 3 minuted of me running back and forth before he decided to stop, drop his head, lick his lips, and stand there so I could catch him. Then I just groomed and unhaltered and let them be.

    I miss being around them all the time...

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