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thanks for the advice, I hope that's an option:/ We don't have any land so I have to board, and board is EXPENCIVE STUFF:) I board at an eventing barn, and its topnotch, so hopefully my parents get some land. There looking!:) Aside from the tread, he's very pretty, I looked at that picture and yepp. He's is a good looking man. Ill say it again. When this is not a problem, enjoy him:)
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You posted on a public forum, asking for opinions. And that's exactly what you're going to get. You're not always going to hear what you want, unfortunately. Especially when you come to (again) a public forum with (specifically) a very dangerous issue. People just don't want to see you get hurt. We're so mean. xD

The sensitivity of the internet baffles me.
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Originally Posted by trigger123 View Post didn't have to sound so....'mean'.
Mean? Oh child, if you think my response was "mean", wait until you get a taste of the real world. My response was the truth. I'm not in the market to add marshmallows and rainbows to everything I say.

And you took zero understanding from my post. You are just making excuses for Trigger and making excuses for yourself, and choosing not to heed the warnings and take the advice that is being given to you.

And for the last time, yes, you are too inexperienced for this horse.

Originally Posted by rhosroyalvelvet View Post
Did you not read anything at all beau159?
I read the comments of the OP, because it is the OP that asked the question. Are you a trainer?

Originally Posted by rhosroyalvelvet View Post
In another post I said that this excitment was unlike him as he is usually a lazy bugger if you had read that either.
What does that matter if it is unlike him? He's still doing it.

Originally Posted by rhosroyalvelvet View Post
Her yard is only a few yards away (like measurements) so she just walks him in there not getting off and then schools him. Don't make presumptions my dear!
Well, is she correcting him within 3 seconds? Doesn't sound like it.

Originally Posted by rhosroyalvelvet View Post
And she is not breaking him just schooling him.
Where did I say she was breaking him?

She is riding and handling this horse, and therefore she is training him.
Check out Cherie's sticky: Every rider IS a trainer -- every time you interact with a horse

If bad behavior is occurring when she rides this colt and it is not being handled correctly, this horse is going to learn bad habits. And not only bad habits, but dangerous one (bucking and bolting).

Originally Posted by rhosroyalvelvet View Post
Who are you to say she is not capable.
I say that she is not capable because she cannot control the horse. She is going to get hurt. He has already ran off with her once and wouldn't stop.

Originally Posted by rhosroyalvelvet View Post
She will get a vet out if this continues
For me, personally, my horses get checked top to bottom every single year as part of a health exam, whether I think they have a problem or not. I want to detect problems before they spring up. And that includes work-ups on any colts before they are ridden. I find it is only fair to the horse to ensure he is pain-free before I start going and asking him to do work. Prevention goes a long way.

Originally Posted by rhosroyalvelvet View Post
she said she didn't need lessons because due to light issues ect she can not get lessons again untill summer.
That doesn't make much sense to me because if she can ride her colt now in the daylight, why can't she ride him in the presence of a trainer in the daylight?? (I assume "light issues" means daylight issues.)

The OP has repeatedly and simply said "I don't need lessons."

Financial issues or daylight issues aside, she still needs lessons. Period. Whether she wants to take them or not, or thinks she needs them, she should be taking them.

If she can't take lessons, then the horse should be turned out and not touched until she can take lessons. You won't teach a horse bad habits turning him out in the pasture and leaving him be, but you will teach him bad habits if you don't know what you are doing when you ride him.

Originally Posted by rhosroyalvelvet View Post
What part of that says he is a bucker to you?
Ummmm, the fact that she said he has bucked? (And my previous post was made before she made the correction that she wasn't riding him when it happened.)

Originally Posted by rhosroyalvelvet View Post
My current main boy comes up to me in the field and puts his head on my chest while I stroke his ears and then I scratch him and he will gently scratch me back!
Bet if someone else walked into the pasture at this moment with a bucket of grain, he'd leave you and go for the grain. THAT'S my point.

Originally Posted by rhosroyalvelvet View Post
It would not be very big as he is only three but many ponies do jump at three amd are fine but I wouldn't do it myself anyway.
Sure, he might do "just fine" but their joints often are not mature until 5 years of age. There's lots of people that work a horse hard (horse racing is one of them) before their joints are mature, and that's when damage can be done. Same reason you've got to be mindful not to work a young horse too hard on small circles because that's hard on their joints too.

Originally Posted by rhosroyalvelvet View Post
No ofence was meant in any of the above.

Oh my. So I'm the rude and nasty one, but just because you add a "no offense" claim at the end of your post, then that absolves you from all of YOUR snide remarks?

Maybe I should have added a "No offense meant!!" to the end of my post and you guys would think I was the sweetest person in the world.

Nothing of what I said was nasty. The OP is in over her head and she does not have the skills to handle a green-broke 3-year-old colt who has ran away with her, and possibly bucked with her (changed her story, so I'm really not sure which statement to believe). Fact.

It is not safe, no matter how many excuses you want to make for her or want to make for the horse. Green + green = Black & blue

Originally Posted by rhosroyalvelvet View Post
So being told you and your horse a wreck and that you are not a capable rider when you have no evidence is not considered mean?
No, because it is the truth.

Originally Posted by rhosroyalvelvet View Post
OK it is quite possible even probable that her riding has gone down hill since being at ours as she is not being constantly watched by an instructor and my comments were presumtious that she was as good as she was when she left us and I can't really say anything untill I have seen a video either.
Love this. So you just went through an entire post backing her up and bashing me, and telling me how assumptious I am, and now the truth comes out that you weren't even there when all these things happened that the OP is talking about?? Interesting.

Originally Posted by trigger123 View Post
If I could have lessons I would take the chance!!
Then do not say over and over that "I don't need lessons" because that's what people are going to read.

If you cannot take lessons right now, then this horse should be turned out and left alone until the spring when you can take lessons. He won't learn bad habits in the pasture, but he will learn bad habits if you don't handle him correctly when riding.

Horses are very smart. You can turn them out for the winter and have a very quick refresher in the spring to get them right back to where they were before winter. I do this routinely with my 2 and 3 year olds. They don't miss a beat. It's good for their mind to "be a horse" and have some time off.

∞*˚ Βгįťţαňγ ˚*∞
It is not enough to know how to ride; one must know how to fall.

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rhosroyalvelvet does NOT make "snide remarks". She is very kind and well mannered. She was not bashing you either.

And she said no offence so people would not get the wrong idea about anything...which is silly really because she didn't say anything offencive anyways.

And just because you say something like "we're a wreck waiting to happen" and say it's the truth does not magically make it kind to say.(since you said it's not mean at all)

She was disagreeing with you. I didn't change my story..

If you read correcly you will see that I said after I fell off (I was not on him) he went for a canter around because he was excited...then he bucked once or twice but I was not on him. Therefore he could not buck with me on him..if I'm not on him!!!!!!

I'm not trying to make excuses by saying that there's not enough light in the day. I am explaining my situation! And like you said in your post about leaving your horses off for the winter....maybe I should do that..!?!

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I think we should drop the subject. We've all given our "advice". Now all we're doing is arguing.
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Originally Posted by trigger123 View Post
But by not holding him back he could just run off
By not holding him back, he will run forward. This is different from running off, because you will be riding him forward. You will also be directing where he goes.

It sounds like he has not had much work, and is not therefore super fit. If you have a field to ride in, if you are confident cantering in a field, then go canter him in a field. After discovering that you are not pulling on his mouth, he will canter forward, and then fairly quickly he will run out of steam. Then you use your legs and push him forward then you are in control.

OP I don't know how strong a rider you are, I don't know if you have the skills to use this advice. You must be the judge of that, so I repeat, be safe and have fun
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Get up, get going, seize the day. Enjoy the sunshine, the rain, cloudy days, snowstorms, and thunder. Getting on your horse is always worth the effort.
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Originally Posted by trigger123 View Post
Yes that is him in the picture! I do have a good seat! I think it's just excitement maybe... But thank you everyone for replying!
I rode him without a saddle or bridle not so long ago (before with the tack!) He was fine when we walked, trotted and cantered (that was never done with him bareback & bridleless) and i stayed on!!! :)
The reason you fall off is because you THINK you have a good seat when in fact you don`t and you fall off, that proves it my dear. Get a trainer and learn how to ride properly without falling off, one day you might not get up afterwards.
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I am not here to promote anythingNo, that's not true, I am here to promote everything equestrian and everyone enjoying horses!
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Oh...I think if I tried cantering him he would get a bit too excited and run off! And I probably wouldn't be able to stop him.

I would like to ride him in the field and I did before. It was my grandad's field across the road from my house and it's really big and flat.

I cantered him a little bit but that was like a few months after I bought him so I think he was still getting his energy and getting healthy!

I would love to ride him in a field though!! And I could set up jumps because it's so flat and great!!!!

Then I would really be able to have fun!! My grandad moved his calves over by our house so the field is free now anyway!

Thanks that WAS good, useful advice!

I will try it maybe if I'm allowed! I'll let you know!! :)


For waresbear...
By saying "learn how to ride propery" are you saying that I don't ride properly now....?
And just because I fell off does not mean I have not got a good seat.
Everyone falls!!
You're not officially a rider until you fall!!(my opinion!!)
I'm sure you fell off lots of times but that doesn't mean you have a bad seat!
And if I fall off one day and don't get up the tough luck.
I know the dangers but I choose to do this!
Thanks though.

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Right Beau159 I don't really see how you know that your response was the truth seeing as you never saw either horse or rider. I mean who gave you the right to declare them a trainwreck with out ever seeing them. I mean how would you feel if a stranger told you that you and your horse are a trainwreck and that you are an incapable rider just because you put up a post looking for help with your horse. Other people put up posts asking for help on riding and no one tells them that they are incapable.

She is not too inexperianced for this pony for the last time. She single handedly schooled him and quite succesfully. From the information I read I would presume that he is fresh and what horse is not more difficult when it is fresh? So she fell off we have all fallen of and just because we do fall off does not make us incapapble. You are not a jockey untill you have fallen 100 times.

I can't believe you would ask why does it matter that he is out of character. There is always a reason behind a horse not being itself whether it is due to fear, freshness, being ill, pain ect ect. So yes it would matter if this is out of character.

We know about the 3 second rule and did tell Trigger123 about it too and I think that she would stop him in 3 seconds and then school him to say that he cant do it and then that be that he still has to work.

You never said she was breaking him but I said that she would be as capable if not more than I was when I broke and rode away ponies at 9 and they turned out brilliantly are mannerly easy rides. so she is well able to school him. Also I know that every rider is a trainer but that does not make her less capable.

So the fact that he went head strong and went fast and she could not bring this animal 10 times her strenght to a halt imediatly makes her incapable.

We too get our horses checked by vet and back man every year but the fact is he was fine 3-4 weeks ago so of course if it continued you would want to get him checked out.

Daylight issues are a problem making it impossible for her to ride after schools. Weekends we compete and even if we could go over for an hour at weekends we can't for 6 weeks because my mum only has one working arm at the moment. She does know what she is doing and we are always on hand for questions and we have told her how important it is not to let him get away with anything all summer but if she wanted turning him out for winter would do no harm.

Eh the quote you used when you said he was a bucker as far as I can remember said he does not buck.

My horse prefers hugs to food and would not eat the food untill I offer it too him and would not leave a hug for food.

I know joints don't mature untill they are older that is why I said I don't do it and Trigger 123 dosn't either my point is some people do and it doesn't always turn out bad but I disagree with the princple entirely.

I said no offence so that you wouldn't take any of my arguments the wrong way because one person can say something meaning one thing that can be read another way but it obviously didn't make a difference to you. I didn't make snide remarks.

i never ever said I was there why do you think I was. If I did go there why would she be looking for advice we would have fixed it there and then. Commen sense.

Mabey Trigger123 didn't want to specify why she couldn't have lessons so said she didn't need lessons to generalise. Yes she phrased it the wrong way but I know she knows as well as any of us that know matter how good you are you always need lessons and can always improve.

Yes letting them out for breaks is good and we do that with all our young ponies also but it is her pony at the end of the day. Also think she let him off for a few weeks got on him and he took off what will he be like after afew months?

At some point you also asked if I was a trainer. I wouldn't label myself as a trainer but I have given a good few lessons including Trigger123 so you can decide for yourself.
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Thank you! Rhosroyavelvet I feel sorry you had to type so much! I know how annoying that can be!!! :/

My unce's friend is going to help me with him and gallop him around my grandad's field (you know the one we waked the dogs around across the road!) and then I will get up on him. (Even though he will be tired I can then school him myself and get him listening to me)

He will help me work with him and stuff (because I can not have lessons at the minute and my uncle's friend is a very good rider and has lots of experience) Honestly I just think what Trigger needs is a good run around to take the edge of him and then get him back into a good routine and working manner! :)
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