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Turning round for home on a hack

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    07-11-2012, 01:07 PM
Be carefull, I had a horse/+car accident from a bolting horse when I was hacking him... he bolted for the barn.. I tried everything to stop him, it wasnt a fun experience....Please hack with someone and if your nervous he will be too. Or get a trainer to work on this. Some horses just DON'T hack alone , they just can't. If yours is one of those then don't try to force it!

Wanted to add: some drivers are idiots. You want a very calm horse, if some dumb a** decides to honk at you then you have to be confident your horse won't spook .
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    07-12-2012, 11:00 AM
Okay i'm going to see him in a bit if he starts trying to go home im going attempt to circle him, and I am very worried about the cars but my mums usually in site when he starts being naughty anyway, my main aim at the minute is to not get off him! But thankyou for all your advice i'll give it all a go and see what works best and ill tell you how it goes thanks so much!
    07-12-2012, 02:00 PM
I have had that problem before with some of my ponies.
There's basically two ways I do this; there's an easy fix for horses who just don't want to go out (like just backing or just not wanting to move their feet) and there's one for the more dangerous ponies who do what you described.

The easy way: when they try to back up when you're cueing them to go on, turn them around so they're facing the way they wanted to go, and then back, back, back, back, back.. Making her back the way you wanted to go (in your case, onto the road). If she tries to go forward in one direction or rear, do tiny tiny circles until she gives up and just lets you back her up to where you wanted to go. I've found that after a few repetitions of this; they do what you ask

The more complicated, but safer way that I use when I'm riding a horse that reacts badly, such as Eagle, who once flipped over on me while she was insisting on backing down a steep ditch (good thing she's 13hh or I would've been toast); is to make the barn hard work, and make the road easy work.
Basically, just work her HARD by the barn where she wants to be, then take her up to the road (even if you have to lead her) just let her rest there, feed her some treats, rub her, treat her nice. Then go back down to the barn and work. Then go back up to the road and rest.
Soon they will be anxious to get away from the barn!

Both ways work for me, but the second one just takes longer
    07-12-2012, 04:43 PM
It is easy for a horse to turn the front end, much harder to turn his butt. When he turns for home, bring his nose toward your boot only move it back and bump his rib cage to make him move his hindquarters. What you want to do here is to make his hindquarters make a much larger circle than his front eng. His hind legs are designed to move forward, not forward and sideways so it's more tiring. You need to practice this from the ground by tapping on his hip with a long whip with his head bent toward you. He needs to move forward so he can step under. When he does this fairly well, try it from the saddle at home. Carry your crop in case you need to tap him behind your leg if he ignores your heel. If on the trail you feel you should dismount, don't go home but take him for a walk farther down the road. Stop only when you're sure he's given up on the idea of heading home. I wouldn't mount at this time as he'll likely spin and try to take off while you are mounting. When you head home, the moment he picks up speed, turn him and head back away from home again. If you have to chase his butt in circles until he wants to stop then continue walking away. And don't let him eat. Tap his butt each time he drops his head-don't pull on him. He may scoot ahead but at least he lifted his head. He's going to think you are getting right bossy. Good.
    07-12-2012, 06:23 PM
I am totally with Arabbossmare. If he wants to go back-fine. Walk back and work the snot out of him. I don't mean a little walk, trot and canter. I mean work HARD. Then use the walk away from the barn to cool him out. Each time go a bit further. If he gets resistance, repeat. You may be there a while. I used to be of the "back them up" mindset-no more. It is too easy for them to rear.

Just remember-make the right thing easy. So, you want him to hack away-that is the easy. Barn=work.

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