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        07-12-2010, 05:12 PM
    the Weekenders

    Keep in mind, this is not to bash anyone. This is to see what other people think of people like this:

    At my current barn there is this family, a rather wealthy family- the father owns like, five gyms or something- who own the most random assortment of hot-headed (not hot-blooded, don't get that confused) horses I've ever seen. The family is of Hispanic origin, so the man who owns the gyms is ridiculously buff and ridiculously tan- AND he wears v-neck shirts. To add on to his "Fabio" appearance, he owns an Andalusian STALLION with a mane down to its knees. This family also owns a ridiculously tall Egyptian Arab, a way-too-hard-headed-for-the-person-riding-it Welsh Cob, and a black horse, the breed of which I can't tell. It's also too feisty for them to handle. To top it off, they bought a brand-spankin'-new trailer, a nice one, that they use to take the horses to my barn so they can ride. They left the stand that props up the trailer on the ground as they drove away and it broke, and now their trailer is broken.
    But to get to the actual point of my thread, they are what we call weekenders. Every weekend, they come down and put saddles that don't fit their horses and cause saddle sores on, and go for a five hour trail ride and REALLY mess up the horses' backs. They finish riding, pack everything up, and go home for the week. They don't come back until the next weekend, when the horses' backs have pretty much healed, and repeat the process, thus messing up the horses' backs once more.

    I'm here to see how many people think this is just wrong? Or stupid? Or both? And if you know anyone like that.
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        07-12-2010, 05:37 PM
    People spend their money as they choose, the more they have, more options to have.
    I'm a weekender too but a quite poor one :)

    If I was suddenly rich probably my first impulse would be to buy exactly that kind of horse that you described.
    It's that "oooooh shiny!" childish impulse that we all have.
    Some say that we never grow up; we just learn to behave better but deep inside we remain kids.

    If you would like to help, I would carefully approach and praise their horse first. Sounds to me like they're on very high horses also as ego's, so saying few words such as "What a stunning horse!" and even a "You look great on him" would open up nice a path to redemption :P

    Then you might throw in something about the saddles but coating it in sugar
    "Your horse has such a powerful muscular that saddle fitting ok?"

    If they're peacocks, throw them some shiny words I'd say.

    And it can get worse trust me. While I was QQing my eyes out for not being able to lease a horse at least, there was this rich lawyer lady...she was coming 2 / week only to SEE her horse being ridden. Reluctantly accepted to get on him for a walk, was scared to death when he would come to her searching for carrots, but she was sitting 2 hours drooling at the RI trotting around her on her horse.

    The horse was also a very good warmblood, tons of potential totally wasted. She was paying a whoopy 500E / month for his board and never wanted to take more than few steps on him. You can imagine my envy choke :)
        07-12-2010, 05:39 PM
    Haha, yeah. I mean, I understand only being able to come on weekends, but to expect so much of your horse and with a saddle that fits so poorly.

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