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What’s your horses stories?

So, how did everyone get his or her horse or horses and what has happened during the time you’ve owned them? I like to hear about how other people got their horses… there are many interesting stories out there!

My mare has, IMHO, an interesting story. I got her free because I was the only person who was not scared of her and who was stupid enough to get on her time after time.

I got my girl about five or six (I forgot) years ago. I was about… 13, I would guess… in seventh grade. She did not belong to us. She belonged to this person named Tommy who decided to put her in our pasture and let us feed her through the winter. The way we figured it, he owed us a lot of money that he could not pay, so we took his horse as payment. Back then, my girl was barely greenbroke. All she knew how to do was back up and sidestep. She would let you saddle and bridle her up, but she refused to go forwards because she did not know what to do. The first time my best friend got on her, Gypsie threw her. My cousin Earl and uncle David both were scared of her because she reared up and went over backwards with both of them and had tossed them a few times. My other cousin Sissy was scared of her because Gyps got after her husband and would have probably killed him if he hadn’t slid under the fence. Gypsie was terrified of and hated men back then. I think a man at one point probably abused her in her life, but I’m not sure.
Anyway, the first time I ever rode her, I was terrified because I had witnessed her toss, rear, and go over backwards with my cousin and uncle. I did not even know much about riding back then, because I only rode about twice a year. Gypsie backed up around my uncles’ house twice before I got off, and I straight up told my uncle that she was mine. I then had to explain to my best friend why she could not have her (we had been going to give Gyps to her).

The first year that she was mine, I had to tie her head back to keep her from throwing me. I found out that she was incredibly gun-shy, hated having to ride between other horses, and hated being ponied and ponying other horses. I didn’t even trot with her until two years ago, and I only started cantering and galloping with her last year. She still bucks, but I’ve got to where I can tell when she’s going to and can usually keep her from doing it.

The first time I ever had her shod, she pulled a horse trailer across my uncles yard (with two other horses tied to the back of it) and kicked our farrier in the hip. She only got front shoes that time. It took a lot of work to get her to stand ok (not good, not bad) for the farrier.

She went through a biting phase, but luckily she quit trying to bite a few months later, and she’s came extremely close to killing me once. She had ear mites, and I was bridling her and touched her ears. She went nuts and jerked backwards and the reins of the bridle wrapped around my leg and she drug me halfway down the lot before I got loose. I landed on a power pole and truck tire and she reared up and came down about half a foot away from my chest… then took off. I was so shaken that I didn’t ride that day, even though I really wanted to.

She threw me for the first time just last year. It actually knocked me unconscious and Gyps took off. My best friend was with me, and instead of helping me, she took off after my girl to catch her. She just left me lying there unconscious… but, looking back on it, if it had been my best friend in my position, I’d have done the same thing. I was so sore after that that I didn’t ride for a week, then Gyps came up lame, so I couldn’t ride for another week. When I finally did start riding again, I was so timid… it took half the year for me to get my confidence back.

The most recent thing that has happened to us has been a fall. In January, we took a pretty bad fall. I was coming home at night and had about thirty pounds of halters, lead ropes, bridles, and saddle blankets in my arms so I couldn’t control Gypsie that well. We were going down a hill a walking alongside a fairly steep bank when it caved in with us. We fell, and she fell on my leg. My first thought was about her, and after making sure she was alright, we hurried home. I didn’t ride for a few weeks after that, because I was sore and she was sore and my family thought that I’d broken my leg or something…


I don’t have any stories about Dakota, other than he got a bad joint infection when he was a few months old… I hope that I’ll have some stories in a few years about him.


So, what are your horses stories? I love to hear about others horses and the things that has happened…

Horseshoe Loop Farm: Home of Gypsie (22 y/o TWH mare), Dakota (10 y/o TWH gelding), Codie (18 y/o Walkaloosa gelding) & Harlow (9 y/o APHA mare)
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Wow, that is one heck of a story!

I'd just like to say you must really have alot of patience
and love for this horse to have went through all the things
you have with her. You are really dedicated.

Hmm, my boy Ace has been having a rough time
riding lately. He went from being a dream to
ride to a nightmare...but getting better, even if
I do have to basically play tug-o-war with his
reins for 10 minutes to get him the way I want to
go, he tries to be the boss.

He actually put me in some bad predicaments
yesterday though. While riding he put my leg
against a bobwire fence, rode through several
small treesand shrubbery against my will, backed
meup and put me up against a tree, got way to
close to some metal poles....the whole
time I stayed on him, I'm a fool, but it did
make him wise up and start riding right.

In the end, as much as our horses put our lives
in danger and makes us frustrated...we still
love em'! LOL!
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We have 2 horses Dumas and Twister. They belonged to a family friend and we traded a Ford Truck for them. 2 summers before we actually got them we belonged to a saddle club... We were like the only people that didn't own horses...So my husband and I spent our time helping out. I would help throw kids up on the horses and watch over them while they were riding in the arena and My husband was awesome at helping load and unload the horses and help put up all the tack and misc. stuff that ends up needing to be done at the end of the nite. We figured that if these folks were kind enough to let our kids ride their horses we could at least pay them with sweat.

We have only had our guys since October. 07 So far we have not ridden them that much. As a matter of fact we are riding less owning horses than we did at the saddle club. :roll:

We learned early on that there was a huge difference between arena riding and trail riding. We are going to go full out this summer and try to ride every day. Our kids are not playing softball this year so they will have the summer free. We've decided it is a now or nothing kind of deal. When we were riding these guys at the saddle club they were kept in tune and then they stayed in a pasture for a year so when we went to hop on them they were rusty and cranky...they liked being pasture horses.

These guys are both "registered" qh's but Gpa Don, the guy we got them from didn't exactly have deep pockets so he bought them "without papers"... he always said you can't ride paper so why pay for it. :) They are both amazing horses that have been on trail rides, ridden into town along the highway and had tons of time and energy put into them.

I'm sure I will have some "war" stories to share as the summr progresses but I also have enjoyed the last 6 months of leading them, working on grooming and getting to know them and their personality quirks, Dumas is head shy to an extent, I believe it is more of a trust issue because if you are patient with him he will let you fully handle his head, just can't rush him. And Twister is a big teddy bear,yet, Kinda the naughty johnny of the class. He doesnt' mind being slapped and its hard to get him to cue because he was handled kinda rough before us. So far we have ridden about every other weekend for a couple hours. My oldest daughter rode the ejection seat named twister we now know how he got his name when he bucks his rear comes way up in the air and he litterally twists! And My 11yr old daughter rode dumas and he took off on her, wouldn't stop ran her through some trees although she stayed on, Dumas doesn't buck high he bucks HARD. feels like the ground moves. That all happened the same day, other than that I'll have to say they have been really good to us, Just showing us every day how much we don't know I'll keep ya posted.

Be strong and courageous, and do the work. Don't be afraid or discouraged by the size of the task, for the Lord God, my God, is with you. He will not fail you or forsake you.

1 Chronicles 28:20

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Well we get givin horses all the time to show for other people. Theres no real story in that

Lexington Farm
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Lol. It seems like out here, all we (my family) get's given is greenbroke or crazy horses... XD! Though, after a few years of working with them, they make and have made good horses. Only two of my family's horses (the ones that are in our pasture) have been bought already trained.

Right now, we've literally got a good trained mare, another good trained mare, a half crazy mare, a crazy mare, a colt who thinks he's a dog, and an adorable filly... (the horses really aren't crazy and half crazy... they're just not trained and ridden regularily... XD! I just call them crazy).

Horseshoe Loop Farm: Home of Gypsie (22 y/o TWH mare), Dakota (10 y/o TWH gelding), Codie (18 y/o Walkaloosa gelding) & Harlow (9 y/o APHA mare)
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Story time ill try not to make it to long but i have had this horse since i was 13, and im now 20.
If you dont wanna read it all skip to the last paragraph

He was a bad ass, lol. Had a bad rep for being 'naughty', bucking, scared of farriers/men, PC people didnt like him much either and all that :roll: on the second day i was trying him out he descided to buck me off , resulting in me fracturing my wrist and getting a migrane at the same time....woopy. Lol. the owner said " oh, suppose you dont want him now". And i said , whilst cradelling my arm, and straining with a headace " oh na , ill still have him ".
So yea once my arm healed i started to get into riding him and getting him back into work. ( previous owners hadnt ridden him as often as they should have )
That took about 2 years. Haha. To get him to be actualy sival
( sp? ). He was incredibly spooky. As in if he saw somthing scary he would spin around in one fast movment and try and take off in the other direction. If he didnt want to go somewere he would fight to turn back. to sum him up, he was pretty untrusting. He was also a hopless jumper.
An incredable amount of patients was needed on my behalf. I had to learn how to tell when he was genuanly scared as apposed to when he was testing ( both of which he did very often). We also ended up going to pony club after awhile , which i did notice he didnt enjoy. I also found he didnt really enjoy being ridden in paddocks, and he absoultly despised any flat work or dressage. But after mostly doing trail riding , which he loved he became more willing to do other things, more along the lines of what i wanted to do, like jumping. As he started jumping logs down the beach for me , i moved to jumping in the paddock, and he was more willing to try. Bare in mind he would refuse jumps most of the time no matter how small, sending riders ( especially me ) flying over his head. But after a few years i was actually able to get him over a 90cm-1m jump 8) Something of which one of his previous owners ( not the one i bought him off) literally dropped her jaw at when i told her, hehe.
Other amazing feats....were he was eventually trusted enough to teach my 8 year old cousin to ride on And my mum. That involved off the lead and and to the point my cousin was learning to canter on him.
But yea i have had every experience under the sun on him, lol. We have done so much. From, swimming with him, getting stuck in mud up to his stomach,he got attacked by a dog when out riding and stayed perfectly still, only kicked it when it actually bit him, have fallen of more times than i can remember. I even used to gallop bare back over motor bike hills on him at the beach.

He had had a hard life. He was firstly used as a childs hunter horse, and for that to work he apparently had to be kept rediculously skinny When my friend bought him ( we didnt even know each other back then tho) he was starved and living in the rough bushes of some farm.He was bought from them, and i dont wanna dis my friend but she was a nurvous young rider then and became scared of him ( as she told me)..hed bucked her off and stuff like that :roll: . He was sold again to the people i bought him off were he was kinda just a horse to ride for a boy who kinda couldnt ride.
I feel he wasnt given a chance to feel a friendship from people. They frightened him a little, he was ok with kids tho , funny enough. And yea i feel i gave him that chance
So yea i promised him id never sell him as hes my baby boy. Hes 18 going on 19 now. And i have just last year taught him to shake hands :P lol. Hes my clever boy. And i do feel he trusts me greatly more than any one else

Woah maby i should write a book or novel about this lmao, sorry it was so long....so much has happened in owning him.
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I'll do both stories because Tom isn't a member on here.

I took lessons for 12 years and always wanted a horse, but my parents didn't have the money to buy me one. I leased a couple horses here and there, but i also dreamt on Christmas or Easter morning, there'd be a horse in the backyard (and yes, i still dreamt of that up until i was 18 You gotta dream right?)

So after i moved in with Tom, I confessed my huge love for horses. When i was still in college, he was thinking about renting a house up there with property so i'd be able to have a horse. After i ditched college, we moved out to sussex county. His brother would come up to visit his dad and go on trail rides at this barn. We checked it out and it seemed like a nice place. And they also had horses for sale. About a few weeks before i took up lessons again, Tom said that i could get a horse in a few months. So of course, i started my search immediately! I came across a few horses that i was interested in. A day before i was supposed to go look at this one horse, i talked to my trainer about buying a horse and she showed us a few that were for sale. There was this one gorgeous bay appaloosa that i fell in love with. He was 5 or 6 years old, and tall.. maybe 16.2. I wanted him so bad. But his price didn't allow me to. So we went out back to look at more horses. There was a paint mare, but she was kinda small, so i passed, and then there was this chestnut app mare. She was just hanging out in her paddock, but came up to us. She seemed extremely sweet, so I decided to try her out. .. Ok, anyways, long story short, i went with the last horse, which just happened to be Vega, and has loved every moment with her.

Ok, now for Gem. The first lesson i took at the barn, was on Gem. He was shedding like no other, but was very sweet. He was a little bumpy, but overall a good ride. I of course told Tom about my ride and Gem. The next time we go up there Tom came with me and I showed him Gem as i groomed the horse i was going to ride. Tom immediately took to Gem. Was petting him and talking to him. It really was an awesome site. So after the lesson we talked to my trainer about horses. After i had picked Vega, she bought out this lazy, short mare. Tom took on look at Cher and then was like "Is Gem for sale?" The trainer had to make a few phone calls, but he was, so Tom had his mind set on Gem, even though the trainer was trying to push Cher on him.
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Haha, mine aren't that interesting but what the heck. :P

Okay I leased like 2 horses before I bought.

Daisy, a QH palomino mare- She was really sweet...but VERY spooky. Hyper, too. I calmed her down a bit but she was just too much for me.

Then, I leased a dun qh mare, she was really sweet to people. But she did NOT like any other horses. She was the mean girl you could say. I leased her for about a few months, then her owner had moved her to a new barn.

Then, a bit later, I got Cody:

Cody's story:

So, one of my friends from lessons knows a horse trainer & breeder. He's really good & nice. She recommended him to me.
Anyway, so I went to his barn, & checked out the horses. I saw some cute ones (hehe no foals/colts), most of them were 8+. Breeding season hasn't begun obviously.
Then I saw this pretty bay QH; who looked so sweet. I immediately knew he was the one. I rode him for a few weeks. :) He was so smooth, yet very fast. lol. Sometimes he was lazy on the trails, or other times he'd be right up the horse's butt in front of me. :P What a good personality. I had him for about a year, then I got more advanced so he was too beginner-ish for me. I sold him to my friend because he was getting a bit old & she has a very nice barn that he went to so he could kind of relax more...kids love him now lol. He's just taking it easy & I do ride him once in awhile. :)

Lexi (my current horse):

Okay, so I went back to that same breeder. LOL, I had to!
Lexi was about 6 or 7 @ the time.
The breeder had said she really is very green, & VERY hard to control. So, being me, lol, I got on her.
She was very green, that's a definite. She needed some training. :)
But, I could control her very well. I really could. She acts so different now (even though she is trained now of course) with other people; it's weird. It's like she's a totally different horse when others ride her. LOL! :P I really love her so much. Most people can't control her. But I can, & she is my best friend.
A lot of people @ my barn say they hate her because she acts bad when others ride her. But I know her inside & out that she is a great horse. We understand each other, & she is great when I am riding her. Most of the time anyway, lol. She can spook a bit.

She is not green anymore, really- I love her so much.

Sorry that was soo long!

Ride more, worry less.
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My storys are not the best but here it goes

First Fall: I was riding a horse named remmy. He is a great horse but he sometimes gets mad when i pass the other horses in the arena. So i picked up a canter. Then i was passing in a corner and he tired to bite the horse i was passing. he jumped up. I knew he was mad bc his ears where back. Then well i did not go up with him. I feel right on my back. which was hard to move for a little. And my helmet was harder so my head had a bump.

Camp trail ride: When i go to this summer camp i have a fav horse named CJ. On of the counselers pointed her out bc i wanted to ride her. The thing is it was not CJ. It was a mare with a bad temper. Bc of that i had to ride at end of the line, I was not at the end bc a counserler was behind me. The horse was to close so then she jump as she tuned around to glar at the horse. It was scary.

1st place: The day before i had a show i had a lesson. But lets say it was not a good one. I had a different trainer, and a different horse. I was unhappy with that ride bc it did not help me at all for the next days show. I was tense in the morning and my stomach hurt . But i got on my fav horse Remmy ( the on i fell off of ) and the judges said to me plz canter your horse. So i hit him with the crop ( my trainer said you wont have to ) but he picked up the best canter ever! And a good trot. i also had a nice back you know siting strait. And my arms wherent floppy. Then i lined up with the other horses in that division and they called me! I got a First Place! i guess that lesson i had didnt pay off. The other lessons i had with my trainer did. I wish i nver had that lesson the day before.

4 eva!!!
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