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At what age?

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        01-26-2011, 05:20 PM
    At what age?

    Okay so my daughter is 19 months old and I am starting to get her on my horse and each day she seems to love it more. I know I shouldn't yet but at what age do you start letting them rid on their own? At what age do you get them a pony vs a horse? I have a perfect horse to get her started on but at some point I want to get her a pony that she can handle on her own. My little guy can be very stubborn and my daughter won't be able to throw her weight around with him for quite a while. At what age do you start having formal lessons?..... Just wondering what all the other mothers and instructors out there think.
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        01-26-2011, 05:29 PM
    There are many people that have been on a horse's back as soon as they could walk. I know of several kids that were riding horses on their own as 4 year olds. I started formal lessons and riding at 6, personally. It really depends on your individual child, their confidence level, and skill level. As for pony vs. horse again it depends on the child. A lot of ponies can be equally as stubborn and pushy as horses. It's all about finding what's right for you girl. :)
        01-26-2011, 07:12 PM
    I wouldn't put them on a horse/pony unassisted till they were 4 or 5.
        01-28-2011, 05:05 AM
    I know of a six/seven year old that has been riding for years she can even jump!! But she has a good confidence level and a good little pony!! As for the horse vs pony thing I know of a 8 year old that was riding a 16 hh horse but that horse had a great temperment so it all depends!!!
        01-28-2011, 05:40 AM
    A local instructor I know has a little boy who is 5. He has been doing local lead rein classes since he could sit on the saddle unaided even over small jumps. Now he is doing first ridden classes at 5 on a 20+ years pony who is fantastic with him. He puts the saddle on but can't bridle yet. My daughter is 17 months and she just sits on my little brother's pony. If she wants to walk then my brother lead reins and I stand at the side of her just incase. Maybe that's me being over cautious. It's great to see though isn't it?
        01-28-2011, 07:41 AM
    I started when I was four on a pretty big, very calm horse. Then, my parents bought me a pony to take lessons on. I got my first full sized horse at the age of seven, but I would ride our other horses around before that.
        01-28-2011, 10:50 AM
    Eventually I plan to get myself another horse and kind of give Dally to Brynlee. He is a 14.1 3/4 QH/Arab gelding that is currently 15 y/o. Thanks for all the help. I once saw a 5-6 y/o girl on a 16hh berral horse named bunny. Little girl hung on and kicked and she whipped around the barrels without fear, it was awesome to watch. I am trying to get Brynlee on horse back as often as I can right now so that she doesn't fear being on the horse. After only 3 rides she is starting to enjoy it and wanting to hold the rein's herself it is so cute! My friend has a daughter that is 1 week younger than mine and has her own helmet and leads her own horse and it's so cute! I love when they are little and have no fear.
        01-28-2011, 01:02 PM
    I always say they sould know thier right from thier left befor ridding alone. I feel it is hard to teach a child to ride befor this stage.
        01-28-2011, 01:32 PM
    I am neither a parent nor an instructor, but I started riding on my own when I was 3. I had a little mini-burro that I learned on. It was good that he was so short because I fell off and got bucked off several times LOL. When I was 4, I move up to our older, uber calm roping horse. He was absolutely huge but he was the perfect kid horse.

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