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What is falling off at a gallop like?

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    06-23-2010, 12:38 PM
Yeah but think about it if you fall when you're not excpecting it how many of you are actually prepared to do an emergency roll etc?
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    06-23-2010, 12:39 PM
Originally Posted by Brithorse1996    
yeah but think about it if you fall when you're not excpecting it how many of you are actually prepared to do an emergency roll etc?

I can never remember to do one! Haha!
    06-23-2010, 12:55 PM
Green Broke
Yeah, i've never done the tuck-and-roll thing. It seems like if you did it wrong you'd break your neck. Lol
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    06-23-2010, 01:18 PM
Green Broke
What's it like? Hmm, like being smacked around with a 2x4. Actually, it's like doing a belly flop off the high dive at the pool. Hurts like a sonofagun, and knocks the breathe out of you. The tuck and roll can help, unless you land on your shoulder funny and dislocate it. That's always a fun trip to the emergency room... Me, I'd rather ride the gallop than fall off of it, lol.
    06-23-2010, 02:06 PM
I fell off of Nico at a gallop and at a walk...niether were pleasant but unbelievably, the walk caused more damage. With the gallop, I had an exit strategy...he was running and had started to buck...when I pulled him back and sat deeper, he went faster and stuck his head down...As soon as he responded by speeding up, I started planning on how to bail. I rolled off him and kept rolling. He stopped a few paces away. The walk was riding bareback...he was warm and sweaty...i jumped on anyways. I got on in the center of the ring, he walked to the rail and turned...I hit the ground on my bum, rolled into the fence with my arm and somehow bruised my stomach. I look like I've been through a cement mixer right now! Poor guy was so confused...he just looked down at me like 'werent you JUST up there???'
    06-23-2010, 02:11 PM
The first time I ever fell off a horse it was doing a fast canter. I was a teenager who spent all my spare time and money at the local trail riding barn. It was a cold January day, and there were no other customers there, so the manager figured she would just give me a horse and I could go on my own for an hour. Now, I could sit a horse at all gaits, but never rode alone before, so I really had no idea how to really control a horse -- it always just followed the leader, right?
So off I go, very loose rein, thinking the horse is just going to go where I point it.. nope! Then she decided to stop. I nudged, then squeezed, nothing. So I gave a little kick. Yowza! She said "Ya wanna go? Let's go!!" This is when I realized that my reins were too loose. Picture the beginner trying to stop the runaway horse by having to pull the reins back behind her shoulder, lol. We were running away from the barn, so the horse very quickly corrected that, and turned fairly sharply. But I was riding it out! Yay me!
That's when I learned my second lesson, always check your own girth!
Horse is running, all of a sudden I am riding on her side. In my head it happened in slow motion. I actually saw the clump of frozen dirt that my face was going to hit!
Did it hurt? Of course! Was it really a big deal? Nah. I walked back to the barn, wiped off the blood, and asked to go out again. They gave me a fresh horse, (the first one was playing hard to get, lol) and off I went, a better more aware rider already.
    06-23-2010, 02:33 PM
Green Broke
I've only fallen off a horse twice. My first time was at a gallop. It was my first 6 months or so riding. And my friends dead broke horse was being pokey so I decided to give him a light kick to nudge him on and he decided alright lets go and bucked me straight over his head in a briar patch!!

My second time was weird I was riding bareback and we were loping and I was transitioning down into a trot then a walk. And my horses decided to do some kind of stomping stop type thing where she slows down really rough and I just kind of slid right off.

Other times i've fallen but not off a horse. I was going to mount my girl bareback and since i'm a weakling and can't vault up there I was going to use a bucket. And the bucket decided to tip over as I was standing on it. I fell right beside her and she put her nose down and just nudged me like "whatcha doin down there??"
    06-23-2010, 02:47 PM
Ever had a situation where your life flashed before your eyes? It feels like that.
My horse took off at a bucking gallop in a field once, the last thing I remember was staring at the ground approaching, and thinking "I'm going head first, and I'm going to die." then eating chicken pot pie four hours later and wondering why my head hurt so badly.

It's scary, and painful.
    06-23-2010, 03:17 PM
Green Broke
@ Mickey4793 I had one of those, but mine was from a standstill. Was riding a green gelding bareback in a little paddock before a storm. He'd been riding good all week, so I figured, "I'll jump on him bareback before the storm hits, walk around for 5 min, then quit." There was a ditch in the middle with standing water in it. Now, I'm not talking ravine, I'm talking little dimple in the earth with maybe an inch of water. Was going to slowly walk him over it to get across. He stuck his nose down to sniff it, and since I was just hanging out, really, I let him have his head while I just sat there looking around so he could check it out. Big mistake. For some reason known only to him, he decided, "I've sniffed enough, let's jump over the ditch like it's a four foot oxer" And with me casually holding the buckle of the reins in one hand and not holding on at all. I must have been really centered, because I did manage to land on his back, only I was about a foot behind where I should have been, so I landed square on his butt. He thought a mountain lion or something had him for sure and erupted into the biggest rodeo buck I've ever felt, and since I was on his butt, he launched me about 10 ft in the air. To add to my stupidity that day, I was wearing a tank and cutoffs. Thank goodness I had on the helmet. I remember flying through the air, watching the ground coming, and thinking "This is really going to hurt" But I hit the ground rolling, went over a few times, and was fine. Tiny scrape on one shoulder. That is called LUCK! Lol
    06-23-2010, 03:43 PM
Green Broke
That "This is going to hurt" feeling is scary. Haha. I had that when my Arab mare and I were galloping along a dirt road. She had been doing SO well, and was getting into a full blown racehorse run. I could hear her hooves pounding, her deep, quick breathing...it was amazing. Well, we were galloping back toward the exit that took you back on the trails to the barn. She actually galloped past it, so I figured, "Hey, she's doing good, not being barn sour, so why not turn and gallop back to the exit again? She'll be good." WRONG. We turned, and headed back toward the exit, a full blow run. I could see the exit, so I decided I should start to pull her up before we got too close. Well, I then discovered that I was upon a bolting horse who was about to turn into very tightly wooded trails, with huge hills and ditches and tight turns. I knew that if she took me with her, I'd get a leg taken off by a tree. So, as the exit came nearer, she made an extremely sharp turn into the trails, and I bailed. Ouch. XD
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