What would cause this??

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What would cause this??

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        02-25-2008, 07:19 AM
    What would cause this??

    My horse usually loves water, he plays in it and he always enjoys his baths. But suddenly now every time I try to get him in water, or try something new with him, he bucks. So what I do is take him in a tight circle and kick him as I do so. Then I ask again. We will repeat this process many times and he still wont stop. So I got off and lunged him for 20 minutes and got back on. Same results.

    He is usually the most well behaved horse I have ever seen, do you think he was just having an off day or what?

    And remember I have had this horse for a long time, he has no health problems whatsoever, and his tack all fits fine. I don't know what was bothering him.
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        02-25-2008, 09:18 AM
    Could be a muscle thing. If your horse has stiff, or tight muscles and when he tenses his body reacting to cold water, it might make him cramp. What I would try doing, is sending your horse into the water without you (if possible), get a lounge line or a longer lead rope, and send him in. If he has a spell, allow him to do so. But try and not to let him out of the water. If is is a muscle cramp type problem, he needs to realize on his own it's not the water's fault. That way he doesnt associate water with pain. Allow him to buck and get tight and so whatever his body needs to, and see if on his own he can come out of it and relax himself.
    Do you notice any other muscle related problems with this horse?
    It sounds like the water makes him tense up, and then bucking happens because he hasnt figured out to come out of it. If you keep him in the water even though he might be having a spell he'll relax in the water, and not get in the habit of running away from the water to relieve the pain.
    By turning him in a circle and kicking him, it makes his muscles constrict even more so. Right idea, though doesnt sound appropriate at the given situation.
    It could be something entirely different, but try it out and see what happens. :) Hope that helped!
        02-25-2008, 11:47 AM
    I agree with what Koomy said, send him out in the water and keep him there until he calms down if you can, if he barges out or makes youf eel unsanfe, let im go but keep trying to get him in the water. Let him fit, let him buck rear and thrash around as long as he is in the water and you are at a safe distance, allow it until he cames down, then let him out and only then. If he starts coming at you, back him up by jigging the rope, back and forth, if he ignores that swing it hard with your whole arm, he'll get back. You may have to devote your whole day to this but stay diligently working at it otherwise he might get away with not going in the water because he was having an off day or whatever the reason and remembers that day so it could become a bad habit for you to deal with in the future.
        02-25-2008, 03:37 PM
    But its not when he actually gets IN the water, its when I try to get him in it. He simply refuses to go near it. I don't really think its a muscle cramping thing because he hasnt actually been in the water yet.

    And here is another thing I forgot to add. Its weird. At random times he will just buck. Like we will be just trotting around the arena and he will throw in a large buck. Im thinking he might be sore or something. Im not sure from what. But im going to try lunging him and see what happens with that.
        03-08-2008, 01:39 AM
    Maybe you should get a chiropractor or vet to come out and look at his back, ribs, hind quarters. Those are areas that tend to have problems sometimes! Hope you get it sorted out!

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