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What is your worst horse related injury?

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        07-26-2010, 09:03 AM
    I've never obtained a serious hospital worthy injury but my most painful was...well, very painful, haha.

    I was riding round a large field on my 5 year old who had a bad habit of bolting and throwing mean bucks. He was just getting a lot better and hadn't bolted/bucked in that particular field the last couple of times i'd ridden it. We were just walking down the short side of the field, there was a tractor behind a hedge in the field next to us, ploughing. Dougal obviously decided this was a good excuse to go nuts, bolted off at the speed of light and launched into a rodeo-worthy bucking fit. I stayed on for about 3-4 bucks before getting launched over his head and landing on my own head, before flipping over onto my back/side. Holy hell, it was agony. Dougal was gone like the wind, galloping off down the field like a free man. I got up and felt totally out of it, my head didn't even feel like it was attached to my body but eventually started running down the field after him, screaming his name, haha.
    I was in so much pain for the next 2 weeks. My back was agony, my groin, hip and right leg were also horrendous. Ouch.

    All my other [many!] falls off Dougal haven't resulted in much more than scrapes, bruises and stiffness. He has jammed my leg into fence posts a few times which hasn't been much fun. Brat.
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        07-28-2010, 12:10 PM
    Breaking my back! I was riding a practice cross country course with my trainer and we were coming up on a water/ditch obstacle where you jump down a bank into water, take a few strides then jump over a log in the middle of the water, take a couple more strides and jump out of the water up a bank. Even though we had ridden that exact course dozens of times with no problem, Harry decided that time that he wasn't going in the water and ducked left before the bank drop. I kept going straight, flipped over, and landed on my back squarely on top of the log. Physical therapy for over a year AND I'm not allowed to do strenuous riding! Can't really complain though, my helmet completely saved my life!
        07-28-2010, 02:00 PM
    Haven't broken any bones despite riding for the majority of my life, but I've came off quite a few times and have had on ground accidents too.

    I [luckily] haven't been hurt badly- just a few smushed toes [that might have been broken], a bruised knee from being cow-kicked by my mare, and a bruised hip after falling.

    The toes are just from being stepped on, and I'm sure I've broken toes before without doing something about it. My knee was from my mare's first or second show. She was just settling into the stall there, and I was bringing her a bucket of water. She was facing away from the stall door, so I had put down the bucket to touch her butt to let her know I was there, and before I could do anything, she cow-kicked back and caught me right below my kneecap. I just about fell over. Looking back, she easily could've broken my kneecap, which would've sucked. The bruised hip happened when Rainy fell down when her legs slid out from under her. For a split second, before she got up, all her weight was on my hip, which I had landed on, so it was bruised for a while.

    No other accidents. Super close calls? Yes. Actual injuries? No. [Knock on wood]

    braces, injury, kicked, mouth, surgury

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