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Poseidon, you reminded me of a couple from the Girls Scout horse camp last fall. lol

1.) We had a group of 12-year-olds who were scheduled for an arena lesson and then a trail ride. There were nine of them and we had twelve horses, so all three of us wranglers were going to go on the ride. I was supposed to ride Moon Pie (big freisian cross mare). Anyway, last minute one of the moms decides she wants to go on the trail ride. Usually we don't allow that, but it was our last group of the day, so the head wrangler was like "Whatever." So, I got bumped off the ride (I volunteered to stay behind) and the mom got on Moon Pie. According to the mom she used to barrel race, but honestly, she had a hard time figuring out how to get into the saddle.

Anyway, Moon Pie is about 16.2hh of orneriness when she wants to be, especially if there's an adult on her back. She's an angel for the girls, though. Now, I heard all this second hand because I was back at the arena cleaning up, but here's what happened.

Moon Pie kept trying to eat on the trail. We always warned the girls that the horses could choke if they ate with the bit in, so we would have them pull straight up on the reins and kick the horses to get them moving again. Apparently, this mom thought she knew better than us and was letting Moon Pie eat on the trail. Finally, the other wrangler (who was in the back, about three or four horses back from Moon Pie) yelled at the mom to not let Moon Pie eat. Well, the very next time Moon Pie went to snatch a bite, the mom yanked up HARD. Moon Pie got pissy and started to lumber away from the pressure (I say lumber because that horse was way too fat to bolt lol). She started going up this little hill to the right of the trail. The mom panicked completely and baled off UP HILL!! Moon Pie wasn't even going any faster than a walk, but the lady was completely freaking out and crying. So, when they got back to the arena, the mom was riding Summer (stout 16hh palomino QH mare), the girl who had been riding Summer was riding Strawberry (the horse the other wrangler had been riding), the other wrangler was riding Paleface (the lead mare who isn't kid-friendly) and the head wrangler was riding Moon Pie. Talk about confusing! I got handed Moon Pie's reins and was told to work the crap out of her in the upper arena. She was a perfect angel for me.

2.) We were doing an arena lesson with some eight-year-olds and because there were only six of them, the head wrangler decided that we could do a little more than we usually did with the lessons (usually there were too many girls for us to do more than walk in a circle around the arena, back up a few times and switch directions). It helped that we had five wranglers that day AND the group was scheduled for a two hour lesson.

We did all our regular stuff and then the wrangler decided to introduce some basic trotting from one cone to another on the short side of the arena. She had one of us wranglers run next to the girls' horses when they'd trot to keep them balanced and keep the horses under control better (the mares we used were also used as polo ponies in the summer, so they were used to going). We had several uneventful trots and then it was my turn with this little girl on Sassie. Sassie is probably one of the fattest horses I have ever seen. I rode her once and I felt like I was doing the splits the whole time! We had one of the littler girls up on Sassie because she is only 13.2hh. So, I got the girl kicking Sassie into a trot and giving her the verbal command. We get about halfway to the next cone (right where I have to leave off and let the girl continue to the next cone/wrangler on her own so I can get back to the next girl in line) and I start to peel away. All of a sudden I hear all the girls starting to shriek and the other wranglers saying "Watch out!" I thought I was going to get run down by a run-away horse, but nope. Poor little girl on Sassie had lost what little grip she had in the saddle and was bouncing off the side! Luckily she was bouncing toward me (the left) and I was able to swing back around and catch her before she came all the way off. Sassie just kept going until she reached the next wrangler, then looked around like "Wait. Wasn't there something on my back a minute ago?" Thankfully the little girl was laughing more than scared and wanted to go again right away.
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The only one I can remember in particular, was when I was younger and my brothers and mom and I were just goofing around on the horses and kind of playing tag.

Well, I decided to reach farther than I was capable to tag my mom ..... and fell right off my horse!!

heh heh

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I was thirteen and had just gotten my first horse, a 15.1hh QH mare named Angie. From about age seven, I'd been in riding lessons and at long last, the day had come: I had my own horse and this was my first time, ever, riding without an instructor's supervision. Just me, my new horse, and another random boarder working her own horse in the arena. I put my foot in the stirrup to mount, then proceeded to overshoot, launching myself over Angie's back, landing in a heap on the other side. That other boarder was probably peeing herself laughing.
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Originally Posted by Jamzimm101987 View Post
This was many years ago when I had just started showing 4-H. I was riding my mare, Lady who was the sweetest little mare ever. Equitation class was going great and was almost finished. Lady decided she needed to crow hop a little and as she did, I went flying over her head, did a front flip, landed on my feet with the reins still in my hands.

I was told by the judge I would have won the class had I not fallen off. I didn't win, but I did get an award for "Most Graceful Dismount"
You should have thrown your arms up, turned and thrown em up again like a gymnast, at the Olympics.
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My own funny story. I was at a show runny figure 8 flags on my TB gelding (his first show. Well we finished the pattern amazingly! So here we are runniny home when he sees the flag in the bucket move out of the corner of his eye he ducked left and i went right caught myself on his mane and hung on. I tried to pull my self up but in the end tucked and rolled and then layed there laughing .

Everyone said I almost saved it and the announcer told me not to attempt vaulting after a pattern xD haha. However I did win the class xD haha

just a small town girl with a big town dream :]
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Originally Posted by beau159 View Post
The only one I can remember in particular, was when I was younger and my brothers and mom and I were just goofing around on the horses and kind of playing tag.

Well, I decided to reach farther than I was capable to tag my mom ..... and fell right off my horse!!

heh heh

Oh my god. this reminds me of one christmas time ride (It was a lesson three days before christmas) where at the end the instructor put candy canes along the rail and had us reach down to get them. One girl reached a bit too far, slid off her pony.
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Spice has given me a few embarrassing falls. Once i fetched her in for a ride and thought "what the heck, i'll just hop up and ride her back to the yard". I lined her up by a log (i'm really short and can't mount from the ground), got a handful of mane and hopped onto her. i didn't even get my leg over her spine before she let out the most enourmous buck and knocked her flat onto my back off the log. Then she just waited for me to get up again and lead her home

she's tossed me off while we were jumping, coming over a spread. we had been working on figure eights, so i'd cued her to go left and the contrary little witch jerked herself right as we landed and i just sailed off the side of her.

there was actually another rider in the arena at the time, and i leapt up and grabbed Spice and managed to get back on before the other rider even saw that i had fallen! Ah, Spicy, you always make me look like a fool
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I've seen many. I am trying to think of a few good examples.

This isn't a fall but, Once I had my cousin on my dad's quarter horse. We were riding up in the hills and reached the soft sand trail where I occasionally let my horses stretch out and gallop at. Well I wanted to gallop and my cousin was afraid to go from the canter to gallop. So I told her to go ahead of me and wait at the end, but she said she would rather try and gallop. Surprised I agreed and after our warmup canter I let Jake go. Yet I saw my cousin no where near me. I turned around in the saddle to see her Standing SIDEWAYS off the side of Jesse, who was doing a very slow gallop. I pulled Jake up seeing she was having problems, and watched as jesse started going closer and closer to the side of the trail. There was a huge bush on the side of the trail and my cousin swears to this day that he was aiming for it. He managed to have her hit the bush, and not touch it himself. The bush exploded in leaves and branches. She was still holding on as Jesse lumbered to a stop next to Jake. She pulled herself back into the saddle, breathing heavily, with her face cut up from the branches and sticks and leaves standing up out of her hair. She took a huge gulping breath, and when I swear she was going to sob she started laughing. Hahaha

Once I was riding the same horse who was feeling fresh and grumpy for some arena work at the public arena. He was giving my beginner friend some attitude (He hadn't been rode in a few months, out to pasture) so I told her to hold Jake while I sorted him out. He spent the next 10 minutes crow hopping, throwing tantrums to any leg cues. I ended up getting a small crowd cheering me on for his lazy horse attempts to toss me. Finally he worked it out and was working good, I was about to give him back to my friend when at the canter he pig rooted hard and threw the biggest buck. I never knew he had it in him. I flew over his head, somehow landed on my feet directly in front of him right in front of everyone. Scared the crap out of him that I magically appeared out of no where, he jumped about 2 feet in the air backwards, yanking me clear off my feet and onto my back. When I got back up he was shaking like a leaf and the poor guy was convinced I was some hellion coming to eat his soul. I was laughing so hard as I climbed back into the saddle. Despite everything I asked for him after that, he wouldn't even crow hop. It was self punishment.

Just a month or so ago, I was giving a lesson to my sister on my friends horse. They were doing lunge lessons, and I had her cantering with her arms out for balance. I was pointing out that she was too loose in the arms and was flapping them up and down like a bird. So she thought it would be funny to actually flap her arms up and down. Dutchess thought she had a crop and was about to smack her with it and charged forward. My sister bounced once in the saddle, once on Dutchess's butt, and slid off the side. Now she fully understands why we don't flap our arms around.

Then a last one for myself again. Lol I was working on retraining/getting into shape a Dutch Warmblood for a trainer and was lunging him in a pessoa to help build up back muscle before asking for it while riding. Well he was dead to the leg and rather unresponsive to me shaking the lunge whip around. Then it was counter proactive to actually smack him with the whip, or run at him because he would throw his head up, bolt and then hit the end of the lunge line in the pessoa....it wasn't good. So as this was a 18yo school master, been there done that I decided a plastic bag on the end of the lunge whip would get his attention enough and I wouldn't have to chase him around. I have used this on several horses and it has always looked nice.

Well I had the bag in a tight ball in my palm while attaching the pessoa. He was pretty much sleeping when I stepped back a few feet and let go of the plastic bag. The horse pretty much had a heart attack. He jumped in air turning 180 at the same time, almost throwing himself over backwards as he kicked out at the bag (and me) I dove sideways, dropping the whip. Then he full on bolted bronking his way around the arena twice double barreling every two steps. I was stupid and didn't let go of the lunge line and tried to pull him to a stop. I kept up with him for about 30 feet before I fell at ate dirt. He continued his panicked bucking fest until he had done three laps around the arena, and coming to a shaky stop. It then took me 10 minutes to catch the lungeline and him, as he wanted nothing to do with any person. I spent the rest of our workout (without pessoa) calming him down and relaxing exercises, and then introducing the bag to him gently. Though he had such a violent reaction to spin and kick it that introducing it to him was making him stand 10 feet away with me holding it out. By the two month span that I had him, I barely managed to get him to touch it with his nose. (And not kick it every time he heard/saw it)
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1) I was jumping my first ever puissance & it was just me & another rider left at 1m45. The rider headed towards the fence & horse refused, so If I cleared it I'd win. Headed towards the jump, horse I was riding got in rather deep, jumped it anyway with me clining to his neck & somehow managed to clear the fence. We landed alright but I lost a stirrup, brought the horse back to trot which was a LOT bouncier than I expected then just as we broke into walk, I slithered off the side :L But since I was across the finish line, we still won!!

And heres a pretty good one I caught on tape!
Very bad fall of a pony - YouTube

Across the Border
Trasna na Teorann
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well...I have one for me....one time I was running around in the pasture and we have irrigation down there so when it's time to irrigate we have large puddles..well I was running through them and having fun. There was an area with tall grass and my horse didn't think there was water there and when we ran through it she spooked because of the noise and so she went one way and I went the other and ended up in the air and it felt like forever untill I landed and I landed in ICE cold water and fairly deep. I looked up and gave a thumbs up to let everyone know I was okay and laid in the water trying to figure out what went wrong...I gained 20 lbs in an instant it felt like because of all the water. I went to get back on my horse and had to have help getting on because my jeans were SO heavy!
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