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breed prejudice in the show ring

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        06-13-2013, 06:18 PM
    I don't show, but I am moving my Arabs to SW North Dakota in a couple of weeks. I have gotten the whole "crazy ay-rab" schpiel ten times over up here than what I'd hear back home. They do indeed like their stock horses.

    However, I have met some people who are not like that and those are the ones I will choose to associate with. :)
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        06-13-2013, 07:35 PM
    Originally Posted by grayshell38    
    I don't show, but I am moving my Arabs to SW North Dakota in a couple of weeks. I have gotten the whole "crazy ay-rab" schpiel ten times over up here than what I'd hear back home. They do indeed like their stock horses.

    However, I have met some people who are not like that and those are the ones I will choose to associate with. :)
    I am from NE North Dakota. Everyone in this state is really against arabs. I constantly get the "they're crazy, worthless, ect." on a day-to-day basis from other horse people. That's just the attitude people have up here. What they don't realize is that my arabs can do just as much as their QH can even if it has "toothpick legs." I have nothing against stock breeds don't get me wrong, I was just raised on arabs.
        06-13-2013, 08:52 PM
    It happens, but I'm finding that it's happening LESS now that people are just refusing to go to shows with bad judges.

    A friend of my mothers' told me I could never show my previous horse, in fact I should just give up (before I even STARTED) showing because he was an Appaloosa. A very well built, not obviously an Appy, but he was an Appy so that meant I shouldn't even try.

    We never did place, but that's because he was crazy and incredibly green (much more so than we were told), who knows if we would have been scored lower because of his breed...
        06-13-2013, 09:23 PM
    Yup! Before I even got my mare I ran into it. I had a man who used to be a farrier come buy hay from me, and I was talking to him about horses and he asked what I was getting. I told him I'm actually getting a 13.2 Hackney Pony mare. Guess what he told me? "Get your money back while you can! Don't waste a trip that far to get a nasty, mean thing like that" And then proceeded to try and sell me a big quarter horse gelding (nothing against them, but I love my little mare).

    Went to a show with a friend of mine. She brought her Arab, boy did we get some stares! Along with a few whispered "What are those.. ?"
    I don't mind though, I'd take my Hackney over any 10 of their big stock horses any day. (;
        06-13-2013, 10:09 PM
    I very rarely show... avoid it like the plague. All the times I've taken my little Arab to the shows I've never had issues. Of course this is 5 - 8yrs ago. She even had a tendency to toss huge bucks in her classes & still placed >.> When we didn't place it was because our lack of experience, mismatched tack, etc. Not because of her breed. Heck our first & last Dressage show everyone loved her even though she's one of them "nasty Arabs."

    These days? She'd never place at the local open show. The judge will place the EXACT same horses in HUS as WP. They're not open or friendly to different breeds. And it's just an open Hunter Under Saddle class. There's no specifications as to which type of "hunter" the horse has to be. I know some gals who took their Hunter ASBs to this show & practically got laughed out of the arena. They only want to see stock type hunters. This is the same show I took my mare to years ago & we placed among stock hunters. I took Sonny to this show as well & rode him Dressage. No I wasn't expecting to place as yes - it was a hunter class - but the judge didn't even look twice at him. It was disgusting.
        06-13-2013, 10:28 PM
    Prejudice occurs within specific breed shows themselves,not just between the breeds at a multibreed show.
    Seems you can't escape it Something you have to unfortunately have to come to expect,although not always easy so yup as we complain to each other,we also tell each other put on your big girl panties & remind yourself it is just one persons opinion on that day.We need to just, Go out , do your best & hope you will come across less Bias judges your next showing
        06-14-2013, 12:20 AM
    Oh, yes. At the last show, even though it was just an open schooling show, the judge was basically ignoring me for most of my classes. Granted, I was on the fat, thick-necked fluffy Icelandic, but he was well-groomed and shiny, braided up, and we looked as good as we could. After about the 2nd class, my mom even said that she saw her just looking over me in flat classes, and in the classes where we went into the arena alone, most of the time she said "thank you" before I was even done. For example, in Hunter Hack, we jumped 2 2' jumps, then hand galloped around the arena, stopped, and backed. We kind of messed up the jumps, since he was bending back toward the other horses, but we did a nice hand gallop. But before I had even stopped, she said "Thank you" and turned away to watch the next rider. I was so mad. Yes, he may not be the typical hunter, and we may be here just for experience, but at least have the decency and respect to let me finish my pattern! And stopping and turning are actually two things he does extremely well. :(
        06-14-2013, 12:23 AM
    *stopping and backing* Oops.
        06-14-2013, 01:35 AM
    Yeah, I have a Paint that I have done hunters with and we often get overlooked. I don't understand though... A bright, loudly colored Paint would catch my eye over a plainly marked bay Thoroughbred type horse any day, not that I don't love those TBs. I guess it's just not "typical" but oh well, we have fun and that's all that matters :)
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        06-14-2013, 11:55 AM
    Attended a show whereby in the w.pleasure class the horse was as close to perfection as possible, moving in a beautiful rounded frame. Only arab in a class of quarter horses and although it had out performed the others it wasn't even considered. Same with my arab. Qh judge in a halter class of over 20 quarter horses so I put him in ponies and he won.

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