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post #71 of 101 Old 03-14-2013, 11:18 PM
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Can think of two crazy things:
1. When I was a kid, I went to the county fair. I was super-excited to watch the horse show and bee-lined for the ring to watch the warm up. A girl and her horse were near the rail, and she was urging him forward as he backed up. He ended up going right in the air and flipped backwards on top of her. He got his legs hung up in the rail o.0 and the poor girl was just being GROUND into the dirt as the horse struggled to get up. The horse jumped up and took off, and the girl stood up, stumbled about a half-step and collapsed. She was not responsive when they took her away in the ambulance :( I always wonder what happened and hope that the girl made a full recovery from whatever injuries she sustained :( After that, I'm surprised I ever wanted to get on a horse!

2. We knew our newest boarder (at the time) was very into 4H and showing her horse. The horse had come to our barn emaciated and with serious behavioral issues (bucking/rearing/etc) and after a week, they took her to a show. I went to watch, and was horrified to find the girl riding the poor horse from sun-up to sun-down all over the fairgrounds, including the 5 classes they had signed up for. By the end of the night, at the trail class (11p.m.!!!!) the horse had enough and reared up and jumped around so much that the girl was DQd. She threw a temper tantrum about her horse being a "jerk" and not winning her a ribbon (when the horse had already won her two blues and placed in the other two classes before 3p.m.). Yep - she had been on that poor horse's back the WHOLE time. Ended up being just the tip of the iceberg - suffice to say, we were relieved when they jumped into the mud-pits, and they ended up giving the mare away because she was "uncontrollable". Happy for the horse to be out from under that situation!
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Oh oh oh! I came up with a better one. I was doing flag, and on the run home my horse decided to forget his brakes.. My other horse stops at the gate. Wellll, his was running full speed at a gate and I had his head cranked to the side, but I had to scream at the gate worker to move before my horse slammed into the gate and dented it. Plus, he pinned my leg inbetween the gate, and many people were screaming thinking I broke my leg. Plus, with my good luck, the gate worker was an extremely hot guy. I did the same thing the next week, and put another dent to the one I originally made. And a week later, the judge said if I ran into the gate a third time, I would be DQ'd!
I wouldn't be to proud of that one..sounds like your horse has training issues
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Well I too hate it when people give you that "you're worthless" look. I do not belong to a barn. I do not board. I take lessons once a week at a friendly barn. I showed yesterday at a different barn and got those nasty looks. lol. My gelding was not dirty or badly behaved. He was the only one braided too lol. I also see too little of warm up ring etiquette! People reversing in huge circles to the inside all of a sudden while people are passing (in a small covered arena) and stopping abruptly when they are towards the inside. People not watching where they are going. Oh it drives me nuts.
At this same show, I dont think the judge knew what she was doing or was looking for a reason to knock my gelding down. In our english pleasure wtc class, she told me when we lined up that he was not picking up his right lead at all. and of course I came in last. Well I took a look at the videos my mom took. Ummm...He only picked up the wrong lead once and I immediately took him back to a trot and then went at the canter again. He picked up his right lead every single time after that one time. There were only one or two other people in these classes besides me. My gelding seemed to be the only horse capable of covering some ground haha. He actually collected himself and moved forward. The other horses looked like they were in western pleasure. I passed them in every class because my 15hh arabian gelding moves bigger than these 16hh QHs. I thought that in itself strange! lol.
And one of the mares that were being shown had a 6 week old foal. That foal had to be in that ring too or both her and mom would go insane. The foal was very disrespectful on the halter too. But very cute.

So nothing crazy really besides a mini getting loose and a horse going crazy at the sight of jumps taken apart (this same horse later did jumpers fine).

my best friend is my arabian. People always tell me that he's the calmest horse they've ever seen. i tell them he's an arabian. and they are surprised :)
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I was at a local show waiting beside the dressage arena for my test, i watched the rider in the Arena and was totally shocked at what she was doing, she was a large girl on a nice, grey, gelding (around 15hh i think and an Arabian cross by the looks of it) she had forgotten the test and was yaning the horses mouth blaming the horse for her problems. It was my first ever show and y first ever dressage test so i was nervous. Until i saw that
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I have a few crazy horse show stories...

I was at a 4-H show. I was about to enter the warm up pen and I see a horse go off. He bucked off his young rider, the saddle slid underneath him and he ran the arena for probably 15 minutes before he was caught. The expensive show saddle he was wearing was now missing a whole stirrup and fender. This all happened with dozens of kids and their horses still in the arena...

At the State Fair I saw a girl lunging her horse with his head tied (yes tied) between his legs. He could not get release from the pressure at all. I watched this as she lunged him like this for a good 15 minutes.

At a really small open show I saw a girl riding with an upside down kimberwicke. The judge didn't even notice until her 3rd class! When he finally noticed he did help her fix it. That horse must have been such a sweetheart.

This one was at the County Fair last year. I was there helping out. A mother was going off at the office staff because her husband said the pole bending pattern was set too close to the timer. I helped set up that pattern. It was set up painstakingly by the book. Literally, by the 4-H handbook. Her daughter still won the class but she went around the whole show telling everyone it was set up wrong. I really hope they don't come back this year...

That's all of the ones I can think of atm.

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These stories are fantastic!

1) Not at a show, but at a TB Yearling Sale - I was sitting outside my stalls and noticed that the yearling across the aisle from me was a bit difficult to get into the stall, to be honest he looked like he had just been pulled out of a field and had no handling. The horse got more and more difficult as the day went on, to the point the man grabbed and hammer and gave him an almighty smack on the arse with it - the horse shot forward into the stall out of shock.. shame he didnt give the man a boot for his efforts. I can not for the life of me understand why people would pay the €300-500 entry fee about 3 months in advance, and not prepare their horses for the sales. Surely if you are willing to pay stud feeds and sales entry you should be willing to handle the horse for 6 weeks?

My daughter competes in leadrein classes..... in the UK/IRE a lot of the parents take these classes very very seriously.

1) Some of the outfits... I struggle to keep my cool - they are hilarious! Last summer we saw a mother with a bright yelllow corset, black 3/4 trousers, jester's boots (there is no other way to describe them) and a small hat sitting to one side with yellow feathers sticking out. She walked by us and the people at the next horsebox and my group couldnt contain our laughter.... I felt bad.. but bloody heck.

2) When people don't enter appropriate classes. Very annoying when we entered a "best turned out family" class with Simba, who as a skewbald was not the ideal leadrein type. We were doing well, when half way through the class a well known rider comes in on her welsh pony, no lead line, and competes with those of us with our backyard ponies. This girl has shown and won all over Ire/UK on this pony, it is a proper show pony and she has won at the RDS (biggest show in Ire) on it. Why on earth did she feel the need to enter it in a class with no money value, where the kids were doing their best on what they had. Her parents are the worse for allowing it.

3) With our coloured pony we were not the "norm". Our first ever show was a major learning curve for the three of us (child, pony and myself). There were 4 entries, yet the woman who won had a groom for the pony, and a helper to polish hers/child's boots and refused to get out of the arena when we were asked to as it was so mucky. She didn't stop looking down her nose at us for the entire class, but we did finish second! :) She did kick our butts every show we met her at, but I didn't mind I was proud of our first season (two 2nds out of 3 shows).

Stop for a minute, open your mind, learn. You may not agree with what I say, I may not agree with what you say but we will both learn something new.
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One funny horse show morning a lady went to go get her big fancy warmblood out of the gelding field(12 chestnut geldings, all warmbloods or TBs). It was 4AM, pitch black and raining. She loaded her horse and drove the 2.5 hours to the show. when we got there she unloaded her horse...and found out it was the wrong one!!!! Instead of her well trained, 13 year old event horse she had grabbed a two year old who had never been on a trailer! Maybe the funniest moment of my life, fortunately the owner was not upset.
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Oh do I have stories!!

1. We were at a benefit show. Now this family is very well known for trying to run their horses into the fence to get them hyper. With the arena they had 3/4 of it used for the gaming, and the other 1/4 was the warm up ring, but it was pretty much the waiting ring. It wasn't big enough so we are all waiting there and their daughter goes in who is a 6th grader on a horse that its his first year running barrels. He goes in and he was already hot, but she starts pushing him into the fence, rears straight up in the air and almost just by a few inches flipped himself over... The last few shows I went to they didn't have him with, I'm guess they got him to hot.

2. At the last show I went to I took a young horse. Now she is a witch horse but placed 1st in Western Walk/trot, she loves pleasure. But she has the perfect build for a gaming horse and I taught her the patterns. We had run well trotted barrels and it was poles time. We walk up to the arena, she stops and I push her forward. Ended up rearing straight up 7 times, and she is a 16hh horse with long thoroughbred legs, bucked about 10 times. At this time the whole show grounds is dead silent and watching me. The gate person asked if he could lead her in. Yeah I said no because she would have kicked him. We had to tie a red ribbon to her tail because she attempted to donkey kick my friends horse twice for no reason at all.

3. Someone once brought a sick horse to a show, and it ended up getting 2nd. And they didn't make them go home, that horse had a horrible cough, dull buggar eyes, dull coat, everything of a sick horse. And it competed in Showmanship, English Pleasure/Equitation and Western Pleasure/Horsemanship.
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my trainer was at a local show with a bunch of students, and the main ring (a very large grande prix sized ring) was sectioned off into smaller dressage rings and warmups using white rope tied to posts. a horse got loose during one of the test after a fall, and began wildly galloping about. unable to see the white nylon ropes, the horse became tangled in the ropes and continued to gallop around the stadium, catching other people and horses in the tangle as he ran. as a result of this, four horses needed to be put down and seven people were sent to hospital with critical injuries. one of my trainer's students was caught up in the mess and had her ankle broken when she was dragged by the rope. since then, it's been customary to steer clear of using rope as fencing at the shows, as the horses can't see it!
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Originally Posted by princecharming View Post
hmm, craziest thing(s) ove seen:
-last show a sawa a girl warm her horse up for TWO HOURS before her dressage test o.O this was at an event and the horse and rider still had to ride the test, warm up for staduim, just a course AND go cross-country..that horse must have been super horse!
Not that unusal. If the horse is sharp and spooky then it can take hours of work to get the horse ready to do a half decent dressage test.
In UK showing I have seen people lunging for 4+ hourse before thier childs class, it only just took the edge off the pony which was still a handful.

Originally Posted by shandasue View Post
this is only my second show season so havnt seen anything to crazy but at last months show the people parked beside us had a horse that was rearing and acting crazy, I noticed he had leg rapps on and thought "omg there burning that horse" but just let it go an figured they didnt want him to scratch his legs in the trailer. later that night i watched them take the raps off.. it took them about 45 minutes to an hour and were late getting in the ring. i was shocked. (it was a horse with a package or pads on or whatever that junk is) i also heard later that they had to give the horse a shot of whiskey to calm him down.
same show a girl was leaving the ring after getting second or third place (cant remember) and the horse just falls, kinda like he triped. i laughed when the owner said "oh he just gets lazy somtimes"
Posted via Mobile Device
Why did you jump to burning straight way? it could have been that they were protecting the legs in the trailer. I wrap all of mine for traveling.
If they were burning the horse why wasnt something done about it?

Originally Posted by goeventing View Post
my trainer was at a local show with a bunch of students, and the main ring (a very large grande prix sized ring) was sectioned off into smaller dressage rings and warmups using white rope tied to posts. a horse got loose during one of the test after a fall, and began wildly galloping about. unable to see the white nylon ropes, the horse became tangled in the ropes and continued to gallop around the stadium, catching other people and horses in the tangle as he ran. as a result of this, four horses needed to be put down and seven people were sent to hospital with critical injuries. one of my trainer's students was caught up in the mess and had her ankle broken when she was dragged by the rope. since then, it's been customary to steer clear of using rope as fencing at the shows, as the horses can't see it!
They can see electric rope ok and white rope is regularly used at almost every show in the UK. It was probably less a case of horses being unable to see the rope and more a case of the horse being to paniced to see it (mine has been too paniced to see a brick wall before). Bolting blind is more than just a saying.

I've shown for many many years and got loads of stories.
One of the funniest was a friend of mine who was showjumping, she had very very tight white jods on that were rather thin, I pointed out to her that you could see her knickers through them (red and blue stripes with minnie mouse on the front). rather than buy a white pair of knickers or a thicker pair of jods she chose to remove said knickers.
Unfortunatly whilst jumping one of the larger jumps on the course the seam on her jods split, leaving her naked bum hanging out for the world to see.

I've been sat on a pony who had been an angel all day, won his 2 ridden classes and was almost garenteed the championship as he outclassed everything on the showfield.
Unfortunatly in my individual show his sense of humor reared its ugly head and as I pushed him for an extended canter he launched into a bronc session that any rodeo bronc would have been proud of! God only knows how I sat it but I did! I have photos of me sitting on him with his hind feet above my head!
Conciquently I did not win the championship, I did however get a "well sat" from the judge!
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RIDE your horse FORWARDS and keep him STRAIGHT

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