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Dartanions Christmas ONLINE HORSE SHOW!

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        12-17-2008, 12:41 PM
    Dartanions Christmas ONLINE HORSE SHOW!

    High Point Catagories:
    Open Halter
    APHA Halter
    AQHA Halter
    Mini Halter
    Draft Halter
    Open showmanship (I will add age groups if enough people enter)
    APHA showmanship
    AQHA Showmanship
    Driving Horse
    Driving Pony

    APHA English(I will add breed age groups if enough people enter.)
    AQHA English
    English 14-17
    English 18&Over
    English Open
    English Am.
    APHA Hunter Hack (I will add breed age groups if enough people enter)
    AQHA Hunter Hack
    OPEN Hunter Hack
    In-Hand Hunters Pony

    APHA Western (I will add breed age groups if enough people enter)
    AQHA Western
    Western 14-17
    Western 18&Over
    Western Open
    Western Am.
    APHA Trail (I will add age groups if enough people enter)
    AQHA Trail
    Trail Open

    Open – Anyone can enter. Also any class without a breed designation, these classes will be highlighted in Red.
    APHA – Only Reg. American Paints can enter (PtHA approved)
    AQHA – Only Reg. Quarter Horses can enter
    AMATURE – horse or rider in their first year of showing.
    SHOWMANSHIP – ONLY class where you will be judge on how pro. You & your horse appear.
    E/W – English or Western allowed
    Trail Gamblers Choice - You and your horse preforming a trail obsticle, the harder the obsticle the more points you get!
    1. You can’t enter one horse in the same class twice.
    2. You can use the same picture in more than one class.
    3. Any horse that is APHA or AQHA will not receive points in Open halter or ridden classes towards APHA or AQHA high point; You will only get breed points in breed classes(Breed classes will be in green).
    4. You can enter as many high-points as you qualify for.
    5. You DO NOT have to have show attire on in the picture, your placing will not be based on what you are wearing *(special exception to showmanship classes).


    Horse's name:
    Rider/Handler Name: (Screen name is fine)
    Class #:
    High Point: (Please designate which high point(s) you are competing for if any)
    1. APHA yearlings
    2. APHA Mares
    3. APHA Geldings
    4. APHA Stallions
    5. APHA 6yrs and under
    6. APHA 6yrs and older
    7. APHA Open
    8. AQHA yearlings
    9. AQHA mares
    10. AQHA Geldings
    11. AQHA Stallions
    12. AQHA 6yrs and under
    13. AQHA 6yrs and Over
    14. AQHA Open
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        12-17-2008, 12:44 PM
    16.Mini Mares
    17.Mini Geldings
    19.Mini 6yrs and Under
    20.Mini6years and Over
    22.Halter Draft type Mares
    23.HalterDraft type Geldings
    24.Halter Draft type Stallions
    25.HalterDraft 6yrs and under
    26.HalterDraft 6yrs and Older
    27.HalterDraft type Open
    28.Open Yearlings
    29.Open Mares
    30.Open Geldings
    31.Open6yrs and Under
    32.Open6yrs and Over
    33.APHA Showmanship 14-17*
    34.APHA Showmanship 18&Over*
    35.APHA showmanship Am.*
    36.APHA Showmanship Open*
    37.AQHA Showmanship 14-17*
    38.AQHA Showmanship 18&Over*
    39.AQHA showmanship Am.*
    40.AQHA Showmanship Open*
    44.Showmanship Open*
    45.APHApleasure driving
    46.AQHAPleasure driving
    47.Pony driving
    48.Driving Horse

    49.APHA 14-17 English Pleasure
    50.APHA 14-17English EQ
    51.APHA 14-17 English Pleasure w/t
    52.APHA 14-17 English EQ w/t
    53.APHA Am. English Pleasure w/t
    54.APHA Am. English EQ w/t
    55. APHA Am. English EQ
        12-17-2008, 12:44 PM
    56.APHA Am. English Pleasure
    57.APHA 18&Over English EQ
    58.APHA 18&Over English Pleasure
    59.APHA 18&Over English Pleasure w/t
    60.APHA 18&Over English EQ w/t
    61.APHA Open English EQ
    62.APHA Open English Pleasure
    63.APHA Open English EQ w/t
    64.APHA Open English pleasure w/t
    65.AQHA 14-17 English EQ
    66.AQHA 14-17 English Pleasure
    67.AQHA 14-17 English EQ w/t
    68.AQHA 14-17 English Pleasure w/t
    69.AQHA Am. English EQ
    70.AQHA Am. English Pleasure
    71.AQHA Am. English EQ w/t
    72.AQHA Am. English Pleasure w/t
    73.AQHA 18&Over English EQ
    74.AQHA 18&Over English Pleasure
    75.AQHA 18&Over English EQ w/t
    76.AQHA 18&Over English pleasure w/t
    77.AQHA Open English EQ
    78.AQHA Open English Pleasure
    79.AQHA Open English EQ w/t
    80.AQHA Open English pleasure w/t
    81.14-17 English EQ
    82.14-17 English Pleasure
    83.14-17 w/t EQ
    84.14-17 w/t Pleasure
    85.Am. W/t EQ
    86.Am. W/t Pleasure
    87.Am. English EQ
    88.Am. English Pleasure
    89.18&Over w/t EQ
    90.18&Over w/t Pleasure
    91.18&Over English EQ
    92.18&Over English Pleasure
    93.Open w/t EQ
    94.Open w/t Pleasure
    95.Open English EQ
    96.Open English Pleasure
        12-17-2008, 12:46 PM
    97.APHA 14-17 Hunter Hack 2’-2’3”
    98.APHA 18&Over Hunter Hack 2’-2’3”
    99.APHA Open Hunter Hack 2’-2’3”
    100.APHA Am. Hunter Hack 2’-2’3”
    101.APHA 14-17Hunter Hack 2’3”-2’6”
    102.APHA 18&Over Hunter Hack 2’3”-2’6”
    103.APHA OpenHunter Hack 2’3”-2’6”
    104.APHA Am.Hunter Hack 2’3”-2'6"
    105.APHA 14-17 Hunter Hack 2’6”-3’+
    106.APHA 18&Over Hunter Hack 2’6”-3’+
    107.APHA Open Hunter Hack 2’6”-3’+
    108.APHA Am. Hunter Hack 2’6”-3’+
    109.AQHA 14-17Hunter Hack 2’-2’3”
    110.AQHA 18&OverHunter Hack2’-2’3”
    111.AQHA Open HunterHack 2’-2’3”
    112.AQHA Am.Hunter Hack 2’-2’3”
    113.AQHA 14-17 Hunter Hack 2’3”-2’6”
    114.AQHA 18&Over Hunter Hack 2’3”-2’6”
    115.AQHA Open Hunter Hack 2’3”-2’6”
    116.AQHA Am. Hunter Hack 2’3”-2’6”
    117.AQHA 14-17 HunterHack 2’6”-3’+
    118.AQHA 18&OverHunter Hack 2’6”-3’+
    119.AQHAOpen Hunter Hack 2’6”-3’+
    120.AQHA Am. Hunter Hack 2’6”-3’+
        12-17-2008, 12:46 PM
    12114-17Hunter Hack 2’-2’3”
    122.14-17Hunter Hack 2’3”-2’6”
    123.14-17 Hunter Hack 2’6”-3’+
    124.18&Over HunterHack 2’-2’3”
    125.18&OverHunter Hack2’3”-2’6”
    126. 18&Over Hunter Hack 2’6”-3’+
    127.Am.Hunter Hack 2’-2’3”
    128.Am.Hunter Hack 2’3”-2’6”
    129Am. Hunter Hack 2’6”-3’+
    130.OpenHunter Hack 2’-2’3”
    131.Open Hunter Hack2’3”-2’6”
    132.Open Hunter Hack 2’6”-3’+
    133.In-Hand Pony Hunters Open

    134.APHA 14-17 Western Pleasure w/t
    135.APHA 14-17 Western EQ w/t
    136.APHA 14-17 Western Pleasure
    137.APHA 14-17 Western EQ
        12-17-2008, 12:47 PM
    138.APHA 18&Over Western Pleasure w/t
    139.APHA 18&Over Western EQ w/t
    140.APHA 18&Over Western Pleasure
    141.APHA 18&Over Western EQ
    142.APHA AM. Western Pleasure w/t
    143.APHA AM. Western EQ w/t
    144.APHA Am Western Pleasure
    145.APHA Am. Western EQ
    146.APHA Open Western Pleasure w/t
    147.APHA Open Western EQ w/t
    148.APHA Open Western Pleasure
    149.APHA Open Western EQ
    150.AQHA 14-17 Western Pleasure w/t
    151.AQHA 14-17 Western EQ w/t
    152.AQHA 14-17 Western Pleasure
    153.AQHA 14-17 Western EQ
    154.AQHA 18&Over Western Pleasure w/t
    155.AQHA 18&Over Western EQ w/t
    156.AQHA 18&Over Western Pleasure
    157.AQHA 18&Over Western EQ
    158.AQHA AM. Western Pleasure w/t
    159.AQHA AM. Western EQ w/t
    160.AQHA Am Western Pleasure
    161.AQHA Am. Western EQ
    162.AQHA Open Western Pleasure w/t
    163.AQHA Open Western EQ w/t
    164.AQHA Open Western Pleasure
    165.AQHA Open Western EQ
        12-17-2008, 12:48 PM
    166.14-17Western Pleasure w/t
    167.14-17Western EQ w/t
    168.14-17Western Pleasure
    169.14-17Western EQ
    170.18&OverWestern Pleasure w/t
    171.18&OverWestern EQ w/t
    172.18&OverWestern Pleasure
    173.18&Over Western EQ
    174.AM.Western Pleasure w/t
    175.AM. Western EQ w/t
    176.AmWestern Pleasure
    177.Am.Western EQ
    178.OpenWestern Pleasure w/t
    179.Open Western EQ w/t
    180.OpenWestern Pleasure
    181.OpenWestern EQ
    182.APHA E/W Trail 14-17
    183.APHA E/W Trail 18&Over
    184.APHA E/W Trail Am.
    185.APHA E/W Trail Open
    186. APHA W/E Trail Gamblers Choice
    186(a).AQHA E/W Trail 14-17
    187.AQHA E/W Trail 18&Over
    188.AQHA E/W Trail Am.
    189.AQHA E/W Trail Open
    190. AQHA E/W Trail Gamblers Choice
    190(a).E/W Trail 14-17
    191.E/W Trail 18&Over
    192.E/W Trail Am.
    193.E/W Trail Open
    194. E/W Trail Gamblers Choice Open
    195.Poles Open
    FUN CLASSES(not worth High Point Points)
    196.Best x-Mas Barn
    197.Best x-mas Stall
    198.Best x-mas Horsey
    199 Best x-mas picture (as long as it has a horse in it, it goes)
    200.Best BareBack EQ
        12-17-2008, 03:10 PM
    This looks like fun!!

    Horse's name: Brickens
    Rider/Handler Name: mudypony
    Class #: 81-84; 93-96
    High Point: Engish 14-17 and English Open

    Class #: 81

    Class #: 82

    Class #: 83

    Class #: 84

    Class #: 93

    Class #: 94

    Class #: 95

    Class #: 96
        12-17-2008, 03:14 PM
    Sure are an awful lot of classes there.
        12-17-2008, 03:28 PM
    Originally Posted by Spyder    
    Sure are an awful lot of classes there.
    I agree, I just realized what judgein' is going to be like lol

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