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Fourth Show....Results are "rigged"

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        09-16-2012, 01:44 PM
    Nevermind. I think I timed out to change the title....
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        09-16-2012, 01:46 PM
    Originally Posted by NBEventer    
    It is unfair, but also seems to be the common theme at schooling shows. Good job though on the first place and new half chaps!

    I understand the frustration of forgetting courses. I am horrible for going off course at least once a year. My brain just seems to fall out and I canter around going "where am I supposed to be going anyway?". And i've been showing for almost 20 years! Lol. So don't stress. We all do it. I have seen big name riders forget their courses.

    One thing that can help though is instead of memorizing it as "quarter line side roll back diagonal side etc..." try memorizing it as "blue quarter line to brown outside line to flower box diagonal etc" by memorizing them with the colour or style of fence it will help make it a bit easier to know where you are going. And hey... if you ever decide to do jumpers instead of hunters the fences are numbered at most shows! Lol

    I tried memorizing the colours, but they changed them once the fences were set to the next height. They also switched out a pair of standards for a different pair, also a different colour. Not sure why they did that.

    Oh well. I'll try better next show!
        09-16-2012, 01:53 PM
    Originally Posted by Ripplewind    

    Oh well. I'll try better next show!
    That is the best way to look at it. These schooling shows are for us to learn from. Not beat ourselves up over :)

    Do they not post your courses in advance? If so maybe try drawing it out and tracing your finger over it again and again. Then zone everyone out and focus on what you need to do. I actually will tell my coach to buzz off before I go into a class because I don't want to listen to last minute snips of advice. I have three things to focus on and only those three things. Path, Pace and Position.

    Maybe ask your coach at home to keep giving you random courses last second to help you prepare yourself for different courses at home. It helps train your mind on it.
        09-16-2012, 02:09 PM
    I'm confused, are we talking about hunter courses or jumper courses?

    If it's hunters, knowing the course ahead of time isn't really much of an advantage, unless you've had the opportunity to school the actual course ahead of time.

    If its a jumper course, maybe, if the course contained a difficult turn or difficult related distance being able to set that up and practice at home would be an advantage, but only a slight one as it probably would ride differently at the show.
    Also, jumper courses should have the fences numbered and flagged, which makes remembering them a lot easier.

    Glad you did well!

    The bad news is there are those kind of people at every show and on every show circuit, so you might as well get used to it.
        09-17-2012, 06:53 PM
    Here's a trick for not forgetting your course AND getting good distances to the fences!
    1. Try to memorize the course as best as you can.

    2. As you do your courtesy circle and approach the first fence, chant in you head a keyword* for the first fence followed by a keyword for the second fence. For example: if your first fence is a red verticle and your second is a blue over, chant in our head "red to blue oxer, red to blue oxer." Say it in time with your horses stride!

    3. Once you've jumped the imaginary red verticle, your chant will be altered. Lets say the fence after the oxer is an orange vertical. Now you say in your head " blue oxer to orange, blue oxer to orange." get the idea.

    *keywords can be based off of anything that will help your brain recognize a specific fence. It could be the fence's color, shape, size, style etc. Always come up with keywords while you first learn the course! This is very important. Hope this helps!
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        09-17-2012, 07:11 PM
    Green Broke
    I remember doing a show years ago, and there was a girl with this Arabian, and while everyone else was working their own horse, tacking up, grooming etc., she had her, I'm assuming trainer, do the tacking up and the lunging. She got on the horse to do the classes, then promptly handed horse back to trainer. Now this was a 4-h FFA show, big year end show, but no one else had a personal trainer like that. She placed in the top 3 in every class that she did, but I agree with Breela.
    we had a girl like that...really ended up sucking for her when she got to county fair and the rules stating that you "CANNOT have a trainer ride your horse at the show".

    She lost her first class of the day to me (English eq.) so she stormed out of the arena, threw the reins at her trainer and let the trainer get on and discipline the horse...then she got DQ'ed because the judge saw her trainer on the horse!

    Believe me I know it seems unfair to have girls like that and cheaters in general...but what counts isnt the ribbon, its the notice you get for being a good fair competitor, and for putting in the hard work to get your horse that way....

    Who do you think people will go to down the line? The girl who cheats/doesnt train or ride their own, or the girl who put in the hard hours and spent the time with their horse. And then went out and beat the cheater fair and squaree? Don't sweat it...believe me the right people will take notice of you.
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        08-29-2013, 08:31 PM
    How many shows have You have?
        08-30-2013, 12:45 PM
    Green Broke
    I would say the main disadvantage you have is that she's been riding for 6 years and showing for a long time and you haven't. (Why is she showing against you?). The show wasn't "rigged", she just had the advantage of experience and a little future knowledge. The more you ride and the more shows you've done the better you get. You know what to expect and the courses get so much eaiser to remember. I can usually just glance over a jumper course once or twice and know it. And if I've done my homework (worked on the hard turns, worked on making my horse as adjustable rideable, fit, and used to jumping different things as I can) then usually I can do a decent job of it. Shows are not a place to teach your horse techniques, you do that at home. Rollbacks, bending lines, combinations, scary fences, etc. Shows usually have them so get good at them at home. Practice learning long courses and learning them quick. And over time it won't matter how much the other girl got to know the course or practice it. And as the jumps get bigger and the courses more technical, it'll come to bite her in the butt if she can't do the work herself.
        08-30-2013, 01:51 PM
    This is a 2012 thread...
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        08-30-2013, 05:58 PM
    Green Broke
    Isn't there a notice saying something like "this threads is over 90 days old are you sure you want to post" thing??? Lol.
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