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Most embarassing thing to happen to you at a show

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        11-29-2009, 02:39 PM
    Green Broke
    Originally Posted by Dartanion    
    Ok soooo don't make fun of me too badly please >.< *big sigh* ok I won't beat around the bush.... I was at a kind of playday hunter show thingy and I entered the ring and did my course. It wasn't perfect probably 3rdish I was thinking (ended up 2nd woot) BUT when I came out of the ring it felt like I had pee'd my pants?! If you didn't guess it I started my period >.< My friend came trotting up to me and said "I have spare jods and a tampon in the trailer" I about died >.< we had a male judge too >.< OMG so everytime I 2pointed over a jump... bloody mess... ew omg! It was horrible. (Btw this happened about a year ago lol so when I was 19ish) yeah it sucked lol.
    omg! That's a bad one! Its a darn good thing in dressage we sit down all the time and have logn coats! That is still my biggest fear tho! Escpecially because the dressage world is so small, and nobody would ever let me forget it
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        02-18-2013, 03:24 PM
    Not my story, but at one of my pony club meetings one girl told us that when she was taking a rating test her horse, (which I now am half leasing), stopped in front of the hay bale they were going to jump, and started EATING OFF OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
        02-18-2013, 03:51 PM
    I went into the wrong class at my first show.... *facepalm* walk trot canter instead of walk trot. I was beet red and quickly escorted myself from the ring.
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        02-18-2013, 03:57 PM
    I just read through a few pages, and died laughing at a few of them. (especially MIEventer's posting trot story)

    The most embarrassing thing was probably during a pleasure class. Major was going at a very nice, relaxed lope... showed no indication of bucking/rearing, he's normally a very calm horse as well so it's not in his character. But, as we turn the corner, he throws a buck and steps off to the side. I fell off since I was so relaxed and in a "mode". I think the judge was just as shocked as I was! I got back on, but needless to say, we didn't win the class. :p I had a bruise on my side for a good week or so. We won the next one though!
        02-18-2013, 05:34 PM
    My mare completely flipped out at a fake hunter show when we were going round the ring and "the mob" caught up to her. She lashed out at the other horses and went into a bucking fit (she had a red ribbon too). Ya, we got kicked out.

    My gelding would always explode into rearing tantrums at shows because he couldn't handle the stimulation and couldn't stand still and watch the other competitors before our turn. People would freak out which would make him 10x worse. Some random trainer came and yelled at him which nearly got me thrown off. The one show he was actually behaving himself...well all was going fantastic until we ended up getting kicked out because he randomly decided to mount some kid's pony.
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        02-19-2013, 02:07 AM
    *sigh* Here we go...

    12 years old, schooling show, nice light breeches.
    Doing a jumping class on a grey Arabian mare.

    Um...let's just say premenstrual cramps didn't happen for me until I was 13.
    Had a nice freaking red stain down the inner thigh of my breeches...

    Come to think of it...the same darn thing happened when I was in a lesson...bareback...on a grey horse.
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        02-19-2013, 08:22 PM
    Instead of saying sir to the judge (he was a man of course, lol) I said ma'am...My face went pale after that and I immediately corrected myself. He laughed, glad he wasn't too offended by it!
        02-19-2013, 09:58 PM
    Oh gosh..

    We went to a barrel race a few years back. I finished warming up my gelding and was super proud of him because he was in his zone and ready to work. He stood perfectly while we waited for our turn to go into the arena and make our run. When it was our turn, I trotted/loped him in a nice right circle, making sure he was on the correct lead, then straightened him out to go into the ring and make our run. Well, a lady on her horse got in the way, and I ended up having to swerve at a dead run going into the arena. That put us in a bad position going to the first barrel. Then, a flipping pothole just HAD to be in the way, and apparently my horse wasn't watching his feet, and he tripped, making me lose BOTH of my stirrups. Meanwhile, the horn caught my shirt, which kindly tore open, and my girls were hanging out flashing everybody.. I managed to cover them, but I felt like I was flopping all over the place. I got lots of laughs out of that one, haha. We finished our run and placed just out of the money. Lets just say I was just as red as I am right now remembering the incident, and am privileged enough to NEVER forget it.. lol
        02-19-2013, 10:04 PM
    Super Moderator
    I took a horse I was free leasing. Gorgeous, most beautiful pure black TWH you ever did see... I took his bridle apart and cleaned it up (western bridle) and put the bit on upside down AND backwards. Rode him in an English class walk trot canter (walking horse mind you)... and decided to do a jumping class, beginner, 4 jumps at 18". Horse never jumped before... We plowed through every fence...

    After the class the judge called me over and explained the bit was upside down and backwards, she also explained that you don't post on a walking horse....

    Come to think of it... I wasn't really embarrassed... I was in hog heaven... at a schooling show on a PRIVATE horse for the first time EVER.....

    I had the best time and I brought home a ribbon in the grooming and showmanship class.....

    Sigh.....Good memories....
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        02-19-2013, 10:14 PM
    Green Broke
    Got asked to head for someone at a rodeo in the team roping. Borrowed a horse that hadn't been ridden in a year and was a heel horse.
    Fast steers, got beat bad out of the box, last ditch attempt to get him caught at the end of the arena, I leaned way out and chucked my rope. Since he was a heel horse he stopped hard and I was way out of position- I ended up riding his poll and trying to gracefully slide off like "I meant to do that".
    End of team roping career.
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