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Should I still show?

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        07-03-2013, 08:47 PM
    Thank you everyone for your support <3 it means alot. What my horse can do is still a mystery to us. He has the strength to clear some 3' jumps. A whole course he does a bit sloppy. But next to all those other horses, he is very very sloppy. I am working with him to build strength and help him. He is young and I feel with proper training, he can be just as fancy and jump just as nice as those other horses. In hunters, we wouldnt be judged fairly. He has short legs, and even though he is 15.2 (barely) he is more like 15.1 actually. I was told he was 15.2 but I've been having my doubts haha, anyway, though to me he is the perfect size, it takes more effort for him to clear a 3' fence than it does for a 17hh warmblood to. And he would be a nice eq horse, since eq only judges the rider. But I know I mjst face the facts. He is a beautiful horse but not a beautiful hunter. I've been going to the shows (not to show, but to watch) and i've noticed I have ALOT of things to work on. Which is fine, but im getting discouraged to compete in hunters, since they only judge the horse. He has short legs, which I LOVE and can't ever change, he has a big but which I love too but can't change, and that will get me unfairly judged in hunters. He is perfect to me, but in hunters, its only the horse that wins the ribbon. But I need those points too, if I want to make it far. Im just going to take it slow this season. Do some eq shows (not to brag, but equitation is my thing, I have very nice heels and leg and position, which is what is judged mostly in eq) and you can always work on yourself, so I think I will show in eq, at least just this season. And also, I'm very proud. One of my friends had to get rid of her horse today, he isnt push button but is pretty and expensive, but she couldnt handle him. She likes to call him carzy, insane, psychotic because he threw her off twice, and bucked. I've fallen off of Dakota more times than I can remember, and her horse isnt crazy, but she loves to say he is, and say dakota isnt. Now koty isnt crazy but he is HARD. I just yes her to death, but the only reason her horse would freak out is because she made him get his own distances, (she's used to horses just getting them) he likes to get fast, and "takes off" but its not taking off when you get 3 strides in a 5 stride line, half haults would have worked. Ecspecially with him. Anyway, it was funny to watch her have to get rid of her horse because he was "too hard"
    I have almost given up on Dakota so many times. He's still young and has much to learn and at times, I felt I wasn't ready to teach him. But I stuck with it, I loved him way too much, I learned what I could from him and now we're getting better with each day.
    He was also put on pain medication for his back, according to the vet it shouldnt have affected his canter at all, and though he still throws a bit of a tantrum while getting him to canter, he's alright.
    I have sat in my room questioning whether or not I should even save to buy this horse, and if I should save longer to lease an easy fancy show horse
    But I realized that
    1. I would feel awful knowing I gave up on him. He desperately needed someone. He was put in the schooling program without knowing much and was fairly green when they first put him there, and only advanced riders were used to wear him out
    2. I would get a lot of first places, but they wouldnt mean anything
    3. I don't care about getting a first. Yes, I want firsts so much and I want to win, but I need to have this horse, I need him in my life
    4. Someone will always be better than me. Someone will always have a bigger, better, faster, stronger horse, someone will always have the best tack and equipment but nobody will ever have the relationship I have with him

    All these girls at my barn have a year lease with the fanciest horse, or buy a horse and sell it a year later to upgrade. They just show with the horse and that's it

    I don't know how someone can do that

    I mean, I know you have to sell horses sometimes, but this is kind of sad

    I got so attached to Dakota. He is my first horse, but I plan on keeping him as long as possible. It's so expensive to board and have vet bills but I work at the barn sometimes for it, I always work shows.

    I'm starting to go on a rant here, but I wonder if anyone feels the same way

    I just don't understand how someone can buy a horse, win all these ribbons and trophies, and then sell it only to upgrade to a fancier horse to do the same thing again

    I love Dakota and I think with enough training he could do 3'

    Right now, we have only jumped one or two 3' fences with him, not a whole course
    We used to do 2'6 full courses and we slowly came down to 2'

    And we've only been doing 2' lately and im told he can never do anything more
    My instructor says with a lot of training he may be able to do a whole course

    But I feel he's strong. He has no other issues besides a sore back which is going away with pain medication. He is 10.

    People think its a joke when I say I want to show in 2'6 next year, and find it hard to believe me when I say I have jumped 3' with him before

    Is it really that abnormal for a 15.2 healthy 10 year old horse to be jumping 2'6-3'?

    I didnt think so, he is capable of it. 2'6 isn't really high, 3' isn't that bad. I don't know why it sounds so impossible for him to do. If I said I wanted to show 4' jumpers, that would be a bit far fetched. But 2'6 and 3' isn't something rare for a 15.2 10 yr old strong Qh to do.

    Oh well, I'll start a new thread asking about this

    Just wanted to update and thank you all
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