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        10-03-2010, 10:22 PM
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    State Fair...


    The rain started Monday and continued on threw Friday so I only got one ride in last week. I went out Wed. Night to feed and Riley had lost a shoe. Friday morning my farrier came out to put a new on one. After he left I decided to bathe (in my tennis shoes)... When I went to wash his face, he stepped on my foot. It was one of those full weight steps, I yelled so he lifted up that foot and put the other one down on it. I didn't quite cry, it was more like a wimper but now my foot and four of my toes are purple, pink, and blue. Nice. So we loaded up Friday after noon and headed down to the fair. We made it there with no issues. Unloaded and got ourselves set up. Then we longed in the awful wind. He was bucky and obnoxious but not terrible. Then we rode and it was that broken "trope", I couldn't get his hind end up underneath him to save my life. I tried and then my trainer rode him and it was better...

    Bedded down for the night, put his sleezy on him (fresh out of the package). We walked the fair, found some dinner. Checked out the rides, came back to watch the Jake Owens concert and the checked on Riley... His zipper on his brand new sleazy broke. So I switched it out for an older one. Went to bed in my trailer, that LEAKED! It was soaked!!! Ugh. Then, we brought the wrong charger for the golf cart (but luckily it ran all weekend anyway). Got up in the morning and showered, I hadn't packed food! I forgot food and the vendors did not open for breakfast! I begged a poptart off a friend and luckily I had a cooler full of sodas. The boys went to burger king for lunch and didn't bring me anything... What?!

    Anyway...Saturday was western day and we were a mess! I missed my trail classes because I was helping someone put their tail in... I went ahead and did the Open trail class because trail is one of my favorites. I screwed up the class and got dismissed. I forgot how to use my legs I geuss, went crazy on the reins. Ugh. Then in my first flat class I hit my finger nail on my saddle and completely ripped it off. It's hanging on just by the end, at the quick. I'm going to have to have it removed. It's nasty, it bled and bled and bled. AND... I blew the class. I wasn't...awful, but he wasn't moving right, he needed to be pushed forward in the back end and I did, but I went to spur. Normally I don't really use my spurs, I just "flap my fenders"... anyway, I spurred which made him fast and then I went to my hands... It's like my brain (the evil brain) took over and the legs lost out. Poor horse. Anway, bad day for the western ride!

    Then the Pfieffert hitch horses came by. He just about had a heart attack, there was a man standing on the back of those percherons! AAAH! Ok, got over that. Put him to bed and then hit the fair again. Couldn't figure out why I felt so bad... OH YEAH! I forgot to eat! So I had an onion for breakfast and then went over to watch the high school rodeo, which was awesome. The barrels were great and then the head and heel roping... SO NEAT... Checked on Ri, headed back to the trailer where husband locked the keys in the truck... and went to bed in my wet trailer....

    My purse was soaked because it had been sitting on the wet carpet of the trailer, I hung it on the close rack, Max woke up in the middle of the night because there was this floating blob coming at him (my purse)...Got up and Riley had shredded his sleazy. I was hoping to redeem myself english. I put on my tack, got dressed, put my tail in etc... And... Did better... still finished out the day at the bottom of the class. I did get a couple thirds in my class (two judges). But for the most part... My hands were these evil monsters. Riley had his head where it needed to be and his speed was not bad. We were strung out a little... Uh LEG! Nope, couldn't do it... I rode like a poop butt....

    I also got pulled for drug testing so I had drug testers follow me around until we went to the stall so Riley could pee and then they could pull his blood...

    Got home, turned my horse out and ... yip. He threw a shoe, within five minutes of getting home! Oh well. I still love my horse and I got tons of complements about how pretty he is. And one person even said that I was the only one having fun out there. Well, gosh, the class was blown, I didn't have anything to worry about! Just have a blast...

    PS - I wasn't THAT bad, but I wasn't even close to where we should have been... I still love him though... even though I suck!!!!

    I would offer you some cookies but with this weekend, the way it went... I'm certain I would burn them.
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        10-04-2010, 08:49 PM
    Ahh... the fond memories of States. What no 3am practices? You got off easy. Lol. Glad you let it roll off and had fun with the class. No cookie cooking for you, no need to have the oven blow up.
        10-05-2010, 09:28 AM
    Super Moderator
    It was late when we rode but not that late! Maybe 10ish... UGH... AND my computer blew up. (my home computer)... I'm sad.
        10-05-2010, 11:29 PM
    Ha we just got back from the fair too! And my poor little mare, bless her heart, had to be followed for a pee & blood sample too!

    I made her pick up the wrong lead (TOTALLY MY FAULT!) and she just about took off with me in sporthorse because apparently when we use a snaffle in the arena I'm a jockey!

    I did let some kid pet her though, so I figured I did my good deed for the day ;)

    Better luck next time, it is all about having fun though! :)
        10-07-2010, 11:58 AM
    Super Moderator
    Originally Posted by Eliz    
    I did let some kid pet her though, so I figured I did my good deed for the day ;)
    That's my "take-away"! I stopped in the warm-up to let about 10 kids that were in a group pet him and I let some people give him an apple, I pulled him out of the stall for a kid in a stroller to pet him. I also was told by a ton of people that he's "so pretty"... and I have to admit... I think he is too!
        10-07-2010, 12:37 PM
    Ahhhhh, the things memories are made of. At least you didn't blame all the mistakes on Riley - poor boy. All in all, it sounded like a lot of fun, Jenny.
        10-07-2010, 03:12 PM
    Super Moderator

    A little better:



        10-07-2010, 11:07 PM
    I LOL'ed at that first picture.
    Omg, what a crazy kid! :)
        10-09-2010, 10:48 PM
    Super Moderator
    He kind of looks like a race horse crossing the wire (from the shoulder forward! ...or maybe a dressage horse doing something spectaculer? Ok fine... A HUS horse doing something really screwey!
        10-09-2010, 11:04 PM
    Haha maybe he stumbled or something ;)
    I'm sure he wasn't TRYING to mess anything up. He'd never do that! :p

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