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Trail Class! *Videos* How are we doing?

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        05-29-2010, 12:33 PM
    Originally Posted by Jhinnua    
    Another thing to do to help him and you would be put him on a fence rail and make him go sideways be pressure and release on either side of the girth (front, back) and then when he's got that down take him off the fence and do the same thing so he has a basis for what you're asking.

    I'm not sure a fence rail would work, as it would only block forward motion. He tries to back up.

    I agree though: don't simulate the rein.

    As for lunging... drag his head up off the ground and make him turn around you on a leadrope by making him move his haunches around you while you're walking toward his shoulder and trying to keep his head behind your shoulder. He'll be confused but as soon as he steps forward and away from you, let him go... and then do it again until he gets what you want.

    How do I get him to go away from me though? He just walks next to me, comes towards me if I walk away....If I smack him he'll just stand there with his head high, accepting the "punishment" because he's well-trained enough to know that if I have to jerk on his lead or give him a smack, he did something wrong and this is what he has to do: Stand there

    I dunno if that made any sense at all... I'm trying to pull what I remember from what I taught my gelding.

    If you're using a round pen, walk right up to him and make him move away from you anyway you can. He doesn't have to be phased by the whip, but he will have to realize that you will smack him as hard as it takes to get him to move if necessary.

    I had to literally punch my horse multiple times to get him to understand what I meant by 'get your butt out of my way, please' he was so unphased by everything else I did.
    My messages are in blue. Thanks for the advice, I just had a few questions
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        05-29-2010, 12:45 PM
    Put his butt toward the rail instead of his head.

    Do anything that will make him move away from you. If you press his shoulder and he takes a step away from you incorporate it into making him go forward at the same time. If you have to change the yanking and smacking to moving his feet away form you instead of standing still, do so. As long as he doesn't get a physical or mental scar, go for what will make him get out of your way.

    If he walks next to you start stopping yourself, but making him continue to go forward by driving him.

    If I had a camera or something I'd show you what I mean, but I don't have a camera or a cameraman atm so I can't. X]
        05-29-2010, 12:49 PM
    Lol then I think he'd go forward xD I'd put him inside a corner in the pasture but it's lined with hot wire on the inside....don't want to punish him for trying. Geez I really need to get an arena built! It'll be much easier to teach him to lunge without the distraction of grass. I'll work with him today to teach him to lunge, grass or no grass lol. Thanks for the advice, I'll try to get a video and ask questions ig I get into problems!
        05-29-2010, 12:53 PM
    Hahaha. You can try doing it outside of the pasture, on a driveway or something.
        05-29-2010, 12:59 PM
    Lol I freak about driveways....we had a MFT who we were loading off the trailer, and it was a ramp-not even a step-up. And his front legs were still in the trailer when his back legs slipped underneath the corner of it, and he was sitting in the WORST position. If he'd have been any other horse, he would have died from thrashing and making it worse. Bo was the horse who, when a tree falls in front of him on the trail, looks at it absent-mindedly with the "oh, I wonder where that came from....hmm..." look and walks around it. So we were so lucky he just sat there while our beefy neighbor from next door came over and pulled his back end out from under the trailer. So grateful he lived next door. This was like 20 years ago, but I'm still paranoid from what my mom's said about it! So no driveways for Artie. Haha I could lunge him in the dirt pasture but it's all rocky....I'll probably end up doing that anyway
        05-29-2010, 04:44 PM
    Why can't you ride with a broken collar bone? If you are training for a ridden class then riding is the way you should train for it.
        05-29-2010, 06:51 PM
    Originally Posted by kevinshorses    
    Why can't you ride with a broken collar bone? If you are training for a ridden class then riding is the way you should train for it.
    I've been fighting with my mom over letting me ride. She says no, to be a good girl and listen to what the doctor says. He says a fall on it will have me down for a lot longer. I don't see how I'm going to have a *chance* of falling, what with a has-never-spooked horse who would rather sit and eat grass than bolt, and just walking, backing, sidepassing, etc. It's not my decision, otherwise I'd be up there now.

    I just got in from working with him on pivoting around his back hoof. I use a stick with a soft cap on the top and tap him behind the armpit, at the same time directing him with the halter the way to go. When he starts to try to move that back pivot foot, I move his front end so he has no need to move it.

    Where should the cues be on the horse for pivoting around the front and pivoting around the back versus just asking for forward motion? I don't really pay attention to where I'm squeezing when I'm riding him forward, I just squeeze/kick where my legs fall. So where should the sidepass, moving his hip, and moving his rear "buttons" be? Is right behind the armpit good for moving his shoulder? I ride Western by the way

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