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    09-04-2009, 11:00 PM

LOL I didn't even know what to title this......

So I went to a working cowhorse thingy a day ago. And it was pretty much just for fun, since the people who seriously compete in these have like..... Thousands of hours on their horses and they are scary serious.

Anyway... I was riding my 3 year old. It was pretty much a schooling show for her, her first show, and just a way to get her used to the hubbub without it being super important that she behave.

However... I at least wanted her to focus. But all she could do was be buddy sour and herdbound. She was a total butthead for like 3 hours, I'm serious. So I finally get her worked down and go into the cutting area for her first experience *EVER* with cows. She was pretty preoccupied at first with whinnying and being lonely, and we let a few cows get past for the sake of not wanting to yank on her mouth and just training in general. But it was so cool... Her cow horse blood just like, kicked in, and she followed this cow like she'd been doing it all her life. It was awesome. HA. But anyway, we had really scored low because of the missed cows, but the last one scored us..... A 1/2 point! WHOOOOO! Hahaha.

So then I just had the reining to do, as youth don't do fencework. She's been spur trained, but I usually don't ride with spurs because she's really responsive and sensitive. But today she was totally dull, so I latched on the spurs for some reinforcement and training. (*NOTE* I hardly ever ride with spurs, please no one comment on how they shouldn't be used, they're not cool, ETC. That's your opinion, I've got mine. That's not what this is about.) So she's just beginning to listen to me again, and turns out they redrew because some snotty girl on a pro trained horse didn't like how she was sitting in the lineup and since her daddy pretty much sponsors the thing... They redrew, anyway. So I end up being second instead of last. UGH. I knew she wasn't ready, I should have scratched and listened to my better sense, but I listened to my parents and my friends and people who were like, oh you'll be FINE. Don't worry.

Well. The pattern was a lope in, and she's only freaking 3, never even done this before. I shouldn't have even asked for the lope, should've just trotted the thing. She had been lame, so she maybe has...... 50 days on her? MAYBE. But anywho, I lope in, she doesn't want to leave her buddy, tries to turn back to the gate, I keep her on a straight line, she's irritated already, and thinking about spooking, all she needs is an excuse......... My hat flies off.

Okay, so now it's gone from cowhorse events to full blown rodeo. I mean, she's bucking and I'm riding it because I don't want her to learn that bucking gets her out of work. But then I realize that I have spurs on and that I better get off quick before I start using my legs for balance and start gigging her up. So I swing my right leg over the saddle, and she's like..... "OMG?! What're you doing down there you stupid human?!" She jumps to the side, my foot gets yanked out of the left stirrup, I go flying to land on my butt and head....... How I did both, I do not know, and she is dragging me away by the rein. NEVER LET GO. Haha

So I got back on and made her finish the pattern, but I got a score of 0 for breaking pattern. It sucked but everyone falls off. She learned a lesson and it's no big deal but it was like... Wow. If I had any shame, I would be embarrassed. Oh well! Hahaha. I know, I'm a dork. Just wanted to share. I was lucky. That could have been really bad. She has an awesome whoa on her, but I totally spaced it in my tries not to spur her. I'm so lucky my foot popped out of the stirrup. *shudders*
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    09-05-2009, 07:37 AM
WOW. What a close call, you coulda been really hurt. Good on ya for finishing the pattern, true cowgirls always hop back on and keep riding :) I hope she goes better at her next show. She seems like she's a nice cow-horse.
    09-05-2009, 08:14 AM
Wow! That sounds like one of my falls! Except I was in an enlish saddle! Lol good luck with more training!
    09-06-2009, 05:47 PM
LOL yeah you guys should see the injuries I have from it anyway. I got this HUUUUGE rein burn on my left hand, and it's like the freaking zorro Z. It goes across the top of my fingers, then back across my ring finger and toward my thumb, then back across my palm. It hurts hella bad.

Then I have this nice bruise that goes from halfway up my butt until the middle of my lower back, from raking my butt/back against the cantle when she took her first jump. I was totally taken by surprise.

And then, there's this bruise on my thigh that I have no idea how it got there, but it's pretty much the same shape as half a horseshoe. I really don't remember her stepping on me, but some people have said it happened. Odd. My back and shoulders were sore, and I think I had a little bit of a concussion..... they say once you have had a concussion, it's really easy to get them after that, and when I was 12 I got bucked off a horse, landed on my head, then he actually kicked the back of my head, and I had this really bad concussion... So now I get them really easily, just a slight bump to the head will give me one. Ugh. LOL.

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