a week to go and I still need SO much stuff!

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a week to go and I still need SO much stuff!

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    10-27-2011, 03:04 AM
a week to go and I still need SO much stuff!

How do you guys do it?? LOL

So stressed right now... I have one payday between now and the show (have just been paid though so it's sort of two... haven't had time to spend any money yet!) and there's still SOOOO much stuff I need.

I don't know if the makeup I got for her legs is the right stuff, so I need to test that and make sure it's going to work, and if not, replace it. I need to buy some of the oil for a hot oil treatment ($40-ish)

I need so much stuff for myself... I need to get a hat ($60-ish), a t-shirt to go under my jacket (maybe $40, depending on quality - I just want a particular colour!), a nice schooling whip ($40), the list goes on! I'm in trouble now... I don't have $180 in the next week and a bit! I think I'm going to have to go without the whip and the hot oil, and definitely make do with what I've got for her makeup, and even then it'll be $60.

I have spent way too much money on this show already and now I'm all stressed because I won't have everything I need. Mamma won't waive the board (understandably) and the rosters are already done so I can't exactly ask for more hours! My only saving grace is that tomorrow is a public holiday (I opted to work, they said I didn't have to) and is part of the pay I have between now and then so it'll be an injection of extra cash but the question is will it be enough? I doubt it. It's 5 hours on double time and a half but my base pay rate isn't brilliant because I'm only 17.

Actually I just did the math and hopefully it'll be enough... but even if I order the hot oil today it won't be here in time and it's not available at my local tack store so I have to order online. Even so, I should manage ok... but I'm still stressed!!
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    10-27-2011, 06:21 AM
I totally know what you're going through!

I'm going to my first real show this weekend and so far I'm spending $177 and I might end up spending $187 on it. This is all my own money too. (I'm fifteen, so I have to really hold on to what little money I get since I don't have a job yet).

Here's a breakdown of my spending:
$50 horse use and coaching fee.
$10 dollars per class, and I'm doing five classes.
$30 dollars for a pair of chaps.
$35 for a pair of half chaps.
$2 for a BIG container of baby oil.
$2 for a packet of four sponges.
$3 for a notebook just to use for show stuff.
And another $10 because I'm thinking about doing another class. I'm still undecided.

I have everything I need right now, but a few days ago I was getting kind of nervous wondering if I'd be able to get everything by the time I needed it.

Good luck and I hope you get a lot of money!
    10-28-2011, 06:21 AM
Shall I break down what I've spent so far?? LOL

$100 in one pop on products to enhance her
$70 on brand new riding boots
$50 in another product-buyup
$6 in entry fees plus $10 to get onto the grounds (it's a cheap show)
$50 on a show jacket, because I can't wear my hacking jacket but need some kind of jacket
$30 on materials for her browband, plus my time and energy
$50 on her show bridle (actually spent ages ago for another horse but never used so I count it as being for this show)
Miscellaneous others whose costs I've forgotten and/or didn't pay in the first place

And what I still need to get...
$40 for a schooling whip
$60 for a hat
$40 for the hot oil treatment
$30-ish for something to blacken her legs with (what I have isn't going to darken her, just shine up and enhance what black she already has)

That all adds up to a whopping $536 for total spending ON THIS ONE SHOW... mind you this has been building up for a good year if you count the show halter as the beginning. And I got a bunch of my stuff given to me for free so haven't even counted that! Most of it I can carry over to next year as well but considering how only $6 is entries and $10 is grounds fees that's a lot of money on products and outfit!

I am so lucky I have a job...

ETA; I'm in shock now! Should not have added all that up D:
    10-28-2011, 06:30 AM
Wow! You have me beat!

Well, at least you'll be able to use some of those things for other shows too and won't have to pay for them again for a while.

And . Never think too hard about what you spend on horses, I guess!
    10-28-2011, 06:56 AM
Haha yeah... benefits of having a job I guess. What gets me is that if I wasn't going to this show I could have bought the saddle I want by now, and then had money left over!

I can actually use most of the stuff I bought for other shows... and thank goodness for that!! It's really only $16 that I'm not going to be able to re-use. Although I think next year might be painful... need to pay for membership to about 3 different associations if I want to avoid extra insurance fees. Methinks I might just pay the day insurance.
    10-28-2011, 07:43 AM
Its usually not so much ! It seems like you need a lot of new stuff and next time around you wont need to spend the money because you already have it. What kind of show are you going to that you need to blacken your horses legs ?
    10-28-2011, 07:59 AM
She is buckskin and where I am it's traditional to use something to darken up and enhance the black points that a horse already has. What I have doesn't darken what's not already black and she doesn't actually have a huge amount of black on her legs so I need to increase it. Raven's oil is used often but I don't like the look, or how harsh it is. I'd rather get a tub of something called champion tails red-black cover creme... I like the look and my black highlighter will then shine it up and make it look fabulous.

It's just a local thing, but it's a pretty big "local" show... I am in the in-hand showmanship classes with her. She is unregistered so presented like a show hack... let me find a photo.

Now I know that is a grey but you can see that the legs are darkened and around the eyes and muzzle is also darkened significantly. That is how my girl is supposed to be presented. She's not meant to have so much black on her face but she should have even darker legs than that grey. Hooves blackened (not done on the grey above) and mane/tail braided... it's a lot of work. Quartermarks if the horse isn't clipped, but my girl IS clipped so no quartermark for her.

Edit; and of COURSE I found a photo of a show hunter, not a hack. Ugh. HERE is a hack. (well, showmanship horse, but presented as a hack)
    10-28-2011, 08:09 AM
Apologies for the double post but I wanted to attach a pic of my girl, as she was a month ago, untrimmed and untidy. She is now trimmed and tidy and her mane has been pulled, all clipped out etc.
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    10-28-2011, 02:43 PM
Is the blackening just for hack or is for every class in your area?
    10-29-2011, 10:34 AM
Hack & hunter & certain breeds for showmanship. We don't do it for performance disciplines. Dressage, we braid the mane, and the horse will be clean. Jumpers, if it's a big show, we'll go all out, braiding and quartermarks and hoof black, but otherwise, nobody really bothers. Eventing, we follow the rules for each phase. Braided for the dressage, natural for the cross country, and depending on the size of the event, we might braid and present for the jumping.

I only ride English and don't own a QH or appy or other Western breed so I have NO clue about Western presentation.

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