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BTW, I will never be a There are those who can write and those who are writers. I know which one I am.haha

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" Eryss, can you hear me, are you awake?" Josie whispers in her daughter's ear. Looking for any sign her daughter is coming back out of it after rushing back to the hospital when told Eryss was awake. Sitting there regretting ever leaving her daughter's side to get away from her dad and another fight. Now her dad is sitting in the corner of the room reading the newspaper while her mom is in the other chair sewing some designs on a piece of fabric. She has one of those embroidery hoops on it as she constantly runs the needle and thread in and out of the sheet. The sounds of nurses talking just down the hall are muffled by televisions in the neighboring rooms with the volume high.

The door opens and Clare walks in with balloons tied to a stuff bay colored horse that she hands to Mrs. Helen as they hug. Clark meets her next with a smile and " Glad to see you". Clare sees Josie sitting on the edge of the bed clasping Eryss' hand and walks over to stand beside her. "Hi, Ms. Josie. How is our stunt rider doing today?" Josie gives a hard smile at the comment and goes into catching Clare up on Eryss coming in and out of consciousness. Josie had arrived over an hour ago and still waiting on Eryss to come around again.

Clare puts an arm around Josie, " She has a powerful personality and I know she is going to come out of this stronger than ever. I know this may have you thinking she is still wreckless, but I would like to tell you how much change I have seen in her since she has been working with me and mom."

An hour later, they are still talking when Eryss starts coming around. "Mom, MOM, MOM!!" the call gets louder as Josie jumps to the head of the bed to hold both of Eryss' hands and comfort her. " I'm here, I'm here, hun. We are all right here with you. I've got you, baby." Josie's eyes starting pouring at the sound of her daughter calling to her even after the constant contrast in thoughts.

"Mom, where were you? I wanted to talk to you earlier and you weren't here."
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My lunch is over so I will try to add more in the morning before my shift starts, but like I said, I'm not a writer just trying to help keep this going.

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Aw Roadyy I loved it. :) I wish you weren't so harsh on yourself but I understand that not everyone strives to be a writer.

With a quiet sigh and squeeze of Eryss' hands, Josie took a deep breath. "I was, well, I was up visiting Aspen honey," she said, quickly glancing around the room as faces contorted with curiosity at the mention of Joe's place. Everyone knew that Josie hadn't gone back after her fall or selling her horse.

"Aspen?" Eryss asked, excitement filling her voice, "you went to see Aspen?! How is he, is he ok? Will he be ridable again? Grandma said so but she hadn't seen him and I had this horrible nightmare and..."

"Yes!" Josie partially shouted over her daughter's rising voice with a chuckle, "yes. Aspen is fine and stubborn. But he's got mandatory bed rest, just like a certain someone I know." With a light poke to the cheek Eryss laughed giddly, and then tears started to form in her eyes as her laughter subsided. She sniffed, looking around the room at her family and friend. "Guys could I have... uh, I guess a moment alone with my mom?" Nods followed shuffling sounds as the group of people cleared out. Eryss gripped her mother's hand.

"Mom... I, I owe you... I owe you an apology." Eryss started nervously as she dropped her gaze to the blanket covering her lap and casted leg; gingerly she swiped a tear away from her vision. "I'm sorry for everything. I'm sorry for how bad I was in Chicago. I'm sorry for blaming you for everything. I'm sorry I was so mean when dad ditched us... and mostly I'm sorry for not listening when you said I couldn't ride Aspen. I didn't ever do drugs even though I told you I did.. I was trying to make you mad. I'm just... I'm so sorry." Tears were openly leaving their ducts now as Eryss continued to state all she was sorry for. Josie pulled her into a gentle hug.

"You're forgiven Eryss... you're completely, absolutely forgiven... but you know, when you get better we are going to have to seriously discuss what we're going to do about your riding and your horse. I want to put you into additional lessons with Joe, your grandpa and myself. These lessons will not be on Aspen as you could guess."

"Ok mom..." Eryss said, leaning into her mother's side and feeling lighter in weight than she had in years.

Things would finally be ok. At least for a little while.

The path is different for you and me, but the journey begins in the heart.
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I love this! Just got some time to start reading through it again, and it's going so well! Maybe I'll chime in here in a bit if you guys don't mind :)

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Go for it, it's kind of died at the moment but I can't add since I have an exchange student here!
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"I want to see more outer leg on that horse, Tori!" Josie called from the middle of the ring as she pointedly watched her student to see if the adjustment was made. As was usual, the advanced student followed through; Aspen rounded out beautifully and the corner was taken at an almost professional level for both horse and rider.

Eryss sighed heavily, shifting her weight awkwardly as she rested herself against the arena's outer fence. It had been two weeks since her release from the hospital, and though she was greatly on the mend, her leg was still in a cast. It wasn't scheduled to be removed from the cast for at least another week, which meant she wasn't allowed to ride for at least two more weeks total. That was if she could even talk her mother into a ride so soon after being removed from her cast. And even then, she already knew that her first time back in the saddle would be on the old school master Joe and her mom had bought for beginners; not Aspen. Never Aspen. She sighed again, putting her chin in her hand.

"Hey Eryss!" A voice bubbled behind her, giving her a mild scare. Instantly she smiled, turning to face Claire and give her a hug.

"You're here for another lesson?" Eryss asked, almost too seriously. Claire had never been one to take a real interest in formal riding education. Claire only nodded.

"Yeah, your mom drives a hard bargain; who can argue with the first two lessons being free?! Besides, after your stunt riding I want to make sure I know how-- not to say that you're a bad rider! I just, the importance of knowing what you're doing and... oh god I should just shut up, I'm sorry Eryss. That was really insensitive of me..." Claire stammered, rubbing her neck uneasily.

"No it's ok, and it's really smart of you. What I did was stupid and.. it's- a good thing for others to learn from. So I'm glad you're in lessons. So, who're you riding today?" Eryss responded, offering a weak smile.

"Betty, the old Chestnut. I guess my trot needs some work and Betty has a good one to learn on. Do you wanna watch? I'm lessoning with Joe today."

"Nah." Eryss said, casting a sidelong glance over to Aspen, "I'm kind of busy day-dreaming."

"Well, Tori's lesson ends right around the time mine starts.. so if you wanna torture yourself, that's ok. But my offer still stands. I could always use help grooming the old bitty too. I was told by one of the other students that she gets really dirty."

"Thanks." Eryss sighed, watching Claire leave briefly before turning back to watch Aspen. In the days after Eryss waking up, Josie had seriously put the pedal to the metal in getting Joe's lesson business up and running. She had printed up flyers advertising two free lessons with experienced professionals; contacted one of Clark's old friends, Chris, the guy who used to send them horses for training. She asked to purchase back one of the steady-eddy school-master type horses that Clark had trained for him. Chris happily obliged, even giving Clark a fantastic discount.

In just a matter of weeks, the Waters' lesson barns were back up and running; they had 7 lesson horses, counting Aspen (on some days) but not Regret. Four instructors, Peter, Joe, Clark and Josie. Two regular students in Tori and another young girl, Claire was on her second lesson and Josie said more people were getting interested by the day. "The thing is," Josie had said one joyful evening over the dinner table, "we're like a half hour on a good day out of the way. We have to provide product that not only beats the lesson barns in the city at a good price, but makes a long trek out here, worth it. Joe your place is great facility was just lacking in having enough trainers out here to really give it "oomph," you know?"

Eryss had tried a couple times to get Josie to agree to letting her ride Aspen right off the bat, but the truth was he was still healing as much as she was; the vet had cleared him for non-strenuous riding with someone advanced enough not to push him too fast too soon. That knocked Eryss out of the saddle for a while, not to mention she had had to agree to ride the school-master at first to start from "scratch" on her seat and basics, as part of her punishment for not listening in the first place, but also in order for her to work up the confidence to even get back in the saddle again.

She sighed, watching the post-lesson discussion between Josie and Tori before Tori was cleared for the walk-out. Josie spotted Eryss and waved as she walked toward her daughter.

"Hi honey!"

"Hey mom... nice lesson on Aspen.."

"Yeah, Tori is doing wonders with him. For only riding a half-hour before moving on to our actual lesson they're both improving so much. And with a few days off between each ride!"


"So, how's the homework coming?"

"Just a few assignments left in math and science and I'm all caught up... probably gonna finish the catch-up before I'm even out of this cast."

"Well that's great! Maybe within the month you'll be back in the saddle."

"Yeah..." Eryss sighed, looking longingly at Aspen. "I just wish it was Aspen's saddle I'll be back in."

"Eryss, we've discussed this. Numerous times. I want you on Riddick when we get you back in the saddle. You'll have a lot to learn, and a lot to work through, before I can trust you with Aspen. Or are we going to have a repeat of the accident?"

"No no no!" Eryss jumped, waving her arms defensively in front of herself. "I, I just wanted to ride Aspen... but I don't want to do that again."

"I know, but Eryss, you did a lot of damage that day. Not just to yourself, but to Aspen, my trust in you, your grandparent's trust in you. I need you to listen to me, and grandpa, and I need you to trust us. Both of us have agreed that you need to start smaller and in the long term it won't be such a long time before you're on Aspen again." Josie said, sighing, as Tori approached the two of them.

"Hey Ms. J! Aspen's pretty cool now, not that it was a hard ride or anything, I'm gonna go ahead and grab Crystal. You still want Eryss to groom him down?"


Eryss perked up as she listened to their conversation, grabbing her crutches and hobbling over to the barn as fast as she could. "I'll meet you at the grooming area!" She shouted over her shoulder to the laughing women behind her. She might not be able to ride Aspen for a while, but at least she could groom him!


So this has been sitting in word for a few weeks, I meant to post it on July 1st but to say that this month has been dramatically stressful would be an understatement. I needed to de-stress and finishing the bit/writing creatively was the perfect outlet. I'm off to pack for moving (sigh.) and clean. (sigh.)

I hope you enjoy this addition!
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Eryss hobbled into C barn with an enthusiasm she hadn’t felt in the time after her accident. Not being able to spend time on or around Aspen was beginning to take its toll on her and even managed to dampen her already sullen mood. The separation wasn’t serving as anything other than a firm reminder of how careless she had been, and even though she had apologized to and been forgiven by her mother, Eryss still managed to beat herself up over it. She inhaled happily, the familiar scents pushing her bad mood away. Dusty and filled to the brim with scents of horse, leather and fresh paint, this barn was the last on the list of renovations. That, mostly, was because C barn was intended to house the boarded horses and boarder provisions, and since the operation was still in its’ baby stages, Joe and Josie had decided to fix up the other and more pressing areas. The only thing left for C barn was to fix the roof on the south side of the building. Aspen was housed next Regret in the stalls closest to the north side. They were the honorary first-boarders for Joe and Josie’s lesson business, even though they technically didn’t count.

“Alright Eryss, just point me in the direction you want me to go.” Tori said lightly as she lead Aspen through the double doors and into the barn aisle. Eryss looked around, considering her options. C barn had two wash stalls on the north side and there was supposed to be another two on the south, or she could have him cross-tied right here in the aisle if she really wanted.

“Let’s just tie him to the hitching post on the side of the barn.” She said after some consideration, “if he won’t be too scared of me gimping around with my crutch.” Tori smiled and turned to lead Aspen to his final destination, tying Aspen carefully to the post.

“Alright,” she started, pointing to a grooming kit that had been brought over from the student horse barn, or A barn, sometime earlier, “your mom wanted me to let you know that you can spend all evening grooming him if you’d like. But she also wanted me to tell you that you need to get one of us to put him back for you. She doesn’t want you trying to manage your limp, crutch and a horse all at once. And if he spooks you are to back off and give him his space. She said that…” Tori broke off as Josie approached the two of them, nodding toward the student horse barn.

“Thank you Tori, you should go grab Crystal. Your next lesson is in fifteen minutes.” With a polite gesture, Tori was off and jogging to A barn, leaving Josie and Eryss together. Eryss raised an eyebrow at her mom uneasily.

“Mom?” She asked, “what was Tori about to say?”

“Probably that you’re in no condition to handle yourself and a spooking horse at the same time.” Josie said, patting Aspen on the shoulder. “So just let him be if he spooks and try to stay out of the way.”

“But I can handle a spooking horse!!” Eryss exclaimed, working hard to keep her tone and voice in check for both her mother and Aspens’ sakes, then she sighed. “Oh… because of my cast, I bet.” She mumbled as a feeling of uselessness washed over her. Josie sighed too, giving Aspen a last pat before hugging Eryss, earning a hesitant nod.

“I have a lesson to conduct, enjoy grooming him.. it’ll get better.” She said, turning to meet Crystal and Tori in the arena across the way. Eryss watched her mom go before she turned back to Aspen. So much for her good mood returning.

With an effort Eryss dragged the grooming kit from where it had been left in the barn aisle out beside the hitching post and plucked up a rubber curry, considering the rest of her options and how best to spend her time grooming him. She sighed heavily, looking at her casted leg and over his back. Already she was feeling the fatigue of having to hold her leg and the weight of her cast up. There was no way she’d be able to stand on it. And because of that, no way she’d be able to work the curry on his back. With dismay she began working circles on his shoulder, using her free hand to prop herself on her crutch and gingerly resting her casted leg on the ground. “This isn’t going to be a real thorough grooming session, Aspen.” She said apologetically.

As she spoke, Aspen’s ears swiveled back to catch the sound of her voice. He turned his head to the end of his lead and gently pushed his muzzle over her shoulder, blowing air onto her back as she worked the curry. Before she even knew what was going on, Aspen pressed his chin into her back and pulled her close to his shoulder, almost like a hug. Almost instantly all of Eryss’ troubles melted away as she wrapped her arm over Aspen’s neck and leaned on him for support. So steady, strong. Forgiving. She hadn’t even realized she was crying until she noticed the dark streaks tracing the muscles in Aspen’s shoulder and the loose fur sticking to her face. She laughed, though it sounded more like a choke to her ears, and kissed her horse. “Thank you” she whispered to him, feeling immensely better.

-Corny isn't always bad. Lol.
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As she worked, Eryss considered the last year of her life: the move, the accident, all of her revelations, getting Aspen... she sighed, heaving the muck into her wheelbarrow before warming her hands with her breath. A lot had changed for her; she had gone from no-good city brat, soon to be teen runaway to hard working ranch hand and dishwasher in the course of twelve months - the entire course of her life had changed with one unfair, at least she used to think so, move on her mother's part. She looked down over her leg, to where the break had been only a few short months ago. Though supported by a brace, it was out of a cast and Eryss had just been cleared to get back in the saddle two days before, with a restriction of light work and short sessions on a reliable mount. Her physical therapist had been proud of the work Eryss had put forward under his care; she had regained much of her comfort and control in her leg through their sessions, despite fighting her mom and debating the need for physical therapy at all. In only a few days, it'd be the start of a brand new year. To start her new year, Eryss had decided that she'd take a ride bright and early in the morning with Tori; Tori would have to ride Aspen for her. But it'd be a good way to start the year.

"You done with your chores yet?" Clark asked, startling Eryss as she turned to face him.
"Yeah, almost. Just got to finish this stall and feed the horses, then I'll be ready to head home."
"Good, 'cause your mother has dinner waiting for us and you're gonna make me wait 'till it gets cold! Ain't it cold enough already?!"

Eryss only laughed as she watched her grandfather walk off to the heated riders' lounge, focusing back on her work only after he had retreated from view. In truth, Eryss had been stalling on finishing her chores. She wasn't ready to leave the barn yet, even though she knew she'd be back first thing in the morning before her breakfast shift at the diner; she always craved more time in the barn than was allotted to her. As she spread out the shavings she glanced at Aspen's stall, mildly dismayed to find his butt facing her. She whistled his way, though she couldn't tell if he acknowledged her in the gloom. She sighed quietly and wheeled the dirty shavings out to the muck pile behind the barn, running through a list of the horses she had to feed still, ignoring the rumbling in her own stomach.

In the time since her cast removal and those first couple of lessons after the accident, Joe's lesson barn had grown drastically. Five boarders, all friends or acquaintances of Tori's, had come out at once. They brought news of the location to their friends or acquaintances - and, well, it had grown from there. The skill levels of the instructors and beautiful, fully-updated grounds, had appealed to the public enough to coax folks down the half-hour trek and had proven its worth as both a boarding and lesson barn. Now the barn had twenty or so students, fifteen boarder/students on top of that, and the original five that Tori had brought in. The grounds had several horses, too, though most of the chores for lesson and boarder horses were left to the paid staff. Eryss merely took care of the horses owned directly by her family or Peter, as well as Joe's older horses that had only been in the lesson program while they built up a client base. It was a fulfilling life.

She made quick work of portioning feed for the remaining horses while fat, heavy snowflakes began to fall outside of the hay shed. The building was more of a lean-to than a shed; three walls and a roof to keep the hay dry. She was about to portion out Aspen's meal when her attention was caught by muffled shouting and a high pitched squeal on the otherside of the grounds, where the lesson horses were housed. Her heart started to race as she heard the ruckus, and she broke into a jog in the direction of the barn, shouting to her grandpa as she went. She didn't know what to think, other than she didn't like the sound of it....
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Love the story, more please
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