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okay gonna try an type it out again, it was pretty wordy last time so I can change that not all bad I guess...
Delia tired not laugh as Meg told her about what had happened "horse shopping is easy huh?" she giggled "shut up" Meg grumbled. Delia sighed "rule number one ALWAYS ask for pictures if they aren't included on the ad." She opened her laptop "come on I'll help you, there's a woman at my barn selling her mare, she's the sweetest thing, loves people and is 100% beginner safe. Meg huffed. "Oh what now?" Delia asked. "Del, I don't need or want some beginner safe horse! I want stallion!" Meg smiled waving her arms dramatically with the word "stallion". Delia had no response. After a moment she broke the silence "Meg the most riding you've ever done was pony rides at my 8th birthday and that was on a dead broke 21 year old horse, you weren't even steering. Meg huffed and pouted the way she did to get her way with her parents, but there was no way that was going to work on Delia. "Fine" Delia sigh grabbing her keys "come on".
"wait! Meg called chasing Delia down the drive way "where are we going?".
"the barn" Delia shrugged like it was obvious "you're gonna ride Vi, she green broke and likes to take off"
Meg beamed with excitement."great I'll have her doing barrels in no time!"
"No barrels" Delia said flatly "you'll walk trot and probably canter...though not my choice"
At the barn Delia headed straight for the office "Del what are we doing in here? I want to ride!" Meg whined
"and you will, right after you sign these waivers in case you fall saying you won't sue me or the barn" Delia explained sliding a stack of papers across the desk. "pfft I don't need those! I'm not going to fall!" Meg sighed rolling her eyes and sliding the papers back "No sign, no ride" Delia told her and handed her a pen. Reluctantly Meg signed the waivers "don't my parents need to sign these?" she asked "They already did." Delia answered holding up an near identical set of waivers expect they used the third person in reference to Meg and started with "I ________ hereby agree to the following terms regarding my child(ren)"
"Alright" Delia said let's teach you how to tack up"
"no need! I can do that! I've seen pictures!"
Delia blinked "alright, suit yourself. Let's go get Vi. I think she's turned out."
As they approached the huge turn out field meg scanned the area for Vi "um where is she?" She asked.
"who knows." Delia shrugged "there's a half acre for her to roam."
Meg gulped. After half an hour, two falls Meg handed the halter and lead to Delia "you get her, she's cray!" she complained. Delia rolled her eyes "hey mare" she cooed approaching Vi and looped the rope over her neck with ease "easy...see?" she said slipping the halter on. The dappled grey horse nudged Delia's pocket ""oh you smell the carrots don't you?" Delia scratched her mares face "here, girly" she pulled half a carrot out and gave it to the mare "you can have the rest after"
Delia clipped Vi into the cross ties. "Alright know-it-all go ahead" She said stepping back. Meg grabbed the saddle and set it in the middle of the mares back causing the hyper sensitive mare to pin her ears. "wrong" Delia said "you have to groom her first" Meg looked at Delia then at Vi and back again. "Oh come on, you said you knew this stuff!" Delia said, she had no sympathy for people who thought horses or riding were easy things. "looks like you don't know as much as you thought" Delia said after a few minutes ad explained all the brushes and their respective uses. "you need to pic her feet" Delia said as Meg tried once again to saddle Vi. "pick her feet?" Meg asked.
"Yeah, get all the dirt out so she doesn't get thrush or something."
Meg stared at Vi's hooves.
After much more struggling Meg finally sat on Vi in the middle of the arena "alright why don't you walk around a few times?" Delia suggested. Ten minutes later Vi had worked all her stiffness out and now sped around the ring at a less-than-controlled trot which soon turned into a canter. Meg clung to the horn but her legs flopped around, kicking the mare in the sides. encouraging her. Delia called out helpful advice from her place by the out gate "sit up! keep your legs still, you're asking her to canter!-" she was interrupted by Meg hitting the ground. Delia rushed over and collected Vi. She stood over Meg "you okay she asked as Meg sat up. S"e just went wild! that horse is dangerous!" Meg started to ramble "actually you asked her to canter, she was just listening to you. You kept kicking her and gave her all the reign she wanted."
Luckily Meg was not injured aside from a few bruises.
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Equestrianism; 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure, 50% pain and 100% reason to remember you're absolutely insane to be riding a beast that big.
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woops... little more than I had intended...

Equestrianism; 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure, 50% pain and 100% reason to remember you're absolutely insane to be riding a beast that big.
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Love it
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Equestrianism; 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure, 50% pain and 100% reason to remember you're absolutely insane to be riding a beast that big.
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Meg sat on the ground, rubbing her arms and spitting the dirt from her mouth. "That horse is just stupid. You said she'd be safe to ride! But now I know -- I can't trust you." She made her way to her feet, avoiding Delia's outstretched hand. Her side, her butt and her pride hurt. Her pride the most. Above her, Delia sighed, struggling to contain the need to laugh and the need to slap her friend silly. She simply stroked Vi's face and patted the mare on the neck, watching Meg stomp out of the arena.. with as much force as the obviously saddle-sore girl could manage. Delia was in no mood to chase down and face the wrath of Meg, especially not with Meg's ego in temporary shambles. Instead she climbed up on Vi's back and put the mare to work, trying to finish on a good note.

Meg had stomped off to the most seemingly quiet area of the barn in her fury, passing many concerned boarders and students, ignoring their questions and telling them to leave her be. She was furious that Delia had lied about Vi being safe. She was furious that she had fallen. She was furious that she was sore. Most of all, though, Meg was furious that she could taste an epiphany that Delia was right and that Meg was wrong. She plopped beneath the large oak tree, scanning the coast before she started to cry, burying her face in her hands. No one had ever dared to get in Meg's way - neither physically nor emotionally - Meg always had what she wanted. That dumb horse and her so-called "friend" had betrayed her trust. They were liars, scum at best, and they would--

"Are you ok?" The voice penetrated Meg's angry thoughts, so subtly that she had thought the voice imaginary. She looked up and around, sniffing unceremoniously. She was met by those beautiful, oceanic eyes. "I asked if you were ok." He said again, less subtle this time.

"Yeah.. I'm fine." Meg responded, momentarily stupefied. Few had seen her in tears, especially not in the last few years. She sniffed again, quickly drying her eyes.

"Oh, good. I thought you might have been hurt." The boy said, rising from his squat and stretching himself above Meg, "they told me that the new girl was crying in the oak grove, but I didn't expect the new girl to be you, Barbie. Your mascara's running, by the way." He smirked, turning to walk away.

In a flash Meg felt her confidence soar through the roof as she clambered to her feet through the use of the tree, she wiped her face on her shirt sleeve and limped after the boy. "Hey wait!" She called, "I didn't catch your name. Do you work here? Wanna go out?" She stopped short after she finished her question, clapping a hand over her mouth. Had she just asked this rude jerk if he wanted to go out? ...

The path is different for you and me, but the journey begins in the heart.
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As Meg clapped her hand over her mouth, the boy turned abruptly toward her. "You're joking, right?" She nodded silently, fishing for what to say next to get her out of this. Where was her ego? Her bravado? Her confidence, self-control? Who was this new, wimpy, emotional girl that she had become in the short time between falling off and now?
"Oh thank god. Well, my name is Justin. I do work here, I'm a stable hand. No. I'm not going out with you." As he responded to her, he turned to walk off again. This time, he didn't falter or slow his pace. Meg simply stood there, watching him leave. She bit her tongue and tried not to say anything else. She was in unfamiliar territory and she had forgotten how to swim - for the first time in her history. She resolved herself to find a bathroom and then confront Delia. There were going to be words shared between them, liars never did prosper.
As Meg wandered, saddle-sore, around the barn, she was in awe of the sheer beauty of the high-class horses and ponies. Each looked perfectly round and firm, not at all like that scraggly beast that Delia had had her ride. When she finally found the girls' lavatory and went in, she shocked by the mess on her face. Mascara running, mud stuck to any of the make-up that had been even remotely moist when she came off, hair filthy, she held a likeness to monsters small kids would conjure up in their mind. She grumbled angrily, searching for something (anything) to wash her face with. She settled on paper-towels and hand soap, getting to work.

As she scrubbed her face she wondered if any of the resident riders would have make-up she could borrow to touch up with. She wouldn't go around wearing her "natural" look. It was hideous and it was unprofessional. She thought about asking the next girl who came through, but when she had dried her face and waited five minutes for someone else, she realized that she would be waiting for a long time. Instead, she turned her attention to her hair. She used her fingers as a comb, wincing at each knot, before she left to find Delia. She found her untacking Vi.

"We need to talk, Delia."
"Yes, we do. You need to get back on a horse!" Delia smiled at her friend, slinging the bridle over her shoulder and heaving the western saddle off of the horse's back. She felt a sick satisfaction come over her as she fully took in the freshly scrubbed face of the normally so-well presented Megan. "Your new look is so much better," she said jokingly, but slowly growing to mean it. Meg was truly beautiful when she didn't have junk caking her face up and an ego clouding her judgement.

"I'm not getting on a horse!" Meg said with force, stabbing an accusatory finger in Vi's direction, "that little demon cured me of riding! How could you put me on a horse, tell me it was safe, and then laugh in my face?! It makes a liar of you! I obviously can't trust you, and don't worry! I won't ever again! I'll get my father and we'll sue the crap out of this establishment and your family for lying to me!"

Delia half-scoffed, half-laughed in response, "Well what did you think when I told you she likes to bolt and that she was green!? Green. Green horse. GREEN! Likes to BOLT!"

"There's nothing green about this horse, Dee! She's some sort of pale-yellow with a bunch of white on her! Not green! You said she was broke!" Delia stared blankly at Meg for a few moments after she spoke, letting her friend's words sink in. She burst out laughing, heartily, and was met with an angry glare from her friend. "What's so funny, you liar?"

"Green broke.." she gasped, clutching her stomach, "green broke means barely trained." She laughed right through any anger that Meg could muster, ignoring the curious looks from her fellow lesson students. She felt mildly bad about what had gone down, but she was too upset and too hysterically entertained by her friend's misunderstanding that all she could do was laugh...

The path is different for you and me, but the journey begins in the heart.

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Add- Whoops! My bad! I missed the part about Vi being dappled grey. .-.

The path is different for you and me, but the journey begins in the heart.
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Meg walked up to Delia. Nobody dared insult her this much. She slapped Delia evenly across her face and stepped back. Delia yelped in pain. "What do you think you're doing?" Delia asked, clearly angry. "You are no longer welcome in our group. You can't expect me to know everything on the first day" Meg said through gritted teeth. Then she turned on her heel and walked calmly out to the car. Delia sighed. "I guess I did betray her," she mumbled under her breath.
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Meg climbed into the car with renewed confidence in herself and her composure. She couldn't think of anything else to say to Delia, and she was well aware that there'd need to be a cool down period between the two girls before the drive home. They had carpooled to the barn together as it was and she didn't want to risk any of the other barn patrons seeing her disheveled and red-eyed from her experiences at their location. She put the back to the passenger seat as far down as it'd go, and she closed her eyes. Eventually, she fell asleep.
Delia rubbed her face as she led Vi back down to the mare's pasture. She was conflicted in choosing what to do next; on the one hand, she wanted to give the all mighty, all knowing Meg a piece of her mind. On the other, she had openly betrayed her friend by exploiting her lack of knowledge. She had, in a sense, put her friend in danger for the sake of "teaching her a lesson." She sighed.

"Why sigh?" Justin asked from behind her, causing her to jump. She turned to look at him.
"Just wondering how to deal with my friend. When'd you get there?"
"Couldn't help myself, you looked upset. Is your friend the barbie girl who hit the ground today?"
"Yeah." Delia said, not really knowing how to continue. The tension between her and Justin had existed for the last two years. She always wanted to ask him out, be was so picky in his women that none of her natural smex worked in her attempts to get him to go with her. She simply lead her horse on. He followed.

"Hey Del wait. What happened with you two anyway?"
"She acted like a know it all and it bit her in the butt. I put her on Vi, told her Vi was green, and she hit the ground. Then she got mad at me! Because I lied. I guess."
"Wow, that's.."
"I know. Well anyway, she's sour about it. Slapped me in the face, won't ride again, wants to sue your barn and my family."
"How are you doing?" He asked, stopping Delia with a soft hand on her shoulder. She wanted to melt.
"I'm alright. I want to put her on Furio, stick her in a lesson, prove that riding isn't that bad. At the same time I want to slap her back and let her go wherever." She chuckled, brushing his hand off and strutting away. She reached the pasture gate, letting the mare go. Justin had followed, again. What changed between them lately?

Justin looked Delia up and down with a smirk. "So, what are we waiting for?!" He asked, dashing off in the direction of the tack room. He called over his shoulder to go get Meg and meet him at Furio's stall. Delia laughed and nodded, headed toward the parking lot.

Meg was mid-snooze when she was awoken by relentless rapping on the car window. She glanced up and was dismayed to see the face of Delia staring down at her. She instantly shot a glare up, fighting the urge to flip Delia the bird. Through the window, her "friend's" lips moved but no sound broke the car seal. Meg assumed that whatever Delia was saying, it was a lie. She, instead, locked the car doors and turned over. Delia had the keys, when she was ready to, she'd unlock the doors.
Scoffing at the rude gesture Meg had given Delia just now, resolution came over Delia. She was going to get Meg back in the saddle, and Meg was going to like it. She turned on her heel and jogged to where the lockers were housed. She grabbed her car keys, using the remote to unlock the doors as she approached her car. She whipped the passenger side door open and she grabbed Megan's arm, pulling the girl to her feet. She proceeded to drag her toward the barn.

"Ow! What are you doing you liar?!" Meg complained, clawing at Delia's hand. Delia growled at Meg.
"I am PROVING you wrong, that's what I'm doing!"
"You can't prove a pole from a thumbtack. Let me go!"
"Fine!" Delia exclaimed, letting go of Meg's arm and promptly grabbing her hand. Before they knew it, the girls stood in front of Furio's stall. Justin and the other barn members watched from varying distances, each with a smirk or other kind of smile on their face. Both girls blushed, but Delia cleared her throat. "Megan, this is Furio. He's 20, deadbroke, and he's who you're going to ride in today's lesson."

"Me and Delia are going to ride too!" Justin chimed in, flashing a toothy grin, "We have the best instructor, but our lesson is in 15 minutes so you better get your horse ready."

The path is different for you and me, but the journey begins in the heart.

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"Get my horse ready? Isn't that, like, what the grooms are for?"

Justin was still beaming. "Not here. Here we do it ourselves, helps us learn."

How did he manage to talk and smile at the same time?

"Well, someone had better show me 'cos I have no clue how to do it." Meg spun on her heel and began marching down the corridor. "I'm gonna get that seat thing."

"Does she mean a saddle?" Justin asked. Delia shrugged her shoulders.

"I guess so. I'd better help her."

There was a thud from somewhere around the corner, then a high pitched scream which went on and on and on.

"Meg!" Delia raced off, and Justin raced after him. They rounded the corner to see a figure slumped over a wheelbarrow. It was emitting an almost supersonic, unbreaking wail.

"Is she having a fit or something?" Justin asked, face full of concern. His toothy grin had slid off his face.

It took almost three minutes for the screaming to become comprehensible. "My shirt!" Meg moaned. "It's ruined!"

"I hate to ask, but, why did you decide to go for a cruise in a wheelbarrow of manure?" said Delia.

Meg shot her a withering look. "I didn't, genius. I fell into it."

"Go and get cleaned up. We'll tack up Furio for you."

This space has been left intentionally blank.
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