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        11-10-2013, 07:35 AM
    Meg glared at the two. "No. I am going home, you'll have to manage on your own Delia. I'll get myself a horse, join another barn, and beat you in a competition," Meg snapped. She turned and walked away. "I hate this place," she shrieked. She got into the car, slammed the door and drove home. "Don't worry. She'll probably never be good enough to beat you," Justin assured Delia. "I don't know. If she sets her mind on something, she'll probably be a champion in it," Delia said shaking her head.
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        11-13-2013, 01:42 PM
    Keep it up you guys !! Its a really good stoRy
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        11-15-2013, 09:15 PM
    "well" the woman selling thee big, regal grey said "let's see how you ride"
    "How I ride?" Meg was shocked. She was buying a horse not taking lessons.
    "Of course" The woman replied "I'm not selling a champion to someone who could ruin her."
    "I won't ruin her! Just sell me the horse!I'll pay you double"
    "money can get you far in the horse world, but not everywhere." the woman smirked "you can ride George, he's a lesson horse, great for assessment rides."
    Eventually Meg gave in and and now climbed on to Georges back.
    "Now is that where your legs go?" The woman demanded.
    "My legs are under me, where else would they be?" Meg grumped
    "Oh so you're one of those riders." The woman said suddenly sour.
    and sighed "Well, newbie, your legs go here" She took Megs legs by the ankle and moved it in line with her hip "and sit up straight, we don't slouch, messes up your balance." She said jabbing Meg in the back "get your hands out of her neck, jeez it's like you've never been on a horse before." She muttered "Alright get him walking. Meg clucked and squeezed. "well you know something, at least" the women rolled her eyes. "do three laps each way and pick up a trot." She instructed, settling on a waist high jump in the middle of the ring. Meg did three laps tracking right and got off and grabbed George's reins and turned him to face the other direction. "What on earth are you doing?" the woman demanded. "Turning him around" Meg shrugged "Like you said"
    "From the ground?" the woman raised an eyebrow "And you didn't change across the diagonal or do a reverse because?"
    "Across the diagonal? Reverse? The horse goes backwards?" Meg was confused.
    The woman dropped her head into one hand "Good heavens you really don'y don't know anything do you?"
    "I know stuff!" Meg defended.
    "Alright" the woman challenged "when posting you want to up when which leg is forward?"
    "well I don't know advanced stuff." Meg huffed
    "That's part of the basic" The woman said "What's two point? This is all stuff I teach my students withing the first 10-15 lessons. If you're going to own a horse you have to know this. Speaking of horse ownership, how much hay should a horse get per day? Why would you add grain? For the mare you're interested in what supplements would she benefit from?"
        11-24-2013, 03:40 PM
    "Well! I'd give her hay in clumps like, once a day. Horses like grain because it tastes good so that's why I would give it to her. I think the girl I'm interested in needs some diet pills because she's so fat and--"

    Across the dirt, the brunette simply shook her head and pressed her fingers to her temples, working them in small circles. "I've changed my mind, Grace is no longer for sale. You can leave now." She said, half-heartedly jerking a thumb in the direction of the parking lot before stepping forward and snatching the reins from Meg. "Don't worry, I'll get one of my students to take care of George."

    "But I want that horse-suh!" Meg whined, refusing to move from the George's side. She simply stood next to George, her arms defensively crossed over her chest. "I'll pay quadruple the original cost! That's 20 grand in your pocket today. It's a legitimate check!"

    "Grace isn't for sale, and no amount of money can change my mind or make me sell her to the likes of you. Leave my property." The woman said, abruptly turning and leading George away from Meg, who sulked her way back to her car. She climbed behind the steering wheel absent mindedly, not quite knowing what she wanted to do next.


    Delia and Justin had had a wonderful lesson on Furio and one of the other school horses. They had had a wonderful drive back to Delia's house where they'd expected her car to be half-haphazardly parked across the lawn, door left open of course, and tires slashed. It had been much to their surprise when the car was neatly parallel parked on the street and all locked up. That had been on Saturday, though, and Delia hadn't known what to do to make up the weekend to Meg. Justin had told her not to worry about it, but she couldn't help it.

    Now, Delia stood on the curb in front of Meg's dad's mansion, scanning the property for Meg's familiar convertible. When she didn't see it, she made her way to the house and rang the door bell. She was greeted by their maid, who, after polite conversation, lead Delia to Mr. Smith's deep burgundy office space filled with luxurious chairs. Sitting at his desk squarely in the middle of the room, reading the newspaper, Mr. Smith failed to acknowledge Delia's presence. She took a breath before approaching him.

    "Good afternoon, Mr. Smith. I'm here to talk about Meg and apologize to you personally."

    With a cock of his eyebrow, Donnovan barely peered over his newspaper at the girl. "What about Meg, and why are you apologizing?"
        11-24-2013, 03:56 PM
    "well" Delia began "you see I took Meg to my barn for a lesson and put her on Vi, who I warned her was green. She ended up falling because she wasn't listening to me. I shouldn't have put her on Vi but she was being so stubborn and acting like she knew more than me. I'm very sorry" She finished. Meg's Dad had placed the newspaper in his lap now "Well I do believe that sounds like it was mostly my daughters fault. Though I do agree you should not have put her on Vi." he said. Delia looked shocked "What?"
    "I'll talk to Meg. She will be taking lessons from you and pay for her own lessons if she wants them so badly it's high time that girl learn the world does not revolve around her. She will have a lease horse that I will pay when YOU think she is ready and if she wants to own a horses I will give her 200$ towards one the YOU pick out for her.She will work two days a week and weekends. She knows better than to act like this." Mr. Donnovan replied casually. "Now, when can she start lessons?" he asked Meg raised an eyebrow "Monday I suppose..."
        11-25-2013, 09:45 PM
    With a slight nod of his head and the shuffling of his papers, Mr. Smith excused Delia. "I'll break the news to Meg. If you'll excuse me I have business to attend to. Jacquie will show you out. Have a nice day Delia." He said simply, giving an open gesture to the door at the opposite end of the office. Nodding, whether the man noticed or not, Delia smiled and took her leave, giving thanks as she left.

    Wow, Delia thought to herself as she walked back to her car, Meg is going to be so angry when she finds out about this. The cash is great, but I'm not a teacher, I still take lessons myself. And how will Meg take it? Delia sighed, pushing her key into the lock and opening the car door and feeling partly guilty. Her goal when she showed up at Meg's house wasn't to bully Meg into riding; let alone into a student position under someone who was a student herself. She turned the car over and headed toward home, unsure of what would happen when Donnovan Smith broke the news to his daughter.


    Meg sat in the turn lane, angrily tapping her finger against the steering wheel. She was as exasperated at the traffic now as she had been when Teresa Yearly had refused to sell her that regal grey mare. Who in their right mind, could turn down a guaranteed payout of five digits? And who was that woman to judge Meg and tell her she'd ruin a horse? Teresa didn't know Meg! She couldn't. And the brunette had seen her ride once, but somehow that was enough to prove that she was one of "those" riders? What in heaven's blazes was that supposed to mean? Sure she was a newbie, but...

    Across the center console, her phone buzzed indicating a new text had come through. The touch screen indicated that the message was from that no-good two-timing liar and Meg was more than happy to ignore the text. The light finally turned green, letting Meg's mind switch from frustration to driving as she sped to the freeway and eventually homeward bound.

    "Daddy!" Meg called as she walked in the door, carelessly slamming the door behind her, "what do you know about working around liability waivers and sellers who change their mind when you want to buy their product? I found a place for you to sue!" She dropped her bag on the floor, kicking off her muddy boots and leaving them in the aisle. Jacquie stood by quietly, only her eyes showing the anger she refused to speak.

    "Oh hi Jacquie. Be a dear and clean this up? Thanks." Meg said to the maid, lightly treading off to find her dad. As always, he was parked in front of the tv.

    "Did you hear me dad?"
    "I did."
    "Well? What do you know about it?" Meg demanded, moving around the furniture and plopping on the couch.
    "I know plenty about work-arounds."
    "And? Don't you want to know who to sue? It'd make me so happy dad!"
    "..Who do you want to sue, Megan?"
    "I want to go after Crescent Acres for refusing to sell me a horse when it was already promised to me!"

    Turning an unamused stare toward his daughter and holding his mouth in a grim line, Donnovan simply said: "No."

    "But why dad? Those mean people denied me that horse! Even when I offered quadruple the original price, that's 20grand and they told me no!"
    "You did what?!" Her dad shouted, taking just a second to to breathe before he spoke again, "Megan, those people had their own right to deny you that animal. There's no work-around about it."
    "But--" Meg started to whine before being abruptly cut off by her father.
    "No buts. They were within their right, but you were not within yours to offer more money than I agreed to. You're grounded, for a month. That is non-negotiable. Go to your room." Donnovan said firmly, turning back toward the tv. Not believing him, Meg simply reached for a magazine to flip through. She was shocked when her dad smacked her hand away. "I said to go to your room, Megan Laureen Smith. Get there, or so help me I will drag you there myself."

    Meg blushed, looking from her dad to the magazine and back again. Uneasily she trudged up to her pink prison cell, closing the door behind her. It was then that she registered the muffled snickering down the hall...
        11-26-2013, 12:41 AM
    Delia was venting to Justin, she had been talking his ear of for over half an hour. Finally he interrupted "Del! You can do this! Ash has been training you to coach for nearly a yer now and you're the best rider at the barn, when you've filled in for Ash and the other coaches their students have loved you!" he managed the entire speech in a single breath. "but-" Delia began "no! No buts! You've got this."
    Back at the Smith mansion Meg woke up and went downstairs for breakfast "Jauqie! Where's my omelette? Your never late what's going on?" she demanded "Have you forgotten already?"her father asked "you're grounded" he reminded her "which brings me to another topic I wanted to talk to you about..." he continued.
    "you mean I can't even have my omelette?" Meg asked, shocked. Her father sighed "you can have your omelette, but you'll be making it yourself." he said.
    "but I can't cook!"
    "You will learn! Jauqie will teach you!" her dad snapped. "now, as for what I have been trying to discuss. If you want to ride horses so badly than YO will take lessons from Delia. As well working two days a week plus weekends at the barn. If after such time as she sees fit you still are set on owning a horses she will select a horses for you to lease and if you are still interested in a horse of your own I will
    Give you no more than 200$ towards one, again of Delia's choosing."
    Meg stood, staring at her dad in shock. "you can't do that!" she shouted. "Actually, I can and I am." he said in a final tone.
        12-02-2013, 04:09 AM
        12-03-2013, 02:08 AM
    "No!" Meg shrieked. "Please daddy, I'll be good. Can't I ride at another place?" Meg asked desperately. "No. My decision is final!" He said. "But dad! There is a place just down the road. It's really high class and they really are excellent", Meg said. "Well, if I get an ok from Delia, by all means, go!" Her dad answered. "Why? Is she your princess now or what?" Meg asked angrily. "No, but she knows more than you. Get her to say yes and it's fine," her dad said. "Oh. She'll say yes. I'll make her," Meg said through gritted teeth. Her dad didn't seem to hear.
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        12-19-2013, 01:36 AM
    "no" Delia. Said before Meg had even finished her sentence. "That barn has a reputation for bratty lesson kid and stuck up leasers not to mention tough coaches, they only accept the most elite of riders."
    "I'm elite!" meg pretested.
    "Not in the horse world you're not." Delia countered "You'll lesson here and if you get good enough for that barn I can't stop you from going."
    "I will get good enough! I'll be better than George what's-his-name" Meg said.
    "We'll see, but first you have to lose the attitude. Nobody takes a know it all beginner seriously."
    "But Dellllllllll" Meg whined.
    "No buts! Now go tack up, Zolan. Third stall of the east row. Chestnut with the white face and cornets. I'll meet you in the cross ties with his saddle."

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