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        12-26-2013, 12:09 PM
    Cute story, guys! I may jump in here if I can find the time this week...
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        12-26-2013, 03:00 PM
    "He won't listen!" Meg whined "I need a crop or spurs!"
    "You need neither." Delia said firmly. "Zolan is doing exactly what you are asking, the only not listening is you. Now for the tenth time get your hands out of your lap, you can't halt my pulling into your hips." Delia pulled Meg's hands up. Both girls we're frustrated, Delia had already had to drop Meg's stirrups three holes, Meg had looked like a jockey when she first entered the arena. "when can I jump?!" Meg demanded. "At this rate? I'd be surprised if you we're cantering in six months." Delia said as Justin led his gelding a almost black morgan X with a thin white stripe from his nose to between his eyes and one blue eye. The unique looking horse was named Loki after the god of mischief for his antics that included escaping from his stall, an ability to break out of cross ties and spilling his water bucket and those were just his favourite "tricks". "Justin!" Meg called in high pitched scream, causing a rather fresh Loki to side step away from the mounting block with startled snort. "Justin tell Delia to let me jump!"
    "Meg, you can't even follow basic horsemanship. Why on earth would you be able to jump?" Justin demanded angrily as he struggled with one foot on the mounting block and one in a stirrup. "Never, yell around horses. That is basic knowledge." he hissed "idiot" he muttered under his breath too low for Meg to hear. Meg sat there in shock how dare he talk to her like that? "he's right Meg, get down. Apparently we need to work on your ground skills before anything else."
    "what? No!" Meg yelled "I came here to ride!"
    "wrong!" Delia snapped "You came here for lessons. And that is what you'll get." With that she flipped the reins over Zolan's neck, easily pulling them out of Meg's hands "You need to keep a better grip on your reins, that's why he was able to keep his head down. Also never yell in my barn again. Or any barn for that matter, you`d have been kicked out of that fancy barn by now.`Delia was done being nice an polite for today. "But were just standing there"! Meg argued "Why would I need my reigns tight when I'm not doing anything?!"
    "You don't, you just need to be in control of them." Justin said curtly as he and Loki walked passed.
        12-29-2013, 08:25 PM
        01-18-2014, 04:11 PM
    So are we not doing this anymore? Too bad it was so much fun...
        01-19-2014, 11:57 PM
    I'll try to continue this but I'm not sure if we're still doing it.....

    "Alright lets begin with ground-work." Delia had Meg, who continued to sigh dramatically, grip the reins and lead Zolan at a slow walk in circles. "This is sooooooo dumb. How is this helping me with riding?" she snapped, rolling her eyes. "Well since you're terrible, and you have no experience with horses whatsoever, this is what's best. No more nice gal from me, kay?" She furrowed her brow and began teaching. "Once you are comfortable walking and turning Zolan, bring him over to me." Meg stomped and without replying she yanked Zolan over to Delia. "Don't be so rough," Delia scolded.
        01-20-2014, 01:34 AM
    Zolan snorted angrily and turned sharply, pulling the reigns from Meg's hands. Meg gasped as the Zolan's motion twisted her wrist uncomfortably. Delia chewed her lip angrily and snatched the reins before Zolan could run off. "Meg, if you're not going to try I will tell your Dad that you are not mature enough for lessons or to be around horses." Delia said all calmness and gentleness gone from her voice. "I am trying!" Meg shouted. "No. You are not" Delia countered "If you we're trying you wouldn't have just given up so easily or shouted like you did just now and before. If you were trying, you would not have spooked Loki by doing something you knew was not okay in a barn, Justin is still pissed about that by the way. If you were trying you'd still be on the horse. Your Dad asked me to text him after each lesson so he'd know how it went, I doubt he be very happy about this." She finished her rant and took a deep breath "This lesson is over. I'll show you how to untack and I will put Zolan back since you are clearly incapable of leading a horse."
    Delia had never spoken so rudely to anyone in her life. Meg had pushed her beyond her limits and yanking on Zolan's mouth was the last straw.
    The next day Delia received and early morning phone call from Meg's dad regarding her text about the lesson. He had asked her to come see him that afternoon to discuss it in more detail. Now Delia stood in the foyer of the tall skyscraper in which he worked searching the list of names and office numbers for his. "Delia!" she whirled on her heel to see Mr. Smith approaching her a tray from the coffee shop next door in his hand with two cups in it. Mr.Smith paused to shake hands with a man in blue and gray striped tie who stood next to him. Delia closed the distance between them in three steps and Mr. Smith held the tray out to her "Latte or mocha?" he asked "I don't have a preference so it's up to." Shocked and slightly confused Delia smiled "Mocha please." She said "on your left" he replied. Delia took the cup and immediately wrapped both hands around it the warmth was a welcome change from the chilly rain outside "thnnk you". "my office is on the top floor, I have wonderful view of the bay." he motioned towards the elevator. In the corner office which was bigger than Delia's bedroom Mr. Smith pulled out chair for Delia before sitting in his own chair. "what you told me about my daughters behavior yesterday was quite....disturbing" He began as he folded his hands and rested his head on his fingers. "That girl has never had to work for anything in her life...that's my fault I suppose. But that is going to change, she needs to learn responsibility. I work very hard and while I do enjoy my job it is stressful and has unpleasant aspects. I will not have Meg sponging off me into my retirement, it may sound selfish but it is my money and I would like to be able to spend it without having to set some aside for my daughters shopping sprees." Mr. Smith continued. "I have known for awhile Meg would need to learn how to be responsible for her self soon but knowing the tantrum she would throw I put it off, I'm kicking myself for that now." He sighed "I do understand if you don't want to coach Meg anymore but I'm not letting her quit yet another en devour simply because it is not as easy as she thought it would be. She did voice some very loud opinions on having you as her coach..." He trailed off.
    "Mr.Smith with all due respect any coach worth your money will react to Meg's behavior in the same way I did." Delia said.
    "I know, I called a few other barns last night and described the situation. One said they'd have kicked her out for behaving like that, I don't blame them. Perhaps it would be a good idea to have Meg take a lesson with someone else so she would realize it's not just you who won't stand for her bad attitude. Any suggestions?" Mr' Smith inquired. Delia cold only think of Justin, he'd be perfect, he had zero tolerance for brats. "I have someone, I don't know if he'll go for it though" She told Mr. Smith.
        01-20-2014, 06:32 PM

    "I won't ask who you have in mind, but anyone honestly at this point would be okay. Finished?" Mr. Smith gestured towards Delia's mug. She nodded and handed it to him, wiping her, "Mustache," away with her sleeve. "I'll be going now. Thanks for the Mocha!" She politely shook his hand before exiting the massive work building and heading for home.
    I don't have a lesson today, so maybe I could go on a shopping spree! Meg squealed in delight and snatched her phone from the coffee table. She immediately went to the group message between her and her seven best friends. Delia. She scowled and began to create a new message, including everyone but Delia. She punched in her invite and clicked send, almost immediately receiving replies.
    Morgan-Totes! Meet at food court in 20 minits!
    Ashley- Angel +me alrede shoppin. See you soon.
    Talia- B there in 20
    Christine- In new car now. EEEK! Blue jeep!
    Hannah- Def Jealy Chris. I cnt go 2 mall. Kaite promised to tke me smwear. Peace
    Angelica- Ditto Ash
    Meg grinned and grabbed her keys. She drove her pink sports car down the road to her dads office, screeching to a stop in the lot. She burst through the doors and rode the elevator to the top floor, and jogged to his room. "Daddy! I need a bit of money for a mall trip, a few hundred or more, stat," she ordered, smiling sweetly and leaning on her fathers desk. He glanced up from his apple computer and looked Meg in the eye. "Have you forgotten already? You're grounded. And you think I'd give you that money for clothes? You've got plenty already. Now go home. Now!" Meg held in a gasp. This new side of her father angered her. Wasn't she daddies little girl? What happened to that? "Oh, and by the way, I got the report on your lesson, and apparently it didn't go well," Mr. Smith added. "But-" Meg began. "No buts. I'm tired of this Meg. You need to cooperate with Delia and whoever you're riding with in two days. I want you improving. And I'm coming to see a lesson this weekend. I want to see a rider, not the spoiled brat I've allowed you to be for this many years. Enough of that. Now go home and help prepare dinner. Recipe is on the counter." With that, Mr. Smith turned back to his work, and Megan nodded. She stumbled out of her dads office, lost for words.
    Tuesday and Wednesday went by like a flash. For Meg, they consisted of mostly helping around the house and school work, both of which she despised. Worst of all, she spent the two days pouting over Thursdays lesson and continuously attempting to change her fathers mind. It never worked, and now the day was here.
    School was agonizing. Every second felt like an hour. Meg couldn't seem to listen to what Ms. Garcia was saying, and felt stares surround her. When the last bell finally rang, Meg dashed as fast as she could in her hot pink heels towards her car. The keys were clutched tight in her sweaty palm. She leapt in the car and sped down the road towards her mansion.
    Two hours of worrying dragged on, and the time finally came. Meg reluctantly slipped into her sparkly black riding pants and her shirt that spiraled with different shades of purple. Grabbing her purse and her western boots, Meg stomped out, into her car, and went out to Greenwood Stables.
    Delia and Justin awaited Meg in the tack room. When Meg finally arrived, they helped her carry the heavy saddle, the saddle pad, and the bridle. Meg pouted, but she agreed to Justin and groomed Zolan, who she had a deep hatred for. Next, she picked his hooves and put the Saddle and saddle pad on his back. Lastly, she tried to put the bridle on, but couldn't manage. Meg began to babble about how stubborn, ugly, bothersome, and terribly behaved Zolan was. Justin rolled his eyes and carefully put the bit in Zolan's mouth, slipping the bridle over his enormous head and fastening the straps. "Lead him to the outdoor arena. I'll meet you there with Loki in 5 minutes," he ordered. Meg scoffed but obeyed.
    {Sorry if I got any tack wrong. I ride English and don't know much about Western.}
        01-20-2014, 11:42 PM
    ^lol english saddle are actually quite light but western ones could puul your arms off
        01-21-2014, 03:10 PM
    Thumbs up

    {Lol }
    Justin and Delia soon joined Meg in the outdoor ring. Delia swung her leg over Pennies back and tapped her flank with the heel of her boot. Penny, obedient as always, began to march along the edge of the arena. Justin led Loki over to the mounting block where Meg awaited, Zolan's reins clutched tight. "Walk up the mounting block and hop on Zolan. Make sure you never let go of the reins," Justin noted. Meg huffed. "You're not my instructor, Delia is. I don't need an instructor anyways. I can do it on my own." She smirked, left the reins dangling, and plopped herself on Zolan. Justin copied Megs smirk in reply and mounted Loki. "I'd like to see you attempt to ride, Meg-All-Mighty-Rider." He fake-bowed and parked Loki over by the arena gate, anxiously awaiting Megs ride. She smiled sweetly and jammed her heels into Zolans sides. He nearly bucked, but being the old calm horse he was, Zolan obeyed and trotted forward. The reins still dangled infront, which made Zolan struggle. Megs feet weren't in the stirrups either, which wasn't good. "Faster!" Meg whined, kicking Zolan again. He reared, but Meg somehow managed to cling to his neck and stay on. Zolan sped off at a gallop, with a screaming Meg digging her hot pink nails into his mane. She finally lost her grip after about 30 seconds and went flying. She landed with a thump in the dirt, and the others immediately rushed over on foot. "Meg are you alright?" Delia questioned, her voice shaky with fear. Justin knelt beside her, his face flooded with guilt. "I'm sorry. I didn't think that would happen. I shouldn't have let you do that."
    Megs vision was blurry. Her head felt as if it weighed 1,000,000 pounds, and the rest of her body ached. Familiar muffled voices filled her head. Two figures looked down at her. Delia and Justin. She tried to speak, but now words came out.
        01-24-2014, 12:17 AM
    "Nothing seriously wrong here." Dr.Lawrence smiled as she finished looking at Meg "Just a few bruises, most of the damage was to her ego." Dr.l awrence joked and turned back to Meg "You should be more careful around horses, they have a mind of their own and can hurt you without meaning to. This was nobody's fault but yours, no matter how much Justin blames himself. You chose to kick and yell on a horse and knew full well what could happen."
    Meg huffed "That's it? No note or call to my dad? Not even a prescription?"
    "Takes some Tylenol and learn some maturity. There's your prescription would you like me to write it down so it's official?" Dr. Lawrence was an old friend of Mr.Smith and not afraid to be blunt with Meg, or anyone for that matter. In the car Justin apologized to Meg again who looked out the window and pouted "We need to stop so I can get painkillers" she said without looking away from the window. "Meg, you have some at home." Delia pointed out, it was the first time she'd spoken since Meg fell. "But I won't last that long." Meg whined. "Really?" Demanded Delia "Than I guess you're not cut out for horses after all, if you can't survive a few bruises and one scratch." Meg's jaw dropped and her mouth proceeded to open and close but no sound came out. Satisfied Delia turned back around.
    At home Meg poured herself a glass of water and dumped to pills from the Tylenol bottle into her hand. Justin had followed her in "I really am sorry, but maybe this will teach you a lesson about being over confident".
    "what will?" Mr. Smith entered the room. Justin glanced down and explained what had happened. "Well I don't see how that's your fault, young man." He said once Justin was done "Sounds lie my daughter was being her know it all, careless self and it ended exactly as you warned her." he than rounded on Meg. "You, young lady are grounded for twice as long as before and will be helping out with chores around the house. You will clean your own room from now and do the dishes after dinner as well." He folded his arms and stretched out one hand, palm up "keys." He demanded. "But Daddy!" Meg argued "How will I get to school? The barn? The mall?"
    "Do you really think you're going to the mall while grounded? You can get a ride with a friend to school or bus." Her dad told her. Looking defeated Meg dug into her bag and pulled out her keys and paced them in her Dad's waiting hand.

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