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Funniest horse stories? Please tell!

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        02-26-2013, 08:13 PM
    Ive got two
    One is when we bought our horse skip back and he is a very well behaved and smart, but he was excited so like most horses he started counting. Sooo my mom kicked him in the foot (more like a tap with her foot) and he quick stops and then pushes his head against her.. needless to say mom wasn't impressed but we were rolling

    The other is when one of our ponies had a baby and the little one loved to chase dogs. So one day the horse is chasing one of our dogs and theyre running pretty fast. Then all of a sudden the dog does a quick 180 and runs... then the pony does the same but slides and falls on her side.. she was just fine and it was hilarious but she doesn't chase dogs any more
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        02-26-2013, 08:14 PM
    Double post
        02-28-2013, 10:12 PM
    Haha these stories are great keep it up people!
        04-24-2013, 03:18 PM
    Hahaha!!! All so funny!!!

    I don't know if these are terrible funny, but here goes.

    1. I was riding my horse Toby, and at my barn there is a large 6 inch high stage in one corner of the arena. He decided that it was time to perform, and stepped all they way up on the stage, knocking over a chair in the process and freaking the crud out do me!!!

    2. When I was nine, we went camping, and I decided I wanted to go on a trail ride. I got to ride a lovely horse named Disney. I got up there, and I was soooo scared!!! He looked HUUUUGE to me!! In reality, he was probably only about 15 hh, but I was SOOO scared, that I said, "mom, I don't want to go!! I'm scared!! GET ME OFF!!! But she wouldn't, as we had paid some money and the leader came over and said, "it's okay, he's a good boy. I'll lead you on the ride." I grudgingly decided to go along. I ended up having so much fun, that the next day I went for another on Disney. I credit Disney with being the first horse I rode (not really but he's the first horse I remember) and I am forever grateful to him for taking care of nine year old me. I'll never forget you, Disney <3

    3. We went on a trail ride in Montana, and my cousin's horse kept kneeling down!!! I know that it's naughty, but 11 year old me didn't know and thought it was hilarious!!
        04-24-2013, 04:05 PM
    I'm all wet and muddy!

    This was a couple of years ago when I was a proper young man of 59.

    My wife and I were riding our two from the stables to our place using back roads. About a 2 hour ride. About half way home we came to a large mud puddle. We stopped when the horse's were knee deep to look things over. Fences on both sides. My horse, Sereno, had put his head down and I didn't think anything of it UNTIL he got down on both front knees and started leaning. As I yelled something like… "OH S…, he's going to roll" I bailed off and landed on my back in that nice thick mud puddle.

    Wife is in laughing so hard that I had to join in. A field hand was off to the side with eyes as big as saucers. I could not help but laugh and since I was covered head to toe and boots filled with water, walk thou and get my horse that had NOT rolled but on the other side grazing.

    We continued home having to ride down a main street with people stopping and stairring. I used a hose to wash off my now mud covered saddle. The I got hosed down with and without my close.

    NO way did we slow down on the ride back and to this day we don't let Sereno put his head down to a puddle while I'm on him.
        04-24-2013, 05:54 PM
        04-26-2013, 05:40 PM
    I have a few guys, so hang tight. XD

    1.) So I'm riding an appaloosa youngster called Abocadabra on her second trail into the mountain and it started off alright. Then suddenly something moved in the one tree next to us and both her and myself spooked at it which nearly sent us scuttling down an embankment. We were both laughed at as we cooled down after that rather funny moment. I mean, since when does the rider spook at a tree...

    2.) I was training an appaloosa youngster named August Rush in the lunge ring the one day. It was hot and we were at the bareback stage, learning how to turn in western and what not and he gets really frustrated and becomes really stubborn. My friend/colleague decides to get on him and he becomes all cranky and rears and attempts to buck(he never really could buck) but my friend wouldn't let him get away with his nonsense. He then charges at the lunge ring fence wall, makes an attempt at a jump and hits his head solid on the top poll of the fence. He shook his head and proceeded to look dazed and walk drunkenly around the lunge ring. We never had a training problem with him ever again. Haha.

    3.) It was when my good friend got some Nooitgedacht ponies from a champion line of ponies from her aunt. We decided to go riding and rode to the equestrian centre right next door to my friends farm. I was on a Boerperd/Nooitgedact horse called Kandyman and my friend was on one called Suncatcher. We decided, in the dressage arena, that we wanted to swop just to check them out. So we dismounted and my friend got onto Kandyman. As I put my foot into Suncatcher's saddle's stirrup and leaned forward to swing up, he shot forward and I proceeded to land right behind the saddle(so still on the horse, yay). At that moment, the riding school instructor happened to walk past and with no sense of humour said, "You know you are supposed to sit in the saddle, right?" and walked off instantaneously. I whispered to myself, "I know that...".

    I'm sure I have more to share. Enjoy for now. :)
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        04-30-2013, 10:33 AM
    A few summers ago my mom and I took our horses camping for the first time. We couldn't sleep seeing as the raccoons were outside trying to get into our coolers. Finally my mom and I got up and peeked out of the tent with a big flashlight that we used to spot the little bandits. The one did manage to open one of otu coolers and stole the Mac N' Cheese before running off towards the trees. The whole time you could hear the noodles in the box shaking around.

    What got us laughing was when the raccoon grabbed the Mac N' Cheese he ran right past my mom's horse, A mellow OTTB named "High" who was 20 at the time. High put his nose down and watched the raccoon run off like ' Hey..where ya going? ' .
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        05-05-2013, 08:29 PM
    LOL!!!! "Hey..where ya going?' TOO FUNNY!!!
        05-17-2013, 11:45 PM
    I went out into the pasture with my horse not long after I got him wearing a big straw western hat. Slappers a big sweetheart and he come right up to me and I was scratching him and what not. Then suddenly he grabs my hat and takes off just as fast as he can, me chasing after him hollering "stop! Whoa! Slapper!!!!!" We'll he finally drops it and goes to grazing like nothing happened. This was not the last time he stole a western style hat. I have to watch him at the shodeos and parades and what not. Just western style cowboy hats, not baseball caps or anything.
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