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Funny/scary/bad horse stories?

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    04-27-2013, 04:30 PM
Thats so sad!!

He broke his leg then?

So sad..
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    04-28-2013, 12:00 AM
I think my biggest scare was a few years back and I was 14, and at a local horse show held at the barn we boarded at. I was riding a 16h QH gelding who I was already unconfident on. We were fine until it came time to run barrels and do pole bending.... I don't know what got into him, but even though I was already letting him go a little faster than I was used to, on the home run he went faster, and pulling back did no use. So I tried pulling his nose to the side to slow him down or turn him... I couldn't get his nose to budge, I was just along for the ride. He'd then slam on the brakes JUST before he hit the gate. If the fence hadn't been RIGHT there, I would have come off him nearly every time... Yes I had to grab the fence to stop myself from falling. But I wanted to compete so bad that I cowboyed through it, and at the end of the day walked away with a couple ribbons.
In 6 years we had the gelding, that was the only day he ever did something like that
    04-29-2013, 08:04 PM
Wow! Sounds like Millie if she gets excited.

Ok, one day I was putting Santana over 1/2 foot jumps, and the huge dog comes running out, chasing the barn cat. The cat runs in front, Santana balks, then the dog goes behind and he shoots forward over the jump with 2 feet to spare. It was super scary, I thought the dog was going to attack. This was when I had first gotten Tana.
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    04-30-2013, 09:32 AM
Wow that sounds scary!!!!
    04-30-2013, 10:18 AM
I have so many memories of rising my pony Baylee, a little bay/pinto my mom got for me when I was 7 years old. I'm now 16 and Baylee is the ripe age of 30 and happily 'retired' from riding :) <3

I remember a few years ago I was practicing riding English in our pasture. I was using a new bit and was just seeing if it worked and how she was responding to it. It was really nice out- We were posting along the fence when she decided to act up and threaten to buck and be frisky. Reaching the corner of the pasture I had stopped her just to see if she had spooked at something and to just look around before we started moving again. Baylee bolted without warning and decided to head back to the barn (like she always wanted to xP)

I heard if you turn a horse's head, they have to stop running because they can't see where they're going so, thinking I could stop her, I reached up close to her bit and turned her head towards me but she gave a good pull back the otherway and pulled me out of my saddle. I almost fell in front of her (over her right shoulder) but my some crazy miracle I grabbed her mane with one hand and managed to swing down under her neck. I 'rode' like that for a few seconds screaming 'whoa' and 'stop it' the whole time. I dont' remember what happened after that though. I remember feeling my arms getting tired and then hearing a bunch of clattering, like hooves stamping on the ground- When I opened my eyes, I was sprawled out face down in the area where we dump manure from cleaning the barn, and Baylee had just stood up and continued to the barn with out injury. The only think that was broken was my English helmet and thankfully not my head or any bones. I sure didn't smell like a rose after that though!
    05-01-2013, 09:07 AM

Well I'm glad it all worked out!!!!! Too bad you got dumped In a poo pile :/
It makes for an interesting story though!!! ;D
    05-01-2013, 11:48 AM
Haha yeah xD

It was a soft landing though! Hehe
    05-01-2013, 03:43 PM
I would have to say my scariest memory was a few years back. I was riding my barrel stud Hottie (a fried owned him but I was the only one to ever work with him). Anyways we were just getting done with practicing barrels. I had raised him from a colt and taught him everything. He was by far the best stud I have ever worked with! He had 100% respect for everybody and everything ad only got Hot going into the arena! Anyways we were riding down a trail and my friends had been with and we were at a straight strect in the field where we always raced. So we all lined up and got ready then took off....about to the half way point a deer darted out of the woods and scared the crap out of my friend Freddys horse who spooked and hooped towards lucy and her horse who were in the middle of me and Freddy and lucys horse got bumped and he lost balance for a min and ran into Hottie and me. We didnt really have a chance to slow down it happened to fast. When Bailey (lucy's horse) hit hottie he started to stumble and I didnt have time to get my feet out of my stirrups and he fell to the side and he ended up roleing one me. Lucy and freddy were already off realizing what was happening. Once hottie finaly was able to get to his feet after a few minitues of strggleing ad roleing on my twice he was up. I couldnt breathe very well and I ended up having the ambulace come to where we were and getting me. I had broken 4 ribs... :( Hottie was ok and so was everyne else!
    05-03-2013, 10:46 AM
Oh. My. Gosh. That sounds HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! Thank God I've never had anything very bad happen to me!!! That will probably change soon because my horse will be coming home in about 6 weeks!!!( EEEEEEKKKKKK!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!)
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