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Just the start of a short fiction story :)

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    10-28-2010, 04:33 AM
Lol...thx...i will put in both if I can...i think they are both great names! I will try to put on a couple moRe chapters tmro...
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    10-31-2010, 03:14 AM

Chapter four
Keighmee walked to her parent’s barn office where she knew they were working on the next spring’s breeding schedule. “Hi”, Keighmee said. Her mom got up and gave Keighmee a hug. Her dad smiled at her from across the room, but he was talking on the phone. “So did Keera like the new foal? “Oh yea she loved her, “saidKeighmeeeee. She also met that nasty rescue thoroughbred stallion,” said Keighmee with an amused smile. “Keighmee that isn’t funny at all” said her mom. Keera could have been seriously hurt. “I’m sorry if know it wasn’t funny…it was just funny the way Keera reenacted it. “Well if you bring friends over I don’t want them in the stallion barn at all, okay “Okay!” said Keighmee. I finished my chores so I’m going to go do my homework. “Okay said her mom. We will be up in a little while. Keighmee started to walk away then turned back towards her mom. “Hey”, said Keighmee, “what are you going to name that little filly anyway?” “I thought you didn’t want to have anything to do with that filly,” her mom looked at her with a tentative smile. “I…uh…don’t care”, said Keighmee, “actually it is just that Keera was wondering.” Keighmee turned again and started to go out the office door. “Keighmee?” she heard her mom say. “Her name is Cambria. We are going to register her as Cambria’s Baile Graciosa. It means Cambria’s Graceful Dance. Since her Thoroughbred sire’s name is Chaotic Cambria we thought it would be cute. “Wow….” said Keighmee, “that is really pretty. “ I thought so too,” said her mom smiling. “well…uh….thanks,” said Keighmee,” I guess…ill have to let Keera know.
Keighmee kept hearing the name over and over in mind as she walked to the house. Cambria’s Baile Graciosa. Such a big beautiful name for such a tiny wobbly filly. But Keighmee knew she would grow to be a huge 16 or 17 hand horse like her sire and dam. Keighmee kept picturing her adorable tiny hooves and soft whiskers when she was supposed to be doing her math homework. And when she was doing dishes later she couldn’t stop thinking about her silky blonde mane and soft fluffy coat. And her huge expressive black eyes looking up from long black lashes. When she finally crawled into bed she tried to push all thoughts of Cambria from her mind. Keighmee had decided she would never, ever get attached to another horse in her life. Especially a foal. Especially a palomino foal. Besides this foal was already sold to some lucky girl and Keighmee would never see her again. But even as Keighmee fell into a deep sleep three beautiful words kept going through her mind. Cambria’s Baile Graciosa.
Keighmee couldn’t remember the last time she had been excited to do chores, but she couldn’t help it. She couldn’t wait to see Cambria’s sweet face again. When she had gone into their stall Cambria had come right up to her with her tiny ears swiveling to listen to Keighmee’s soft words. “Hey little girl”, said Keighmee,”how are you today?” She let Keighmee scratch behind her ear and Keighmee moved her soft tuft of a forelock to scratch her forelock when she noticed a tiny white mark to the right of her left ear. It was shaped like a perfect little white heart and was about the size of a dime. Cambria looked so much like Pixie…the heart, the color; Keighmee closed her eyes and couldn’t help but remember.
    10-31-2010, 03:16 AM
Chapter five
It had all started when their beautiful grey Lipizzaner stallion Kyzer escaped from a broken fence. That was over a year ago. Her parents had been frantic because not only was Kyzer priceless, he was the foundation for their entire breeding program. They couldn’t lose him. Her dad was especially worried because Kyzer was his horse and he loved him. After they had contacted the police, animal services, and their nearby friends with no avail or report of sightings they became more frantic. Keighmee had seen her dad cry for the one of the few times she had ever seen him cry. But almost a week later they got a call from a cattle rancher that had several hundred acres next to theirs. “Hey, I saw two horses running on my back pasture. One is grey and I think the other is a brown pinto. Are they yours? “The grey might be said Kurt, but we don’t own any pintos. Kurt talked to the rancher for a few more minutes to get a better idea s to where he had spotted the horses. Then he headed out with a couple friends that had volunteered to help him round the horses up. Whether or not they were their horses her dad explained to her they needed to be caught. Loose horses were a danger to traffic, other horses, and themselves.
When her dad had finally pulled back in the driveway late that evening with the trailer Keighmee was waiting. “Was it him dad? She asked. “Yup”, said Kurt. “He is fine, but he has a nasty gash on his leg. “Then he unbolted the trailer door and let down the ramp .her mother untied Kyzer from the front and he back quickly down the ramp. Her dad caught his rope. Kyzer spun around and whinnied loudly prancing in place. Keighmee’s eyes went straight to the large cut on his left foreleg. It was about six inches long and blood caked. His leg was swollen, but he still pranced around like it wasn’t bothering him. “Easy boy”, her dad said trying to calm him. “Amy, I’m going to take Kyzer in the barn and call the vet, can you deal with the horse in the trailer? Keighmee hadn’t noticed two horses in the trailer. She stepped closer and peered inside.
At first she thought the horse was a mostly brown pinto, but on second glance she realized the horse was just mud caked and they weren’t actually spots. She actually looked palomino. The horse stood with its head down and its eyes half closed. Keighmee could see every one of her ribs. Her blonde mane and tail although long were matted, muddy, and tangled. She watched as her mom stepped into the trailer and patted the small mare’s shoulder. The mare didn’t even look up. Keighmee’s mom untied her and led the small, thin, dirty horse out of the trailer. The mare ambled behind her quietly. Keighmee had never seen a skinnier horse in her life and her hooves were overgrown, too. She snorted softly a few takes taking in the scent when they got closer to the barn. Keighmee thought once she had some weight on her she would be a beautiful horse. She looked at least part Arabian to her. She had fine bone structure and a tiny muzzle. Tiny tipped ears and large eyes. She looked like she was around 14.2 hands. “Whose horse is it?” Keighmee asked. “Were not sure”, said her mother, “but they should be ashamed for keeping her in this condition. “It’s a good thing your dad has already called the vet for Kyzer. This mare definitely needs help.
Keighmee bedded down one of the extra stalls with soft fluffy straw and filled the water bucket. Her mom led the horse into the stall. When the mare was loose and the stall was latched the mare immediately laid down. She rolled and then got up and shook and went to the water bucket and took a long drink. Keighmee went to the stall door and let the horse sniff her hand. The mare sniffed it and then started pacing in the stall.
Finally the vet pulled in and went directly to help her father with Kyzer. He cleaned the stallion’s cut and put a wrap on him. Her parent’s sighed in relief when he said there would only be slight cosmetic damage and that he was still sound. When the vet had finished washing his hands he asked to see the little palomino horse. Her mom led her out again. “Skinny little thing isn’t she”< he said frowning at the mare. She looks like a purebred little Arabian. The vet ran his hands over her ribs and her legs. He checked her eyes, ears, and teeth. “Well”, he said finally “It looks like she is between 10-13 years old. She doesn’t have any cuts or anything, but she does have a bad case of worms. The vet gave her a wormer and then scratched her forehead. The mare lowered her head and rubbed it on his shoulder. “And obviously she needs another few hundred pounds on her”. Other than that she seems pretty healthy.
“Keighmee could you put her back in the extra stall? I need to talk to the vet about finding the mare’s owners. Keighmee took the lead from her mom and led the mare back to the stall. The little Arabian followed her obligingly looking at the other horse’s they passed. Once she had the mare securely locked in the stall she leaned over the door and watched her. The mare began pacing nervously again. “Slow down girl”, said Keighmee “you need to relax. You don’t need to wear off more energy. But the mare wasn’t listening. “Well…since I want to call you something other “the mare” I am going to think of a perfect name for you. Keighmee grabbed a grooming kit and then let herself back into the stall. She scraped off as much of the mud chunks as she could. Then she went over the whole coat with a soft dandy brush. The mare was still very dirty and needed a bath, but at least she was a little bit cleaner. Keighmee went back to find her parents once she was done. They were just saying goodbye to the vet as he was getting into his big truck. They walked back into the barn and saw Keighmee. “The vet is going to let all of his clients know about the mare to see if they or anyone they know is missing a horse. We will contact animal control tomorrow and put up some fliers. We have agreed to care for her in the meantime said her dad. “The thing is, her mom continued, with breeding season with really don’t have extra time. We were wondering Keighmee If you would go ahead and take care of her for now. “Of course!’ said Keighmee enthusiastically. This would be fun. She had definitely felt a connection with the little horse. “One condition, though” said her dad seriously. Keighmee raised an eyebrow and waited. “Don’t get too attached to her. Her owners are going to be found sooner or later and she will likely have to go back to them. “Okay said Keighmee. She would have fun taking care of the mare for now. She was going to take the best care of her as possible. Starting with a bath tomorrow!
    10-31-2010, 03:16 AM
Chapter six
Keighmee shook all thoughts of the little Arab mare from her head. Even though she had first met her a little over a year ago it seemed like yesterday and she just wasn’t ready for those memories yet.
The audience exploded into applause around Keighmee and her dad. They were at a dressage show in a neighboring city and her mom was competing on one of her Lipizzaner geldings, Kaiolan. Keighmee thought they had done wonderfully and apparently so had the audience. Only two more horses were competing after Kaiolan so Keighmee and her dad made their barn down the bleachers and into the attached barn to find Amy. She was standing by Kaiolan rubber his shoulder. She couldn’t untack him until after the ribbons ceremony, but she was letting him drink some water. “Great job mom!” said Keighmee. “I definitely think you are going to place well “said her dad giving her mom a quick hug. He rubbed the dapple grey horse’s head. “And Kaiolan didn’t do too badly either”, said Kurt smiling. Kaiolan nodded his head up and down as if in agreement.
They drove home chattering happily. Her mom ended up with a second place ribbon. Since this was Kaiolan’s first serious show they were thrilled with the outcome. When they got home they unloaded him from the trailer. “Keighmee can you unload Bambi? “Sure,” said Keighmee. Bambi was a two year old half Lipizzaner filly. They had taken her along to the show just to get her used to the sights and sounds. She wouldn’t be shown until she was 4 or 5, but her parent’s believed in preparing horses for shows before they actually had to show. Bambi had done great and actually seemed to enjoy being there amidst all the activity.
It was almost 10 at night when they finally got the horse’s all settled in and fed.”Hurry up and get to bed Keighmee, you have school in the morning”, said her mom. Keighmee was tired and was happy to finally get some rest. She fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.
She dreamed of a filly, a palomino filly. She was trying to catch it in a pasture, but every time she got close enough it disappeared. She woke up feeling unrested and frustrated the next morning. School drudged on and she missed two questions her teacher asked her. When the bus finally dropped her off at her driveway she felt like taking a nap, but she knew she needed to finish her chores. She needed to bring in the mares and foals for the night as well as Victor. Her parents had already brought the other horses in. She brought Iri and Cambria in last. Cambria had a new tiny purple blanket on to protect her from the mud and cold rainy days they had been having lately. Keighmee took it off once she had them in their heavily bedded warm stall. Cambria looked at her quizzically and nibbled on the blanket still in Keighmee’s hands. Keighmee gently pushed her away. Even at a young age she would be trained not to chew or nibble on things as it could turn into a nasty habit of biting when she was older.
“Ahh….I thought I might find you in here”, Keighmee heard her mom’s voice and turned to see her leaning against the stall door. Keighmee shrugged and unlatched the stall door. “I…uh…just wanted to take her blanket off. “Mmmhmmm…” said her mom. “What is that supposed to mean? Said Keighmee as she put Cambria’s blanket in a tack box. “Well….it just seems like you maybe like that little filly” “no! Said Keighmee decidedly. “You know how I feel about horses. I hate them. I don’t want to have anything to do with them except what I have to. “Keighmee you know it is okay to change how you feel about it. Horses are in your blood. We will never forget them Keighmee, but you need to move on and let your heart love horses again.
Keighmee didn’t answer. She didn’t want to get in another argument with her mom. She knew she would never love any other horses. Why couldn’t her mom understand that? Her mom might not feel like she could live without horses, but Keighmee knew she certainly could.
Chapter seven
Pipsi met her at the door and as she walked into the warm farmhouse. She felt exhausted. She quickly made and ate some macaroni and cheese and decided to go to bed early. She fell asleep quickly and once more dreamed of the golden foal. She followed her around the pasture trying to catch her. She sighed in relief when she finally caught her and got the halter on. The filly didn’t disappear. She woke to the sun in her eyes. She glanced at the clock. 11:00 am! She jumped out of bed. She hadn’t slept in this late in a long time. The sleep had felt good, though. She was thankful at least it was Saturday. She got dressed and after grabbing a couple of apples headed to the barn.
She saw her mom working with Kaiolan on one end of the indoor riding ring and her dad working with Kyzer on the other end. She sat on a built in wooden bench on the end of the arena and propped her feet up on the railing in front of her. She munched on one of the apples and set the other one aside. She watched her parents and their horses execute amazing graceful movements. Watching dressage always gave her a thrill. Before she had dreamed of being a dressage rider and competing. Not now, but it was still fun to watch. Her mom spotted her sitting there and rode Kaiolan over in a slow passage. “Sleep well?” said her mom. “Yea…thanks for letting me sleep in…I think I needed it. “We hired a new head groom today”, her mom said happily. “We still need your help in the evenings though, but mornings you are free! Her mom said smiling. “Cool”, said Keighmee. Maybe she could hang out at Keera’s more often.
“Hey Keighmee since you will have more free time would you mind exercising a few horses for me in the mornings? She heard her mom say. “Uh….I’d really rather not”, said Keighmee quietly. “Keighmee…I could really use your help”, her mom pleaded. “Mom, I said I can’t do it “Keighmee said louder. Her knuckles were turning white forum gripping the wooden bench. She released them and breathed out. “Seriously mom”, she repeated I can’t do it. “All right Keighmee”, her mother said. “Hey are you going to eat that? “she said motioning toward the unheated apple besideKeighmee. “Nope”she said. “Kaiolan has been working very hard and sure would like a little snack her mom said grinning. Keighmee managed a smile and let Kaiolan lip the apple from her hand. “Hey, can I hang out at Keera’s today? “Sure!” her mom said, but please be home by six to finish up the evening chores. “No problem!” she called as she skipped of the arena. She raced back to the house and called her friend.
The weekend passed quickly and Keighmee was thankful she had to do little with the horses. Her mom had agreed to let her spend Saturday night at Keera’s. On Sunday morning though she got a call to come home right away. Her mom had talked to Keera’s mom and didn’t say what was going on. Just that she needed to hurry home. Keera’s mom dropped her off at her driveway and she ran straight to the barn. She noticed the vet’s truck in the driveway. Once she got through the heavy double doors she saw her parents and the vet standing by Dancer's stall. Keighmee walked up the aisle slowly suddenly feeling a little dizzy. Her dad spotted her and came over to steady her. Seeing her pale face he said” don’t worry….Dancer is fine”. “Really? Keighmee said, “I thought maybe…..” she couldn’t’ finish. “I promise” her dad said. “Go look for yourself. Keighmee walked to the stall and peered over the edge of the door. Dancer did look fine. She was calmly nibbling on some hay. Then Keighmee noticed her belly. Her bulge was gone. The foal was gone. Keighmee’s frightened gaze turned towards her parents and the vet. The foal couldn’t have been born. It was too early. Dancer wasn’t due for another month. “Her foal….”she began “look again”, said her mom. It was then that Keighmee noticed two tiny point ears peeking around Dancer's shoulder. Dancer moved to get a drink of water and Keighmee could see the foal. It was a colt and he was pitch black except four high white socks and a long blaze. Eventually he would go grey, but he sure was handsome. “Wow” she said “are you sure he is all right? Dancer wasn’t due for four more weeks? “He is more than all right, said the vet. He is very healthy and strong and if I do say so quite a handsome little guy”.
    10-31-2010, 03:17 AM
Keighmee couldn’t seem to take her eyes off the little colt. She heard her parents thanking the vet and walking him out to his truck. The colt had such long legs and a very intelligent expression. Keighmee reached her hand into the stall, but the colt darted back behind Baile. Keighmee started on her chores and took extra time cleaning Ire’s stall. Cambria had already grown quite a bit. Keighmee had been working some with her on haltering and leading. She was getting too big to just follow along behind Iri. Cambria was constantly getting into trouble. She would chew on Ire’s tail and pull anything down that was hanging on the stall door. Keighmee turned Cambria and Iri out into the foal pasture with French Cream and her 3 week old filly, Latte. Keighmee loved watching the foals exploring and trotting around. Soon Dancer's foal would be turned out with them, too. Keighmee couldn’t help but wonder as she watched them. What would have she been like? Would she have been spunky like Cambria or shy like Amelia’s foal, Bells? She would never know.
__________________________________________________ ___
Bambi added :) sorry not a big part. Gidget will be in the next segment :) Thanks for letting me use their names!
    11-02-2010, 04:00 AM
Green Broke
I like it!
You should have this published...very good book for young readers and horse lovers!
    11-02-2010, 04:29 AM
Haha...thx...it isnt very good tho. I wrote it in like 2 days haha. I will post the rest of the chapters tomorrow if I can get them off the other computer! Thanks for reading. It is for younger readers...maybe 11-14? I think...

Also some of the names were switched in the last few chapters sorry...musta been confusing! I need to go through and edit it all!
    11-02-2010, 04:08 PM
Green Broke
I was a bit confused but I still really like it and although you don't think it's that good it really is and I know other people on here would say so also. Doesn't hurt to try!
I would buy the book.
    11-02-2010, 04:44 PM
Green Broke
You can use my horses names if you like; they are Sheena,Raven,and Pepsi
    11-02-2010, 05:12 PM
Thanks! I will try to at least put a couple in :)

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