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Just the start of a short fiction story :)

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    11-03-2010, 11:18 PM
Chapter eight
Keighmee had decided to call the little palomino Arab Mida. After Midas, the king that anything he touched was turned to gold. She was now shiny and although a few ribs were still slightly visible she had gained a lot of weight. She was looking much better. She whickered when she heard Keighmee coming up the barn aisle humming. Victor waved to her as she walked by and said “good morning. Not excited are ya?” he had asked his light blue eyes twinkling.”Oh no….not at all,” said Keighmee in mock solemn face. But inside she was hopping. Today she was being allowed to ride Mida for the first time. Her mom had ridden her several times to be sure she was safe. She was actually a very well trained mare her parents believed. She had likely been used for some sort of western riding they said….maybe western pleasure because of her low head set. Her mom said they Mida could be stubborn, but believed Keighmee could handle her fine. After all Keighmee had been riding 10 of her thirteen years. Keighmee groomed Mida thoroughly and then tacked her up. She used a western saddle and bridle since that is what the mare seemed used to. Keighmee didn’t like riding western as much, but she was happy to get to ride Mida at all.
She led Mida to the large outdoor round pen. Victor followed her and held Midi’s bridle so Keighmee could mount. But as soon as she had put one foot in the stirrup Victor said, wait! “What”, said Keighmee “do I need to recheck the girth? “No the girth is fine”, said Victor But your head won’t be if you don’t buckle that helmet. “Oh…oops,”said Keighmee. “Okay try again”, said Victor. Keighmee put her left foot back into the stirrup and swung her right leg over and landed lightly in the saddle. Mida was only 14.2 hands, but Keighmee felt like she was on top of the world. She lightly gathered the reins up and thanked Victor. She urged Mida into an energetic walk. She rode relaxed moving Midi and learning her rhythm. Mida was very soft and light on the bit and moved forward happily. She moved so smoothly, Keighmee though.
Keighmee squeezed her legs lightly and Mida immediately broke into a smooth rhythmic trot. It was so smooth Keighmee felt like she was floating on clouds. Keighmee didn’t want to push Mida into a canter today. She rode her for awhile more transitioning from a walk to a trot thrilled with the mare’s responsiveness. This is an amazing horse, “though Keighmee. “I guess I have broken my promise to my dad, she though smirking. “I am definitely attached to Mida! I love her and no one is going to take her away from me even If we do find her owners!
Chapter nine
Her parents decided to name Dancer’s new colt Pepsi. He was two weeks old now and getting more handsome every day. Keighmee had just finished turning him and Dancer out not the foal pasture for the first time. Her dad was standing by in case the other mares didn’t accept Dancer or Pepsi into their herd. Keighmee breathed a sigh of relief as the mares just continued grazing and Daner joined them. Pepsi pranced around her as if begging her to play with him. She continued to graze until he started chewing on her tail. Dancer pinned her ears back and moved her hind end out of reach o f his mouth. Pepsi didn’t seem to mind and trotted with his tail up a few yards away. Iri grazed closer to Iri and Cambria followed along behind her. Cambria stopped and braced her legs and pricked her tiny sculpted ears when she saw Pepsi standing there. Pepsi stared back. Keighmee was just wondering who was going to win the stare down when Pepsi started to take a few steps toward Cambria. Cambria, not to be outdone, pranced the rest of the way to Pepsi. She reached her nose out and touched his. Cambria arched her tiny neck and squealed. Iri turned in her direction then seeing there was no danger continued grazing. Suddenly Pepsi reached out and nipped Cambria’s shoulder. Cambria wheeled back in surprise then snorted. She turned around and raced back behind her dam. Pepsi galloped back to his mother with his nose in the air and his black tiny tail streaming out behind him. Maybe spunky little Cambria had met her match”, though Keighmee.
She had to do it. Keighmee picked up the phone and then set it back down. She wasn’t ready after all. She picked the phone back up….she didn’t have to ask Keera to come ride after all…she could just come hang out. Keighmee dialed the number and let it ring. Keera’s mom answered on third ring. “Hi! I was wondering if Keera could come hang out today?” said Keighmee. “Oh…Keera went to the coast with her dad and brothers. They said they were going ocean fishing. Ocean fishing! Can you believe it? Well…we’ll see if they bring anything home! “Oh…uh...yea...”said Keighmee. “Well when she gets home will you have her give me a call? “Sure”, said Keera’s mom “they should be home Sunday evening. “All right thanks…bye!” said Keighmee.
Great….a whole weekend with nothing to do. Her parents were both working horses in the arena. Keighmee decided to check on the foals. Pepsi, Cambria, and Latte were chasing poor little Bells around in circles. Keighmee called out to them, but they were too far down the pasture to hear her. Amelia, Bellz’s mom, ambled over and stuck her near white head over the fence. Keighmee reached into her pocket and pulled out a couple of apple flavored horse treats. She let Amelia lip them off of her hand. Just don’t tell the other horses, Amelia,”said Keighmee rubbing the horse’s shoulder. The foals were still at the other end of the pasture so Keighmee headed to the barn. Her mom was just coming out of the arena with the gelding, Victor. Victor was a huge dark dapple grey with four white socks and a blaze. His mane and tail were very long, but his poor forelock was only a tuft of fluffy hair. He had big expressive black eyes. Keighmee had used to ride him pretty often and he really was a fun horse to ride. “Hi Keighmee…how are you doing?” she heard her mom ask. “Oh fine”, she said a little glumly “Keera went ocean fishing with her dad and brothers. I have had been hoping we could hang out this weekend. “Ocean fishing?” her mom asked. Keighmee shrugged. “Well then….I guess since you have free time this weekend you can help me exercise the horses! In fact I was just about to exercise a couple of the four year olds. We could take them on a trail ride….It will be fun Keighmee…come one….”
Keighmee started to say no…then stopped. Maybe she was ready….maybe she could do this. “Okay…”she said, “I will try.” “Great!” her mom said enthusiastically. “How about’ I untack Victor and you go grab Gidget and Raven? Keighmee remembered when her parents had bought the brother and sister pair of Lipizzans were they were just yearlings and her family had just moved to the farm. Now they had grown in to beautiful grey four year olds. “Okay…but can I ride Raven?”, Keighmee asked her mom. She liked Gidget, too, but the mare sometimes had quite an attitude. Since Keighmee hadn’t ridden in awhile she wanted to start off slow. Raven was a good solid sweet horse. Her mom agreed and she quickly went brought the horses from their stalls. She clipped them side by side in cross ties and started to groom Raven. Gidget started stomping her hooves in impatience and Keighmee was glad she had chosen to ride Raven today. Once her mom had finished with Victor she came and started grooming Gidget. Keighmee finished tacking up Raven and went to grab her helmet from the tack room.
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    11-03-2010, 11:20 PM
She heard a loud “ouch!” and ran back to the horses. She saw her mom holding her foot up and wincing between giving Gidget an icy glare. “Are you ok?” asked Keighmee. “I’m fine” said her mom, but that foot is going to bruise! Gidget sure needs to work on her manners. I think she stepped on my foot on purpose. Gidget was at least 16 hands high and very stocky like Raven….too bad she didn’t have his personality. Her mom finished with Gidget and they led them outside. “Don’t forget to check Raven's girth, okay Keighmee? Her mom said. Keighmee checked it and glad she had and moved it two holes up. Then she took a deep breath. I can do this”, she though. Her mom had already mounted and Gidget was doing an impatient jig. Keighmee stuck her left foot into the stirrup and swung her right leg over and landed in the soft English saddle. Raven stood still waiting for a command. A rush of happiness went through Keighmee. She was on a horse.

Chapter Ten
They started at a walk up the trail. Keighmee’s heart fluttered in anticipation and Remy moved out smoothly. She was so glad to be riding again. Several bushes lines the trail and when a squirrel ran across the path Gidget snorted and spooked jumping sideways. Her mom stayed calm and sat deep in the saddle talking reassuringly to her. She did settle, but was trying to break into a trot. Amy made her walk until she was calm again. Raven walked calmly besides her seeming to enjoy the exercise. “Ready for a trot?” her mom asked and Keighmee nodded excitedly. She loved this! How had she gone so long without riding? She lifted her reins and lightly squeezed Raven's sides. He broke into an even brisk trot and they moved swiftly down the trail.
    11-03-2010, 11:21 PM
Keighmee couldn’t help, but smile. The sun was shining and it wasn’t too hot. Wispy clouds were moving lazily across the blue sky and Keighmee watched them through the tree branches. She was so glad she had decided to ride. This was wonderful! “Thanks mom”, she said. “You’re welcome”, her mom answered, “But for what?” “Oh just for getting me to ride again”, she said smiling. Her mom smiled back. “I knew once you got on a horse again you would remember what you were missing. You just needed some time to heal your heart. Mida and Pixie wouldn’t have wanted you to give up on horses all together Keighmee. I know how much you loved mida and Pixie and we will never forget the, but you have to keep living. You belong with horses and your heart was so numb you just forgot that for awhile. “I know”, said Keighmee quietly blinking back tears. They brought the horses back down to a walk.
“I don’t think I could ever stop riding again”, Keighmee said. “I am so glad”, her mom answered. Then looked at Keighmee slyly. “Very glad”. “Hmm…I guess this means you want me to start exercises horses in the mornings again?” Her mom looked at her and grinned. “Well…you do have a lot of catching up to do!
    11-03-2010, 11:23 PM
Chapter eleven
“Mida!” Keighmee yelled at the pasture gate. Mida turned her head saw Keighmee and came galloping up. Keighmee broke off a piece o the carrot in her pocket and gave it to her. Midi nodded her in appreciation. Keighmee put her halter on and led her out. She took her into the barn. Keera was waiting there with Victor in the cross ties. It was a beautiful winter day and even though it was freezing the sun was shining. Keera and Keighmee had decided to go for a quick trail ride after school. Keighmee had had Midi for about 9 months now and no one had claimed the little golden mare. The judge had awarded her parents legal l ownership. In turn her parents had officially given Midi to Keighmee as a late Christmas present. She was fat and happy. Her belly had really started filly out
At first Keighmee and her parents thought it was just the good food she was getting. When she had continued to get rounder, though, her parents had decided to call the vet. After a few quick tests and a conclusive ultra-sound the vet had announced that she was in fact pregnant! With Kiser’s foal no doubt. Keighmee was thrilled her mare was going to foal especially when her parents said she could keep the foal to raise herself. She found herself dreaming of the foal often. Would it be a filly or colt? Palomino maybe like Mida? Or maybe grey like Kyzer? She decided she really didn’t care as long as the foal was born healthy. And now she only had two more months to go until she got to meet the little foal she had been dreaming about.
“Wow!” said Keera, “she has gotten really big!” “Yup”, said Keighmee, “she sure is. I think we had better just walk on our trail ride today. It is still pretty icy and I don’t want to take any chances. The vet had come out a few days before to give Midi another ultrasound and some more shots. He said the foal was growing normally and had a good strong heartbeat. Still Keighmee didn’t want to risk putting Midi in premature labor by exercising her too hard.
Their trail ride ended up being perfect and the horses were happy to be out. They stopped for a quick break at the end of the trail before heading back. Keighmee leaned down in the saddle and gave Midi’s neck a hug. “You’re so lucky!” said Keera. “I keep asking my parents for a horse, but they just laugh like it’s a joke. Keighmee giggled. “You too!?” said Keera indefinitely. “Traitor!” she said. But she was smiling. “Oh Keera where would you put a horse? You live on a quarter of an acre of unfenced land?” “True…” said Keera “but I bet your parents would let me keep one here!”. “Yak…that is probably true”, said Keighmee,”but you wouldn’t have time to come spend with it every day. Besides you can come ride our horses anytime you want!
“I am grateful for that,” said Keera “, but you know that isn’t the same as having your own horse! “I know”, said Keighmee rubbing Mida’s golden shoulder. “All right…fine”, she said “we will commence operation Get Keera A Horse”, said Keighmee laughing. “Very funny,” said Keera, but she was laughing too. “Seriously though, will you ask your parents if I could keep one here?” “Sure!” said Keighmee. Keera was a great rider and very patient with the horses. It would be fun if she had her own horse and they could enter local shows and things together. Mida wanted to trot, but Keighmee held her back. She was happy just to have Midi and to be able to ride her. But she still was so excited for the foal to come!
    11-03-2010, 11:25 PM
Chapter Twelve
Keighmee heard the phone ring and dashed to get it. She recognized the number on caller I.D. “Keera!” she said happily. “Hi”, said Keera. “So did you uh….catch any fish?” asked Keighmee. “Well…no…but my younger brother caught a good bunch of seaweed if that counts for anything”. Keighmee laughed. “My dad said we might just try river fishing for awhile. “Good idea”, said Keighmee “Hey Guess what?” she asked Keera excitedly. “What?” said Keera? “I went riding with my mom yesterday! It was awesome! I can’t believe I waited so long. “Oh this is great”, said Keera excitedly,” I am so glad! So when can I come over so we can finally ride?” “How about tomorrow after school?” Keighmee asked hopefully. “I’ll ask my mom just a second”. Keighmee heard Keera talking in the background then she got back on the phone. “My mom said I can can’t go over tomorrow, because I have a dentist appointment, but I can come over on Tuesday”. “Cool”, said Keighmee. “I can’t wait! I’ll see you at school tomorrow, okay? Bye!”. “Bye”, Keera said...
School seemed to drag on Monday and the bus seemed to take forever to get home. Finally though it got there and Keighmee raced straight to the barn. She finished her chores in record time. Her mom had asked her to exercise Raven and Victor. And if she had time to work with a couple of the foals on haltering and leading. Keighmee exercised Victor first, warming him up in the indoor arena since it was sprinkling outside. Then she exercised Raven and enjoyed every minute of it. Once she had gotten them both stalled and fed she checked her watch. She still had to work with a couple of the foals.
She took one of the soft foaling halters from the tack room and went to the foal pasture. It was barely sprinkling now. She decided to work with Pepsi first and started by rubbing the halter all over his small body. She had already haltered him several times and he wasn’t scared at all. She easily slipped it over the colt’s nose. She buckled it and let him wear it for a few minutes then took it back off. Cambria came over to watch her. Her smart eyes following Keighmee. “Oh all right you jelous little girl”,said Keighmee laughing. “You can wear it,too”. She rubbed it over Cambria’s golden coatr,too while she stood stock still enjoying the attention. Then Keighmee put it over her nose. Cambria was truly going to be a gorgeous horse. Her conformation was already excellent and although she was spunky she was also very sweet and smart. “The girl that is going to get you better realize how special you are”, said Keighmee giving the little filly a hug.
She felt Pepsi nudging her arm and she rubbed his blaze. Keighmee took the halter off of Cambria and they both dashed back to their dams. Keighmee watched them for a moment more. They were both going to be great horses. There is just something special about Cambria,though,”Keighmee though. “I wonder what her new owner will use her for.”
    11-03-2010, 11:26 PM
Chapter Thirteen
“Keighmee! Keighmee! Wake up!” She heard her mother say. She felt her shake her arm. She sat up groggily. “What is wrong?” She glanced at the clock. 4:00 a.m. “Midi is going into labor!”Keighmee heard her mom say. “Oh no!” Keighmee answered,” she isn’t due for another 6 more weeks! “I know”, said her mom. “The vet is already on the way”. Keighmee was already and up and threw on jeans and a jacket, but left her thermal pajama top on for warmth. They walked quickly to the barn. It was still dark out and freezing. Keighmee shivered and pulled her coat tighter.
An eerie silence filled the barn, but the lights were on. She hurried to Midi’s stall and saw her dad inside. Midi was sweaty and looked like she was in pain. She nipped at her belly and pawed the straw. Keighmee went in and stroked her head. “She is definitely going to foal tonight”, she heard her dad say. “The vet should be here any minute”. Mida grunted and started to lie down. Keighmee knelt by her head and rubbed it talking to her softly. “This is way too early”, Keighmee though. I wish the vet would hurry up her though. Just then they heard the gravel crunching as a truck pulled into the driveway.
Her dad went out to walk the vet in. Keighmee saw her mom’s worried expression and felt her stomach drop. Her mom was usually the positive one. The vet’s kind face appeared over the stall door and he let himself in. He checked Midi’s temp and hind end. “I have seen foals come this early and survive”, he said giving them so hope,” but I cannot guarantee anything. Keighmee’s strained expressions didn’t change.
Mida stretched her neck in the straw and groaned. Keighmee could see her belly contracting. “Please be ok”, she whispered. She was still rubbing Mida’s head, but the mare was moving it obviously in pain. Midi’s groaning and contractions went on for another half an hour then the vet decided to check the foal. He wanted to make sure the foal was in the right position to come out. He put gloves on and had her parents help get Midi standing. Once she was he felt for the foal. He frowned concentrating. Midi’s coat was dark with sweat and it mingled with Keighmee’s tears. She hugged Midi’s neck. “The foal is coming breech”, the vet said suddenly. “It is too late to try to turn it, so we have to try to get it out this way.
Keighmee knew that foals born normally came out with their front legs and head first. A foal being born breech came out backwards with its hind legs first. It was very dangerous. Keighmee just kept trying to soothe Mida, but it wasn’t helping. The mare groaning in pain and getting weaker. Finally the vet said the sac that held the foal was starting to come out. Keighmee didn’t leave Midi’s head, but looked back watching. Sure enough she could see a dark colored sack coming. Midi laid back down her sides heaving and she pushed hard when another contraction came. The foal still didn’t come out. The vet gripped the sac and pulled hard with each contraction, but he was making little progress. Midi’s heavy breathing worsened then finally she gave a final push and the sac came out.
“I don’t think it is alive”, she heard the vet say as he ripped the sac off and cleaned the foal’s face. Midi made no move to get up, but groaned lightly and laid her head down on the soft straw. Keighmee kept rubbing her begging her not to give up. “Come on girl…get up….go see your baby”, she said crying into Midi’s golden mane. This couldn’t be happening. This wasn’t real. It was a terrible, terrible nightmare. Please wake up she thought to her…please, please, please….
She’s breathing! She heard her say excitedly. “The foal is alive Keighmee”, she heard her dad say. She didn’t answer. She couldn’t answer. “She is so tiny, though”, said the vet, “much too early for this one”, he said sadly. Keighmee got up slowly hating to leave Midi for even a second. She had to look at the foal. She! A filly! Her beautiful still damp coat was golden like Midi’s and she had a huge white star in the shape of a heart right in the middle of her forehead. The filly was lying on her side and breathing shallowly. Her chest barely seemed to be moving. Her eyes were only half open. She was the tiniest filly Keighmee had ever seen. The most beautiful, too.
The vet was trying to get the filly up, but she just kept flopping back to the ground. She was making no effort at all. Keighmee’s felt silent tears streaming down her face. The filly’s tiny legs just weren’t strong enough. She heard the vet talking to her parents, but she couldn’t understand what they were saying. She knelt back my Midi’s head and hugged her. “Please get up Midi…your filly needs you….please get up. She is a beautiful filly. Midi didn’t move. Keighmee barely felt her breathing…and then she realized she wasn’t. Keighmee sat up. “Mom”, she croaked her throat burning and eyes streaming. Her mom rushed over. Her mom checked Midi and with tears in her eyes said” she is gone”. “What did that mean? Keighmee though dizzily. Midi was just sleeping, right? Right!? She hugged Mida’s neck and she knew in her heart that Midi was not going to wake up. Keighmee couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t move. She felt like she was dying herself. And then she felt sick. She felt her dad gently pick her up and carry her towards the house. Then she didn’t remember anything.
    11-03-2010, 11:28 PM
Chapter Fourteen
Keighmee woke up panicked. What an awful dream. What a terrible horrible dream. Midi was fine. The foal was fine. She hadn’t had it early. Everything was fine. Keighmee breathed a sigh of relief. She swung her legs out of bed and yawned. She looked down. Jeans? Why was she wearing jeans? She felt her face, it was swollen. No….no….please no she though. I was only a nightmare. It had to of only been a nightmare. She stepped into her muck boots and ran down the stairs with Pipsi following at her heels. She ran to the barn.
Keighmee saw both of her parents standing there. Her mom hugged her gently. “Mom….I had a terrible dream….”she started and then looked at her mom’s face. She knew then that it hadn’t been a nightmare. Midi was gone. She ran to her stall. “We already had her buried in the back pasture “her dad said softly. Keighmee choked back a sob. No...No…this couldn’t be happening! She saw her dad in the back corner of Midi’s stall kneeling down. She had forgotten about the foal.
She let herself into the stall. Her dad stood and gave her a hug. “I am so sorry Keighmee”, he said his own eyes filled with tears. Keighmee looked at the foal. She was still lying on her side. Her tiny rib cage was moving up and down, but just barely. Her dad had put a blanket over part of her. Keighmee saw a bottle of milk beside her. “She isn’t eating”, said her dad following her gaze. “She is just too weak. She just came too early. We don’t know why. Keighmee…I don’t think she can make it.” Keighmee started crying again and knelt beside the tiny golden filly. She rubbed her hand over her perfectly shaped star and looked at her tiny soft hooves. Keighmee lifted the foals head up and the foal’s eyes fluttered open. She watched Keighmee dully from underneath long black lashes.
Keighmee grabbed the bottle and tried to stick it in the foal’s mouth, but the foal just kept turning her head away. She closed her eyes again exhausted just from the effort of moving at all. Keighmee gently laid her golden head back down on to the soft straw. The filly’s face was so delicate; her muzzle looked like it could truly fit into a teacup. Her legs were so tiny and thin and fragile. Her tail was curly and golden and thick. She had no white markings other than her heart. “Come on baby”, said Keighmee gently “please get up…please…please get up”. The filly didn’t respond.
Keighmee tried to pull the filly up to a standing position, but she still just fell back down. Her breathing was heavier now. “Just let her rest”, she heard her dad say sadly. “The vet is going to be here to check her soon.” Keighmee felt her throat constricting. She had already lost Midi. She couldn’t lose Midi’s foal, too. She just couldn’t. Keighmee wanted to name her and started calling her Pixie because she was so tiny and delicate. Keighmee stayed with her until the vet got there. He checked her over thoroughly with a grim face. Finally he stood and said,” I don’t believe this filly….” He started, but Keighmee interrupted,” Pixie…her name is Pixie….” The vet looked at her sadly, but continued. “I don’t believe Pixie is going to make it through the night.
Her parents nodded. They had known all along. They thanked the vet for coming. Keighmee’s mom let herself into the stall and sat by Keighmee. “Why don’t you let me sit with her for awhile and you go get back in bed?” she heard her mom asking”. “no”, said Keighmee,” I need to stay with Midi’s foal…I need to stay with Pixie”. “She might get better”. Her mom gave her a hug and didn’t answer. But Keighmee could see she was crying.
Keighmee tried several more times to feed the foal, but the little filly was just growing weaker and weaker. She didn’t even open her eyes at all now. Keighmee continued rubbing her tiny body and talked to her softly. Telling her of all the fun they would have if she just got up and ate. She told her about her dam and how brave she had been. The filly didn’t move. Keighmee knew. She knew what was going to happen and although her parents pleaded with her to go back to the house she stayed with her little golden Pixie until the filly’s last frail breath.
Then she allowed her parents to guide her stumbling to her bed. Why? She kept asking herself. Why? This wasn’t fair. Why her horse? Mida was such a good horse. She loved her. She loved Pixie. Now they were gone. Gone. Keighmee hated Kyzer for breeding with Midi. She hated that the fence had been down so he got out. She partially wanted to hate Pixie because if it hadn’t been for her Mida would still be alive. But she couldn’t do it. It wasn’t her beautiful filly’s fault. Keighmee curled up in a ball sobbing holding Pipsi by her chest. She hated this. She hated horses. She vowed to never have anything to do with them ever again. She never wanted to see another horse in her entire life
    11-03-2010, 11:31 PM
Chapter Fifteen
“Am I in trouble”, Keighmee asked. Her parents had called her into their barn office a few minutes earlier. “Actually,” her dad said,” the opposite.” “You have been doing such a great job with the horses and with helping your mom exercise them. We just wanted to say thank-you. “Oh...”said Keighmee relieved. “Your welcome…I enjoyed every bit of it”, she said. “Which brings us to the next point her dad continued smiling. “Your mother and I had decided to give you Dancer's colt Pepsi if you wanted him.
Keighmee’s face lit up. “But…” her dad said. “We just got a call this morning from my friend that bought Iri’s foal Cambria. Apparently his daughter passed out of the wanting a horse stage and they have decided not to buy her. So…we have decided to let you take your pick between the two. Pepsi or Cambria can be yours.
Keighmee grinned so hard her face hurt. She jumped up and hugged both of her parents. She thanked them profusely. “Now”, said her dad. “We don’t want an answer right away. Spend time with both and think about it for awhile. Then when you feel ready come and let us know”, said her mom her eyes twinkling. Keighmee gave each of her parents another hug and dashed off to the foal pasture.
She didn’t call the foals over, but instead just watched them for awhile. Cambria was still bossier than Pepsi. Pepsi would end up grey. Cambria would likely stay palomino. She didn’t know if she could own a palomino again though…. Pecker had awesome high socks and a long blaze. They were both very sweet and inquisitive. They were both smart too. Keighmee didn’t know how she was ever going to choose. They were both going to be amazing horses. She thought about the foals all day. She decided not to give her parents an answer yet.
When she curled up in bed beside Pipsi that night she continued thinking about it. Keighmee finally started to drift off into a peaceful sleep. But three words kept going through her head. Three beautiful words. Cambria’s Baile Graciosa. Keighmee realized she knew she had been going to choose the palomino filly all along. She couldn’t wait until tomorrow so she could tell her parents. And tell Cambria that she would get to stay with Keighmee for good!

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Doesn't anybody buy short fiction horse stories? starhorsepax Horse Stories and Poems 2 09-12-2009 09:29 AM
Short Story. ilovemyPhillip Horse Stories and Poems 0 06-22-2009 04:57 PM
Psycho (a short story) shadowphaxstables Horse Stories and Poems 1 05-26-2009 10:01 PM
"Freedom" Story of a Racehorse **fiction** Bucky's Buddy Horse Stories and Poems 1 05-05-2008 01:22 PM

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