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Like an equine version of "Old Yeller"

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    06-12-2013, 06:40 PM
Chapter 5 please! Lol
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    06-13-2013, 04:20 PM
Getting interesting....can't wait for chapter 5
    06-14-2013, 03:14 AM
(Prologue to Chapter 5:

The night that the big stud horse had gotten to Dove, he was found wandering by the side of a road. Nobody knew where he came from, and nobody had reported him missing. A magnificent animal, a Friesian cross: glossy black with heavy muscles, arched neck, proud gait, and lots of mane, tail and "feather" hair, he looked to be a prize. Instead, he was almost a demon. A rogue. Vicious.

Something was clearly haywire in his brain, and whatever that something was it had put him on his final journey- in the back of a slaughterhouse-bound truck. That is, until he broke out of it and regained his freedom. Again.

And also, whatever that something was that made him that way, it had been passed down through his bloodlines to his daughter. An oddly-colored young mare called Like Silk.)


Chapter 5

Jessie had overcome her fear and had come home to groom Silk as she had done so many times before, and then let her into the corral to socialize with the other horses. Silk was perfectly docile again, and Jessie was already planning her next attempt at riding her. Only this time, she would be a good girl and stay on the ranch property, just as Uncle George had insisted. She hated to admit it, but he had been so right. It was going to take time for Silk to be safe enough to take on the trails, especially after getting spooked so badly by that snake. At least Silk was already used to limited riding around the ranch.

Of course, it would also take time for Jessie's arm to heal enough to where she could use it in riding again, too. Right now it was still too sore to be any good, so she'd have to be creative when her uncle was around. He would no doubt wonder why she wasn't riding her beloved horse, the one she had longed and pined for for so many years.

He simply could not find out about what had happened. He must not! He would blame poor Silk, and Jessie had to protect her horse at all costs. Uncle George wouldn't have any reason to find out as long as Jessie wore only long sleeved tops and never acted like her arm hurt, even though at times it was killing her. No, she would fake it. She had to. For Silk's sake.

The night was cold, but not too cold. Hints of the earlier rain still hung in the air- that crisp, fresh smell and the occasional dripping off the branches of the trees that surrounded the corral where Silk was penned with a few of the other mares. Steam rose from their hides as they mingled around, noses to the ground, searching for errant wisps of hay blown in by the wind. It mattered not that there were piles of fresh alfalfa around the perimeter; it was so much more fun to hunt for food. It was a game.


On the edge of the property, two silent figures stole across the grass, hiding behind trees and heavy machinery. Darkness enveloped them, so their features could not be determined. Regardless, no one was around to have seen them anyway. Uncle George and Jessie were asleep. Even the dogs were asleep, betraying their duty to stand guard for intruders. Usually that meant the occasional coyote or possum that would barely escape with their mangy lives after encountering angry snarls and barks and bared teeth. But dogs must sleep too, and there had been no intruders of any kind in a long time.

These trespassers were human, however. Two teenage boys with nothing better to do had sneaked out of their houses in the middle of the night to look for trouble. They really hadn't had a plan, they just wanted to do something. Anything. It was so boring around here, with watching paint dry about the most exciting thing going. When they heard the whinny of a horse, and saw their dark shapes moving about in the corral, an idea hit them.

"Hey, let's have a rodeo!" The oldest boy whispered. "Yeah! Stupid horses. Let's have some fun!" The younger one grabbed a rake that was leaning up against a tree trunk, and the two of them crept closer to the corral.

The mares could sense that something wasn't right. They snorted nervously and paced, eye whites showing and ears pricked. Suddenly, the two boys yelled and waved their arms and the rake, and jumped over the corral fence and into the midst of the panicked horses. The mares were in a frenzy trying to escape this terrifying thing that was happening to them, and not understanding any of it. All except one. Silk alone faced the adolescent hoodlums and sized them up. Suddenly she charged, teeth bared and ears pinned. The boys were caught completely off guard. Horses don't attack! What was this crazy animal doing?

The boy who held the rake instinctively raised it above his head and brought it down hard on Silk's skull. He had intended to terrorize the horses with it anyway, but now he was simply trying to defend himself against this unexpected onslaught. But Silk was unfazed and now enraged. She crashed her 900 pound body hard into the boy's much weaker frame, sending him sprawling into the dirt. She then slammed her sharp hooves into the boy's side.

The other boy turned and leaped to safety out of the corral. He looked back toward his friend, but couldn't see anything in the darkness except the furious horse's unrelenting attack. He did, however, hear his friend's brief shriek of fear, the last sound the teenager would ever make. Then, all was still and quiet once again.

The other horses were still nervously milling about, but Silk stood over the boy's limp body, nudging it curiously. The boy's wide open, lifeless eyes stared back at her, seeming to ask, "Why?"

But no one answered, except the cold night wind and a horse's snort.
    06-14-2013, 09:31 AM
Green Broke
    06-14-2013, 10:15 AM
Getting very interesting....wondering if Silk can be saved.....
    06-14-2013, 02:35 PM
I'm glad that people are reading and enjoying this story. I do want to apologize for the violence, but when I write a story I want it to be a gripper (or a page-turner if it were a book). I want to get you hooked!

Again, not wanting to offend anyone, just wanting to write good fiction.
    06-14-2013, 03:00 PM
I have no problem with the violence...just can't wait for you to post more!
    06-15-2013, 02:15 AM

Chapter 6


The girl reluctantly turned over in her bed, trying not to wake up. She was having a dream. In her dream, someone was calling her name. She heard it again, only this time with more urgency.


She woke up with a start. That sounded like Uncle George's voice. Why would she dream that he was calling her like that?


It wasn't a dream! He really was calling her!

She flew out of bed and ran to the phone, her hands shaking as she dialed the numbers. What in the world was going on? It was perfectly normal for her uncle to be up early, doing ranch chores. He rarely disturbed her at this time of the morning, knowing that girls need their sleep if they are to do well in school. But something was wrong. Very wrong.

A woman's voice on the other end of the line asked what type of emergency it was. "I- I don't know," Jessie stammered, "Uncle George- um, my uncle- is hurt, I think. I don't know what's wrong, I only heard him yelling for me to call. Please hurry! Please..."

The phone operator did her best to calm Jessie down. She verified the address and reassured her that help would soon arrive. After the call was ended, Jessie made her way outside, toward the sound of her uncle's voice when she last heard it. With a sick feeling in her stomach, she cried, "I called them. Are you OK?"

Much to her relief, he answered, "I'm fine, Jessie. Stay back! Don't come over here. You don't need to see this."

"See what?"

"There's been an accident in the horse corral. Somebody was inside there and got trampled to death by the horses. We'll let the police sort out what happened."

"What about Silk? Is she OK?

"She's fine, Jessie. All of them are fine." Just as he finished saying this, a fire truck, ambulance, and three police cars roared into the dusty drive and over to the man and girl.


"You haven't been seeing any of the boys from school, have you?" It really wasn't a question, it was an accusation. Uncle George's look was stern, and Jessie was shocked. She wasn't seeing any boys. The ones she would have liked to, and there were a few of them, didn't even know she existed.

"No, Uncle George- I don't even really know any of them unless I share a class with them. Why?"

"Because that unfortunate kid was a student from your school. They just identified him. I just wonder what he was doing here if it wasn't because of you."

"Are we going to be in trouble, Uncle?"

"No, I don't think so. They said it looked like a tragic accident. Boy jumped into the pen with the horses, spooked them, and got trampled. We're not at fault. That boy was trespassin' and asked for it. Not sayin' I'm glad he died of course, but you mess with trouble, you get trouble."

Jessie noticed as she looked toward the corral, now cleaned up and no longer off-limits to her, that Silk was hanging her graceful head over the fence, watching her. She clucked to her mare, and the animal's ears rotated forward, taking in the sound. Jessie walked over to her horse and stroked the velvet nose, which twitched curiously. As she brushed the tangled, thick forelock with her fingers, Jessie noticed something on Silk's head, between her ears: a gash, and dried blood.

She visually investigated every inch of Silk's body, looking for any other signs of injury. She saw none, but soon discovered more dried blood around the bottom of Silk's two front hooves. And this wasn't the horse's blood. Jessie knew, she just knew somehow, that this was the boy's blood. A cold chill went down her spine.

"Silk, what happened? What have you done?" She whispered, as the horse stared back at her innocently through liquid brown eyes.
    06-17-2013, 01:59 AM
As Jessie pondered the events that had just happened, and Silk's apparent role in all of it, she carefully unlatched the corral gate and led Silk out. She investigated the mare again, looking for any clues or other outward signs of injury she might have overlooked. Satisfied when she found none, she then walked the horse, keeping an eye on her legs to see if she was lame or favoring any feet.

Silk looked perfectly normal other than the head injury, which didn't seem to be serious. Calmer now, Jessie held tight to the lead rope and jogged, which sent Silk into a slow trot next to her. She laughed when the young horse tossed her head and gave a half-buck, frisky and obviously in high spirits.

But just that quickly, and with absolutely no warning nor provocation, Silk's mood turned dark. She pulled her head back, forcing the rope out of Jessie's hand and causing a painful friction burn in the process. When Jessie turned to see what happened, she was face to face with a very angry horse.

The mare abruptly stopped and pinned her ears, blowing hard through flaring nostrils. Then she squealed and charged, baring her teeth and heading straight toward Jessie, who crumpled to the ground with a cry stuck in her throat. The girl covered her head with her arms in a futile effort to protect herself from what she knew was coming.

But just as Silk reached her, the animal stopped and sniffed the girl's huddled form, confused. There was clearly a war going on in the mare's brain, one that nobody, not even Silk herself, could possibly grasp nor understand. While Silk did not think with words like people do, the easiest way to describe what conflicting thoughts she was having would be somewhat like, "I'm going to pound you into the dust! I'll show you who is boss around here! I don't like you or any of your kind. In fact, I'm mad at the world and everything in it, and you're the one who's going to pay!" And then, "No, wait. I know this human. It's the girl. She's nice to me, I don't want to hurt her! She's OK...but I still want to attack something!"

Silk wheeled and galloped away, leaving Jessie alone to slowly rise up and wonder what that episode was all about. Something was clearly very wrong with her horse. But what? Could it be that head injury? Could that have caused Silk's mind to go berserk?

No, she realized almost as soon as these thoughts came to her. Of course that wasn't it. Silk had acted like that before. How could she forget the time on the trail? Or the boy's blood on her hooves? A cold chill went down Jessie's spine again. There was definitely a serious problem with her horse.

Silk was turning into a killer.

Having turned away from the attack on Jessie, Silk galloped wildly around loose on the ranch. She was on the warpath, and desperately seeking a victim. She effortlessly soared over the wire fence, and turned her rage on the other livestock peacefully grazing in the pasture. Teeth sank into cow and horse hide alike, causing painful bellows and flying hooves. Frightened cattle fled in herds as Silk savagely bit at their hindquarters. When a calf stumbled in the confusion and was knocked down again and again in the stampede, Sleek trampled the poor little thing to death, driving her rock-hard hooves into the small brown body with a sickening equine glee.

The horses fared no better. She hurled herself into the midst of a small herd of baffled geldings; the cow ponies that were off duty and trying to relax until the next round-up or branding. Silk tried to fight them as a stallion would, rearing up and slashing with her front feet. When they didn't fight back, she tore into their dusty hides with her teeth, leaving them torn and bleeding. The confused ponies huddled together, rumps inward, facing Silk and trembling. They were not fighters, and had no comprehension of why any mare would be acting this way.

Silk then latched onto the muzzle of a little bay like a bull-baiting dog. The gelding screamed in pain and jerked his entire body back, but Silk held firm. When he finally managed to pull free, half of his face was ripped off. Blood poured from his nose and from the open wounds onto the gently swaying grass at his feet. With nobody nearby to witness the attack and treat the injured animal, the bay eventually sank to his knees, weakened and choking, and slowly bled to death.

Meanwhile, Silk had stopped the attack for the moment and was taking a grazing break. She completely ignored the lifeless body of the bay that lay nearby, simply browsing around it. But then, she heard something off in the distance, and all the pent-up rage inside her boiled to the surface once again.

Jessie's uncle, unaware that anything had happened, had come out to water the stock. And now he was the crazed mare's next target.
    06-17-2013, 05:50 PM
Green Broke
Wow, this one is definitely full of violence. Is this meant to be a horror story or will it turn around....edge of the seat to see if it gets better.

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