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“Possibly. But who would take care of her?” asked her mom

“I would mom, pleeeeease”. Said Amy. She was almost unable to control herself.

“You will pick up poop in the pastures and much stalls for an hour every day, and feed them, and water them, and groom them, and repair things?” he mom asked.

“Well…couldn’t we hire a stable hand or something just to do the barn chores? I would help, and do all the grooming and exercising. You know we can afford it.”

“Okay, I think that is the safest idea. I’m tired of some of these people in the horse industry. But where will she live until we build a barn? And where will you ride until we build a riding arena?” her mother exclaimed.

“Well, for now, as it is an emergency we just need fence panels to make a small pen and just buy some hay, grain and a water tub .I can just ride her in the open for now too.” Said Amy.

“That sounds okay. But she can’t live alone, can she?” her mother asked.

“She’ll be fine for a few days, I’ll find another horse or pony right now online” said Amy happily.
“Why don’t you buy another training project?” her mother asked

“I’m going to buy a retired horse first and then once everything is built, I’ll think about getting more horses”. Said Amy who was now about to jump out of her skin.

“Good idea, now we’ll have builders start next week. Go make a layout of the stable and paddocks. You’ll need an indoor arena”, her mom said.

“Oh, thank you thank you thank you mom,” Said Amy as she ran back to her room.

“I’ll order some panels and a trailer to pick up your horse”, Amy’s mother called after her.

That evening, Amy and her dad set up the fence panels to make a small pen. Elara was waiting patiently in a rented horse trailer (they decided to buy one of their own after that). They bought ten bails of hay and a bag of oats and a bag of beat pulp. Amy contacted her farrier and vet and told them about her new location. Amy had taken all her tack and equipment back to her house when she took Elara. She let the mare loose in her new, make-shift pen and gave her some hay. They had built the pen under a patch of trees so the mare had some shelter. Amy was overjoyed to have her at her house. The next day, a larger horse paddock was going to be built so she could go buy a retired horse and give Elara. Elara was being very good, she wasn’t too happy about being alone and let out a few whinnies. Soon she had settled and was eating her dinner.

Chapter nine:
---------------a few months later----------------
It was early fall now and the barn, indoor arena and paddocks were all made. Amy had hired a fifteen-year-old girl to help her who she also gave free board for her thoroughbred. Her name was Alice Lehman and she rode her horse in the jumpers. Amy was now ready to buy a horse that needed a new home, or a horse that had an owner that really needed to sell it. She would probably go to the auctions. She was also thinking about buying a retired horse that could live out their days at her nice stable.

The stable had eight large stalls; Amy’s parents wanted to be able to sell it as a stable if they ever decided to move. The stalls were wood with green bars. They had windows with bars over them in the back of their stalls and there was one run-in stall. Half of the barn was the eight stalls and the other half consisted of two cross ties, a wash rack, a tack room, a feed room, an office and an indoor holding pen. Attached to the stable there was a sixty by one hundred and twenty-five foot riding arena. Amy had bought some jumps and caveletti to put into the ring as well as all the other barn equipment she needed. Outside the barn and arena there were a few small, dirt paddocks with dark brown wooden fences. Beside the barn, there was a large outdoor arena beside and outdoor round pen. There were also enormous, grassy fields fenced with dark brown fences for the horses to run in. Behind the big fields were trails that went though the forest, through meadows and over creeks.

Elara was doing very well in her training. Amy read many classical dressage books and doma vaquera books. She bought Spanish tack for Elara and started doing classical dressage. In the past few months she had not worked on any specific movements. She worked only on collection, suppleness, balance and impulsion. She really worked on having her sit on her haunches and bring her neck up more. She could do small five metre circles at the canter. She had already been working on lateral movements so she did lots of leg yielding too. Amy wasn’t going to work on any new movements until a little later. Amy started everything in a rawhide bosal so she could focus on controlling the mare with her seat and leg aids and get a high amount of collection without the bit. Then she moved her back into a snaffle and was now riding her in a Pelham. Within the next few months, Amy was planning on moving her into a Portuguese bit.

Chapter 10:

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more more!!! i love it!

I was a dreamer
Before you went and let me down.
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wow this is great. I actually had a trainer kind of like that. She did'nt like that I had a 14.3 arabian when I needed a taller horse that could do what I wanted which was jumping, dressage and just pleasure riding. I am going to print out your story i really like it so far.
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Great story! The original trainer sounds like my girlfriend's old boarding stable owner, when she bought her mare they asked her why the hell she would spend $1500 on her, and within a year they were asking to buy her as a lesson horse.
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@ladybugsgirl I'm going to put my final copy out when I'm finished that is Edited. I've laid it out into chapters now and then I'll check over the grammar and probably add a few things.

Amy started everything in a rawhide bosal so she could focus on controlling the mare with her seat and leg aids and get a high amount of collection without the bit. EDIT Then she moved her back into a snaffle and was now riding her in a Pelham.

((Within the next few months, Amy was planning on moving her into a Portuguese bit.)) take out

Although they were doing classical dressage, Amy knew she could always move back to doing competitive dressage, the goals in both types are the same. They are pretty much the same and Amy wouldn’t be able to achieve full collection and piaffe for many years. She could still prove Sandra wrong. What Amy really wanted most was just to enjoy what she was doing, and she was.

Chapter 10:

Amy woke up early on a crisp autumn morning exited to have a morning ride in the open fields. She grabbed an apple for breakfast and went to the barn to do chores. It was Sunday and Amy had to do all the morning barn chores on the weekend. She mucked out both the horses stalls and put them in the indoor holding pen-she would turn them out after her ride. She gave them some hay and their morning grain. Then she grabbed her grooming tools and tack from the tack room and got her mare ready for a ride.

The sun was still low in the sky and the sky was light pink. The trees were yellow and red and the crisp air smelt like fall. It was Amy’s favourite season. Elara was perky and fresh but very controllable. Today’s ride was an easy hack, both of them were looking forward to it. Rides like this made Amy happy and stress –free. Tall grass brushed against Elara’s legs and the light breeze blew through the mare’s mane and Amy’s long light brown hair. Amy let Elara up into a canter and then a slow gallop. They went through the fields, Elara on a long rein. It was freedom. It was perfect.

After the ride, Amy walked into her house with red cheeks and smelt like the barn. She took off her boots and made herself a hot chocolate. It was now late morning and her family was up and about. The phone rang and Amy picked up the kitchen phone.

“Hello?” she said.

“Hello” said a deep male voice with an accent, “Is this Amy Martin?”

“Uhhh ya?” replied Amy who was now very confused, “why?”.

“Do you own a grey Spanish mare with a crown brand?” said the man, with what Amy thought was some sort of European accent.

“Yeeees” Amy replied. Who the hell is this?

“Ah”. The man sounded relieved.

“Is there a problem?”, Amy asked.

“I’m afraid she doesn’t belong to you.” He said.

“She belongs to me, I have the bill of sale and her papers” Amy said confidently.

“She was stolen from me and sent to the United States by the black market and I’ve finally tracked her down. I’ll be at your house in two days to pick her up. She has some of the best bloodlines in Spain. She's coming back with me no matter what. She is not for sale. I'll be there with my lawyer”. The man said. Amy gasped. She now knew that he was the breeder from Spain. It was a Spanish accent.

“NO, but she’s my horse!” Amy yelled and her mom ran into the room.

“I’m sorry” said the man and he hung up.

“Nooooo” Amy sobbed. “Mom”

“What’s wrong?” he mom asked.

“Elli was a stolen horse, she’s not mine. What do I do? Mom, I can’t live without her!” Amy shouted with tears streaming down her face.

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And she leaves us hanging...
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“Whoa, whoa slow down Amy, please explain” her mom said.

Amy explained everything, how John got her and what the man on the phone said.

“Oh, Amy, if this is true than we can do nothing if he won’t sell her. I’ll call up our lawyer to come on Tuesday morning. Get the bill of sale and her papers. If he has proof of ownership then she belongs to him Amy.” Her mom said sympathetically.

“MOM THAT’S NOT FAIR!” yelled Amy.

“I’m sorry Amy, it’s out of out control” her mom replied.
“Can’t we offer them a lot of money?” asked Amy.

“Only what’s reasonable Amy. You know there are a lot of other horses out there” she replied. “I’ll buy you another Spanish horse. We can import it from Spain”

“NO MOM! I WANT ELARA!!!” Amy ran out of the house.

“Jeffrey! Go stop Amy!” Amy’s mom called out. Her husband had heard the whole thing.

Chapter 11:

It was Tuesday morning, the day the Spanish breeder would come to pick up Elara. Amy’s parents had put Elara into a run-in stall and locked the gates and stall door so Amy couldn’t run away with her, which she almost did. The pasture it ran out into was large enough for Amy to ride in. Amy spent the two entire days with her and this morning she was already in the barn at five-o’clock in the morning.

Amy stood outside the mare’s pasture watching her eat. She thought about all the training she had done and the bond they had formed. Amy could not fathom loosing this mare and yet it would happen within the next few hours. She just hoped her lawyer could do something or that the Spanish breeder would let her keep the mare. Amy though silently. She listened to the chomping of Elara and the rustling of the yellow and red leaves. How could something so perfect be ruined so quickly? Amy climbed into Elara’s pasture and buried her face into the mare’s sleek grey fur. She cried into her shoulder. The mare, almost sensing Amy’s sadness, turned around and nuzzled Amy’s arm.

“Oh Ellie, what will I do without you? I wouldn’t buy another horse even if we could win the Olympics. You’re worth more than anything else. I won’t let you go. I can’t” Amy sobbed.

Elara snorted as to reassure Amy. Amy hopped onto Elara’s back. She rode her around with no halter or saddle. The trust and bond between the two were unimaginable.

The Martins’ lawyer pulled up at eight o’clock and talked to Amy’s parents. Her parents had all the papers ready and they talked over different scenarios. At noon, a silver truck pulling a fancy horse trailer rolled into their driveway. Three men got out, one with a halter. They all had dark, short hair and wore heavy winter jackets and gloves. Jeffrey, Linda(Amy’s mom) and their lawyer approached them.
“Hello” said Linda. “I’m Linda Martin, this is Jeffrey my husband, and this is our lawyer Jim Robin”. She pointed at each.

“Hello, nice to meet you” said the man, shaking each persons hand. He introduced his accomplices and himself as Andreas Malave. “I am a breeder of traditional Pura Raza Espanola horses. My horses all have bloodlines from the best horses in the ancestry lines. Your mare has some of the best and produces foals over eighty thousand dollars each. Last year she was stolen from my display at a Spanish horse auction and sent to the United States. Somehow she has ended up in your hands and I must have her back.”

Amy’s mom was surprised. She didn’t think Elara had such good bloodlines. She asked, “What offer would you accept?”

“Well, if she has an eighty thousand dollar foal each year as of next year she will make me profit over nine hundred thousand dollars. That would be her minimum price, but she is not for sale.” Replied the man.

“Okay then. If you have proof of ownership and that she was stolen then I think she is yours. I’ll let you talk to my lawyer now” replied Linda as her lawyer started talking about technical aspects and legal matters.

“We can’t sell her Linda. It would kill Amy. We have more than enough money to afford her” Jeffrey whispered to Linda.

“Jeffrey it is ridiculous to spend that much money on a horse and she's not for sale. He made that clear” Linda whispered back.

“You’re right. We’ll buy her a new one for Christmas and maybe one of Elara’s foals in the future. Maybe we can buy a relative to Elara and import it from Spain. We can talk about this later” her husband agreed and they looked up just as Jim spoke to them.

“This horse does belong to him” Jim said, “but we’ll need your signature”

“Okay” said Linda. They walked into the house and she signed the paper. “Well Andreas, she’s your horse now. I’ll bring you to her. I think Amy is with her right now.”

“Thank you very much for your cooperation Mrs. Martin. I’ll give you my contact information if you decide to purchase a horse from me.”

“Okay, thank you” She replied. Linda, Jeffrey and the three men walked to the barn. Elara wasn’t in her stall so they went into her pasture. Amy was riding her around bareback and bitless. When she saw them and one of the men holding a halter sadness, anger and fear filled her. She didn’t know what to do. She stood still staring at them. The mare whinnied. She recognized the man. Andreas walked over to the mare and the mare relaxed at his side. Now Amy felt betrayed. Not knowing what to do, she dismounted and walked away.

“Amy” Said Andreas. “I will take care of her. If you are ever in Spain you can visit her. I see that you have a great bond with her and you have the potential to become a great rider.”
Amy looked at the ground and walked away. Tears filled her eyes. She was confused. She just walked and walked and walked and when she looked up it was evening and she was in the forest.

***not over yet.

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Chapter Twelve:

Amy sat and sobbed. She didn’t want to go back. She would feel alone. She sat down on a log. There were trees all around her and only animal paths. She was lost. She didn’t even know which direction she came from. She looked around the forest, helpless.

As it became darker it became much cooler and Amy was only wearing a light jacket. Now she was getting worried and so was her mom back at the house. Linda called the police. Amy sat shivering. Her teeth were chattering and she was curled up in a ball against a tree. Her face was wet with tears. It was shadowy and a full moon shone down through the trees. Yellow and red leaves blanketed the ground and old trees creaked. The sound of nature was around. It was the sound of animals living in peace with each other for survival. The sound of crickets had gone away. Amy heard the skittering of squirrels and rabbits and the rare cooing of an owl. She heard the far off howls of coyotes and far far away she imagined the whinny of her mare.

Amy’s hands were almost numb and her toes hurt with cold. A few light snowflakes started falling. It was the first snow of the year in early November. Clouds blew in and covered the moon making the forest even darker. The wind picked up and more snow started to fall. Amy found cover under a small evergreen tree. She hoped someone would come find her soon. Surely her mother was looking for her now.

Amy woke with a startle. There was now a layer of snow on the ground but the wind had died down and the snow had stopped. The moon peeked out between clouds and gave some light. There was a rustling in the bushes and it came closer and closer to Amy. Then Amy saw a light. Someone had found her.

“Hell-ll-o?” she said

Amy! Is that you?” said a man’s voice.

“Ye-yes-s” She replied with her teeth chattering.

“Oh my god Amy. There’s a search party for you. Everyone is out here trying to find you. Are you ok? You look cold” he said.

“I’m re-eally c-cold” she replied. “Who ar-re y-you?”

“Here’s my jacket and my hat. It’s me Connor” He said and pulled Amy out from under the tree and put the jacket on her. “You’re parents are worried sick. Let’s go home now”. Connor was one of Amy’s good friends from school.

“I don’t want to go home.” Amy said firmly.

“Amy, you’re seventeen, almost eighteen you can’t run away.” he said. “Now I’m calling you r parents”. He called them with his cell phone and told them that Amy was okay. The jacket was warming Amy up as they started to walk back home through the trees. It was a long walk. They walked for over an hour through the trees until they reached a path where Connor had parked his ATV. They drove home on the ATV which took another hour.

When the got back home, there were police cars, trucks, ATVs, and some snowmobiles as well as tons of people. The house lights were all on and as Connor pulled up with Amy behind him, Linda ran over to Amy and hugged her. People started clapping; the search party was over and the police were talking to Jeffrey.

“Mom get off of me!” Amy yelled and she ran into the house. She didn’t even glance at the barn.

“Thank you so much Connor. Why don’t you come inside for a drink?”

The adventurous night ended soon after. The volunteers and the police went home and Amy went to bed after a hot bath.

Chapter Thirteen:

It was mid December. The winter had come and the pastures were filled with snow. Amy didn’t care. She didn’t set foot near the barn since her horse had left. She didn’t even want to look there. Amy’s parents had to take the horse care into their own hands. They got young teenage girls who needed a job and a place for their horses to come and work at the barn for free board and some pay. There were now four boarded horses, two rescue horses and two retired horses. Amy busied herself in her grade twelve school work getting good grades for university. Her parents encouraged her and encouraged her to take up riding again but Amy refused. A few times she would see other girls galloping through the snow with big smiles on her face; it made her feel even worse. She still missed Elara. Her parents bought her a snowmobile which Amy used to get into her own world. She would speed through the snow and take walks in the forest. Nature became her escape but she always steered clear of the barn.

One night after everyone was in bed and the barn was empty of people, Amy decided to visit the barn. She wanted to get over her sadness. She looked at the barn for at least ten minutes from the path from her house. It was completely dark except for the moonlight and the light above the barn door. She breathed in the freezing winter air and walked over to the barn. The cold air hurt her lungs so she coughed. She took the barn key out of the pocket. She had always kept one with her since her mare was gone. She turned the key and opened the door and the aroma of the barn surrounded her. The horses moved around and rustled their hay at the sound of the door opening. Amy flicked on the light and closed the door behind her. She stood at the entrance and looked at Elara’s stall. All the horses were sticking their heads out of their stalls. Three horses were in the holding pen. Each stall had a horse in it except Elara’s. The emptiness overwhelmed Amy so she shut the lights, locked the door and ran home. When she got home she through the key into the garbage and went to bed.

Chapter Fourteen:

It was Christmas eve and the house was decorated with Christmas colors, trees and it had the Christmas aromas of pine and spices. Lights ringed the house and a huge tree was in the living room decorated with gold and red ornaments. Amy was happy to have so much company and so much energy around her house. She had Sara and Connor over and they had been staying at her place for a week since both their parent’s were away for Christmas. They were dressed in Christmassy clothes and ate desserts and cookies. They went to bed late, exited for the morning.

Amy was the last to wake up. Sara woke her up and the whole family had a large hot breakfast. They had pancakes, croissants, fruit, bacon and sausages. Soon after breakfast they went to the living room to open their presents. Amy had bought a present for everyone after spending and entire day in the mall. Amy got lots of presents that she loved and she was exited for the Christmas party that evening.

“Thanks you guys so much!” said Amy “Now let’s relax and maybe go ride on the snowmobiles”.

“Okay” said Sara as she left the room.

“Amy we have a surprise for you” said Linda as she brought out a blindfold and put it on Amy.

“Oh!” said Amy in surprise. I’m gunna get a car! I’m gunna get a car! Yeaaaah! A car! Finally! Amy thought with a huge grin on her face. Her mom led her outside with her dad and Connor behind her. They brought her down the steps into the driveway and stopped her. A CAR! YES! Amy thought. Her blindfold was taken off and Amy was about to scream thank you to her parents when she saw what was in front of her. A black horse stood there. It was beautiful with an arched neck and a huge mane. Amy’s face dropped when she saw the horse. She knew that nothing could replace Elara, even this beautiful horse.

“So?” said Amy’s mom. Amy was silent. “He’s a six-year-old Spanish stallion. He’s a half brother to Elara”. Amy stayed silent. “Amy. Please try to ride him. Give him a chance. Try to bond with him. I worked really hard to get him”.

“Mom…” said Amy. “Money does not buy happiness. I want to mom…but I can’t.” The void of Elara could not be filled. Amy walked back to the house.

Chapter Fifteen:

Twenty-eight-year-old Amy snapped out of the thought of her past. She was at an auction house in Oregon that her friend had forced her to go to for company. People were yelling around her and horses were whinnying and stomping the ground and bars of their holding pens. All of that was tuned out as Amy looked at a white mare straight ahead of her. The eyes and ears were those that Amy loved the most. The mare whinnied a so familiar whinny. Amy did not have to take a second look, she had found Elara. Happiness and fullness surged through Amy. Life had re-entered her. She found her second half. A beaming smile took up her face as she sprinted towards the mare. The mare tossed her head and nickered towards her. When Amy touched her there were no words for the pair. Amy looked at the price and fear filled her again. She couldn’t afford to spend one hundred thousand dollars. There was no way Amy could part with her again. As she looked up she saw Andreas Malave standing over her.

“She’s free to you Amy” he said.


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I will add a full and editted version with all the chapters laid out. I might ad a prologue but since you have already used your imagination I think there is no point and that would kind of ruin it. I'm hoping to start a new story soon so I'll post on here to tell you if I do.

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ohh great! im sad its over though!!

I was a dreamer
Before you went and let me down.
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horse , mare , mustang , story

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