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I like it! Keep writing!
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Sorry! I just saw the 2nd page.
): awe. great story, sad its overr.
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NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO how can you stop now! its an awesome story you should be a writer!

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Oh wow i really enjoyed that. Your very talented!! Aww i feel for Amy i have had a horse taken off me aswell and its very hard to feel the same way after it. I am crying because you prortrayed the feeling so well it bought back memories.. Thank you

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Here's the final copy! I'm sorry it took this long, I just made a few changes here and there but nothing in the storyline changed. I'm planning on starting a new story very soon, and I think the next will be about showjumping. I can make it about something else. If you would really like me to write about something else(but still to do with horses) please tell me. There may be certain things I can't write about because I don't know enough about it. I could do western or english, or no riding at all! It could be veterinary, farrier etc. too. I don't think I will use Amy as a character again though, her story is over.

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Little Mustang Mare

Chapter one:
It was a clear morning in the early summer of Alberta. Amy Martin, a dressage rider, walked into the stable. The stable was called Misty Meadows Equestrian Center and grand prix level horses were trained here. The stalls were filled with sleek warmbloods and a few lesson horses. The head trainer was Sandra Hider and the other trainer was Katherine McMillan.
Amy was there for a riding lesson on the large bay school horse London. London was a sixteen hand thoroughbred that was a level two dressage horse. Amy had been searching for a horse to buy for a few months but she just couldn’t find the right one. Her trainer, Katherine, wanted her to buy a type of warmblood but those breeds of horses didn’t appeal to Amy. She walked into the tacking area where there were five cross ties, a wall of lockers and a large tack room to the right of the lockers. It was well swept and very clean. A few large horses were standing in the crossties patiently as their riders tacked them up. Amy walked into the tack room where saddles, bridles, girths and much more tack lined the walls neatly. Tall boots, jumping boots and polo wraps were organized on the ground and brushes were all kept on a shelf in the left corner. The lesson horse halters hung on the wall beside the brushes. Amy picked up the black leather halter that had London’s name on it and went off to get London in his paddock. Most of the horses were kept alone. She brought London back, quickly brushed him and tacked him up.
As Amy mounted London, Katherine walked into the large riding arena with mirrors lining the walls.

“Let’s see him warmed up quickly” said Katherine as she walked away. “I’ll be back in ten minutes”.

Amy brought London through a warm up routine. Circling him, bending him and stretching him out. Ten minutes later London was warmed up and supple when Katherine came back.
“Okay, today we are going to work on the shoulder in” said Katherine, “Let me see you do a serpentine and then we can start the shoulder in”.

Amy did as she was told but was a little annoyed. She wasn’t having much fun riding anymore; it was more of a chore now. She couldn’t focus and her trainer was quickly getting angry with her. Forty minutes later her aggravating lesson was over and she quickly untacked London and put him in his stall. She walked out of the barn through the lounge and looked at the bulletin board out of habit when an ad caught her eye. Money wasn’t a problem so it wasn’t the low price that caught her eye, she just really liked the look of this little horse. She put the phone number into her phone and went home.
Mustang mare-must sell $250
~Picture~)look at first post

Chapter two:
Amy called the number when she got home and a man by the name of John answered, "hello?"

"Hi, I'm Amy Martin and I'm inquiring about a grey mare I saw in an ad"

"Oh yes, Sprite. Are you interested in buying her?"

"Well', said Amy, "I'd like to know a little more about her"

"Okay. She's 14.1, she's 5 years old, she's completely sound and healthy, and she is green broke"

"Is she up to date on everything?" asked Sara

"Yes, shots, teeth, farrier, coggins"

“How is her movement?" asked Amy. The man sounded like he knew what he was talking about.

“She has a very fast trot, she probably wouldn't be a good western pleasure horse, she's much suited for English riding"

"I do dressage" replied Amy. "Can I come see her right now?"

"Yes, it's the first exit off of range road 326"

"Ok, that's close, I'll see you soon"

Amy was 17 and had her own drivers license so she told her parents what she was doing and grabbed a check book. Then she drove the twenty-five minutes to see the mare.

It was a small, western ranch with round wooden fences and lots of horses. There was a man sitting on the fence on the round pen so Amy walked over to it.
"Hi" she said, "I'm looking for John"

"Hi, I'm john, Sprite is right here in the round pen" replied the man pointing at a little grey horse in the middle of the round pen.

Amy climbed on top of the round pen and watched the mare. The man handed her the vet paperwork and Amy was pleased. The mare was standing in the middle watching the two. She was very pretty and had a long mane. She wasn't groomed very well but her coat was very shiny and her hooves were well-trimmed. As soon as Amy saw her she knew that she had to buy her. She would continue anyways.
"Can I see her move?" asked Amy

"Yep" he said as he climbed down. He came up behind the mare and sent her trotting around the round pen. He waited until he walked and then said "tell me what pace you want"

"trot" said Amy and the man urged the horse faster. "Now extend it". The man urged the horse to go even fast and the horse sprang into a high stepping extended trot with her tail in the air. Wow Amy thought. "Canter now" and she watched the mare move into a speedy canter. She was really able to throw herself onto her haunches.

"Thank you" said Amy "Can I ride her?"

"Sure thing, but I don't have an English saddle" replied the man.

"It's okay, I brought one", said Amy. She had brought her old dressage saddle. She went to the car and got it and then tacked up the well-behaved mare in the round pen while the man held her. She accepted the bit with little fuss and didn't mind the girth being tightened. Amy put on a helmet and mounted the mare. She started off at a walk, going left. Amy didn’t care about her training. She already loved the little horse.

The mare didn't understand the bit very well and wouldn't go on the bit but Amy loved was ready to train her. Amy squeezed her up into a trot. The mare was sensitive to aids, Amy liked that. "Has she cantered yet?" asked Amy.

"A little bit" said the man, "It's safe"

Amy made a kissing noise and the mare sped up into a fast canter. She needed to work on balance. The canter was nice and smooth and Amy liked it. She dismounted and said "I'll buy her". Amy was in love with mare.

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Chapter Three:
“My stable is only five minutes away could you trailer her there for me for fifty dollars? “

"Sure thing said the man" as Amy handed him a check of three hundred dollars. They loaded the mare easily into the trailer and brought her to the stable. The man quickly left after dropping her off saying "If you have any problems, please call me, I want her in a good home". Amy was happy this mare had had a nice owner; it meant the mare would not have trust issues. This was going to be a surprise to Amy's trainer; Amy was excited to see Sandra's reaction.

"WHAT IS THAT THING???" Yelled Sandra.

"It's my new horse" sad Amy angrily .

"No, it's not. If you want to get anywhere you need a dressage horse, not a cheap mix breed", Sandra replied.

"She has very nice movement and a lovely personality", said Amy. She and the mare had formed an instant bond.

"Okay then, let's see you half pass down the diagonal" replied her trainer.

"She's green" said Amy, "I'm going to start more training tomorrow.

"Well then you better find a new stable by tomorrow" said Sandra.

"WHAT?" said Amy. "Can't I pick my own horse?"

"Not when you are a student at this stable”, Sandra said arrogantly.

"But I can train her into a good dressage horse!" Amy cried out.

"No, you can't, now go return that ugly horse" said Sandra as she laughed at Amy.

"I'm leaving!" Yelled Amy. She called John; his number was on her phone. "Hi John, they won't let me keep this horse here, can I keep her and ride her at your ranch?
"I'm sorry to hear that Amy! Yes I'll let you keep her here, I'll be there in a few minutes", Replied John. So far he had been very nice to Amy.

Amy was so happy that John was so nice. When John arrived she loaded “Sprite” into the trailer and then grabbed all her tack and equipment and loaded it into the truck.

"SEE YOU AT THE NEXT SHOW" called Sandra after her. She was being very rude.

Amy drove behind the trailer on the way to the ranch and when she got there she said "Thank you so so so much John, I can't wait to meet the new people at your ranch. What are your facilities like?"

" We have a large indoor arena and an indoor round pen. We also have seventeen indoor stalls, a feed room, a bathroom, a wash rack and two cross ties"

"well, it isn't as small as I you have other boarders"

"Yes, we have a reining instructor too. Indoor board in $275 per month and outdoor board is $175 per month."

"I'll take indoor board, and can I hire my own dressage trainer?"

"Yes, for sure! As long as they treat people better than those other people" he said.

"Oh, I'll make sure of that", said Amy,“I was getting tired of them, this was a good excuse to leave".

Amy was going to prove Sandra wrong. She decided not to get a trainer, but go to clinics. She had already broken a few horses and worked green horses up to higher levels.

Amy loved the look in the mare’s eyes, she could tell the mare had a heart. She was well built and muscular and seemed at peace. She obviously had good ground manners already. The first time the mare looked at her, Amy knew she was going to buy her. She was the most beautiful grulla Amy had ever seen.

Chapter Four:

The next day Amy started a six day per week training schedule. She decided to lunge her two days per week and ride her four days per week. But she would always lunge her before she rode her. Today, she was going to do a one hour session as an assessment. She took the mare out of the stall she was put in for the night and brought her into the cross ties. Amy didn't like the name "Sprite" and decided to call her "Elara" and nicknamed her "Ellie". Ellie picked up her feet nicely and stood still while Amy groomed her, Amy was happy with her purchase. She walked into the tack room and grabbed her dressage saddle, flash bridle, slide reins, draw reins, lunge line, lunge whip and an old pair of protective boots. She tacked up the mare and led her to the large, sixty foot round pen. Then she tightened the slide reins and sent the little mare out on a circle around her. Ellie tried to fight; she wasn't used to having her head down so Amy loosened the reins. The mare relaxed a little and walked around her in a circle.

"Good girl" said Amy and within a few minutes the mare was completely relaxed with her head farther in. Amy tightened the reins and sent her out again. Elli was now more comfortable with them and accepted the bit, putting her head down. "That's a good girl" said Amy as she flicked the whip behind the mare. Elli moved into a smooth, easy trot to the right. Amy really liked how smart and willing Elli was, that makes a good dressage prospect. Amy brought the mare in again and tightened the reins even more. Elli curled her neck and accepted what was asked of her and moved around Amy at a walk. Amy flicked the whip and asked for a forward trot, and then an extended trot. The mare had beautiful movement. She asked for the canter and the mare moved into the canter, but then broke into a trot. She wasn't yet ready to canter with her head in. Amy took off the slide reins and put on the draw reins, then mounted her. She gently sponged the reins and asked for Ellie's head to go down. Ellie threw her head in the air and backed up and Amy flicked her butt with her dressage whip and kicked her forward, bending her to the inside. The mare gave in and put her head in. "That's a good girl" said Amy as she released. She walked on and the mare kept her head in. "Gooooooood girl Elli". Amy didn't want to ride past the walk yet so she did a few circles and then dismounted. That was a very good session. Amy un tacked her and returned her to her pasture. Then she went to the store and bought Elara some new equipment: a leather halter, a lead rope, a purple saddle pad, bell boots, jumping boots, and a full cheek snaffle.

The next part of the story will be a training journal

Day 2: I lunged Elara today. She accepted the bit very well and did walk, trot and canter. She was more relaxed at the start today. I worked on getting her more balanced and relaxed today.

Day 3: I lunged her and then rode her today. On the lunge I worked a lot on transitions and tried to get her working more forward now that she is much more relaxed. I only walked today again. I worked on bending- I did lots of circles

Day 4: It was another riding day. When I lunged her she was amazing and is listening to voice commands really well. I again worked on transitions. I only rode her at the walk today again for about ten minutes. I worked on transitions from backing up, stopping, and walking.

Day 5: I worked on the ground only today. Her transitions and voice cues are coming along nicely. I started to work on moving off of pressure. I just got her to move over off of pressure, it didn't seem new to her so I started side passing and she did great. I also did backing up. She will side pass very well and move off a flick of the whip going forward.

Day 6: Today was a riding day. On the ground before riding, I did moving off pressure and transitions again and she aced it, then I added the trot into riding. She barely needs the draw reins in the walk but they help in the trot. Her trot is very smooth. After a few minutes of trotting, I didn't really need the draw reins. I did moving off pressure while on her back so she will move forward and sideways off of pressure.

Skip to day 20: Today was a riding day. I did walk, trot and canter working a lot on bend and forwardness. I asked for different speeds at the trot and walk and for twenty meter circles at the canter. I did stop to trot and walk to canter transitions which she was awesome at. I did some leg yielding and ten meter circles at the trot.

Skip to day 35: Today I worked a lot on the canter. I worked on getting her back on her haunches to slow down and come back into my hands. I did smaller circles and asked for simple changes. At the trot I did some serpentines and ten meter circles and at the walk I worked on leg yielding and shoulder in.

Skip to day 45: Today I worked on leg yielding at the walk and trot

Skip to day 60: It is two months into training now! Elara is doing amazing! She now does walk, trot and canter. She can do leg yielding and shoulder in at the walk, ten meter circles, collection and extension in the trot and has a very balanced canter that I can extend and can do simple changes.

Skip to day 90:
This was the last day of our "official training". Ellie is now a level one dressage horse starting level two! I am working on shoulder in and leg yielding but most of all: collection. Our first show is tomorrow and to be safe I am doing level 1

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Chapter Five:

Amy unloaded Elara from John's trailer and walked her to her show-stall. Beside the mare's stall, Amy had rented a stall to put tack in. She put shavings in Elli's stall and then put her in. The mare was somewhat nervous but then settled down and ate her hay. The show started the next day. Amy got all her clean tack ready for the next day and laid out all the grooming tools she would us. She had roached Elara's mane so she didn't need to braid it. She put a make-shift change room in her tack stall and hung her show cloths up for the next day and if half an hour she all ready for the show with the help of her groom, Sara. Sara was a friend from school who had experience with horses. She left the mare and went to the show office and got her number, then went home.

She came to the show grounds early in the morning, at six thirty and groomed her mare for the show. She bushed out her tail which was braided overnight and she sprayed her with show sheen. Then she took out her clippers and did last minute touch ups as well as polishing her hooves. She put a surcingle and slide reins on Elara and brought her to one of the warm up arenas. There was only one other horse in the warm up ring. She lunged the mare for fifteen minutes to get her calm and focused. Then she walked her around the show grounds for about forty-five minutes to get her used it.

Amy's first class was at ten-o'clock, she had lots of time so she focused on relaxing Elara. She let Elara graze a little bit and gave her some water. At eight fifteen she started to get ready. She dressed in her show cloths and put on her shiny, tall boots. Then she and Sara groomed Elara one last time and put some more show sheen on her. They tacked her up and then Amy brought her to the warm up ring. She lunged her again for fifteen minutes and then got on. She practiced the movements on the test and got Elli moving relaxed and supple on the bit. She did lots of circles, leg yielding, extending, and free walking. She gave her a thirty minute break until it was 9:20 and then she worked her for another fifteen minutes to get her relaxed, and ready to do the test. She was called to ride first. She heard her class called to the ring and she rode to it. She waited for ten minutes and then heard the bell. She trotted in and halted at X and then continued her test. She finished, quite happy even though she had a few mistakes. She ended up with a 55.75% and placed fifth. Amy was very happy with that. She had her second class in thirty minutes in a different ring. It was another first level test. She also had one in the afternoon and then two in the morning the next day. They were all tests, she wasn't going to do any freestyles until the next show.

She placed fourth in her next class and fifth in her afternoon class. The next day, in her first classed she placed sixth and then placed third in her last class. Elara was doing very well and Amy had another show the next weekend.

Amy was happy and tired at the end of the show. She packed up all her stuff and loaded it into John's trailer to bring Elara home. The mare had been calm the whole time; you wouldn't think it was her first show. At the next show, she was going to compete in the five -year-old division and at first level.

Chapter Six:

Amy gave Amy a break day after the show but went out to visit her. She went into Elli's large, grassy paddock. There were trees in the far right corner with full green foliage that gave shade to Ellie. Amy saw the mare standing under the trees eating grass. Her grulla coat was shiny and her tail was full and curly; she had a roached mane. She stood silently at the gate and watched her mare eat peacefully. The mare had a very well-muscled neck and back now from all her training. She didn't look full mustang to Amy, she was going to ask John about that. She also had too much fetlock to be full mustang-Amy had to keep clipping it off. It was fairly early in the morning so the sun wasn't high in the sky and it was cool. The fences of the ranch were wood, which Amy liked. Love filled Amy, she felt she had chosen the perfect horse. She walked over to Elara and she looked up, chomping on some grass. She gave a quiet nicker and continued eating. Amy brushed her hand along her smooth coat. The mare snorted, she was content. It was moments like this that Amy loved best. As she stood there, the question hit her: Why do I compete with her in dressage? Why do I compete in dressage? What is the point? Amy thought about this. I do it because I want to show people that I can do what though? Be better than them? I only started because Sandra made me, it was at that stable I lost that love for riding. Maybe I don't want to compete. I know how good we can be and I want to prove to Sandra that Elara doesn't suck. But what do I want to do? I want to just be with Elara, treat her fairly, communicate with her...naturally. Do I want to do natural horsemanship? No, not really, I want to ride her. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa! I know!!! It was something Amy never realized before.
Amy did not want to do competitive dressage anymore. She knew she could bring Elara to higher levels and she didn't want to do something just to spite Sandra; she wanted to do what she really wanted to do: classical dressage. Amy did not know of any classical dressage trainers in Alberta, never mind Canada; or even in North America. Maybe she could go to a few clinics if any trainers came near. It would have to be a learning experience for both her and Elara.

“We’re gunna try something new Ellie” said Amy. “Now I’m going to go ask John your real breed.”

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Chapter Seven:

Amy walked over the the ranch house where John was. She knocked on the door and John answered.

“Oh, Hi Amy!” he said

“Hi John, can I talk to you about Elara? She asked.

“Ya, sure come on it” He replied, quite confused by this. Amy walked into the small living room and sat down on the couch. “So what is it you would like to know?” he asked.

“Is Elara full mustang?” she asked.

“I’m not sure, it’s what she looks like to me, but I’m no specialist on breeds. I thought that brand she had was a mustang brand” said John.
“Where did you get her?” asked Amy, she was now more convinced that Elara wasn’t a mustang at all.

“I got her at an auction for $200 along with a gelding last year” he said.

“So there isn’t really a way to find out, unless that brand can tell us, do you know anyone who knows a lot about branding?” she asked.

“Yes, I’ll call him up right now, he lives only ten minutes away” Said John as he grabbed the phone. As he was dialling the number he said to Amy “I never though of checking into her breed”. He called his friend Doug Millar to come over and in a few minutes he was driving up the drive way. He was in an old, green pick up truck that he had to slam the door to close.

“Hey John!” he said.

“Hey Doug, Amy’s just gone to get her horse, we’d like you to have a look at her brand”Said John.

“Well I sure do know a lot about brands” he replied.

Amy brought her mare over and introduced herself. Then Doug looked at the brand for a good two minutes, as if he was trying to remember something.

He said “Why Amy, you’ve got yourself a fine horse. She’s got Spanish bloodlines straight from Spain. She may only be half, but she looks full Andalusian to me. I’d say she’s registered full andalusian. She’s worth over twenty thousand dollars, this brand is from one of the best breeders in Spain. “ said John.

“But I thought that andalusians didn’t come in Grulla” said amy

“She is no grulla, she is grey. She has no dorsal stripe and her ears are light” said Doug. “How did you get your hands on her John?.

John was staring at Doug with his mouth gaping open is surprise. “Well I-I g-got her at an auction for two hundred dollars”

“Ya cudda made lotsa money of this one. Amy you’re very lucky to have this horse”. Said Doug

When Amy got home she told her parents about the news and that she was going to do Classical dressage and that it was perfect. She was overjoyed and exited. As she was telling them in the living room she saw that something was wrong. They were just looking at her and as she looked at them she saw them look down.

“What’s wrong?” Amy asked. She was very alarmed. “Mom, Dad what’s wrong??”
“We are very disappointed in you Amy. How could you take advantage of John like that? We could have paid full price for that horse. He just called and told use about this little scheme you had to get her for such a low price”

“What???” yelled Amy. “I Bought her thinking she was a poorly bred mustang! I still have the ad with me. I’ll go get it”

She went to the room and got the ad and showed it to her parents and said “I seriously thought she was a mustang. John is the one who is lying, he just wants the money from this mare because he wasn’t smart enough to check her brand. If I could afford her why wouldn’t I pay for it? You trust me more than that..don’t you?”

“Amy” said her mom, “we believe you, I’m sorry we doubted you. I see what is going on now and I want you and your horse to move stables immediately”.

Amy was both angry and relieved. She was glad her parents believed her but she couldn’t believe what John was doing.

“I’ll go look at some stables right now” said Amy.

Chapter Eight:

Amy searched for stables in her area, hopefully one that was still close to home. She was on her laptop in her bedroom. She found a few stables that she liked called Stony Brook Farms and Pine Ridge Stables. She had already heard about these stables, they were quite nice but they were really big, lesson stables that were farther north near the city. She really liked small private stables. Amy lived out of the city in a very large house and she had acres and acres of land. That was when the thought hit her, why shouldn’t she just keep the mare on her land. She could buy a few retired horses and keep them as buddies for Elara, or maybe even another horse to train-maybe a few rescues.

She jumped up from her chair and yelled “MOM! DAD! Can I keep her here?”

“What is that stable called?” Her mom replied from the kitchen.

“No, HERE, on our property!”, said Amy and she ran into the Kitchen.

“Possibly. But who would take care of her?” asked her mom

“I would mom, pleeeeease”. Said Amy. She was almost unable to control herself.

“You will pick up poop in the pastures and much stalls for an hour every day, and feed them, and water them, and groom them, and repair things?” he mom asked.

“Well…couldn’t we hire a stable hand or something just to do the barn chores? I would help, and do all the grooming and exercising. You know we can afford it.”

“Okay, I think that is the safest idea. I’m tired of some of these people in the horse industry. But where will she live until we build a barn? And where will you ride until we build a riding arena?” her mother exclaimed.

“Well, for now, as it is an emergency we just need fence panels to make a small pen and just buy some hay, grain and a water tub .I can just ride her in the open for now too.” Said Amy.

“That sounds okay. But she can’t live alone, can she?” her mother asked.

“She’ll be fine for a few days, I’ll find another horse or pony right now online” said Amy happily.

“Why don’t you buy another training project?” her mother asked

“I’m going to buy a retired horse first and then once everything is built, I’ll think about getting more horses”. Said Amy who was now about to jump out of her skin.

“Good idea, now we’ll have builders start next week. Go make a layout of the stable and paddocks. You’ll need an indoor arena”, her mom said.

“Oh, thank you thank you thank you mom,” Said Amy as she ran back to her room.

“I’ll order some panels and a trailer to pick up your horse”, Amy’s mother called after her.

That evening, Amy and her dad set up the fence panels to make a small pen. Elara was waiting patiently in a rented horse trailer (they decided to buy one of their own after that). They bought ten bails of hay and a bag of oats and a bag of beat pulp. Amy contacted her farrier and vet and told them about her new location. Amy had taken all her tack and equipment back to her house when she took Elara. She let the mare loose in her new, make-shift pen and gave her some hay. They had built the pen under a patch of trees so the mare had some shelter. Amy was overjoyed to have her at her house. The next day, a larger horse paddock was going to be built so she could go buy a retired horse and give Elara. Elara was being very good, she wasn’t too happy about being alone and let out a few whinnies. Soon she had settled and was eating her dinner.

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OOPS! double post sorry!

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