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        12-22-2009, 11:00 PM
    Green Broke
    -------- Kyle

    Watching Amora practically run into her room I knew something was wrong. I untangled myself from Isaac who shot me a dirty look. I assured him that I'd be back as I entered her room. She was sitting on her bed, her face red and puffy. I sat on her chair and tried to talk to her. She wouldn't look me in the eye and kept avoiding my questions. It was so frustrating that she was being so stubborn. I wanted to know what the problem was. I wanted to know if her tear streaked face was my fault. I heard Isaac coughing in the living room. For a second I debated whether to stay and continue to talk to her. I could see that she had had enough for one day so I decided to try again later. Walking back into the living room I shot a dirty look at Isaac.

    “What is her problem?” He asked, ignoring the look.

    “I don't know.” I replied.

    “She break up with her boyfriend?” He asked, sarcastically.

    I swallowed. “If she told me something then I'd know.”

    Isaac looked at me. “Okay, attitude.”
    Slowly I worked myself into a comfortable spot on the couch. What was Amora's problem? Why was she so upset? I couldn't stop thinking about it. Several times I tried to finish watching the movie we had started but I couldn't stop thinking. Somewhere between being awake and falling asleep the phone started ringing. I fumbled over the back of the couch for it and pressed the talk button.

    “Hello.” I grumbled into the phone.
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        12-22-2009, 11:01 PM
    Green Broke
    “Hey........Kyle?” The voice replied. The voice woke me up, it sounded familiar.

    “Who is this?” I questioned the voice.

    “It's Eric.” He replied.

    I sat up. “What do you want?”

    “Where is Amora?” He asked.

    I was suddenly confused and it took a minute for me to answer. “Hold on.”

    I walked into her room, didn't even knock. She was lying across her bed with all of her clothes still on. One of her hands neatly tucked under head, which was hanging partly off the bed. Shouting her name I handed the phone to her. Not even giving her time to wake up all the way. I wanted to know why Eric was calling her. I stood there watching her. Not even pretending to want to leave. This was the same Eric that used to be my best friend. That was until news spread that I was with Isaac. I didn't even know that Eric and Amora were talking.

    When I realized that she had missed a date with him I almost grabbed the phone and told him that she couldn't go. But who was I to mess with her dating life.. She looked up at me like she was asking my permission. My permission to reschedule her date, mine? I couldn't think straight. She hung up the phone and looked at me. At first I wanted to scream at her WHY HIM!? But I couldn't let my emotions get the better of me. Teasingly I grabbed the phone from her, threatening to call him back. She tumbled over me as she tried to get it back. I caught the lining of her jacket pocket and everything flew out. Something white hit the floor and Amora immediately tried to hide it. Whatever that was couldn't have been worse than the pack of condoms that landed right in front of me. I picked them up and starred at them.

    We didn't use condoms because she was on birth control. That could only mean........My heart started to thump. I glared at her. There was no way that Eric and Amora were sleeping together. No way. No matter how confused I was I couldn't lose her to somebody like him. Eric was the type of guy who kept a check list on girls he wanted to sleep with. We used to bet how long it'd take him to get someone in bed with him.

    I almost felt like crying. Her name escaped my lips, but I didn't know what to say to her. The tension was broken when we both heard Isaac call my name in the living room. I had forgotten that he was still on the the living room. Relieved I walked out of her bedroom.

    “Did you forget I was in here?” He paused. “Or were you guys doing something?”

    “Shut up.” I replied.
    He narrowed his eyes.

    “Isaac, I have to talk to her about something. I think you should just go home.” I informed him.

    He must of thought we were arguing because he shrugged and gathered his stuff up. He quietly kissed me on the cheek before leaving. Silently I walked over to Amora's bedroom and gently knocked.
        12-22-2009, 11:02 PM
    Green Broke
    “What?” She growled as I came in.

    “Amora...I thought Eric and you were just friends?” I asked quietly.

    “Why does it matter what we are?” She said flatly.

    “It doesn't....I just thought.”

    She cut me off. “You thought what? I'd stick around forever waiting for you decide what you want to do? Did you think other guys didn't know I existed?”

    “No, I just thought we'd be...I didn't think we would end.” I sighed.

    “We didn't end because of Isaac.”

    “That is different. Isaac is...” I stopped, registering that it wasn't, like a naive little puppy. “We.... you and me are so good together.”

    “It doesn't matter how good we are together.” She mumbled, as she walked to her dresser.

    “Yes it does. It matters to me.” I whispered. “How long have you guys.......”

    “I haven't!” She sobbed, showing the hurt on her face. “I haven't done anything with him yet! Are you happy now?”

    I felt like I had been smacked. “But you were going to?”

    “I didn't know if I could. The condoms were....are just in case.”She replied. “Why does it matter to you? Kyle? You have Isaac. Why can't I have someone else?”

    “Because....” I bit my lip. “because I still love you. I just don't know what I want anymore.”

    I starred at her as she stood by her dresser. She was hurting and I knew it, though I didn't know why. She had told me that she hadn't slept with Eric..yet. That should have been good news...instead it just confused me. If she had the condoms in her pocket and they were meant for that date then she intended to sleep with him. All of the feelings of possession came through. I wanted her with me more than ever. Maybe I was being selfish. Maybe I knew what I wanted all along. Why did it have to be so confusing? She was so good to me. At that point I had to have her. When I did it felt so good. Better than it had in a long time.

    I lay next to her in bed running my fingers through her hair. I started thinking about all that had happened. The questions started running through my head again. Why had she been crying? It couldn't have been because of Eric. Suddenly a thought came to me. I looked over at her desk and saw the pack of tampons that I had bought for her last month. Gently I lifted her off my chest and reached over for them. They were still unopened. My mind raced over the last month but I couldn't remember when her last period was. Fear ran up my spine as I thought about it all. Maybe....maybe Amora was pregnant?
        01-12-2010, 06:26 PM
    Keep it going! I LOVE it!!
        01-12-2010, 07:04 PM
    Green Broke
    If you want I can PM you the rest of what I have so far. It was explained to me by an agent that I shouldn't publicly post this if I want to publish it. But I can ask you to critique it via e-mail. Weird, I know, but I want to stay on his good side so I have to listen to him : ).
        01-13-2010, 12:25 AM
    You have a very nice qriting style, I too would enjoy reading the rest if you don't mind
        01-13-2010, 12:37 AM
    Oh yes! Send it to me! I probably will only help spell check and punctuation wise because I like it and I wouldn't want to change anything to make it stink but send away!
        01-15-2010, 12:08 PM
    Super Moderator
    I really like it. It's not a topic I've ever read before but I'm really enjoying it.
        01-15-2010, 06:45 PM
    Green Broke
    Anyone who wants to read the rest of what I have so far can just pm me their e-mail : )
        02-08-2010, 07:01 PM
    Anymore recent stuff?

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