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Northern Star

I'm in the writing mood so I thought I'd write a story and share it with you all! I'll post more chapters if the story is liked. :) Enjoy!



Feels Like Goodbye

Sunset cantered across the meadow, flexing his head back to look at the two colts he'd left behind in his dust. The buckskin colt was almost two years old and enjoyed every minute he had with his family herd. He kept running, knowing he could easily win the race. He was the fastest horse in the whole herd - well, second fastest. He knew his sire, Java, the lead of the herd, was faster than him.

Sunset slowed down to a trot, it was no fun if there were no horses as fast as him to race against. He looked back expecting to see the bay and sorrel colts that were once there, but they were gone. He lifted his head with surprise. Where had they gone? I was probably going too fast, dang. He thought, turning around and walking back to the herd.

As he got closer to the bunch of mustangs, he heard a commotions and realized the mare and foals were gathered together. Sunset halted when he saw a dapple grey colt canter away from the herd. He was shocked when he saw Java running after the colt with his head forward and his ears laid back. Isn't it the lead mare's job to punish bad colts? He wondered but saw that Mistral, the lead mare, standing with the other mares watching the scene.

Sunset came closer. "What's going on?" He asked his dam who stood next to her four month old, palomino filly: Desert.

Scarlett turned her head to her son. "It's time for Aztec to go begin his own herd." She explained to him, with a pained look in her eye.

Sunset understood now. When a colt reached a certain age, they were driven from the herd to go start their own. Everybody was sadden to see a member leave. Sunset sighed. Java continued to chase after Aztec, nipping his flank to make sure the colt went. "Get out of here and don't come back." Java seemed to say as he bit Aztec.

The colt neighed and kicked his back legs at Java before he disappeared in the woods. Java slid to a halt and stared into the woods for a long time. Everybody watched him. Finally Java turned and joined his herd, everybody went back to grazing but there was an uncomfortable silence.


A month later, Sunset was frolicking with another colt - Ash. He was a sooty gray colt with a star and snip. Sunset nickered at him and started to chase after him. Ash neighed, his eyes wide as he dashed out of the way. Sunset stopped. I wasn't that pushy! He said and then heard hoof beats behind him.

Java galloped up to him, his ears laid back and his teeth bared. Sunset's eyes widened he bolted out of the way and cantered over to the herd. He looked behind him, Java came after him! Sunset squealed and bucked when Java got to close.

"Stop it! What are you doing? Stop, Java, stop!" Sunset pleaded.

The large black stallion chased Sunset around in circles. Sunset never felt so tired from running in his life. "Java, stop! I'm tired." Sunset nickered, slowing down.

Java trotted up to him and reared. "Get out now! Get!" He raged, his hooves threatened to come down on Sunset.

Sunset gasped and jumped away. "I don't want to leave." He replied, running forward again. He could see all the mares and foals watching him and Java. The chase went on for a few more minutes before Sunset fled into the woods. He went as far in it as he dared before stopping and staying quiet. The moment of waiting was pure agony, he knew Java would be there waiting and listening, making sure he was gone for good, just like Aztec.

Finally Sunset walked through the woods. He came back to the meadow and saw the herd grazing, Java circled around him. Sunset walked out of the trees. His mother was the first to see him. She nickered and Sunset responded. Java stopped and noticed him. He screamed and tore across the meadow. Sunset turned and started to ran, but not before Java came and gave him a bite to remember on his hindquarters.

Sunset cantered through the forest, he didn't stop until he tripped over a tree root and came crashing to the ground. He felt his heart pounding inside of him. Once he recovered, he looked around. Everything was so quiet. He never felt more alone in his life.
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I liked it please post more!

A horse is a mirror to your soul. And sometimes you may not like what you see. - Buck Brannaman
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Thanks! Here's Chapter Two in a different perspective...


Who Knew Birds Were So Scary?

"Come on Rayne, the watering place is not far." Gem said to her one year old filly.

Rayne groaned. "Mother, we've been walking for ages! You say it's not far and then we go far and nothing." She said, slowing her pace.

Gem sighed. "Well if you want to survive then we'll have to keep walking. We make this trip every time the creek where we stay runs dry." Gem reminded her, knowing she had taken this trip before as a young foal.

Rayne sighed and flicked her short black tail. She looked in front of her at the other mares and foals who trudged behind Brisa, the lead mare. Rayne knew the whole herd trusted the mare to lead them to water. Rayne reminded herself she never wanted to be lead mare, it seemed like too much of a burden. She looked over her shoulder at the large black stallion that walked behind the group, making sure everybody kept going. Rayne shuddered, she didn't want to be nipped by Cadillac if we lagged behind.

The bay filly sighed and walked beside her mother. She hung her head and wished they would at least stop to rest for a few minutes. It was tiring. After a few more hours of walking, Brisa neighed. Rayne swung her head up and was very pleased to see the sun glittering on the gentle waves of a pond. Rayne ran forward, glad to have made it. But Brisa cut her off, pinning her ears and snapping at her. Rayne clacked her teeth as she backed away.

"Foolish foal," Brisa snapped. "You could've gotten yourself killed by Thunder Cloud." She nodded towards the sorrel stallion with his herd by the water.

Rayne gazed at them. They didn't seem to notice the new herd. Cadillac sauntered up to the front of the group. He stared at the other herd before signaling to his mares to follow him around to the other side. The other herd looked up. Cadillac acknowledged Thunder Cloud but his hard look reminded the younger stallion to stay away.

The tired and thirsty herd ran up to the water and drank heavily. Cadillac waited his turn patiently, keeping an eye on Thunder Cloud's herd. Rayne pawed at the water, sending some flying everywhere. She settled down and drank until she was full and then went to lie down.

She was peacefully sleeping when she heard the call of warning. She scrambled to her feet. The herd was looking up at the sky. Rayne trotted over to her mother and looked too. There was a bird flying in circles in the sky. It had a round body and a skinny tail. On top of its head were what looked like very tiny wings spinning around fast. The bird made a rumbling noise. Rayne trembled.

Suddenly, the bird dove down towards them. "Run!" Brisa yelled and the herd scattered. The bird chased after them. Rayne's heart pounded. She was so frightened she ran and ran, not caring where she was going. She looked behind her, still hearing the loud noise from the bird.

She ran and ran until her legs were too tired to carry her. She stopped and looked around. Everything was quiet. The strange bird was gone. And so was her family.
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This is really good! Please post the rest before i go crazy! Ahah :)
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So sorry for a huge amount of nothing going on here! Been busy and so much has happened but I.will get a chapter 3 up ASAP. What do you think, Sunset or Rayne POV?
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The silence was pure torture. Rayne steadily walked up a steep hill, moving around large boulders. She.made it to the top and looked at the world expanding around her. She awed at it before getting serious. She scanned the open land for other horses or possibly her family but it was empty. The sky lacked the big bird that she blamed for getting her lost.

Rayne sighed and bent her legs, lowering herself to the ground. She laid her head on the ground, staring at the sky. "Where are you guys?" She asked. "Come back for me."

She thought her wish came true when she heard something rustle close by. Rayne scrambled to her feet and watched with bright eyes as three brown animals emerged from the trees. They.saw her and fled. Rayne ran too. She knew they were deer but she'd seen them fight each other before and didn't want to be an opponent.

She cantered along the ridge and slowly made her way down. A bird flying out of a tree spooked her into galloping. She dodged trees and rocks. The forest stopped and Rayne ran across and open meadow. She saw no other animals.

Then she was flung to the ground. She was too exhausted to make an effort to get up. Nothing hurt her next so she guessed she just tripped.

Rayne rested her head on the grass. The world seemed so big and the possibility of finding her family was hopeless.
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I love! Keep going! I think your my favorite auther
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Chapter 4


Why me? Why'd I have to be sent away like they didn't want me? Sunset wondered as he slowly traveled across a steep hill. He'd thought about returning to his herd again but the message Java sent was clear. Besides, their scent had vanished. He could only smell fresh air, the recent scent of a fox, and coyote left-behinds.

The buckskin colt lowered his head close to the ground. There was hardly any grass and he could tell the air was getting colder. He remembered how it felt moons before the snow came. The air started getting cold and his coat got fuzzy and the shine disappeared. He looked at his side, no extra hair yet. Good. He'd never survived Winter without his family but his mother had taught him all he needed to know.

Sunset picked up the pace, getting thirsty. He walked for several miles before he caught sight of a watering hole. He cantered towards it but circled around to slow himself when he saw three other horses. He stopped at stared at them. It was a small herd. He sniffed. They were all stallions. Bachelors, his mother had told him when they saw one when Sunset was a foal.

They looked up and watched as he approached the water and hesitantly started drinking.

"This is our hole." One of them, a tall black stallion, said.

"I just need a drink and I'll be on my way." Sunset insisted, stepping back.

"Go find your own." The black one snorted.

"Twister, be nice." The smallest stallion, a sorrel, hissed. "Don't mind him, he's been a grouch ever since he left his herd." He turned his attention to Sunset.

"I'm Sunset." Sunset replied.

"Runo." The sorrel said. "That's Twister, we came from the same herd. "This is Delgado." He turned his head to the third stallion, he was a paint but his face was all brown except for a blaze and he had one blue eye and one brown eye.

Sunset studied the others, noticing Runo had a sliver of white on one leg. Twister was fully black but his mane was long.

"We're going to find a herd and steal some mares." Delgado told him. "Want to join us?"

Sunset agreed and spent that whole winter with them.
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Come on!!!! Don't do that! Rayne and sunset need to find each other!
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Chapter 5

A Friend Indeed

Rayne sighed. Her legs ached from walking but everything around her reminded her of the bird, like it was watching her and getting ready to swoop down any moment now and eat her. Like it did her family. She didn't know if she'd ever escape it. No matter how far she walked.

She'd spent the winter alone. Walking until she found a watering hole and stayed there for a few days before moving on when she saw a group of unfamiliar horses come into view. There were four and she could tell they were stallions. They all looked big. She'd scrambled away before they saw her. There was a big black one that led the group, a pinto, a buckskin, and a sorrel that was a lot smaller than the rest.

Still Rayne had avoided them. They didn't look welcoming. She found another watering hole and scraped at the ground nearby it, revealing very little grass but she appreciated it. Soon Winter past and she greeted the warmth of spring joyfully. The thought of the big bird hardly ever came, except when she saw crows flying in circles in the sky.

Rayne spent half an hour eating a patch of grass until she was full, winter was hard but she had survived it. She heard a bird cry and looked up to see a hawk swooping towards her, she saw his long sharp claws sticking out. She neighed and ran, looking back to see it had landed on the ground not far from where she once was, in his claws was a small animal. Glad it wasn't me. She thought and trotted away.

She walked down a hill where she was met by a cluster of rocks that had probably fallen from somewhere. She walked around them but suddenly tripped. "Ahh!" She cried, falling forward into a heap. She felt a pain in her leg and quickly tried to stand but her back leg hurt, not too bad. She craned her head and noticed there was blood trickling down.

"I hurt you! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you! Don't hurt me!"

Rayne almost fled but curiosity made her stay and look to see another horse standing there. She looked panicking and afraid. Rayne guessed she was only about a year old, maybe younger than that. She was bay with a crooked blaze and socks on all four legs.

"I won't hurt you. I didn't see you there." Rayne said. "I'm Rayne."

"Esme." The filly replied timidly.

"What are you doing out here all alone?" Rayne asked.

"I got separated from my family." Esme said. "A horrible bird came."

Rayne froze, remembering the sound and image of the bird that took her family too. "A bird came and took my family too." She finally said.

"Oh." Esme lowered her head and sighed.

"Come on, we better go." Rayne said.

Esme perked up. "Why?"

"I don't know. My family was always on the move, we need to find water too." Rayne told her. "Let's go." They both started walking.

Keep going, keep moving forward. You'll get it together someday.
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