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Overall worst experience involving a horse?

You could've been on the horse, watching another person, on the ground with your horse, lunging your horse, ect.. but what was the worst thing you'ved watched/experience dealing with a horse?

This summer, my lesson was riding in the small ring. A friend of mine, Amelia, was riding Freddie. He was a huge appaloosa gelding, six years old, VERY clutzy, and fast as could be. She was cantering him around a corner and all of a sudden, he slipped to the side.
He came crashing down adn when Amelia stood up from her fall, she walked directly away from him! Freddie was her baby and she would've normally gone to him right away.. it wasn't like he'd gone anywhere, he stood up right next to her. Our instructor told her to lie down and almost immediatly, she collasped. I was freaking out- we were pretty close and she loved horses.. all I could think about was 1) she was hurt badly and 2) she might never want to ride again.
Amazingly, another instructor came to check out the situation and asked her if she could walk. She did, and a few minutes later mounted up on Freddie again. She even cantered and jumped the same day!
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My worst experience was at a Mounted games squad training day. In mounted Games you do whats called 'changeovers', where you pass an item (ball, sock, flag, stick etc) from the incoming rider to the outgoing rider at a gallop.

I was the incoming rider and was changing over with a good friend of mine, Matt. We all swap horses at squad, and he was riding another friends little buckskin mare. Very experienced games pony but gets a bit antsy on the start line.

Well as I was riding in Bailey (the mare matt was on) started freaking out, she reared up and fell over backwars/sideways on top of Matt while I was about 1.30m away. You know how the shoulder is a ball and socket joint? Well he snapped the ball part off the bone. He had to go to hospital in the ambo and get it wired together. He had two bits of wire sticking out of his skin for about a month... Ew!

He healed ok though, and is back to riding games.

Another one; At our zone SJ comp a horse threw it's rider in the warm up area and bolted, and ran over a lady sitting on the sidelines. It stood on her face and broke a bunch of bones... Ugh.

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i have had quite a few.......
I found my sister laying in our neighbors pasture with her horse standing over her. Both were covered in blood. Vanessa(sister) had a concussion and a broken leg. Chic (gelding) had a huge flap of skin hanging from his chest. No one know exactly what happened. They both recovered and kept riding.

I was riding my gelding Dandy, who was abused before we got him and is quite spooky. Normally he does ok when your on him and only acts up when you mount. Well i was riding bareback and he got spooked by a rope. i remember him bucking and me landing on my butt. i then stood up and passed out. sometime later I walked into the house covered in blood and told my mom to get the horse. i cleaned up and layed on the floor. I messed my back up really bad and couldnt sit up or down with out help for aout 3 weeks. It still bothers me sometimes

Riding Dandy once again. well I was probably about 15 mins into the ride and things were going great. We were going through a trail in the woods at my house. Suddenly he just blew up. No warning or anything. Just started bucking. I held on for about 6 bucks and tried to gain control over him but I lost my sturrip and flew off. My head was about 4 inches from slaming into a tree. Dandy had taken off and was now at the barn. i haven't ridden him since that day. I have ridden other horses but not him.

When In Doubt Let Your Horse Do The Thinkin
Originally Posted by spookychick13
What Lone said.
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i had a horrible experience with the first horse i owned (not my gorgeous rocky i have now). he was an appendix qh and we'd been having a few issues at the canter. he wanted to just canter as fast as he possibly could and i was trying to teach him to collect. well one day, he got really really mad at my pressure and took off bucking. well i rode the bucks and was trying to calm him down so he looked back at me, put his nose in the dirt and did one of those cow kicks straight into the air sending me straight into a metal fence. the impact ruptured my liver and i have a scar on my thigh. after i fell to the ground, he then proceeded to try and run me over.....needless to say i never rode him again and sold him as soon as possible. of course, i found him a good home. he's now being ridden by a guy who does eventing. we found out he got along much better with guys. go figure.
newhoo, i dont hate him for it, but that incident scarred me. i'm still nervous at the canter because of it but my lovely arab rocky takes such good care of me. he's always conscious of whether i'm okay up there and will slow down if i start to get nervous.
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Ok well my worst experience doesn't deal with falling off or getting injured. I hope it still counts though. Ok well I used to ride at this barn (we left after this happened) and I went for my afternoon lesson as I always do one day. There was this one little girl I knew there who was leasing this pony named Dotty (an appaloosa of course!). When I arrived neither me or my sister saw any sign of the cute little appy. We assumed she had to be in one of the back pastures. Well a little later the little girl walked into the barn with her grandma. She brought her grandma so she could show her her pony. Obviously they couldn't find her either. I was in the cross ties trying to tack up for my lesson but I couldn't help over hear them talking too the barn owner/instructor. They had sold the pony without saying anything to the girl's family! The girl started crying and it was all really ridiculous. I told my mom what happened and she and I agreed it was time to leave. It was hard to say goodbye to my favorite horses (especially the one I was gonna lease myself, Jazzy) but it was worth it. To make the matter worse, several weeks later i got word that another one of my favorite horses, Cherokee, got colic twice and had to be put down. It was horrible!
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Mine is the current agistment arrangement Im in.

The people have no idea how to run a horse business. So far, baby has has cuts on his pastern from wire, Moe has been mauled by one of their horses, and it would have put his neck out if I hadnt been there to chase it off, poor baby was trembling like Ive never seen a horse tremble before.
And this really pissed me off. They went away and left their herd, including a stallion, running in the paddock beside my horses, one of which is a mare. I show up one day to find them in my horses pasture, their stallion running with my mare!!!!! I was so angry!! And then as I was trying to put them back into their paddock, I discovered the gate had been only held closed by BAILING TWINE, which they had broken to push the gate open. And they have the nerve to say its not a big deal!!! Havent even apologized.
And then there is the cattle that pushed over other fences, and left barbed wire trailing everywhere. They STILL havent been fixed, and its over 2 weeks now. Ive had to pull bits of wire back into place, cos there were only the two bottom strands left and my babies could just step over and escape (or be tangled in the crap on the other side). But its a shabby fix, and I dont see why I am fixing their fences for them when I am paying to have my horses there and the contract says they will be responsible for maintaining fences.

They are the worst horse people I have ever known, and my babies are being rescued very soon, and hopefully its not to late by then >:( And once my babies are safely away, these people are going to get a reputation that will ensure they never have the opportunity to put another horses welfare at risk again :'(
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i had to think a minutes...i had bad experiences...my riding accident....and another thing from the ground. Since i was all drugged up and ...i think the other is way worse.

I wanted to get my son a horse and stay competitive so he can show one day and not be laughed out with his arabian. I sold his arabian to buy this 2 yr old Trakehner. Most money i ever spent on a horse. I bought him over the internet only seeing videos and pictures...i got a lot of trouble for that from EVERYONE! I just had a good feeling tho. Turned out it was a good purchase.

He arrived about the beginning of May last year, and like all new horses was a little leary of us, but was slowly coming around. He really took to my son.

We needed the paddock to do some riding...as the paddock he uses doubles as our outdoor arena. So I went to get him and was just openeing the gate when he spooked on me. Pulled the rope outta my hands giving me rope burn. I managed to close the gate as he went BERSERK. The lead line was dragging and hitting him totally freaking him out. He made a trip around the paddock and headed straight for me and at a very obtuse angle he jumped a 4 foot gate.

He kept running...I tried to run after him...but its only so fast due to my riding accident. We have a U shapped driveway...so he ran the back of that and headed for another field which he jumped a creek to get to. He did a circle in that field. I called to him...and he made a whinny noise so pathetic.

Then he headed for the road. and the direction he was going was to HWY 11....not a major HWY but busy enough for people who dont want to use the 400. My heart dropped. I ran back in the house and called everyone. I also called 911...i can just imagine the poor people i called..i know i was very incoherent then. I had called my son's coach...and she laughs at me to this day about it.

I waited for a cruiser to pick me, and when he did show up, they had good news for me. Miracously, the horse did not go to the HWY, but turned into an open field beside it. A woman cop with horse experience who happened to be nearby, was the one who caught him. My son's coach walked the horse home for me and we got shielding from a police cruiser (so cars didnt drive too close as he was worked up) till they got off HWY 11. And then another friend took over.

He got home safely with only a few scratches and worn shoes...This was his birthday too that he did it...just turned 3.

worst day of my life with a horse.

On the bright side, the horse has changed, he is a total sweetheart and is now mindful of being handled and does not panick when a lead is dropped anymore.
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Ok my worst experience involving a horse wasn't actually me riding.. thank god! So some friends of my mom have a small barn and a couple of horses and I go to there house quite often to ride their horses. A girl from up the road and her friend who had some riding experience had come down to ride as well. The people had just bought a new horse a couple weeks prior and she was still getting used to everything. We were riding this horse and a couple others in one of the paddocks. Several people got on and off the new horse, rode her all around, trotting and cantering her. Anyways, not sure what it was but something set her off, don't know if she spooked, was just extremely excited due to the new surrounding, or possibly the fact that another horse that she did not get along with had just passed her but something set her off. The girls friend was riding her at a quiet trot and suddenly she broke into a canter and took off, then she started bucking, and I don't mean little hops I mean head to the ground HUGE bucks, needless to say the girl went FLYING off, landed on the ground which wasn't exactly soft after a dry dry summer and broke her collar bone. We had to call an ambulance to come and get her and I get really nauseated in situations like that so I took all the horses in and untacked them while the others tried to keep the girl from going in shock. I was in the barn when the ambulance arrived and I have never heard such a horrible painful scream in my life. Worst thing i've seen/heard by far.
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My worst experience was when i was about 12 yrs old i was riding my mare out the back of a show ground in a warm up area when all of a sudden she took off and was heading for the fence i tried to turn her but she ran straight through a wire fence and the pole split and flung up and took out her eye we both hit the ground and the next thing i remember the vet was there and he put her to sleep and operated in front of me had night mares for months

she survived and gave me a beautiful foal jet black with a big blaze and 4 white socks

but unfortunately there was a huge storm 3 weeks later and because she only had the one eye she couldn't see the foal and the faol went through a fence abd broke it's neck

sorry but you asked for my worst experience
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Wow, I have so many stories from growing up with a horse trainer that are a little bit........scary.

First: My Dad, Brother, and I were trying to pen some cows for a friend. They were wild as bedbugs and started running the instant we walked into the pasture. So we take off to try to get around them. I was about 200 meters behind my Dad when I see him and his horse disappear. I immediately rein to a stop and trot slowly up to see what happened. While they were running, the horse did not see and fell into an old creek bed. It was basically a steep sided ditch about 5 feet wide and 4 feet deep. When the horse fell, he summersaulted and smushed my Dad against the side of the ditch. Cracked a couple of ribs and knocked the wind out of him. Scared the crap out of me though, I think I was only about 7 or 8 at the time.

Now for mine: I was 15 and was working on training my second horse by myself. After doing so well with the first one, I (like most teenagers) got cocky and thought I could handle anything. She was a HUGE red roan mare. I decided that she was ready to go trot some circles in the pasture instead of the round pen. We did fine for the first few circles then she spooked at something and got me off to the side. When she saw me hanging there, she blew completely up and went to bucking....HARD. I stayed with her for a couple of jumps but I was already leaning to the side and she kept jumping away from me so I couldn't get my balance back. She did this big jump with a sunfish and off I went. I landed on the right side of my head and my right shoulder. When everything kinda stopped moving and I tried to get up, I couldn't move. I laid out there in the pasture for about 3 hours thinking I had broken my neck. Finally, I started to get some feeling back (you know that really irritating tingling feeling?) and managed to crawl back to the house. I spent a long time going to the chiro every day and now I still have problems with my whole back staying out of alignment. I don't blame her, I know it was my fault for pushing her to do something that she wasn't ready for.

Always remember that feeling of looking at a big, open country over the ears of a good horse, seeing a new trail unwind ahead of you, and that ever-spectacular view from the top of the ridge!!! Follow my training blog: http://robertsontraining.blogspot.com/
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