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The party

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    11-19-2011, 12:07 AM
The party

A story I did for my health class about alchahol.


Abigail looked at herself in the bedroom mirror and smoothed out her tight-fiting black singlet decorated with small gleaming sequins. Taking a peek at the dusty digital clock, she took to the stairs. 8:28pm, they'll be here any minute she thought to herself as she put on the new So Fresh CD and cranked up the volume so the whole house seemed to shake.
Charlotte, Abigails cousin, was having her 16th birthday and the two girls decided Abigails huge house would be the perfect place to have the celebration.
"The good thing is, my parents won't be home, they've gone to Melbourne for the weekend for something, so we'll have the entire place to ourselves!" Abigail had said into the phone earlier that day, talking to her cousin. "Sweet!" Charlotte had squealed back exitedly.
Fixing a bobby-pin into her dark brown hair, the front door swung open and Charlotte bounded in with her left arm linked with her boyfriend Scott's right arm.
Abigail had recently broke up with Jonah, and intentionally didn't invite him to Charlotte's party, she didn't think she could stand spending a few seconds with him any more, never the less a few hours. She smiled politley at Scott and hugged Charlotte, Charlotte hugged her back then frowed slightly.
"What, what's wrong?" Abby said, with obvious alarment. Charlotte shook her head slowly and smiled again, 'You can'tbe playing that song, goodness Abby it sounds like a funeral!" She skipped over to the CD player and pressed the skip button a few times, she put her hands on her hips and smiled as if she had just found the cure for cancer. "Much better!" She grinned.
Within minutes the large house began to look smaller and smaller, people were coming in by the dozens and with each group of people that came, another 10 cans of beer.
Abby was looking around the room, trying to find a group of people she could hang with, scanning the room her heart stopped altogether, then went double time. There, in the corner of the lounge room was the exact person she didn't want to see. Jonah. If Charlottes face looked like she had found the cure for cancer just minutes ago, Abigail was sure her face looked as if she had just found out there was something 1000 times worse then cancer, and to her... this was worse then getting cancer.
Jonah was having a drink, well by the looks of it, he had more then just A drink, Jonah was having several drinks sounded more like it. He was standing with a lot of guys, and the only one Abigail recongnised was Jacob, whom she was surprised to see there, Jacobs one of those geeky kids, the ones no one wants to hang out with in case geekiness is contagious, but by the looks of it he was getting along perfectly with Jonah's bunch of friends, maybe... was that a hint of nervousness in his eyes Abigail saw when she was staring him down. Before she had time to answer her own question, she felt a hand on her shoulder, she turned to look at who's hand was resting there. She saw the long, pink finger nails and turned around to face her cousin. 'What's wrong with you?" Charlotte asked, genuinly puzzled, "You look like you've just seen a ghost." Abigail looked at Charlotte with worried mascaraed eyes, "Worse. Jonah."
Charlotte looked at Jonah and scowled, "What on earth is he doing here!? Hasn't he ruined your life enough?" At that moment, Jonah looked at the girls, then back at his mates, and murmered something that was out of ear shot to the two girls.
During the hour, more and more people arrived, none of which were invited. Each and every one of them smelt like they had jumped in a barrel of vodka and each of them seemed to leave their own mark in the house. Wooden furniture getting broken to bits, expensive china getting smashed to pieces, and cigerete butts getting left on the carpeted floor....
Smoke was rising, Abigail couldn't make out what was happening or where it was coming from but there was a hurricane of laughter and the front door opened and slammed shut, the next thing she heard was glass smashing against the wooden floor boards, right next to her, and a great pain in her lower leg.
She knew she had to get out of the house, she knew this party had all gone horribly wrong and that she had to do something, she had to ring the police. Ignoring the throbbing pain in her leg she ran outside, to where she could see a frightened Charlotte was already standing.
"Abigail! Oh my gosh! Abigail, the house!" Charlotte screamed at her, Abigail turned around and gasped as she saw her own house go up in flames, various people were running out the front door, and the majority of people where arkwardly stumbling their way out.
"Give me your mobile, quick!" Abigail screamed at her cousin and she obediantly threw her mobile into Abigails hands. Punching in three didgets she held the phone upto her pale face. "... We need all of them! Fire...yes...House fire... 275 Goosecreek Road.... Yes.. Yes I will..." She closed the phone and handed it back to Charlotte. "They're all on their way, Police, fire brigade and ambulance, we have to get everyone out of the house now!" she tried to sound as calm as she possibly could and then she ran back into the burning house. Her eyes stung as she yelled at everyone to get up and get out pronto. There was a few people that were asleep, or more like knocked out cold on the floor, and she used all her strength to drag them out of the burning house. Hurry up, oh please come quickly she silently prayed while helping one last person out of the building, it was then that she heard the wailing sirens of several emergancy vehicles, and she breathed a sigh of relief... Help was here at last.


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