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Running Away on Hooves, Heart, and Hope

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        07-05-2014, 12:39 AM
    It turns out that this story will be much, much shorter than Heartlines was. This story has a much more straight-forward plotline, and will move much more quickly. Hope you still enjoy! :)
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        07-07-2014, 12:09 AM
    I love it! A shorter story just means you can put out another one soon! *wink* *wink* :)
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        07-07-2014, 10:56 PM
    I have to say that you are an amazing writer!! If I was able to publish this I would! This seems like a story that all horse lovers could relate to in one way or another. Keep it up and good luck with your writing. I have a question though.. How did you come up with the ideas fore this story??
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        07-08-2014, 01:29 AM
    Talking Reply

    I think this is an awesome story! Can't wait for more!
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        07-08-2014, 12:06 PM
    Thank you all SO much for your lovely input! :)

    @Edgy13 -- To be perfectly honest, the idea for this story actually hit close to home. When faced with overbearing parents, one of my friends really considered running off. The situation was similar to the fictional one painted out here. She told me her plans on how she would go about it. While I heavily discouraged her, I did keep in mind her plan of action so that I could help her out if she ever did it. Since she never did, I got her permission to make a story out of it. Of course, I had to throw a horse in there ;)

    Hope you really enjoy this story!
        07-08-2014, 12:07 PM
    Chapter 5

    We were finally just tens of miles from the Haven. I figured up three days of travel, with no rain or people holding us up. Of course, that always managed to be the case, so I was prepared for anything. Well, mostly. Unfortunately, the protein bars hadn’t lasted as long as I wanted them to. It hadn’t helped that I wasn’t able to keep very much down … the stomach cramps, throwing up, and massive headaches had come on strongly, and it hindered me terribly. I was especially hungry, though it pained me to eat. I was drinking as much water as I could, though I was curious if it was tainted water that had caused my illness in the first place. “Should have boiled everything you found,” I constantly remind myself. “Oh well, nothing I can do about it now. We just have to push through, and get to the Haven.”

    Donner, thankfully, was still doing well. Mud caked his legs, and his coat had seen better days, but he hadn’t dropped any weight and was sound, not limping or favoring at all. We plowed through the terrain, me hunched over in the saddle as Donner pulled me along. He was an amazing horse, and I knew I couldn’t have made the trip without him. Back home, he was my heart and soul. In fact, it was because of him that I had to take off in the first place. I recalled the night that I had made up my mind about the ordeal like it was yesterday…

    My father threw the papers on the table angrily. I sat on my hands, just waiting for the attack from my mother. My father’s lectures were nothing compared to hers. She came up behind him, placing her hands defensively on the table that I was sitting at. “What are you thinking, Cassandra?” Her tone was disgusted, her face contorted. I looked up to her with the kindest eyes I could muster, “it is only two B’s mother, I have friends who …” My tone was gentle, but she cut me off with a devilish curt, “Your friends do not have your intelligence! I expect more from you, young lady! How are you to become a surgeon with these grades?” She spat the nasty word at me, something I wanted nothing to do with. I retorted with more demand, “I don’t want to be a surgeon mother, I don’t want to be like you and dad! How many times do I have to tell you, I just want to pursue a career that I actually have interest in. Is that so much to ask?”

    She laughed an insincere laugh, turning away from the table. With her back turned to me, she carried on, “You have no idea! You just have no idea what life is like! You must carry the family practice, Cassandra. It is your duty. Do you not have any respect for your family?” She had finally spun around to look at me, though if looks could kill … her words did the job already, though. She knew exactly how to make me feel bad. “Of course I do, it’s just …” I honestly couldn’t finish. I couldn’t make her understand that splitting people open and messing around in their guts just didn’t appeal to me. Not while proving that I really did care about my family. She looked to the ground, sighing. My father still stood there quietly, at the side of the room. He was a bit more understanding, but couldn’t help but be moved in her direction.

    Finally, her tone decreased to a normal level. “Cassandra,” she started, always using my full name. A sigh, and then she continues, “We’ve been talking, and we believe that maybe there are just far too many distractions in your life. With that boy, Xavier, and your friends always bothering you … you need more time to focus on school. And not to mention that horse of yours; you spend every waking moment for that horse, when you should just be worried about your school work.” Immediately, any respect I had in that moment was gone. Dissing my horse was a big no-no, a sure-fire way to upset me. My mother knew this, which is why I was puzzled to why she was playing the cards. Not to mention calling my friends “bothers.” Snappily, I asked her to get to her point.

    “Well, I just think that you might be better off in a more … educationally controlled setting. Somewhere you can really get your studies done, and done right, without all of these … distractions.” Suddenly, it clicked in my head. “You want to move?!” I was borderline yelling now, and I didn’t even know the worst of it. “No, Cassandra. You will be attending Martha and Willis next year. It has already been decided.”

    I was speechless. Martha and Willis was the boarding school about four hours away. “There is no way in hell I’m going to that school,” I snapped angrily, with no care for the consequences: a slap on the face for the swearing, and then the continuation of her lecture. “Don’t worry; your precious horse will be in fine hands when you are away. We have found someone to purchase him for a healthy price, which will pay for your tuition.”

    At that point, I was finished. I said words that I couldn’t imagine repeating, screaming as loud as my lungs would allow. I had stormed out of the house then, walking down the road alone until someone came and got me. I spent the rest of the day in my room, researching and planning. I would set up and pack for two weeks. On the night before Donner was to be purchased, Xavier drove me to the barn he was boarded at, and we were gone.

    The memory was a hard one to think about, and it took a lot out of me given my health. I asked Donner to halt for just a moment, giving me time to collect my bearings. After a few moments, I was able to continue for a few more steps.

    Suddenly, my head was faint, my body feeling unsupported and losing balance. I found myself moving in slow motion, unable to regain my posture upon the large horse. As if I were flowing through time at half-speed, I slumped off of Donner. I barely felt the impact of the ground before everything finally went dark.
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        07-08-2014, 01:02 PM
    Green Broke
    I have truly missed your writings. I wish I could afford to pay you to do nothing but sit around and write stories for me to read. My 13 yr old daughter actually put down Harry Potter to read both of your stories.
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        07-10-2014, 02:17 PM
    Chapter 6

    @Roadyy I was hoping you would find this! Aw, thank your daughters for me, they sound awesome :)


    “I think she’s coming to. She’ll have a lot of questions; hopefully she’ll have a lot of answers too. Try to keep her still when she wakes up.” I heard footsteps, and then felt just the knowledgeable presence of one person. I shifted over, trying to open my eyes. With dizziness and a cloudy head, I managed to get my eyes working. Glancing around the room, I noticed a lot of doctoral things. A few beds, clean white sheets, scrubbed walls and tile flooring. The sight was oddly relieving at first. But then, realizing my situation, it just got frightening. I tried to sit up, my mind suddenly clear as a bell. The small woman next to me placed her hand on my chest, gently pushing me back down onto the bed. “No dear, you must stay still for now. You are still very likely to pass out again. You’ve been quite sick,” her voice was kind, sweet, gentle. Her blonde hair bounced up into messy curls, complimenting her deep blue eyes. She was a beautiful woman, both inside and out, you could tell. Her petite stature made her even more likable. While I wanted to comply, I had bigger things in mind. “Where is my horse? Where is Donner?”

    The woman smiled, “We have him, dear. He’s out in a private pasture, untacked and happily munching on some grass. We knew he had to be yours, given he had your ID and stuff packed on him … well, and the fact that he never left your side.” I was overcome with relief, so glad to hear that my boy was okay. I let my head fall back on the pillow. Just before I drifted off, I managed to ask her “where are we?” With my eyes closed and my mind already half asleep, I could have sworn I heard her say the words I’ve been waiting for, for the past month. “You are at The Boys and Girls Haven, Cassandra. You are safe now.” I thought I had made myself ask her to call me Cassie, but I was off into sleep before I could hear her reply.


    When I woke again, I was feeling much better. I was able to sit up comfortably, and survey the room. Emblems danced across the room everywhere, reminding me of where I was. I smiled at each little tag, so happy to have finally made it here. I wasn’t sure how they found me or how they got me here, but for now what I knew was more than enough to keep me going. Donner and I were safe. I let out a relieved sigh.

    Suddenly, I heard the clicking of a door. I whipped my head around to the entrance, though moving my head so quickly reminded me that I wasn’t 100% well just yet. This wasn’t the kind, bubbly lady I had seen before. This woman was taller, thinner, and overall a bit off-putting. Her brown hair stopped sharply just under her chin, not a strand out of place. Her thin black glasses set in the center of her nose, outlining the small wrinkles that danced across her thin face. When she fetched my eye-contact, she gave a brief smile, but after that it was all seriousness. I scooted back uncomfortably in the bed.

    “Hello Cassandra, how are you feeling?” There was a stool next to the bed which she took a seat on, folding her hands in her lap. I nodded carefully, “I’m doing okay. The other woman told me I was at the Haven … How did I get here?” She gave a tight nod, “Well, honestly it wasn’t exactly a good situation. You see, one of our horses is a master at unlatching the gates, and one of the students forgot to fix the bolt correctly. He got loose, and we thought your gelding was him. We came up on him, and found the lot of you sitting there, clearly not doing well.” The woman tried out a wayward smile, and offered her name, “I am Ms. Tamira. The other woman you met earlier is Ms. Vickie. I am the secretary, she is the owner. I also deal with admissions here.” The tone in the last sentence changed quite a bit, which caused a bit of worry. Surely I didn’t come all this way for me not to be admitted … what was my other option? She seemed to be waiting for a reply of some sort, so I offered what I could, “I see … well, thank you for bringing me back. I’ve actually been traveling in this direction for quite some time.”

    Ms. Tamira squinted her eyes, and asked “what do you mean?” I began my story, telling her of how I had run off with my horse, and researched this place and chosen it as my destination. She nodded along with the story, but her stoic expression didn’t give me any clues as to what she thought of the idea. When I finished, she nodded slowly before she continued. “Well, that is certainly a very inspiring story. You see, we only have a certain amount of rooms and spots open for our guests. While we do have one or two openings, we are usually paid by some sort of organization for taking these foster kids, and giving them this Haven before being sent to a foster home. With you, you have nobody to fund your stay. We would have to take care of you and your horse with spare change, and there isn’t a lot of that going around here, Cassandra.” I bowed my head, not thinking of this before. I didn’t have any money to give the facility, but I did have work ethic. “What if I paid my own way? You know, I could clean up in the barn, brush the horses, feed … I could be your own personal stable hand.” Unfortunately, Ms. Tamira shook her head. “Each kid here is allocated a horse, and they are responsible for those horses. We have no stable hand type system. You would be taking care of your own horse, if you were allowed to stay, but that is all.” I frowned. It seemed like there was no way around this. “I mean … I know it is a lot to ask, but could I just stay until I found another alternative? I hadn’t thought that far, to be honest … I was hoping to find a safe place here.” I hated pulling on people’s guilt strings, for they never took it well. But frankly, I was well out of options.

    The secretary sighed, “Well, you can’t be released until you are complete with a clean bill of health. I suppose we can keep you here in the infirmary overnight tonight. Vickie and I will discuss what will come after that.” Her tone was curt, but I nodded politely anyways. I smiled externally, but inside I was crushed. I could only hope that Ms. Vickie would be able to provide some sympathy for the torn runaway. “Ms. Tamira … would it be alright if I saw my horse? Just for a moment?” I knew it was a lot to ask, and I was pushing my luck. Thankfully, she allowed it, but only if she tagged along. Of course, I was fine with that.

    We got to the barn, which I was immediately impressed by. Everything was state of the art, with beautiful wooden stalls with gorgeous wrought iron bars. The horses were out in the field at the moment, but the stalls were apparently well kempt. Each stall bore the name of the horse in a brass plate, with a smaller plate below that that held a white-board. On the white board were the names of the children that were taking care of said horse. The temporary appearance of the boards was a bit startling. The Haven probably got a much quicker rotation of kids than I had anticipated. It made me feel a bit uneasy, to be honest.

    Once we got past the barn, the pastures came in sight. The fences were just as immaculate, with plastic three board fencing all around. The pastures were split in threes, probably for pasture rotation purposes. To the left of the pastures was a large round pen, where Tamira was leading me. I figured this is where I could find my Donner. The fencing was all wood, and stacked about six or seven feet tall. We eventually got to the door, though, and Tamira allowed me through. Donner was there, munching grass in the center. He lifted his head immediately upon my appearance, and to my delight came trotting towards me. I felt Tamira reach out for my shoulder, but she released when Donner reached me calmly, pressing his nose gently into the crook of my arm, as he typically did. He was such a sweetheart. Tamira seemed almost shocked by this display of affection, but at this point I paid no mind to what she was doing. I loved all over my dear horse, noticing that he hadn’t appeared to look any different from when I last saw him – except for the fact that he was spotless. When I asked who brushed him, Tamira responded with the owner’s name. “Vickie has a soft spot for the horses. The equine program was her idea, and she just loved your boy. We used un-opened brushed, and the buckets in this pen are new as well. That way, we reduce the chance of infection between your horse and ours.”

    I was very, very thankful for their system, and told Tamira of this. After a good long time with my boy, I was beginning to feel lightheaded again. Tamira led me back into my bed, where I told her his feeding instructions (she asked for them) and told her where she could find the servings of grain I had left in my stuff. She agreed to mention this to Vickie, and then went on her way. It wasn’t long before I was asleep again, complete with a smile. I hoped that Vickie would be kind to me and Donner – I was really starting to like it here.
        07-10-2014, 02:45 PM
    Green Broke
    Very pleased with your update. I hope you are able to add more soon.
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        07-19-2014, 04:13 PM
    More tonight, I promise!
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    horse stories, novels, runaway, running away, teen

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