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I was reining last year, and I didn't know but my horse had hurt himself the day before. He wasn't showing any signs, but apparantly it was hurting him really bad. It was a fast circle with a flying change and when I asked for the flying change, he switched leads, stumbled, fell, and rolled right on top of me. I wasn't hurt but I was scared to death thank god he wasn't hurt too bad either except for the injury that had caused him to fall. I felt so bad I seriously had no idea everyone was even complimenting me on how great he looked. o.o

Pssh.I didn't pick up the wrong lead
It's called a counter canter...
...A very advanced maneuver.
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Mine involved a trip to the hosiptal in a helicopter. I was retraining an ex race mare that was severly unpredictable and very dangerous. I was riding her around the ring and had organised a small ride with another one of my friends around the property just to get her out and about. This mare had a habit of rearing up and flipping over when she didnt like something, but never when she was being ridden, just in the stall or cross ties (as I said, very dangerous) so anyway I got towards the gate and she started to get barn sour but we pushed on ahead and she got over it, my friend was riding her paddock mate up the lane behind me (we'd done this about 5 or 6 times previously with the same horses) all of the sudden she started wanting to go back, i did what I usually did to get her over it but this time she was really bad, she went to bucka nd i stayed on and then she just jumped in the air and flipped backwards, as she was flipping I managed to somehow get one foot stuck in the stirrup and she landed on top of me, then rolle don me 4 times before getting up and dragging me up the lane, at which point my friend blocked her and grabbed her. I was knocked out and a rescue chopper was called, I now have severe nerve damage in my back and uneven pelvis that gives me considerable pain when I ride english. Long story short, we had the horse checked over by two vets, a farrier and a chiropractor and she was found healthy and sound, sow e sent her to someone for trainign he sent her back after she kicked his wife in the face and she needed 6 stiches. We asked around but no one would touch her, so she was euthanised.

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Mine isn't nearly as bad as some of these so I'm counting my lucky stars...

I was riding a 4 year old stallion...had been riding him for close to a year at this point and hadn't had any issues...he was actually an amazing horse (better than most geldings/mares!). Anyway, with him being so young I think he just hadn't quite mastered control and balance at the canter. My instructor though he may have caught scent/sight of a mare....I guess we'll never know what really happened. Doesn't matter, it was about 5 years ago.

ANYWAY, so I asked for the canter and he REALLY took off. Usually he was pretty fast with it but this time was a little more so and a little less balanced than usual. Unfortunately this was also the day that I didn't check my girth 5000 times, so we went around a corner and my saddle slid under his belly. Of course I flew off the side and landed on a set of bleachers. OUCH. I couldn't bend or straighten my elbow for a few months (still took lessons though. lol) I just spent all day trying to bend and trying to at-home physical therapy. I also scraped the skin off my entire right shoulder blade. It looked pretty nasty and didn't feel good against my clothes, but it wasn't deep.

I broke my helmet clean down the middle when I hit the bleachers. It literally snapped in half...that would have been my skull...I will NEVER EVER ride without one. I don't care what horse it is. It's quite likely that my helmet saved my life that day. I guess that's why I'd say it was my scariest.

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When i was 13 i went to another stables for a pony day with my friend. So anyway i was riding a new horse and we were cantering around on a 20 metre circle, so as we went round the corner the horse bucked and reared and i fell off (probably could have stayed on lol) and i hit my head on the wall. My hat had a visible crack right along the side! x
I changed the hat by the way lol.
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this fall isn't nearly as scary as some of the ones posted here... but I was 9 so hey lol...I was cantering along on a little arab mare 13.2hh when she decided I wasnt in place on her back. so she sent through a buck and launched me head first into a concrete pillar thing. This smashed my helmet in half and I screamed my lungs out for mum (she went inside to get drink) and had pretty decent concussion, kept falling asleep.

latest fall though... and its in video's on the forum called "i ate the dirt and it was hard" was walking around the paddock on horse i was trying out to buy (didnt buy him) and suddenly he unleashed an almighty... something. It was kind of a cross between a rear and a buck, but it wasn't a pigroot. It was wierd as, and HUGE. On his back I reached about 15ft in the air on a 16.1hh horse, then came tumbling down as horse went right and carried on bucking. That was a very very dirty move. But being so high in the air I had time to think where I was, but not land differently lol. I didn't smash my head though suprisingly even though the way I landed looks like I did... so my helmets still safe PHEW (I love my helmet lol).
Lady asked me if it had put me off riding... i said yeah its put me off riding that mutt and you can keep him to by the way, now I'm gonna go home and ride my horse.

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Well seeing as I haven't fallen off (and I've been riding off and on since age nine, I am now 23).

I have witnessed a few falls, the scariest could have ended with me on the ground as well.

My mom and I both volunteer for a theraputic riding program, and were both riding one day during one of the classes with two students. I was riding Scarlet the very reliable pony, my mom was riding what is now her horse Malcolm (somewhat crazy appendix Quarter Horse), the two students were on Mackenzie and Dingo (percheron/tb and an arabian).

I am not entirely sure what happened. But the student who was on Mackenzie came off, and the saddle slid onto her side. So that sets off Mackenzie, who starts cantering towards the gate, which sets Malcom off. My mom tries to get him under control, as he jumps over a few ground poles, veers around me and Scarlet (Scarlet barely moved during the whole thing, she just got out of the way when she needed to), but when he veered again at the rail, that threw her off. Dingo as far as I can tell, did absolutely nothing, he was still standing in the same place that I remember him being before it all started (such a good boy when it suits him, crabby any other time).

It was very scary because it was quite a while before my mom could get up, I ended up driving us home (I only had a learner's permit at the time).
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well mine is not EXACTLY a fall, but i did fall
I was leading Tess and she ran forward and kicked me in the hand, (and i fell over) and i got taken to hospital with a small fracture to my hand.
Another time i was leading Tess again and she ran forward again and kicked me in the face (and i fell over). and i got taken to the hospital with a very small fracture to my jaw.
Now another time i was leading tess again and she stood on my boot and freaked out and kicked out kicked me in the hip (and i fell over) and i got taken to the hospital with soft tissue damage.
now please dont say "she is a badly behaved horse!" cos she really isnt and it was just as much my fault sa it was hers. So please dont judge me......

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I've been thrown and fallen off more times than I can't count on one hand, but I've only had a couple of really scary falls.

The first one was when I just started riding years ago... I was on a gigantic Thoroughbred mare (her name was Legs, go figure xD). She was way out of my experience level and my instructor knew I was afraid of her, but she put me on her anyways. In short, the horse spooked and I forgot myself, screamed, grabbed onto her with my heels and she took off. I ended up falling on my head. One of the stalls you could get into from the paddock was open and if I hadn't fallen off, the level of the roofing would have nearly decapitated me. My helmet cracked clean down the middle and I got a concussion, but otherwise, I was fine. Scared the heck out of me though.

My second fall was on my guy, J.R. My friend and I had these trails we would go on right off the highway (nowhere to ride, so we had to ride to these places) and it was this place where the footing was primarily clay (not a good idea <.<). WELL. It had rained a few days before and there was a big collection of water and my friend and I decided we'd race through it. Stupid idea, but...we were being idiots. ANYWAYS, I took off on J.R. and it was all going well and we were splashing about, but then his hoof got sucked into the wet clay and we flipped. I don't remember the actual fall, but I remember landing on my back in freezing cold water and trying to scramble away because I didn't want to get clobbered by a 1000 lb thrashing giant xD The scariest part of that fall, though, was that he began running for home, but thank God, he stopped and let my friend catch him before he reached the highway. That was possibly the scariest moment of my life x_x.

NEEDLESS TO SAY, such shenanigans are very well avoided now xD
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My scariest fall was riding a 17.2hh warmblood gelding last summer. At the time, I was only confortable with walking and trotting- and was riding without an instructor in the arena (stupidstupidstupid!). Well the gelding happened to be an ex-hunter jumper, and while we were going at a fairly brisk paced trot around the corner of the arena- he decided that he hadn't jumped in a while, and it was time to brush up. He moved into a canter, catching me off guard. I stayed on out of pure luck, but then the started going even faster...straight at the arena fence! The fence was a good 3 1/2 feet tall, and solid wood- yet he was confident that he could just hop over it. I was so scared! I tried to pull him the other way, but he had the bit under his tounge. Just as he lifted off, I remember thinking 'Oh please God, let him get over.' Well, he did get over. Thanks to over 7 years of 4'-5' hunting, he hopped it with room to spare- and so did I! For a fleeting moment I was like 'yess. I stayed on.' And then...he landed. I wasnt prepared for the jolt as he hit the ground again, and just like that, I fell backwards. I remember looking up and seeing him standing there with bright eyes as if saying 'that was FUN! Hop up and lets go again.' I ended up displacing my knee, and breaking a rib though- so I didnt exactly go again xD

oh and heres a video of me falling for NO reason, the first time that I rode this little morgan, on my first run around barrels, on my FIRST time in an english saddle! o.o haha, everyone says I looked like a boomerang though, with how fast I got up.

<object width="320" height="240" ><param name="allowfullscreen" value="true" /><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" /><param name="movie" value="" /><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="320" height="240"></embed></object>

(not sure this will work)
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ehhh...just put this in your web bar
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