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Share your "Bucket List" - What would you like to do before you kick the bucket?

This is a discussion on Share your "Bucket List" - What would you like to do before you kick the bucket? within the Horse Stories and Poems forums, part of the Horse Pictures, Videos, Artwork, and Contests category

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        10-03-2009, 04:01 PM
    I have no regrets or wishes, I could go tomorrow. Is that a bad thing or a good thing?
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        10-03-2009, 10:26 PM
    Get my first horse.. :)
    I guess if I were going to die soon, as I'm sure these things won't have value to me when I am older, I would like to: 1) Jump Diesel 2) Jump a verticle with Gonzo 3) Jump a full course with no refusals with Jorge 3) Take Galen on a trail without getting scared and 4) Ride Pinnochio without tensing & freaking out ;)
        12-23-2009, 12:04 AM
    This thread is great.

    I'd have to say...
    1. Own or ride a Friesian horse(Preferably own)
    2. Learn Show Jumping, Cross Country, and Freestyle Dressage(and be good enough to compete)
    3. Gallop along the beach
    4. Do a 6 month to a year endurance ride in Europe for charity
    5. Gallop bareback through a field that leads to nowhere
    6. Get better at drawing/sketching horses(to a professional level), and animal photography of all kinds
    7. Ride the canyons in Colorado or Nevada during the summer
    8. Experience actually seeing wild horses
    9. Have a small, local rescue and training facility for horses
    10. Actually find my perfect horse, my companion for life.(I don't and haven't owned my own horse yet... ugh)
        12-23-2009, 12:28 AM
    1. Breed, train and sucessfully show my own ASH stud.

    2. Ride a gaited horse.

    3. Ride a horse on every continent.

    4. Work under a top trainer in any cow-related discipline.

    5. Ride a finished, top level reiner, cutter or reined cowhorse.

    6. Ride a finished, top level dressage horse.

    7. Same as above but a jumper.

    8. Have a sucessful training business with happy horses.

    9. Do a demo at a show/event including bridleless and whipcracking.
        12-28-2009, 07:10 PM
    OKay, I have a few more...

    - Win a Model horse photo show (second and third just ain't good 'nuff ! :)
    - Make a fast barrel time with Buck, my 4H horse
    - Eventually own Sam (old TB, worn-out racer) and give him a good retirement home

    And maybe, just maybe, shake hands with Clinton Anderson again...we went to a Wahl Tour in Klamath Falls last May, and believe it or not, I was sweaty and shaky when he greeted everyone Sat. Morning at the me a nutcase!
        12-28-2009, 07:27 PM
    Green Broke
    Here are mine, even tho if I went tomorrow I would be happy with my life.

    -Breed and train my own horse
    -go sky diving
    -umm I actually don't have any I can think of, ya,there are thigns I would LOVE to do, but no biggy if I died tomorrow, looking back on my life I have very few regrets... ohhh one thing I would like to do is fix all my mistakes or mean things I did to people in my past! I think that would be cool
        12-28-2009, 11:39 PM
    I'm only 15 so I have a whole helluva lot of time to do these but I have quite a few. They're not listed as most important or anything.

    1. Ride a Freisian in Grand Prix movements, properly.
    2. Own a small{20 stall} event training facility with 1 or 2 studs and a few mares. {Thoroughbreds or warmbloods}
    3. Ride my Fjord gelding on a beach{he's 15 so it'll probly not happen}
    4. Swim with a horse
    5. Go on a pack trip in the Rockies with my horses.
    6. Ride Rolex.
    7. Be a working student for Tricia Dahms.
    8. Go to Florida with my instructor Tricia Dahms
    9. Retrain an OTTB
    10. Breed, train and show a Warmblood Stallion.

    That's all for now. Will probly have more.
        01-04-2010, 07:09 AM
    I think I have everything that I can think of except for small farm for the horses... And a solemate to live out my days with on that farm......
        01-12-2010, 11:46 AM
    :) I like this thread haha, and some people have posted some quite interesting goals :)
    Well here's mine.. in no particular order:

    1. Learn to ride.
    2. Get a horse of my own.
    3. Get a job in the music industry or working with animals.
    4. Grow out of asthma and allergies (LOL!)
    5. Have my band do a tour!
    6. Learn to play guitar.
    7. Visit Japan, Belgium and Australia.
    8. Buy a nice house by the sea in Cumbria.
    9. Get married.
    10. Produce an album.
    11. Raise a foal.
    12. Learn another language (or languages).
    13. Pass grade 8 in rockschool vocals.
    14. Own my own record label.
    15. Go to the gig of my friend's band. (I have yet to see him live :[)
    16. Get a parrot and teach it to sing and talk.
    17. Work in a real recording studio. (The college studio doesn't quite cut it)
    18. Go on holiday.
    19. Perfect my drawings and learn how to paint.
    20. Learn how to use photoshop.
    21. Set up a stage. (intruments, equipment, lights)
    22. Gallop and jump on a horse.
    23. Own a livery yard.
    24. Get into University. (If I decide to go..)
    25. Hack out with friends. (However, with no horsey friends it doesn't look likely any time soon!)

    Phewww, took me a while to think of so many.
    Hahah! Largely horse and music based wasn't it.
        01-12-2010, 01:21 PM
    I would like to:

    Develop a financially viable horse training business

    Ride a dressage horse

    Train and compete in reined cowhorse

    Put on a training clinic

    Tour horse facilities in other countries

    Run with the bulls in Spain

    Watch a bullfight

    Train a really good stock dog

    Run a 5k and a half marathon

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