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Silver Creek Farm: Healing Powers.

Healing Powers

So I'm a writer of many stories, a suppose you call me a fan-fiction writer, but I do want to be published for more than just that. I have in the last couple of years written around 15 online stories, but this is my first attempt at a horse fiction. Why? As much as I love horses and have been around them for 11 years, I didn't think I could describe them well enough, I was scared about getting the terminology wrong.
The idea is very much so related to my current injury, and you'll find a lot of myself in the main character - it was unavoidable! This was a project I started several weeks ago when I was in my lowest point of time after breaking my leg, and with the help of some friends, they encouraged me to write a story about how I was feeling. I went from a basic plot to developing this whole new world, and despite this part to the story being finished, I've already started a sequel.
I don't normally post on this forum, as I'm a drama/romance writer, and have my own forum (Chelletastic Fictions - Login). But I really would like input from other horse people, and I appreciate all those who take the time to read this.
Obviously its not a happy go lucky story... so I do reconmend that its not for people 13years and under.

Summary: When Sunny Moore broke her leg falling from a horse, she believed her life would never be the same. As a desperate attempt to get Sunny back from depression, her Mum and best friend Kate send her to the one place she never wanted to go - her Aunt's horse farm. Can Sunny last a month amongst a farm full of horses? And what's more, can she find herself and realise there's more to live for?

Well, I get onto posting this story, shall I! First few chaps tonight, and then I'll see if anyone is interested in me continuing. Please do let me know - good or bad - what you think of this!
Chelle x

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“Sunny darling?”
“That’s it just relax, your vision will come to you shortly.”
“Don’t stress darling, you’re just waking up. I’m right here, don’t worry.”
My eyes finally focussed on my surroundings and I blinked a few more times to make it clearer. I knew where I was, I just didn’t know why I was currently waking up in the recovery room of a hospital. I glanced towards my Mum who was to my left and then the face of a friendly nurse, who smiled at my gaze.
“How are you feeling poppet?”
“Water,” I croaked and she nodded, going away for a moment and then returning with a glass and straw. I sucked the cool liquid into my dry mouth and then relaxed back into the pillow. “W-what happened?”
“Don’t you remember honey?” Mum questioned and I hoped I had shaken my head, but I couldn’t tell if I had actually done so. “You fell off Bug and broke both bones in your right leg. They had to put a metal rod in to stabilise the break. But don’t worry about it now, you just rest hun.”
My groggy memory tried to recover the event and I vaguely remembered it, glancing down at my bulky white cast and then putting my head back on the pillows. Looking at my Mum, she smiled weakly and gave me the cup of water before I asked for it again. A thought then dawned inside my head and I cleared my throat. “How long will I not be able to walk?”
Mum looked away and sighed, before returning a warm smile at me. She placed her hand on my forehead and brushed my hair away. “Don’t you worry about that now Sunny, how about trying for a sleep?”
I knew then things were pretty bad, but I humoured my Mum, closing my eyes and trying to rest. Instead I found myself on top of a dark chestnut, cantering along a trail, another set of hooves and laughter coming from behind me. I glanced to see who was there and grinned, my best friend Kate was on Pearl, a strawberry roan mare. I swung around and bought Bug back to a trot, allowing my friend to catch up.
“We should head back Sunny, no doubt Miranda will want us to help with the afternoon lessons,” Kate suggested and I nodded, turning the gelding under me around in a small arch, and we trotted back down the path towards the riding school. I giggled as Kate attempted to pass me and urged the big thoroughbred to stride out. Bug obeyed, and soon we were flying along the track, a sound suddenly throwing me off the fun we were having. The engine revved again, getting louder by the second. Pearl whinnied from up ahead and Bug lurched forward, trying to catch up with his friend. My eyes darted through the trees and I saw the shiny bike dodging through the greenery, its engine roaring towards us.
“No!” I cried and tried to bring Bug back, but the golden horse leaped up, my arms gripping onto his neck until his feet landed. He took off as soon as he could and I watched as Kate’s face paled, her arms swinging frantically and her screams filling my ears. I saw the bike and then heard its brakes screech against the damp soil but it was too late.
I began to fall, and the horrified sounds of an injured animal filled the air. With a final scream from myself, I hit the ground with a thud and woke up, sweating madly in a dark bedroom. Taking a few deep breaths to steady myself, I laid back down and let the tears trickle down my face.

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“Morning sweetheart!” Mum greeted chirpily as she came into my room and opened the heavy curtains, blinding me with the early sunshine that enveloped the previous dark walls with brightness. I groaned and threw a pillow over my head, refusing to make any notion of getting up. “Sunny, it’s almost ten, come on you need to get up and start moving.”
“How about you move around for me, it will take less effort,” I suggested bitterly and the pillow hiding my face was suddenly torn away.
“Or you could get up and go for a walk down the hallway,” Mum ordered, taking away my blankets as well. “You know what Doctor Jensen said, if you don’t move around your leg will never get better. You should be further along in your rehab.”
“I know all this,” I snapped, sitting up slowly and aiding my bad leg over the side of the bed with my left foot. I glared up at my Mum who took a deep breath. “I’m a cripple, so what’s the point in even trying to be normal again?”
“Young lady, you know you will be able to be normal again if you put the work in and build everything back up. If you could just find more motivate-”
“What, to get out of the pits and be positive like the rest of you are? It’s useless, what is there to be happy for? I ended up disabling myself and losing the best horse I’d ever known in the same month. If I hadn’t of ridden that day everything would be fine, but it’s not and there’s no point trying to get back there.”
“Sun, you know that’s not true. You’ve got to live for now too, and the future. You don’t want to be stuck in a wheelchair and on crutches for the rest of your life,” Mum replied softly, sounding close to tears. I sucked in a deep breath and reached for the dreaded set of sticks I relied on these days.
“No, I don’t want anything; I just want to be left alone.”
Mum groaned. “Just get up please; I’ll go start your breakfast.”
“Not hungry,” I called and she departed my room quickly, no doubt her eyes filling with tears. I knew deep down that I was hurting everyone around me and that’s why I wanted nothing more than to be left alone. The pain I felt in my chest everyday was more crippling than the dead leg I now had – from lack of using the muscles. Half of me didn’t understand why I had given up, why I was heading towards losing my leg completely. I had always been the motivated type, even if I didn’t feel like doing something; I’d pretend to be happy for it until I actually felt that way. It had always been my secret way of dealing with everything thrown at me, but now it wasn’t working and the dark clouds of depression had evaporated any chance of happiness within me.
With a heavy sigh I heaved myself out of the bed and wobbled, quickly slipping my arms through the holders on my crutches and began hopping slowly towards my door. I made my way to the bathroom, panting by the time I reached the destination and headed to the special toilet seat installed. As I sat there, I looked at all the bulky equipment that crowded the little room, all in some way related to helping me with my daily tasks. I felt my mood deepen as I clambered back up, and hobbled to the sink to wash my hands. Once I was finished, I thumped down the hallway again, heading into the living room and taking a seat on the couch.
“Morning sis,” my brother Andy greeted from the computer and I merely grunted, watching the screen that displayed some brightly coloured game he was playing and then back at my leg. It was no longer in a cast but still looked incredibly odd, my foot slightly rolling to the outside and the bruising still tinting my leg ever so slightly. The new growth of skin shined where my several incisions were and the scars stood out darkly, causing a shudder to make its way down my back.
“Sun, Kate’s coming around this morning,” Mum mentioned as she placed my bowl of cereal in my hands and I shook my head.
“Tell her not to bother.”
“She’s catching two buses just to come over, be grateful!” Mum retorted and I shoved a spoonful of cornflakes into my mouth so I wouldn’t have to respond, my eyes glowering at the beige wall in front of me.
“Great, she’s in a mood again,” Andy muttered and I stared at the back of my brother as my Mum told him to be quiet. My rationality finally came through and I silently ate my breakfast, knowing that if I continued down the destructive path I was on, my day was only going to get worse.

Kate arrived around eleven, her bright smile doing nothing for my mood. I tried to return the gesture but it felt more like a grimace than anything else, so I gave up and went back to flicking through the channels on the television. “Hello miss.”
“Hi.” My eyes didn’t stray from Cartoon Network.
“How are you feeling today?” she enquired, her tone trying to stay light, but Kate knew me too well to know she’d get a nice response, so she continued. “I’m alright; I finally got my assignment done.”
“Good for you.”
“Been doing your exercises?”
I shot her a look. “Did Mum put you up to this?”
“What?” she asked with confusion.
“Why are you here Kate? You know you don’t get anywhere with me so what’s the point?” I explained and the red haired girl sucked in a breath like I’d punched her. We were quiet for a moment and I diverted my gaze back to the television.
“You’ve been my best friend since we were five Sunny, and you’re just going through a rough patch. I’m here for you, and I always will be.”
I snorted. “A rough patch.”
“Yeah well you will get through this one day and then we can go back to having lessons together and everyone will be so happy to see-”
I grabbed my crutches and snapped myself up into a standing position, ignoring the pain and effort it took to do so. I then glared at the girl next to me. “If you think I’ll ride again, you’ve got another thing coming. Riding destroyed my leg, ruined my life, got me stuck in this god forsaken house and killed him. Bug died because of me that day!”
“Oh Sun,” Kate soothed and the sobs hit me hard and fast but I pushed her comfort away, blindly hopping down the hallway and slamming my door shut behind me.

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“That might just work Mrs. Moore,” I heard Kate say a few days later and I sat up from my bed, listening more intently to the conversation happening in the hallway.
“I don’t want to force her but I don’t think I can handle her attitude anymore.”
“Well I’ve got my university holidays so I can go with her. I really think it would help her get back on track.”
“Would you Kate? Oh you’re amazing,” Mum cried happily and my curiosity began to surge through my body, wiring it up and causing me to hold my breath in anticipation.
“It’s the least I can do. I want Sunny back just as much as you do. I miss her, and this isn’t like her. She’s not the type to give up. Deep down she wants to get better I know it, and get her life back. I think she just needs to get some help first,” Kate explained and my curiosity dimmed. I threw my upper body back against the bedding and glared at the ceiling. Perfect, now I needed help.
“Well, I’ll go wake Sun up and then we can discuss this with her.”
“Mrs. Moore,” Kate called and the movement outside my door stopped. “I don’t think we ought to give her an opportunity.”
“What the h*ll?!” I seethed, balling my fists up under the blankets. The door soon opened and I glared at my Mum, who immediately realised I had heard everything.
“Sunny please hear us out,” she begged and Kate stepped into my room, looking solemnly at me. I darted my focus between the pair of them and shook my head.
“You’re sending me away somewhere?!”
Mum nodded. “To you Aunt’s.”
“AUNT MADDIE’S?!” I screeched and became frantic. “NO!”
“Sun, the country air will do you well and-”
“There are horses there, if you haven’t realised it now, I don’t ever want to see another horse again!”
“You don’t mean that,” Kate said and I glared at the red head. “Once you see a horse again, you’ll let go of all this built up grief and anger Sunny, I know it.”
“I won’t go.”
“You don’t have much of a choice right now Sunny,” Mum announced and I let out a snort.
“I’m twenty-one, like you’ll be able to tell me where to go.”
Mum narrowed her hazel eyes upon mine. “You forget one thing. You can’t exactly put up a fight right now. It’s just for a month, just to give me a break and help you clear your head. I think it’s a good idea.”
“Ditto,” Kate said and folded her arms. I glanced between the determined pair and flopped back against my bed.
They were bloody right; I had no way out of this.

I hadn’t spoken a word at all on the trip. I needed to go to the bathroom and I wanted nothing more than to change the horrible screaming music Kate was bopping her head along to as she sped down the highway, taking me – her captive – so far from civilisation, I half wondered if she’d baulk when she realised there would be nothing for us out here.
I had been to Aunt Maddie’s horse farm several times over the years, and hated it every time. Sure it was where my love for horses started and I loved being around them, but I was a city girl at heart. There are only so many days someone can go without Starbucks or a proper supermarket. What was worse about this trip was that I wasn’t even going to enjoy it. I’d be cooped up in another home and wake up to the sounds of birds singing or horses neighing – something I wasn’t ready to hear again.
In fact as we grew closer to the small township of Chertsey, I felt my hands begin to perspire and my lungs filling with enough air to scream in protest. But I found it all fruitless because I couldn’t even move an inch, let alone say anything. The images flashed through my head, freezing me to the spot, and the only reaction I felt was the warmth of tears rolling down my cheeks. I couldn’t believe how selfish Mum and Kate were being, throwing me in front of my nightmare, and waiting for it to collide with me again.
“Are you okay?” Kate asked quietly as she slowed for a stop sign and looked over at me. “I know you’re angry with me and don’t wanna talk, and I guess that’s fine. But please don’t sit there and cry alone. I’m here for you; let me comfort you at least!”
“I-I don’t want this.”
“I know you don’t, but can’t you see what you’ve driven your Mum to? She can’t get through to you Sun, no one can. Your Aunt Maddie told your Mum to do this. She needed a break before your destructive mood ruined her too.”
I glanced at my best friend and dried my eyes. “You make me out into some monster.”
“You’re just hurting I know,” Kate replied, rubbing her temples. “You just need a little help-”
“There’s a car waiting behind us, you better drive on now,” I interrupted and turned my head to the passenger window. I heard Kate exhale a breath and the car began to move again, turning right and heading through the miniscule township.
“So there’s really just a pub, a gas station and tearooms closeby?” she asked, but I didn’t answer. Kate muttered something to herself and then pulled over, grabbing her directions and reading them for a moment or two, before driving on down the road. I knew we were close now; we just had to go over the river bridge and take the second left. We were soon heading down the drive to Aunt Maddie’s, the tree lined gravel track giving way to no sounds apart from the car rolling down it. Kate’s speed slowed as she peered through the dense tree line on both sides, hoping to see horses. I knew she wouldn’t, I had done the same thing as a child on my first trip here. Instead we were greeted by a large country house and sitting on the porch was a familiar lady.
Madilynn Miller was a slender woman nearing thirty-five, but still managed to look younger than her age. She hadn’t changed much since I last saw her, the chocolate waves of her hair hung neatly in a ponytail, and she was dressed in a simple tee and jodhpurs. A part of me had always envied my relative, looking more like someone from a magazine, than a successful eventer and horse stud owner.
Kate turned the ignition off of her car and opened her door, the sweet smell of hay filling my nostrils and flaring up my desire to go home again. The red head hopped out of the vehicle and approached my Aunt, the pair shaking hands and exchanging a couple of words, before walking over to me. I made no attempt to open the door, so Maddie did, swinging it wide open.
“Hello Sunny, welcome to your new home,” she greeted and I looked into her eyes before closing mine briefly, wishing for anything but this.

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this is really good i hope you write more.
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Originally Posted by Iluvjunior View Post
this is really good i hope you write more.
Thank you!
I have plenty more, I'll add some more shortly!

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Do continue. :]
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Originally Posted by LeahKathleen View Post
Do continue. :]
I'll have a bit more up shortly!! Just reproofing it haha!

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“So how about a yard tour?” Maddie suggested and I groaned, holding the sides of my wheelchair as Kate pushed me along the path. I then realised my escape route and smiled happily.
“How about you two go ahead? I’ve already seen the place and its nice and sunny out, I’ll just sit here.”
Maddie frowned and then shook her head. “I’ve made a few changes around the farm, and we’ve got some new face-”
“I’d love to and all, but this baby won’t make it around the yard,” I cut in, patting the side of my wheelchair. “She doesn’t do gravel with someone in it, and I can’t hop all that way.”
“She’s unfortunately right Ms. Miller,” Kate agreed and Maddie smiled.
“Well, how about we wheel you off to the back patio, it’ll be your entrance in and out of the house anyway.”
I nodded, relieved to get away. “I know the way, enjoy the tour Kate.”
“We won’t be too long,” Maddie assured and the pair headed off, leaving me to push myself along the side path towards the patio area. I parked myself by the door, and tried to relax, knowing I had escaped the horses so far. I glanced down at my leg and sighed, hoping that the pain I was experiencing would go away once I was propped up on a chair and had a dose of medication. I was thankful that the patio was blocked off from the farm, a small selection of potted flowers lining the brick wall around it. I looked at all the pretty colours and smiled, feeling the warmth of the sun melt some of the coldness within my bones.
And then the door beside me opened. I jumped but stifled my scream, grabbing at my leg instead. “Oh sorry, I didn’t expect anyone to be here,” he said and smiled briefly at me. I stared at the brunette boy and blushed deeply. His smile returned and he held out his hand. “Sunny right?”
“Yeah, h-how did you know my name?” I stammered and his smile grew. He let out a small laugh and rubbed the back of his neck.
“Uh, your Aunt told me about you arriving today. I figured there would be only one person in a wheelchair,” he answered and I felt stupid for my stuttering question. “I’m Aaron, the stable hand by the way. Which means I really ought to get back to work for the day, but I’ll see you at dinner.”
“Ah, okay then,” I murmured and with a final look Aaron shrugged away from the doorframe and headed out onto the yard. I watched him leave and then sank into my chair.
Trust me to meet someone hot when I’m looking my worse.

About twenty minutes Maddie and Kate found me in the patio, the grin on Kate’s face reaching up to her bluey-grey eyes. “Oh Sun, this place is amazing!”
“I’m glad you like it,” Maddie commented and Kate nodded eagerly. “We’ll get you onto the chores and riding tomorrow if you like. But don’t worry; we’ll make sure you still have time for Sunny, when she’s free too.”
I stared at my Aunt, her hazel orbs penetrating mine. I couldn’t help but gulp in some fresh air. “What do you mean when I’m free too?”
“You don’t think you’re just going to resting all day long, do you?” Maddie said and I gaped at her. “You’ll be doing your own set of chores, like washing the dishes in a chair, folding the washing and tending to the flowers in the patio. This isn’t a resort Sun; we have always got work to do.”
“I know but-”
“Think of it as rehab, you’ll be moving around and it’ll be helping me out a lot. Kind of like your payment for being here,” Maddie announced and I quickly rolled my eyes at the statement.
“I never chose to come here though.”
“Sunny,” Kate hissed and Maddie laughed lightly.
“Don’t worry Kate; it’ll take a little more than a sulky response to offend me. Sunny knows why she’s here, and knows she won’t get away with half the stuff she was. Let her have her frustrated period, she’ll soon settle.”
I glared at the older woman. “Yep that’s right, talk about me like the cripple isn’t sitting right here. Can I please go inside now?”
“Uh, sure,” Kate answered, reaching for the handles on my wheelchair but Maddie stopped her.
“You’ll have to take yourself inside Sunny, we won’t always be here to help you in and out,” she mentioned and then turned to Kate. “How about you and I bring in all the luggage, and then I’ll leave you two to get settled inside? Sunny knows her way around the house, don’t you Sun?”
And without a chance to reply, the pair walked away from me, leaving me staring after them in disbelief. I let out an unintelligible string of words and then leaned towards the door, sliding it open and then wheeling myself to the entrance. I couldn’t get the wheels over the threshold, and after several attempts, I sat there exhausted, wishing I had my crutches with me. But they were still in the car. I looked inside the house and noticed the bench beside the door. I thought of a plan to get inside and pushed the wheelchair as close as I could to the little bump stopping me from getting in and put on the brakes. Shakily standing up, I grabbed onto the side of the house and hopped over the sliding rail for the door. Panting heavily, I struggled to reach the bench, but I finally made it, slumping down onto it just as I heard footsteps.
“Sunny!” Kate cried and I sucked in a deep breath.
“In here.”
“How the... don’t do that to me!” she exclaimed and I rolled my eyes, although thankful for the crutches in her hands. “I was bringing these for you to get inside.”
“Well, I got in didn’t I?”
Kate frowned and then handed my sticks to me. “Be careful, I thought you had fallen over.”
“I could have,” I said matter-of-factly and Kate sighed. “But I didn’t and all is well.”
“Please rearrange your attitude Sun, I’m allowed to be worried for you. After all, you’re so talented at making everyone remember, even though we already know, that you’re a cripple. You want the attention so badly with this whole ordeal, yet you hate it when we fuss. Make up your bloody mind, I’m sick of being treated like crap,” she retorted and I stared at the red head for a moment as she tried to settle herself from her outburst. “I’m sorry, I’ll uh, and you just find somewhere to sit.”
Kate then hurried out of the house again and I sat there, finally feeling a brief wave of guilt wash over me.

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A couple of hours later I was settled in my new room, reading a novel vaguely, as Kate’s outburst went round in circles in my head. She had barely said anything to me since and had disappeared back out into the afternoon sun as soon as she could, clearly not wanting to be in my company. I wondered why that was, whether I was such a horrible monster and she’d had enough or if she was feeling as guilty as I was. Either way, I planned to make it up to her as soon as I saw her, and I was going to try and be as pleasant as I could be.
Hearing movement out in the living area, I decided to give up on the book in my hand and grabbed for my crutches. Hauling myself up, I slipped my arms into the holders and began my pursuit for company. I got to my door and opened it, looking out into the hallway and frowning as I heard a set of laughter from the main part of the house. Following the sounds, I hobbled down to the open plan living area and found Kate and Aaron in the kitchen, chopping up food and talking amongst themselves. Both of them stopped when they noticed me standing there, Kate’s cheeks reddening slightly and Aaron smiled brightly.
“Hey, how are you settling in?” he asked and Kate went back to work. I stared at her for a moment and then looked back at the stable hand.
“Ah, alright thanks. You don’t have to stop joking around on my behalf, unless you were joking about me,” I mentioned, hoping my voice wasn’t as cold as it had sounded in my ears. Kate’s head snapped up and Aaron bit his lip lightly.
“Why would we joke about you?” Kate questioned and I smiled sweetly, shaking my head and hobbling to the dining table. Aaron dropped his knife and quickly pulled out a seat for me. I smiled gratefully at the boy and then slumped down into it.
“I was just teasing,” I said and Kate evaluated my expression. Finding nothing, she nodded and went back to work. Everyone was quiet and I found it annoying, my sourness slowly creeping back at the blatant avoidance of my friend. After five minutes of silence I rolled my eyes and got back to my feet. “Well I’ll leave so the awkwardness goes away.”
“No don’t Sunny,” Aaron stated and I glanced passed him at Kate. She smiled brightly and nodded.
“Are you sure?”
She nodded her head. “Of course, this is supposed to be a fun trip. I just thought you were angry with me Sun.”
“Nope, not at all.”
“Well good then,” she finished and Aaron glanced between us both. I sat back down and Aaron cleared his throat, fixing another smile upon his face.
“So uh, you like horses then Sunny?” he asked and I felt my breath get lodged in my throat. “I was told that you both ride.”
“No, I don’t ride,” I corrected slowly and Aaron’s face creased up in thought.
“Your Aunt said-”
“She was wrong,” I cut in, and took a deep breath to steady my emotions. “I don’t even like horses, horrible smelly creatures.”
“Oh.” Aaron darted his focus back to what he was chopping up and didn’t look back at me again. Kate sighed and we fell silent once more, only this time round, no one even attempted to clear the rising tension in the air.

It was later that night and I was back in my room, a place that would no doubt be where I’d stay the most. Dinner was awkward; I remained quiet throughout and excused myself before dessert. I had sat by the door of my room listening to the other three talking quietly and the paranoia within me had risen to an all time high. All I wanted was my Mum and my room, but I knew neither was available to me right now.
I was lying in bed when a soft knock sounded against the door and it slowly opened. I didn’t bother to look at who was visiting me and the person clicked the door shut before approaching my bed.
“Sunny, can we talk?” Kate asked and I gave her a brief look and then returned my focus to the cream wall I had been staring at. “Sun, I’m sorry if I’ve upset you.”
“Like I said earlier, you haven’t, so stop with the apologising it’s getting pretty old.”
Kate groaned lightly. “Your attitude is getting old too. Look Sun, please stop making things so hard for yourself, you’re not going to get anywhere doing that!”
“Another lecture, wahey, exactly what I wanted,” I spat and Kate rolled her eyes. “I came out and tried to be nice today, and all you did was stay quiet and avoid me. I’m sorry if I can’t help but feel a bit sour right now.”
“Maddie asked me to come talk to you-”
“So you didn’t even come see me for your own benefit!” I cried and Kate gaped at me. “Just go.”
“Sunny, you didn’t let me finish! Actually, you know what? You seem so certain you’re on the right bloody path. Not even one day here and you’ve alienated yourself from everything. Aaron was being nice to you and you shut him down. Sort yourself out Sunny, you think you’ve got everything sussed, do it your bloody self cos I’m sick of having my head bitten off every time I try with you!”
“Kate, wait,” I called as the girl stalked to my door.
“No Sunny, I’m angry with you and myself. Maddie is right, you need to sort yourself out and none of us can help you when you’re like this.”
“Oh so you’re just gonna ditch me then?!” I yelled and Kate shook her head.
“I’ll be here for when my best friend comes back to me, but while you’re like this, how can I be of any service to you?”
“You know what? You’re right, so f**k off yeah? I don’t need anyone’s help!”
Kate smirked. “I’d love to see how long that lasts then. Night Sunny.”
“Whatever!” I exclaimed throwing a cushion at the door she departed through and panted heavily. Slumping back down into my bed, I glared at the ceiling, hoping my sentence here in purgatory would be short lived.

Seoul Searchin' for the Lovebug
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