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I just spent all day reading this! It's soo good :) Post more soon! I'm so excited to find out what happens next.

~Some horses will Test you, some will Teach you, and some will bring out the Best in you.~
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Great job I love it sooooo much!

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Chapter 28

My alarm clock started blatting its annoying cries at a ripe time of 4:00 AM the next morning. I slapped the snooze button a little harder than necessary, instantly regretting it as my ribs screamed out in protest to the sharp movement. “Ugh, why must I be so accident prone?” I whined to myself, slowly erecting myself to a sitting position. I rubbed my tired eyes, “and why must accident prone people have to wake up so dang early?” I stumbled about my room in the dim lighting, as I didn’t feel like blinding myself quite yet, and decided the lamp on the desk would be suffice. Thankful that my only stop today would be the barn, I threw on some comfortable sweats and a loose fitting, gray tee that read “Live Life at Full Gallop,” with the blue silhouette of a horse racing behind the black letters; my favorite outfit to wear around the barn. I threw my hair up into a messy bun and trudged downstairs quietly, slipping into my muck boots and taking a rest at the kitchen table, resting my head on my arms. Nobody in the house was up yet – Navy and mom didn’t awake until six for Navy’s school – so the house was peaceful and dark. I liked having the peace and quiet, and it had to be this early that we left for the barn so that Jared could get me back home before he left for school, so there wasn’t too much complaining that I could do. Not long had I been sitting there before my phone lit up, alerting me of Jared’s text that simply read “Here, you need help getting out the door?” I didn’t reply, simply pulled myself out of the chair and out the back door. I heaved the rental car’s door open, and slipped into the front seat.

I turned to look at Jared, and smile a thank you. His face seemed sympathetic, and he quietly muttered, “I suppose you didn’t need that help, huh? How you feeling this morning?” I shrugged a tiny shrug, for it ached to do any more. “I’m not too bad off. A little sore, but nothing I can’t live with. I’ve been broken worse,” I tried to use a joking voice to offset the slumbering mood, which caused Jared to snicker and roll his eyes before setting the car in gear and heading to the barn, “you’re crazy, Kat,” was all he could comment. The car ride was quiet. Both of us were quite tired still, and he even had to tap me gently to stir me when we arrived at the barn. “We’re here! Let me help you out of the car. No objections!” I simply smiled and returned the eye-roll, but decided to keep the protests in this time. I wouldn’t mind having the help at this point. He pulled me out of the car with careful gentleness, and we head into the barn.

We walked over to where the geldings were stalled, and I was pleased to see that Kiro’s sling had been brought down a bit, where he was standing on his hooves, and even able to gingerly walk over to the door, where his warm muzzle warmed my hands. I smiled like a little kid, loving the horse’s enthusiasm at getting better. I turned back to Jared, noticing that Kiro had been able to walk about a bit, “Is this sling on a track?” He nodded, “he’s in great care. This is the most advanced stall in the barn. Sling with tracks, everything is smoothed out to be kick and scratch proof, padded walls and double matted floors. The stall Northgate is in – the one next to it – has everything but the sling.” He walked next to me to rub Kiro’s face, “I figured this big guy needed some extra TLC.” He smiled, then walked to see Northgate. The big chestnut also whickered to his master, walking over and sticking his nose through the bars. “There’s my big handsome partner in crime,” he hummed to NG, patting him and checking him over visually.

I did the same for Kiro. I entered his stall, rubbing him over gently, careful not to press or pat too hard for I figured he’d be around as sore as I was. Kiro didn’t seem to show any pain though. He was really only happy to have me there; I could just tell. He never took an eye off me, slowly turning his neck as I went around the black’s massive body. His muscle mass really hadn’t deteriorated much, though he had lost a bit of fat. “You’re just a superstar!” I smiled, patting his cheek gently. “Such a good boy; I wish I could just stay here and visit you when I wanted,” I muttered to the horse as I closed his gate, wanting to never leave. Suddenly, Jared turned to me, as if light-bulbs flashed in his head.

“I didn’t think of that! The apartment upstairs! If you can get up the stairs fine, I can hand you the key and let the barn owner know you’re up there. They won’t mind, and it has full amenities. That way you’re always on one level, unless you want to come down and check on Kiro. I can bring you home on my way back from school. I can call your mom and see if it’s okay with her, if you want!” He beamed like he had just reinvented the microwave oven. He was so happy to have thought of the idea, and I loved it to the point where I was more than willing to accept. “Are you sure the barn owner wouldn’t mind?” I asked, not wanting to be rude. Jared shook his head, and pulled out his phone. “I’ll just give her a call!” After a small chat, he looked at me with a smile and a nod, thanking my mother … and apologizing for waking her … before ending the call. “You want to head up there now?” He asked.

I looked to Kiro once more, patting his nose, and nodded. “Yea, that’d be awesome.” He took me up the flight of stairs, unlocking the door before disconnecting the key from his key-ring and attaching it to mine. He unfolded the pull-out bed from the couch before making sure the fridge was stocked. “Okay, you’re all set! There’s a few microwave meals and some fruit in here if you get hungry, plus pop and water. Bed is set with new sheets, and you know how to work the TV and the DVD player if you want them.” He gave me a kiss on the forehead before I decided to slip into the bed. “I’ll see you when I get back!” He called back, and I returned the goodbye. He flipped the light on his way out, and I fell back into a nice slumber, overjoyed to be in the most wonderful place I could have been at that moment. Well, besides on the back of Kiro, that is.


I awoke some time later, letting myself sleep without an alarm. I brought my phone from the side table to my face, noticing the time was a little after nine. I decided to go ahead and slip out of bed – or rather, my stomach decided it was time to wake up. I left the bed to putter over to the mini-fridge, liking my choices of brunch. After selecting my meal, I reached in for some milk and sat on the edge of the makeshift bed, slipping “Second Chances” in the DVD player. It was a good favorite of mine, and I figured it would be nice to see how others come back from accidents with flying colors.

About halfway through the movie, I heard sounds that I couldn’t quite place. It took a second before I laughed at myself, realizing that I was, in fact, sitting over the arena. I glanced at the digital clock that sat below the television on the entertainment center. It was about ten o’clock, around the time that some of the adults without school obligations would begin lessoning. I decided to pause the movie and head out to the balcony. Watching lessons was an awesome pastime for me. Some found it boring, but I preferred to learn from the lessons as well, much like watching a clinic. The one thing I did notice that I wasn’t used to, is that I was particularly anxious to get back on a horse – and now. I expected to feel the riding withdrawal, as any rider with an injury would, but not this bad. Heck, I didn’t feel this much of a longing when I had my accident with Ghostly.

After watching for just a little bit longer, I knew I couldn’t take it anymore. I left the balcony, returned inside and bumbled downstairs to meet my gelding. He lifted his nose and nickered his usual welcome, which always brought a smile to my face. “Hey there buddy! Don’t you worry; we’ll be back up and running soon - back to eventing and having the time of our lives!” No sooner had I said that, though, did I remember the harsh words Trina had said. That not long after Kiro was back on his feet he’d be sold. I tried to shake the thoughts from my head, but to no avail. I slipped inside the stall quietly, sitting in the corner where Kiro could bring his nose down to me. I stroked his face while he held it there, and told him what was running through my head.

“Well, my stable job would have to be moved to this place; I have a feeling I’m not exactly on Trina’s good side right now. Who knows, maybe a place this nice can shell out a little more cash. Plus, you’re here now, so I could take good care of you. Then on top of that I’ll need to go somewhere else. Maybe work at the grocery store up the street, something that doesn’t guzzle gas out of the truck too badly, because that will cost an arm and a leg in itself if I don’t plan correctly.” Thinking about all the requirements to making this work almost made my head hurt, but watching Kiro munch his hay peacefully definitely calmed my brain, if only a bit. I had to laugh, marveling at the idea of Kiro ever having a nasty side. “Why, you’re just my little puppy dog! Here I am, half crippled, sitting in the corner of your great big, beastly self’s stall, and you don’t mind a bit!” I stood slowly, taking my time not to bother my ribs … or anything else, that is … Once I was up, I stroked Kiro once more, cooing and nurturing him, before deciding to head back up the stairs. I laid back out on the pull-out bed, flipped the DVD on play, and eventually fell asleep to the sound of horses, real and televised, all around me.

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More! More! Más! :-D

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I need more!
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I am SO sorry for my leave of absence. It is unexcusable. Things have been crazy, but I am going to finish this before the end of the year. Promise!!
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Ahhhh I thought there was an update and got super excited ):
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Green Broke
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I have been patiently waiting for more of this story as it is one of the best on here.

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Chapter 29

Sorry this next installment is so poor in quality. Just getting back into the swing of it. More tonight or tomorrow!

“Well good morning, sleepyhead!” I woke abruptly, sitting up much faster than I should. I groaned in pain, but turned to see Jared standing in the doorway of the loft, coming in and dropping his heavy-looking book bag. “Take it easy, Kat, it’s just me,” he almost commanded, clearly worried. He was a good friend. “What time is it?” I muttered sleepily, “about three o’clock. Just got home from school. Don’t worry about it though, you need to sleep as much as possible. It’s the best way for you to heal, considering you never sit still when you are up and about,” he teased, and I made a snarky face in turn. “Yeah yeah, you hush.” I pulled myself out of the small bed slowly, and began to strip the sheets to convert it back into a couch. Jared walked over quickly to stop me, “I’ll take care of it. You go see Kiro, I’ll be down in a moment,” he knew me too well, knowing exactly what I was aiming for. I nodded in agreement and went back down to see my horse.

Just the thought … ‘my horse’ … was a sad reminder that he wasn’t yet mine. How was I ever going to get the money to purchase him? Trina would charge a hefty price for him, considering he now had a winning streak in Eventing. I knew the people that had been at the circuit Jared and I had entered before the crash would flock him like birds to a fishing hole. I could only hope that his anti-stranger ways could scare them away. “Is that bad to wish for?” I thought aloud, thinking I was out of earshot of anyone. Unfortunately, I wasn’t. “What did you say, madam?” The new voice startled me, causing me to jump uncomfortably. The voice came from a man, dressed in high-class riding gear, standing by the stall near Northgate. I knew it was the owner of the barn from his location – the horse stalled next to Northgate was Standfordshire Delight.

Jared had told me many things about the barn owner and his horse. Standford was remarkable animal, one of amazing talent. Gary Richard had brought him up from scratch, born from one of the top Warmbloods in Germany. Gary had Standford shipped back to the US with him, and the rest is history. Today, Standford held countless awards, won about half a million Grand Prix’s, anything you could think of. Oddly enough, he wasn’t an Eventer, but a show jumper. Gary did own a mare that he evented with, but she was up and coming. I might have asked him why he spent all the extra money to make the barn one of the eventing type if I didn’t have other things on my mind.

“I’m sorry miss; I didn’t mean to startle you. You are Kristene, aren’t you- Jared’s friend, owner of that black over there?” I nodded quickly, wanting to seem more professional than I had so far. “Yes sir, I am.” I walked up to him and reached my hand out in greeting, “Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Richards, Jared has said great things.” He chuckled to himself a bit, shaking my hand firmly. “Yes, I’m sure he has. He’s a good kid, and he has a nice horse. Much like yours,” he gestured his hand over to Kiro’s stall, and began walking to his door. I walked a bit ahead of Mr. Richards, terrified of what Kiro may do. “Please be careful sir, he’s a bit … afraid of strangers, I guess you could say.” Gary stopped just short of Kiro’s stall, continuing his content chuckle, “Yes Kristene, I found that out a little bit ago,” My face went pink, and I gave a stink eye to my black beast. He gave me a sparkly look, ears pricked, almost to say ‘well what’s wrong?’

“I’m really sorry about that, Mr. Richards,” I muttered apologetically. He just shook his head and waved his hand, “Don’t be sorry little lady, I’ve met many a horse that has the personality like yours. Just good with his master, nobody else.” I smiled and nodded, glad that Gary Richards seemed so understanding. “Mister, I’m in a bit of a predicament. See, my trainer owns Kiro, he’s not mine. She wants to sell him, though. It would be devastating for both me and Kiro, and I really don’t want to see that happen. Unfortunately, I don’t have the funds to purchase Kiro right now. I’d like to ask for the opportunity to work at this beautiful stable. I can start as soon as I am well enough to lift a water bucket.” I didn’t have to inform him of the accident – considering he was stalling my horse, he had to know.

He nodded slowly, pondering the offer. “Kristene, as I’ve said before, I’ve met many horses like yours,” he paused, looking in at Kiro, “you need that horse. Jared has told me about how amazing of a team you two make, and I’m convinced that you need each other.” He turned back to me, a small kind grin on his face. Things looked hopeful. “The job is yours, Kristene. Welcome to the family. You’ll have to call me Gary, though, no need for over formalities.” I laughed, “In that case, call me Krista.” He nodded in agreement, “alright, Krista. You can start whenever you are well, you just let me know. You’ll get twenty an hour to do all the stalls, all the water, and bring everybody in in the mornings. Sound good?” I was somewhat shocked. Twenty an hour was a lot more than I was expecting, more than Trina had ever been able to pay me. “Can I come in around 4 AM? That’s before school for me, I can do that.” Gary smiled wide, “4 AM is perfect! Most kids won’t come before nine!” I shook my head just thinking of the preposterous number. I could tell me and Gary were going to get along just fine.

Finding another job, on the other hand, was a bit of a stretch. Sitting at my desk in my room, looking through my laptop, I realized my predicament. I didn’t have much experience in doing anything other than working at the stables. I knew this was my fault, but I really never needed another job. What I got from Trina was enough to pay my way and get by, as I didn’t really need much more than the horses and some art supplies to keep me happy. Now I had to really get a high sum in the bank, though, and it would be a challenge; but no matter what, I couldn’t let that horse go. After tallying everything up for endless hours, I decided I needed to know what Trina was planning on selling Kiro for. The only way I could find out was to call Trina … considering the last time we had spoken, I had low hopes for this event.

After a good amount of time just building up the confidence to dial the number, I picked up the phone and hit call. Three rings pass, but finally she picks up. “Hello Krista,” came a less-than-pleased response. “How is Kiro?” she asked, though I instantly assumed she was more interested in knowing so that she knew she’d have something against me. I know it was a terrible thing to think, but with what she had said, I had no other reason to think this way, “He’s coming along really nicely, Trina. Thanks for asking,” I replied lightly, in hopes to ease her mood. “So what is it you want? You didn’t call just to chat about rainbows and unicorns, I hope.” Guess it didn’t work. “Trina, look, I’m sorry I went behind your back. Kiro is really meant for that life, he’s so good at it! You should have seen him Trina, you would have loved to see…” she cut me off, “Kristene, I don’t care! I don’t care what he’s good at. He can do that with someone else! The fact of the matter is you lied to me, more than once! You risked your life for something pointless, and his too! You could have been seriously hurt, Krista! I just don’t understand what was going through your mind, but you best know it was the dumbest thing you’ve ever done. There’s no sorry for this, Krista. You’re going to have to fix what you’ve done. You can figure out how to do it.”

I could tell she was ready to hang up, so I caught her before she did, “Trina, wait! Just let me know what you want to sell Kiro for. We can discuss … things later. I need to know what you want to sell him for.” She was silent.
“Please, Trina.”
A sigh.
“Seven. Seven thousand. He’s got eventing potential. As ridiculous as it is, some eventer will take him for seven.”
“Thank you.”
“Good bye.”
I hung up. I wanted to cry. I wanted to just bawl my eyes out. All those years with Krista, all we’ve been through, and this is how it was going to end. It crushed me, made me want to curl up in a ball and just die. But I didn’t. I sat up, and wrote down the number. Seven thousand. 7,000. $7,000. Seven grand. I wrote it in a million ways. “I’m going to get that. I’m going to get that seven thousand, and I’m going to get my horse.

After finally making up all the math, I realized with an income of $20 an hour starting in about 30 days, with 21 hours a week I could have eight thousand in twenty weeks. “Four months,” I said aloud. The vet estimated Kiro would be healthy and able to be ridden in two. Even after a month of bringing him back, which even Trina would probably accept, I would still need a whole month, and he’d be gone by then. I’d need a job that paid at least ten an hour. “Easy! A fast food joint! They’ll take me, no problem.”

I searched the web all over, collecting phone numbers and contacts to call and apply for jobs. Before I knew it, it was midnight. Figuring it was too late to call, I slipped into bed. It would be an early morning, after all. I glanced to the framed sketch on my wall before heading to bed, as I always did. “We’re going to make it, Kiro. We’re going to make it.”

~ When I Die, Remember Me By My Horses ~
* Because They Are Responsible *
.: For Letting Me Live :. (c) xJumperx
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