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A Story of a Girl and a Horse, Broken Without Each Other

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    11-16-2013, 07:36 AM
Can't wait for more this is really good ! please update quickly I'm starved for more !
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    11-17-2013, 11:45 PM
I LOVEthis.
Can't wait until there is more.!
    11-21-2013, 10:07 PM
Chapter 29

2 months later

I stabbed at the fine shavings with the pitchfork for the umpteenth time, cleaning out every morsel of manure and urine, any little imperfection that might taint the area the horses stayed in for a good amount of time. I finally finished with the last stall, tossing the pitchfork into the full wheelbarrow with a sigh of relief. I grabbed the small, portable misting machine from the ground and swept it over the stall, before turning it onto my forehead, washing away the sticky feeling the humid air left on my skin. “I hate spring,” I muttered to myself, tired of the boggy mess already. After turning the mister to its rightful place in the cleaning room (yes; Green Lantern had a specific room just for all the stall cleaning utensils), I grabbed the handles of the muck bucket and turned it toward the compost area with a heave. Since my wrists had healed, it was becoming easier to work each day. I remembered the first attempts with pain, but shook it off. “In the past, in the past,” I muttered to myself, throwing my weight into the bucket to send the poo over the edge, into the compost trench below.

After returning the bucket, I slipped into one of the bathrooms to wash up. Once I was presentable again, I returned to the main barn where Kiro was stalled. “Hey there, big guy! It’s a beautiful Saturday morning, perfect for a nice ride,” I cooed, walking into his stall with red halter in hand. Bringing him back into work was still a work in progress, though he was coming along quicker than I thought he should. It was bittersweet, really. I had already been putting overtime hours in at the fast food joint a couple blocks from my house, saving all I could, and I really couldn’t afford a shorter time frame than I already had. I had talked to Trina only twice since she told me the final dollar amount, only speaking about Kiro’s wellbeing. I liked to think that she was coming around. Maybe she was, but maybe she wasn’t.

I had managed to save about three and a half thousand already. It was more than I’d ever had in my life, and it was incredible to think about having it. My mother didn’t know, she couldn’t – if she did, she’d probably see it as hers and take it. It was a shameful way to think, but since my accident jarred her vacation plans, she’d been searching for any getaway she could find. I sighed, feeling bad for her. “After I’ve got you, we can take care of mom. I promise,” I said to myself more than Kiro. I threw his saddle pad on after tending to his polos, preparing myself for his hefty Dressage saddle. I had briefly considered selling this very saddle to save some money, but realized I’d just have to buy it back later after getting Kiro. In the levels Kiro was capable of doing, an all-purpose saddle wouldn’t cut it for eventing.

After slipping on Kiro’s black bridle and tightening the noseband, I led him into the large indoor arena. Nobody was ever here this early in the morning, and the owner didn’t mind if I rode whenever I wanted so long as I wasn’t bothering any of the other paying boarders. I had already flipped on the lights before I tacked up to give them time to warm up, and the arena was almost fully lit now. I nodded, deeming it sufficient, and hopped onto Kiro’s back.

He was moving out from under me well, finally using his hind end properly again. He pulled from the rear, lifting his back to seem like he just floated across the ground. If it weren’t for the immense power to be felt in his neck and shoulders, if it weren’t for the sound of his massive hooves thumping the ground like a pair of Christmas drums, I might have believed that he was in fact flying. I couldn’t wait to jump him again.

He wouldn’t be jumping till the end of the month, though. It was sort of a good thing, as it gave me the time I needed to keep on saving up to buy Kiro at the end of the term Trina had given me (just three months). I sighed yet again. I needed to stop thinking about my money troubles and focus on the riding.

After finally rearranging my thoughts, me and Kiro had a wonderful ride, and I decided it wouldn’t hurt to take him out in some of the fields to cool him. “Gary won’t mind if I just check the fences, would he?” I asked Kiro, who of course would answer in the language only horses and riders knew. We walked calmly along the rails, watching the loose horses as they moseyed around, grazing or just nodding after their pasture mates. It was such a peaceful sight, one that I loved to watch. Once we had finished making our rounds, I noticed a figure at the fence of the gelding pasture, whistling a tune I was very familiar with. I smiled, knowing instantly who it was. I glanced around for Northgate, as I was back with the other geldings at the moment. Through the mist I found the chestnut, and noticed him pick up his head enthusiastically. After a second call, the large horse started off at a gentle trot, eventually cantering his way to the gate. I began to walk back after him, watching him as he went. Jared must have caught notice of me, because he waited there with Northgate after clipping his halter. After reaching the gate, I smiled teasingly, “well good morning sunshine! What’s got you up so early? I didn’t think you rolled out of bed until around noon thirty!”

Jared smirked and gave a playful punch to the leg, “oh you shut up, I’m here at nine on the weekends like clockwork and you know it!” He laughed before continuing, “my parents are going out boating, so I figured I’d just get up at 5 a.m. With them and spend my day here! I’m glad I caught you before you left. Are you watching Navy tonight?” I nodded, “yup, he’s on my watch. You want to come with us? I figured we could go to the little arcade up there with putt-putt and go-kart racing. I can spare about $30 for all of us to get in for 2 races and unlimited everything else. You in?”

Jared’s face grew a grin similar to a toddler’s in a candy store. “Do you need to ask? I’d love to! I haven’t been go-karting in so long! Heck yeah, just give me a call when you are on your way. I’m going to ride first, and then I’ll get ready! I brought clothes to change into.” I nodded, calling it a done deal. “I’ll put Kiro up and watch you ride until I have to go. I’d love to see how NG is coming along!” He nodded back, and we continued back into the barn, chatting about various things while we took care of our horses. When Northgate was ready, I stuck Kiro in his stall and followed Jared to the arena. Once he was on, I took a seat on the mounting block to watch.

Unfortunately, NG was coming along at a … slower rate than Kiro was. He was still on his forehand a bit, not using his back like he knows how. He didn’t have his spring to his feet, and didn’t lift. He had been less injured than Kiro was, yet it seemed like he wasn’t coming as well as he should. I couldn’t say anything to Jared, though – it would hurt him terribly, and I’m sure he already knew. Jared spurred him on, trying to push him into the bit, but it just didn’t happen. Finally, my phone vibrated in my pocket, signaling it was time to get home to Navy. I didn’t want to leave, but maybe NG would perform better without an audience. I alerted Jared that I’d have to go, and he dismissed me with a grin and a wave.

I hopped in the truck and began my way back home. I found myself feeling even more confused about Kiro. I should be ecstatic that he was making leaps and bounds, not worrying about a time frame. I’m sure Jared would kill for NG to have Kiro’s willpower to get better. I shook my head, “no sense feeling bad. Just focus on making it a good day for everyone, Krista.”

[[ I can either continue the chapter and go into depth about the arcade, or skip ahead to more action-y, conflicting events. I'm fine either way, you guys let me know what you prefer!! As soon as I have feedback I'll start typing.]]
    11-22-2013, 01:40 PM
Originally Posted by xJumperx    
I can either continue the chapter and go into depth about the arcade, or skip ahead to more action-y, conflicting events. I'm fine either way, you guys let me know what you prefer!! As soon as I have feedback I'll start typing.
It depends. Will the arcade scene propel the story further into the action? Will it give us a better (important to the story) understanding of the characters? Or will it just be a good time for Krista, Jared, and Navy? (Not that that's bad, just is it necessary to the plot of the story? As much as I enjoy the banter between Jared and Krista and how adorable Navy is, there are already other scenes with the three of them together just having fun.)

I'm really enjoying how the story is developing and I can't wait for more!
    11-29-2013, 01:03 PM
Wow! Amazing!
    11-30-2013, 11:42 PM
    12-07-2013, 11:07 PM
I decided to skim over :) The rest of the current chapter.

The time spent with Jared and Navy was a great one. Of course, Jared kicked my butt in the go-kart, though he let Navy slide by a couple times. My kid brother was grinning ear to ear when we returned home. “Oh big sissy, that was so much fun! Jared is so much fun, and everything was so …” I grinned, guessing his next words, “fun?” He let out a playful chuckle and gave my thigh a hug, “Big sissy, can we do more things?” My smile started to fade, as I knew I couldn’t afford a new game every weekend. I sat down at the kitchen table, where Navy joined me. I looked at my brother, so full of life. I was afraid to let him down, but was hoping he’d understand. “Navy,” I started, “Sissy has a lot on her plate right now. She has to save up a lot of money, so that she can buy Kiro. If sissy doesn’t buy Kiro, he’s going to be taken away,” with Navy’s concerned look, I could see this going decently well for me. Maybe he would understand. “Games over the weekend cost money, and sissy can’t spend that money right now. Maybe once I buy Kiro, and we don’t have to worry about him getting taken away, we can play games on the weekends. Is that okay, little man?” I looked to Navy, and was pleased with his response. He gave a big nod, “Yes! Sissy has to keep Kiro! I like Kiro! Can we still go to the barn to see Kiro and Jared, though?”
It was my turn to smile wide, and I gave Navy the biggest hug, “of course we can, little man. Any time you like.”
    12-07-2013, 11:56 PM
Chapter 30

[[ Deep chapter guys! It gets happier! Don't cry on me! ]]

“My price is firm, Krista, I’m not making an exception for you. You lied to me, you deceived me, you went behind my back and betrayed me. It’s seven thousand. I’m picking him up tomorrow from your barn. He goes to the first person to give me that price, and that’s final.” A click, then silence. I threw the phone in anger onto a bale of hay, hating it passionately for a moment. After the moment was gone, I collected the cell and sat upon the hay I had tossed it on, throwing my face into my hands, sobbing helplessly.

I hadn’t done it. I had worked endlessly for the past months, only to come up with six thousand. Six thousand wasn’t seven. I hadn’t made it. Somewhere along the line, I messed up my calculations. I hadn’t budgeted for all the expenses, and somehow had fallen short. I didn’t know how to survive from here. I couldn’t live without that horse. He had just gotten back into jumping, and was going through the motions like the accident had never happened. He flew over the fences, both stadium and cross country, like he was born for the events. I knew it wouldn’t be long before Trina came and got him, but I was hoping it would be postponed. Unfortunately, my prayers went unanswered.

I felt weight next to me, shifting the hay. By the scent and feel of the person next to me, I knew instantly who it was. I let myself fall into his lap, leaving Jared to wipe my hair from my face, and pat my back gently, “It’s okay, Kat, we’re going to make it work. It’s going to be okay. We’re going to keep him, Kat; you’re going to keep him …” he kept repeating soothing words, waiting for me to calm on my own time. When I was decent, I sat up and faced him, “she’s taking him tomorrow, Jared. He’ll be gone tomorrow! I don’t have the money, and she’s not waiving the price.” Jared looked at me with pleading eyes. He didn’t know what to do either. Instead of giving in, he simply shook his head, lacing my hand with his. “We won’t let her take him. Not without a fight. That’s your horse, Krista.” He nodded towards Kiro’s stall, which was in view from where we were sitting, “and he knows that.”


On time, as she always was, Trina was at the door of Green Lantern Stables. Trailer backed up to the barn, doors open wide. Hay was stocked, with bedding laid. I stood in Kiro’s stall, stroking him softly, while he rest his face by my chest. Suddenly, Trina was at the stall door. She saw me there, and her expression instantly changed. “Krista, he’s not yours. You may think he is…” I cut her off, “You can’t have him, Trina.” She made the most horrific face, one of pure spite, “Kristene, get away from the horse. He’s not yours. He’s mine. I’ll do whatever I want with him.” I shook my head. “You’re being irrational, Trina. All I did was compete. I rode a horse. I did something I loved doing. I got back into jumping; I got back into loving it again. Isn’t that was you wanted?”

Trina looked to her feet, her face suddenly softening. “Kristene, is there a restroom in this building?” I was confused by her question, but answered honestly, “Yeah, it’s that door across the way, the one on the right. Why?” Trina shook her head in the direction of the restroom, “follow me, please.” I briefly wondered if she’d lock me in there, but I quickly rolled my eyes at the thought. Trina was upset, not a psychopath. I followed her into the spacious bathroom.

She removed her shirt, showing a sports bra … and several large, thick scars. Two on her back to the inside of her shoulder blade, two more under her left ribcage; one by her collarbone on her right side, and the end of one peeking out from under the middle of her bra. Trina was beat to hell. I wondered how I didn’t know, but then recalled that I’d never seen her without a tee shirt. I’d never even seen her in a tank top, though I’d never realized it until now. “Trina … what …” She stopped me, pointing to each scar as she spoke, “Two split shoulders. Four broken ribs. Broken collarbone. Fractured sternum.” She looked back to me, with a glazed look in her eye. “Krista, what do you think those scars are from?” It took me a second, but I figured it out. My entire outlook on my trainer’s attitude towards me eventing had changed. “You … you used to event. You had an accident; a bad fall.” She frowned, but shook her head. “Not exactly; I was an eventer, and I was good at it – on my way to the Rolex, in fact. But it wasn’t a bad fall that did this. It was a bad jump.” Puzzled, I provided a confused look. “The jump, it wasn’t built correctly. The brush on top is supposed to be thin, able to be passed through with no problems. But this wasn’t. It was thick, tangled, mismanaged. I was the first on the course, by luck of the draw, so nobody knew that the jump was so … dangerous.” Her voice gave a tiny, almost unnoticeable crack, and her eyes began to water, “Nobody knew the jump was fatal. Me and my horse, whom wasn’t mine, but loved as dearly, came at the jump. The takeoff was perfect, the speed impeccable. We had a winning run, except for that jump. His legs went into the brush, and they never came out.”

By the end of Trina’s story, I was crying silently, as was she. “I was pronounced dead for three minutes,” she finished, before quickly wiping her eyes and replacing her top, looking to me with red in her eyes, “I don’t want that for you, Krista. I don’t want that for Kiro. When you took that fall with Ghost, I was terrified. I thought that was going to happen to you right then and there. I though you’d have to live through that, and I almost died right there with you that day. But you didn’t. And neither did I; but Krista, I can’t take those chances anymore. I can’t risk that anymore. I care too much.”

She went out the door of the restroom, leaving me dumbfounded for a moment before I collected my senses and walked after her. “So that’s it? You’re just taking the horse and leaving? We can come back from this, Trina! It doesn’t have to be the end of this.” When Trina didn’t stop unlatching Kiro’s door, I got desperate. “I got back on after my fall off of Ghost, Trina! And while it wasn’t … it wasn’t half as bad as yours, I still did it! I got back on, and I jumped again. It took me years, and it took me someone special, but I did it. Now it’s your turn.” She hesitated, and I walked before her again. “Get back on the horse, Trina.”

She looked at me for a moment, with soulful eyes, and I thought I’d done it. “I can’t do that, Kristene.” My heart dropped. “The horse isn’t here anymore.”

With those words, all I could do was watch as Trina entered the stall, clipped my horse’s halter, and proceeded to walk him to the trailer. I didn’t know why he went for her this time. Maybe he felt as miserable for her as I did.
Maybe he wasn’t strong enough to fight yet.
Maybe I wasn’t either.
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    12-08-2013, 12:33 AM
Chapter 31

I flipped the water hose from the filled bucket, letting it’s cool flow run over my forehead for just a moment before placing it into the next bucket. The summer was harsh this year, hot and sticky. The beginning of the summer had been worse though, and it had nothing to do with the weather. “Krista!” I heard a familiar voice behind me, and a small smile emerged, “Jared, hey! What is it?” He embraced me in a tight hug, “oh Krista, it’s good news!” I scoffed, “I haven’t had good news in a week, Jared. Each day Trina calls and says someone else comes to see him. It’s a matter of time before …” Jared shook his head, placing a finger in front of my babbling mouth. He handed me an envelope. “Merry Christmas in July, Kat.” I looked at him, then back down to the paper. I opened it slowly, astonished by what was inside. Two thousand dollars. More than enough to get Kiro. “Jared, I can’t take this …” He shook his head again, but in a nodding fashion this time.

“Yes you can, Krista. My parents, they hit it big. Stock market flew up, and they said you need this. You need this. They told me if I come home with it, they’ll skin me. Honest!” I looked at the paper, then back at Jared, and repeated the cycle a few times before wrapping myself around Jared, letting my lips find his as quickly as possible. After moments of pure bliss, I only had one thing left to say before jumping in my truck to get my horse, “Jared, I love you so much.” He smiled wide, mumbling “I love you more” before kissing me back.

Jared insisted he joined me on our trip, and so we were on our way. It wasn’t too long before I was pulling into Trina’s barn, a familiar place I had recently found spite in. All of the spite was gone now, though, as I killed the engine and jumped from the truck. Walking into the barn at a fast pace, I began to call, “Trina! Trina I have the-“ when I heard voices from inside, “Yes, he’s a fine horse. He’ll make a good way in the competitions. No need for a ride, he’s perfect for my girl.” My heart dropped faster than led in an ocean, “No!” was the only thing I could cry.

I ran into the barn, stopping in front of my horse’s stall. Trina was mortified, and the man next to her looked overly confused. Out of breath, I managed to mutter, “you can’t sell him. He’s dangerous. He’ll destroy anyone else. I have the money, right here, to take him off your hands.” Trina looked at me sourly, “You hush, Kristene. Kiro is over his bad habits. I’ve been working him, you’ll see. Mr. Johnson, feel free to take your horse.” I didn’t know what to do. As the large man came towards me, not moving wasn’t an option. He entered the stall and slid Kiro’s halter on. Everything was in slow motion now, as my brain couldn’t process what was happening.
I was losing him.

The lead rope came next. Mr. Johnson began to walk Kiro from the stall. And Kiro began to follow. One hoof after the other, as I watched in horror. I glanced to Kiro’s eye, trying to see into his amber soul. He didn’t return my glance for the longest time.
But he went off with a bang when he did.

His eye caught mine, his head flew into the air. His hooves danced beneath him, his muscles riveting under his glossy black pelt. He let out a shrill neigh, ears flicking in all directions. He pulled his nose to me, begging for me to take the halter. When a sharp, jabbing tension came from Mr. Johnson struck Kiro’s nose, furious would have been a kind way to describe the horse’s reaction.

Kiro pinned his ear instantly, whipping his head and neck around to the handler at the end of the rope. He pulled himself into the air, letting out his hooves like he had done the first day I had met him. Before I knew who he was. Before he became mine. Mr. Johnson’s face grew pale, his eyes widened as he dropped the rope and backed quickly. “That horse is mad! You are crazy for trying to sell such a creature!” He chastised Trina, escaping the barn. Once Kiro’s attacker was gone, he came back to me, his perky, loving self. I turned to Trina then, as Jared stood in shock at the corner of the stalls, watching everything play out.

All of a sudden, Jared’s stifled laughter struck us. After a moment, he erupted in uncontrollable laughter, with me thinking he might just fall over. Trina’s small chuckle came as a ridiculous surprise, and in just moments all three of us were nearly on the floor laughing our heads off. “Oh Kiro, you spunky thing!” I falsely chastised him, with Trina’s “You must really be her horse!” Following shortly after. I collected his lead, and stroked his face with love, after passing the money to Trina, “Yeah … I’d say you are.”
    12-08-2013, 12:34 AM

“Krista, you listen closely now. That rollback there is a sharp one, and there’s an inside turn after the fifth jump that I’m willing to bet not many will take. That can shave precious seconds off your time. Your cross country and dressage were perfect, you nail this and you’re headed to the big leagues.” I smiled wide, plotting the course with confidence. Trina was in a promising mood, which was always helpful on show weekend. She patted my leg once more as I entered the entrance box. I was on deck.

Jared came up beside me before my round, aboard Northgate, sitting on his new close contact saddle his parents had graciously purchased him. “Go get ‘em tiger!” he said to me as he reached over for a high five. I returned it, “Bet that new saddle will surely impress the judges in your division! Don’t forget your ol’ girlfriend when you’re in the big leagues!” He laughed, “You’re the one who will have to bring me along to the four stars! You’ve got that big black that’s looking mighty ready today!”

I patted Kiro’s glistening neck, smiling knowing he was mine. Six months later and I still couldn’t get over it. Suddenly, our name came over the announcer, and I looked back at my support team before entering the ring. Trina gave a proud smile, and Jared provided two thumbs up. I stroked Kiro’s neck once more before squeezing him into a canter.
“Let’s go big guy.”
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