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A Story of a Girl and a Horse, Broken Without Each Other

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        12-20-2012, 06:26 PM
    Wow!! Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments!! :)
    Chapter 4 is really just getting to know Krista a little better, and to set the stage for later in the novel. It's going to be a larger book, just with shorter chapters. I've always liked the shorter chapters, so figured that's how I'd write too!! Chapter 4 follows that guideline. I'll have Chapter 5 up very shortly, which will likely just involve more of the same - life at school and such. Then we should be back to the horses ;)

    Chapter 4

    I left the barn that night feeling like I was on top of the world. I was always happy after a day with a new horse, but Kiro was even more than that. It was as if he were mine – my first horse, my perfect match, my … my everything. I smiled at the thought of him being mine, before opening the car door, and sitting inside, ready for the short drive home.

    “Hey mom!” I called from the kitchen, where the back door was located. She was likely in the living room, drinking her hot chocolate, watching some sort of soap opera – it was her Sunday tradition. I always left her be on these days, to have her time with just her, and the wonderful Jeremy Skyy, to marry Robin and take care of his omniscient, yet weak, sister. I always rolled an eye at her sappy shows, but whatever made her happy would work fine. It was just me, her, and my little broth- “Kay is home!” A little blonde blur came running at me, and slammed into my leg, tightening around my thigh. “I missed you sissy, I really did! You was gone a long, long time!” I laughed at Navy’s enthusiasm, loving his fun spirit. He was a handful at times, but I loved him to pieces. He usually brightened my day if I was in a foul mood, just by being there. His naïve and audacious personality was certaintly contagious. “Hey, little buddy! Did you eat yet? Should I fix you and mom something?” He nodded, as I figured he would. This time of year was hard for mom – it was around the time that dad took off on us, 7 years ago - it wasn’t long after Navy’s 1st birthday.

    “Alright, little man. Go grab your momma a lap-table so she can watch her shows while she eats, and set the table for us. I’ll get your favorite running!” He bounced up to do as he was told. Spaghetti never ceased to put an even bigger spring in that boy’s step. After we had all eaten, and Navy had finished with the dishes, I went on to do my homework. I had been forced to re-do my senior year, for I had missed far too much school after my accident – a smashed hip, two shattered legs, and two broken arms to match could do that to a person. I was fine with it. I never really minded school, and didn’t exactly know what to do with my career after High School anyways. My phone interrupted my studies. I looked down to the caller ID and quickly answered. “Hello?”

    “’Sup Krista-Kat?” Came the voice on the other line. I laughed at the stupid nickname, though it was what Jared had decided to call me, “Nothing much, just finishing Animal Science homework. Just got back from the barn, it was probably the best day ever for a while!” I continued to tell my best guy-friend about my day. He was a fellow horse lover, which was hard to come by. He actually owned a horse – a smaller bay Thoroughbred, named Northgate. He was a beauty, and was a wonderful eventer- what Jared specialized in. He was actually the only horsey friend of mine – Jeanna and Sam, my two favorite girl friends, weren’t much into them, but I loved them none the less. Either way, the conversation with Jared was a pleasant break from the homework – I loved Animal Science, but the homework given was a bit overwhelming. After a decently lengthy conversation, we settled on seeing each other at school the next day, and hung up.

    After finishing what seemed to be a month of homework, I felt the need to draw. It was a huge hobby of mine – to capture beauty, to be able to interpret it differently, was priceless. Not to mention fun to do. I ended up getting half of a Kiro done, before eventually falling asleep over his rough, outline sketch.
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        12-20-2012, 07:41 PM
    Chapter 5

    We sailed over the final jump effortlessly. The flight was balanced and calming, Kiro gentle beneath me. We met the earth with an easy thud, yet we were safe. He cantered on across the line, and I pat his black, glistening neck. The crowd clapped loudly, and I smiled brightly. It had been a flawless round. His pace had been perfect the entire time, and I had been one with him throughout the course. The victory was sure to be ours! All of a sudden, a buzzer went off. What? This wasn’t jumpers, and there was no time, which meant no need for an alarm. The annoying blat kept on repeating though, over and over – before I finally realized it was my alarm clock.

    Awoken from the dream, I tapped on the electric clock gently, shutting the annoying call off. Through foggy eyes, I checked the time – 6:30 AM – time for school. As I dressed, I couldn’t help but think back to the marvelous dream. It was a rare one, especially, considering I hadn’t dreamed of jumping safely since the accident. Anything I did have was just replays of the event, from a body that wasn’t mine. I watched in slow motion, as Ghost collapsed over the jump, somersaulting into me. He would thrash a bit, then go still as people rushed into the arena. They were more like nightmares, and I was overjoyed when I found them gone. But this had been different. I was thankful for the change.

    After getting dressed and grabbing breakfast, I waved goodbye to mom and herded Navy into my truck. Per normal, I was to drop Navy off at the Elementary school, then head to the High School, that was just a few blocks away. Considering I was now 18, I had my own license, and was able to drive everybody to their needed destinations, which saved gas. When mom had a job, I usually dropped her off there as well. We were all pretty eco-friendly people.

    After I had sent my little brother on his way, drove up here, and parked, I walked myself to my locker. “Krista! What’s up?” Sam came bouncing around the corner, clearly in a happy mood. “Hey Sam, not much, just got here. Was the test in Trig today or tomorrow?” After chatting around with her a bit, I headed to class. Walking in the door, I was greeted with the familiar “there she is!” by Jared. “Here I am!” I plopped down in the seat next to him. We didn’t have a seating chart in Trig, but we all tended to sit in the same spot each day. “So, Kay, how’s that black doing?” I smiled, loving the opportunity to talk about him. “Great! I just had a dream about him last night. Jumping, of all things. I don’t know, I think he might really take me somewhere.” Jared nodded, but gave a bit of a concerned look, “Ya know, if he threw your trainer off, how can you be sure he won’t do the same for you? Maybe he was just being really good for you to hide his bad side, so that you’d be more surprised. From what you told me of his track record, he seems really nasty.” I just shook my head at the thought, “No, Jared, he’s not nasty. Well I mean, he’s nasty to other people, but not to me. He is so sweet once you connect with him. I can’t see him ever hurting me. Who knows, maybe he just really needed someone to see who he was, and actually give him a chance.” Jared shook his head slowly, giggling to himself, “You are a hard-headed one…” I laughed, and sat up straighter. “And don’t you forget it!”

    After school had gotten out, I made my way out to the barn. Not before getting a phone from mom though – “Hey, Krista, I need you to take Navy to the barn with you. I can’t watch him. Miranda is picking me up to go shopping for some counters for her new kitchen.” I sighed, not really liking taking him with, but agreed. It wasn’t that I didn’t love my brother, I did. It was just that he was a boy, and I feared him getting into things he shouldn’t. I had taken him a few times before, but Trina hadn’t been there both times. I wasn’t sure how she’d take it. I called her, and of course she said it’d be okay – but I was curious of her real opinion.

    I gave Navy a briefing before heading in. “Okay buddy, you need to be on your best behavior. Don’t bother Ms. Trina, she is very busy, and doesn’t want to be your babysitter. I’m going to be riding, so I can’t have you messing with me. You remember where the bathroom and the mini-fridge is if you get hungry. Just chill in the lounge until I’m done. Don’t break anything – and if you do, tell me. Don’t try to hide it. Got it?” He nodded excitedly, loving to be here at the barn. He was a smart kid.

    I walked him into the barn, holding his hand. “Hey Trina!” I called. She came around the corner, enthusiastic. “Hey there Krista! Brought me a little helper today, did you? How much fun will we have!” She clapped her hands, then motioned for Navy to go with her. He laughed and ran her way. I smiled, glad the two could get along. She looked up to me before turning back with my brother in tow, “Kiro, as you may know,” she said with a smile. I smiled and nodded back, then turned to head to his stall. “Okay buddy, let’s see what we can do.
        01-07-2013, 04:58 PM
    I just love this!!! Please post more.
        01-14-2013, 05:03 PM
    I really enjoyed reading this, please post more.
        01-23-2013, 07:48 PM
    Chapter 6

    “That a boy, just take it nice and easy…” I spoke softly to the giant gelding. I stroked his blazing neck gently, as he walked out strongly in the middle of the arena. He stretched his neck downward, and let his shoulders free up as I put slack in the rein and asked for impulsion. He knew my cues so well. After a good stretch, I carefully asked to have his head back. He held it just where it needed to be, and set off into a lovely, flowing trot. I did keep what Jared said in the back of my mind – At this point, Kiro WAS still a bit unpredictable. I trusted him completely, for some reason, but I knew that he was still, in fact, a horse.

    Yet it was hard to think that the beauty could ever hurt me … His muscular black neck glistened in the light of the arena, like crystals dancing upon coal, diamonds forming from the black ash. His shoulders pulsed with energy, riveting and shocking the ground he would grace his powerful hooves over. Pushing off with such grace, to lift into the air and land again with such a beauty that could only be proven by sight. He truly danced through the air, with his entire body, his hindquarters driving the unstoppable force he presented. The gentle weight he put in my hands as he held the bit just so in his mouth was a contact to die for. He was truly spectacular to ride. I never wanted to get off.

    We rode in all gaits, where he excelled. In the center of the arena was a small jump. It was a cross rail, in fact, but higher than yesterday’s. The center may have been about one foot off the ground. I thought back to my dream from yesterday. We were sailing over everything, and all of those jumps were hugely higher than the one I saw before me. He would likely just trot over the thing. No problem, right? Right … I convinced myself to give it a shot. Like a beginner, I timidly trotted toward the wooden setup. As we approached, I released my hands to his neck, and he did just as I expected – an easygoing trot. I smiled wide, patting Kiro with much enthusiasm. “That’s a boy! Good boy!”

    I peered back to the cross rail. It was nothing … and easy clear. Maybe, just maybe, today could be different … maybe we could finally get over a vertical. I hopped off Kiro, and tied his reins, deciding to let him walk about the arena as he pleased as I would put the jump up. The arena was designed to be safe for a horse at liberty, so he wouldn’t hurt himself. I released the reins, and took off at a brisk walk. When I stopped at the jump, I turned around to find … Kiro! I was startled by the big black nose that was being pushed into my back at first, not expecting him to follow me. But next thing you knew, I was smiling wide, hugging the sweet horse. “You are such an angel…” I muttered into his long, flowing forelock. After a moment of peace, I turned back to the jump. I lay one pole on the ground, and lifted the other end of the other into the jump cup. The jump was now 2’. Years ago, this had been the height I showed in as I was just getting into competitive showing. It seemed like a short forever ago, really. I looked up and grinned at the big black horse, who had his nose just by my shoulder. “You want to help?” I chuckled, patted his neck, and walked around to his side. I hopped on, and took a look at the small jump. It was certaintly daunting. “Kiro …” I muttered his name, hoping to gain some confidence.

    I trotted around the arena a few more laps, before popping into an easy, flowing canter. Around and around we went, and I still hadn’t made the slightest attempt at the jump in the center. I noticed this, took a large breath, and quickly decided it was time to change that. “20 seconds. Twenty seconds of courage, and we are over it,” I tried to convince myself. I eased the rein toward the standards, using my leg to push his shoulder into the direction. Coming at the fence now, I hear footsteps come, then stop. Trina must have been watching. 5 strides out now. Almost there, almost over the jump, and it was all downhill from there. Downhill … Flashes of the accident went through my mind. Kiro falling. Crashing. Crippled. My fault. No. 3 strides out, I turned him away from the jump. This startled him, not knowing what to do, considering he had positioned himself perfectly to take the jump. Angered by his forced failed attempt, he threw his head in the air in protest. “No Kiro, easy!” I pulled back on his reins and pushed him forward with my leg, hoping to drive his head down. Unfortunately, this wasn’t effective.

    Kiro did respond to the leg. He cantered on faster, hollow, with his head sky-high. The position of him under me felt very similar to how he looked being ridden by Trina. This couldn’t be good. “Easy boy, easy now! Settle down, it’s okay!” I tried to turn the big black, but to no avail. Yet, he did drop his head. He then shook his nose, clearly displeased with my actions as a rider. I finally brought him back down to a walk, and patted him on the neck. Suddenly, I remembered my trainer’s presence. I turned to her, expecting exactly what I got out of her face – pursed lips, head down, and slowly moving side to side. She turned away from the arena, and continued doing her chores with Navy at her heels. He was silent as well.
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        01-28-2013, 02:17 AM
    Green Broke
    Doesn't look like you've posted in a while but I'm going to say this anyway, I LOVE this story!!! Are you still writing it? (please say yes!!) If so I'm SO excited to read the next chapter, keep up the great work!!
        01-28-2013, 07:57 PM
    Thank you so much!! :) I am in fact still writing it! I think I'll go ahead and power through, and get at least up to Chapter 10 by Friday. I am loving all the feedback, thank you so much!! Keep it coming! Anything you guys don't like, let me know.
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        01-29-2013, 12:02 AM
    Green Broke
    I'm so excited for the next chapter :)
        02-28-2013, 07:00 PM
    Chapter 7

    The drive home was quiet. I wasn’t too proud of myself, and I think Navy could tell. Wanting to improve the little guy’s mood, I tried some small conversation. “So what did you do with Trina today? She teach you anything?” He smiled a bit, probably glad to cut the air. “Well, she had me help her feed the horses, and give them water, and we even got to brush a pony! She said I was a really good helper, and that I needed to tell you that I was the best helper ever, and I had to come back and ride sometime!” I smiled, happy to know about Trina’s love for my little brother. She did do lessons with younger kids, but I’d never seen them, so I never knew how much she loved working with them.

    He giggled a bit, then continued, “She also said you was crazy.” I turned and glanced at him quickly, with a mock-shocked look on my face. “And did she tell you why she said that?” I asked jokingly. “Uh-huh! She said that horse of yours was crazy, and you was riding him, and that means you’re crazy!” I had to laugh out loud, not surprised at Trina’s teasing of Kiro. “Well I outta get both of you for saying such things!” I reached over with one hand and tickled his side, making sure the steering wheel was steady with the other hand. He exploded with laughter, which I joined in.
    I did wonder what would come of Kiro. It scared me, knowing now that teaching him to jump could be impossible if I did it. Trina wouldn’t keep a horse with no potential. She’d sell him on a heartbeat now, seeing the event that occurred in the arena. I swore to myself, wishing I could just get over the past. But it was harder than you’d think.


    “Wow Kat, that sucks.” I bowed my head at Jared’s reply to the telling of the previous day’s events. “I know. I just don’t understand! The accident was so long ago, and..” I went on, and could have gone longer if he hadn’t had interrupted me, “No, it was about 2 years ago, barely. You’re just scared, it’s natural. You’ve gone through a trauma, those things aren’t hard to get over. And you know I’m not fond of your trainer either.” I rolled my eyes playfully. Jared always teased me about Trina, seeing as she was a bit tough on her students. I liked it, but Jared was more fond of a positive reinforcement approach. Trina was anything but. “You’re terrible!” I gently punched his arm, and continued, “But still. I know Kiro would do anything, and he would do it perfectly. I’m not scared of him hurting me …” I looked for the words, not knowing what to say. Jared found them for me, “You’re scared of you hurting him.” I nodded. “That won’t happen, Kat, I know you. You’re just getting hyped up over everything. It’s not good for you.”

    I sighed, knowing he was right. I didn’t know what else to do, though. We had done enough flatwork to win the Dressage Olympics, or so it seemed. Jumping was out of the equation, and I never really got into Western. Kiro wasn’t particularly the western type either. “Tell you what,” Jared broke my trance, “Come out to my barn with me some time. We’ve got trails all throughout. Maybe you’re just a little ring sour! A little woodland joy would cheer you up. They are beautiful around this time of the year, with the trees all frosty. You will love it, so will Kiro. Me and Northgate get awful lonely all by our lonesome…” I laughed, and after some pondering, agreed. Trail riding was really good for green horses. It gave them the chance to see things, get them a bit more spook-free. And maybe he was right, I could just need to get some air. “Thanks, Jared, I appreciate it.” I smiled at my best friend, and we split up – him to Algebra II, me to Gym.

    Upon coming home, I yelled a greeting to Mom. Navy came in behind me, as I had picked him up, per normal. No reply. “Ma?” I called again, then began looking through the house. No sign of her … finally, I spotted a scrawled note on the fridge. I read it aloud to Navy’s eager ears, “Kids – Out with the girls. There is some food in the fridge. Kristine, cook something up for your brother, I won’t be home until late. If I’m not back by tomorrow, make sure you two get up and go to school. Love, Mom.” I turned to my little brother, now sitting at the kitchen table. “Guess it’s just you and me, bud!” He nodded. He didn’t like being away from mom. I knew why she was always gone now – dad. Navy, on the other hand, didn’t understand, and didn’t need to.

    I patted the little guy on the back. “Come on, let’s go out back and throw the football around. We’ve still got a few minutes before it gets dark.” His dissatisfied look turned into a cheery grin, and he bolted out the back door. I laughed and followed him, grabbing the ball on the way out. As we threw the pigskin around a bit, me careful to throw it gently, and him eager to catch it, I thought about the upcoming weekend. Jared and I planned to ride Saturday at 4, just after Trina finished her morning lessons. I called her after school, and she agreed to let me borrow the trailer once she had finished. I’ll admit, an afternoon spent with my best friend and his beautiful horse would be really, really nice. I’d been so busy lately, with school and the barn, I hadn’t really had time to dote on my social life. It was never really a huge priority – the horses have always come first. I sighed, “A little buddy-buddy time certaintly wouldn’t hurt though,” I mumbled to myself. “Sissy, I’m getting hungry … can we go in now?” My little Navy popped my thought bubble, and I smiled and nodded. Once we were settled in the house, I pondered what to do for food. “What sounds good, little guy?” I asked, honestly not very hungry myself. “Pizza! Pizza!” Was the obvious reply. I could have guessed it myself. “You sure? We’ve got some roast in here, a few pieces of chicken, some fish sticks …”

    About 45 minutes later, me and Navy were sat down at the kitchen table, set at the two ends, with a pizza box in the middle. He would play with the oozing cheese, before shoving the Italian delicacy into his mouth. I reached into the box for another piece, my meat-lovers side. We always got a half and half pizza – one side for me and my mom, a side of nothing but cheese for Navy. Typical 8 year old, never was a fan of toppings on his pizza. “Alright Navy, finish up soon, I’m going to get your bath running.” Navy grumbled, “But it’s Friday, I ain’t got no school tomorrow!” I laughed at his grammar, “’Ain’t got no…’ Boy, you probably should be having school if you’re going to talk like that!” He just laughed, and stuck his tongue out at me. “Fine, fine, Mr. Too-Good-For-Proper-English, you can stay up late. But you still have to get a bath now.

    He agreed to this, and soon we were preparing for our nightly slumber. It wasn’t half an hour after his bath that he was laying out on the couch, passed out, with Disney Channel playing softly in the background.
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        03-03-2013, 01:40 AM
    Green Broke
    Awe that was a cute chapter, good job :)

    horse story, hunters, jumpers, novels, writing

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