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A Story of a Girl and a Horse, Broken Without Each Other

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    03-03-2013, 05:57 PM
Thank you!! :) I will be getting some more writing done really soon, sorry for the major delay before ... the next few chapters will move a lot quicker. These few small chapters have really just been setting up for what lies ahead. I still haven't decided if I want to make this a long or short story ... Opinions?
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    03-05-2013, 11:55 AM
Green Broke
I just read this all the way through and called my wife, as well as my daughter and told them to read it.

I enjoy the way you are writing it now and must admit I would like to continue reading it in the short chapters as you have been writing.
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    03-05-2013, 08:38 PM
Chapter 8

[[ Thank you so much!! That means a lot!! :) This chapter is just a bit longer than usual, but I just couldn't stop writing this one! The story starts to pick up a lot here soon. I think it's going to end up being a bit short. There's a lot I could do with this, but I think it would be best executed in a short, one or two sided way... Of course, opinions are always MORE than appreciated!! ]]

“You sure about this Krista? I mean, we haven’t had him very long. I have no idea how he is on trails, or anywhere away from home. I don’t think this is a good idea. At all.” Trina was ranting on and on to me as I loaded Kiro into the trailer. I simply smiled at my worried trainer, “Don’t worry, I promise, everything will be okay. He’s a good boy, I’ll take good care of him, and he’ll take care of me. It’s okay.” I clipped his halter into the manger as Trina did up the butt-bar in the back. She huffed, “famous last words,” but left it at that. After everything was all set, and Kiro was eating away at his hay, I hopped into the cab of my truck. I leaned out the window to call to Trina, “Thanks again for letting me borrow the trailer! We’ll be back by eight!” She smiled halfheartedly, gave me a curt wave, and headed back into the barn. She had just a bit of cleaning up to do before heading out.

I hadn’t driven the trailer a lot, so the drive itself always worried me. Of course, I’d never been in an accident (knock on wood), and neither had anyone I’d known. I was a good driver, so I really wasn’t sure why I was so timid. “Just nature, I suppose” I said to nobody. I checked the rearview at the trailer once again; everything was just fine, as I expected.

When I arrived at the stables, I was immediately impressed. I hadn’t ever actually been to the barn Jared kept Northgate at. “Green Lantern Stables” read the beautiful elaborate sign set out front of the property. Thankfully there was no gate – that might have been a little too intimidating for me. “Dang Jared, I knew your parents were doctors, but I had no clue they were this wealthy …” I thought aloud. After driving up the long, concrete driveway, I parked in a spot farther back. Trina had lent me her nicer two horse trailer… but my truck wasn’t quite as fancy.

I unloaded Kiro from the trailer quickly, happy I had dressed him in matching red shipping gear. The sheet and boots complimented his jet black coat very well, not to mention the halter and lead I held. “Good thing we wore our nice threads to this place, huh Kiro?” I patted his glistening neck, then led him into the beautiful white barn, lined with a gentle green trim. Inside, the barn was stunning.

The stalls were perfect. A beautiful cherry color, matched with black, twisted iron. Cleaner than some of my dinner plates quite possibly, and matted and bedded with the finest material. The aisles were just as neat, with one solid piece of concrete going through the whole area. The wash-stalls were perfectly kept. I was almost scared to walk Kiro down the hall and place him in the cross-ties, afraid he may dirty something. I’d kill to see the tack room of this place. I didn’t have enough time to snoop some more before Jared turned the corner and found me.

“I thought I heard hooves! How you doing Krista-Kat?” Jared came up and gave me a big hug, before turning to my black giant. “Wow Kat …” was all he could say. He walked up to pat Kiro. I stepped toward Jared, about to warn him of Kiro’s habits with other people, “Jared, wai-… woah…” Kiro let him pet him. Jared had rested his hand upon his nose, and began to stroke his face, calmly. “What is it?” I just shook my head, more or less amazed. “He usually … won’t let anyone touch him.” I managed to throw out. Jared laughed, “he just knows who’s awesome and who’s not. NG is in the other crosstie, I’ll just tack him up and meet you here?” I quickly agreed with a nod. Jared smiled and set off, and I began to unload my saddle and bridle out of the trailer before placing them upon Kiro’s back. “Well buddy … I just realized I might like red just as much as you look good in it!” His saddle pad and SMB boots were both red as well. Well, at least he matched.

It wasn’t long after I had gotten Kiro ready that Jared walked down the aisle with Northgate, or NG as he called him. He was already mounted, so I did the same. The doors were extra high in this barn, a luxury I wasn’t used to. Heck, this whole stable was a luxury I wasn’t used to. “Alright, I’ll take the lead. There’s this beautiful trail I’ve really been wanting to take you on. It will really get him going through everything, and you’ll have a blast with it.” I smiled and nodded, letting him go ahead. “That sounds perfect to me! He’s a good guy, I’m sure he’ll do great with the trails.” I gave him a good pat, and we set off.

The trail started really quiet. We had to go through one of the pastures to get to the woods, and when we did get to the forest, the trees were light. It was really quite silent, for being winter, there was little wildlife scurrying about. The frosty air did look simply beautiful against the trees though. A photographer would probably give an arm and a leg to see this place. “Jared, it’s gorgeous.” I mumbled. “Wow Krista, you really haven’t been trail riding … it gets a lot better than trees.” I thought my mouth would fall open. More beautiful than this? I was actually a bit jealous of Jared now. This was the norm for him, he could-and possibly did- see this every other day. It was really stunning. Northgate was looking grand as well.
I’d always been a fan of the big bay gelding. He moved almost flawlessly, and was muscled to the core. You could tell Jared had worked hard with his horse, in Dressage and Jumping alike. They also did Cross Country, and I knew that certaintly took a very, very fit horse. I was never one for solid obstacles, but I’d almost brave it if I could have Kiro looking like that. And … if I hadn’t had my accident. I suddenly noticed that NG had come to a halt, and Jared was looking back at me and Kiro. “In la-la land? Come up her, Kat, come see. Now this, this is gorgeous.” I rode up next to him, hoping Kiro would be fine with NG’s company. As soon as I saw what Jared saw, my reins fell from my hands, and my jaw fell from my face. “Oh my … Jared …”

It was probably the most beautiful landscape I had ever seen in my entire life. We stood upon a steep hill, looking down over a valley. There was a lake, crystal in color, with a cross country course wrapping around it. Stone walls, ditches, flowery jumps and hedges. Trees danced around the trail of jumps, stretching their bare arms to the sky. A light frost covered the grass, leaving the whole field in a subtle blue shade. The winter air and sky complimented the area perfectly, giving everything a clam, peaceful feel. The horses’ heat kept me from freezing where I was and never moving. Somebody nickered beneath us, and for just a moment my gaze was stolen from the breathtaking view. The horses were breathing into each other’s noses, seemingly perfectly content with each other.

I said, with a breathy, amazed tone, “well looks like we have a friendship brewing here!” Jared laughed, then turned to me. “Haha, yea. They take after their owners pretty well, eh?” He grinned and leaned over, punching my arm gently. I returned the punch as we laughed a bit, looking from the horses, the view, to each other. I didn’t want to be anywhere else in the world. Then Jared turned Northgate, and started to head down the hill. “Come on, Kat, let’s go try this thing out!” I stood there, not fully comprehending what Jared just said. “Uh … you mean …” He laughed again, and without turning called back, “The course, Krista, come on!” The course. Of jumps. Solid jumps. “Oohh, no …” I muttered to myself, before asking Kiro to make his decent down the hill.
ryster2000 and Let it slide like this.
    03-16-2013, 04:09 PM
Originally Posted by xJumperx    
“Now Krista, watch that combination, too. It’s a one stride, but it’s super forward. Don’t get behind it though, ‘cause if you try to fit two in there, you’re screwed.” I nodded, understanding what Trina meant. This was the top circuit, and if the judge caught you riding the wrong distances, you weren’t just out of the ribbons – you were out of the top 15. I gazed down to my grand dapple gray. Ghost wasn’t mine, but I loved him as if he were so. I’d been riding him for about 3 years now, bringing him up from a 3 year old, with Trina’s help. He was her horse – a project she bought with spare change. He turned out to be filled with promise, and became ‘my’ show horse.

In that time, we’d grown an amazing bond. I practically lived at Trina’s barn, considering I worked there as a stable hand, and also took lessons 3 times a week. So whenever I had free time, I always found myself playing around with Ghost. He had a spectacular personality, and was the type to follow you around the ring if you unclipped his lead, keeping your exact pace, but very careful to never run you over or go too far ahead. I patted him now, and scratched the spot on his neck where he likes. He stretched his nose out as usual, happy to be itched in his special-spot. “One-twenty-three, you’re on deck!” Words from the ring steward popped me out of my daydream. We were up next. This was the big time – if we came out in first in this Derby, are options were wide open. International teams, top colleges, everything. This was important, considering I was a senior this year, and was hoping for a scholarship on riding in order to get anywhere … because careers weren’t exactly something I had ever really thought about.

“Thank you, Ashlee,” came over the announcer. A rider on a smaller chestnut walked energetically out of the ring on a loose rein. His rider patted him, with a wide smile. Must have been a good run – good for them, not so good for me. I was nervous. Trina grabbed Ghost’s reins, and walked me up to the gate, as if though I could be trusted with her horse over 5 foot obstacles, but not to walk over to the in gate. “Listen, don’t get tense. Just breathe, and relax, and he’ll do the same. You ready?” She looked up to me confidently. I knew ‘no’ wasn’t an answer – Trina would rip my stirrups off my saddle and force me into the ring as is if I did. After a deep breath, I went with “As I’ll ever be! Come on Ghostly, let’s go.” I gathered my reins, so that I had a decent contact with his mouth. I gave him a gentle nudge, and we were off into a canter.

The course was actually a pretty easy ride, so I wasn’t much worried about it. I turned him down the long side toward our first jumps, a single leading to a diagonal line. I held him back at first, easing him off the bridle. He liked to jump strong, though it messed up his form at times. Only during the lines could he really push on, since they usually set them long. He flew over the single with ease, paying no mind to the hay and tree branches used to decorate the jump. I pushed him into the corners before turning him into the diagonal line. I asked for more of him, and he soared over the first of the two. I counted the strides between, “One, two, three, four, five!” A perfect spot, with the exact distance required between – so far, so good. I passed the in-gate, where Trina stood. Per normal, she gave me direction quietly, “Keep him moving, that combo is up after the gate. Don’t let him slow!” She was clearly worried … She’d been watching the previous riders – it must have been giving them trouble. If we could perfect it, we could be in the top 3 for sure. I squeezed him on, though careful not to get him leaning on the bit. The gate was a simple, open distance. But it was teasing for what lay ahead.

It was a regular pole jump, then one with barrels set up behind it. It looked like a two stride – in fact, it wouldn’t be impossible to fit three. Now I was starting to think that Trina didn’t just mean I’d be out of the ribbons if I didn’t make the distance – The jumps were big enough, that it was possible Ghost could get caught with his legs in the jumps if something went wrong. Huh. That made things a little more nerve racking. “Come on bub, you’ve really got to get this…” I gave him a very quick pat, and pushed him on even further. I could feel him asking for more of his head, but I didn’t want him taking it and running with it after the combination – the judges would frown upon us greatly if he were too strung out. Ghost took what he could, and sized the first jump up as normal. With a kick, we were in the air. I gave him a decent release, and prepared him for the landing. As he needed to, he tried to stretch out to make the one.

But he yanked me forward with the rein in the process.

He brought his head back to a collected spot, as I accidentally cued. I tried to throw away my reins, put him back in a stretch, but it was too late. He’d already taken his first stride. And was now trying to take another half of one. But his feet were tangled. He was unsure. He didn’t want to make the jump. He didn’t think he could. He tried anyway. Oh god.

He threw his head in the air, almost as if he hoped his nose could carry his body over the large jump. He pulled his legs up in front of him, and I could feel his back legs level with them as he tried to do an almost deer-like jump. Feeling so uncomfortable and wrong, he kicked out with his back legs then, throwing his entire body mass to the side. He landed on his right foot first, then tumbled to his left knee. I tried to break the fall with my hands, before smashing into the ground with him. I fell to my side, then quickly looked up to find his side coming straight at me. Then everything stopped, and went black.
is this a different story?? Im confused because the other horses name is Kiro or something. I Loved the start with ghost just a little confused lol
    03-16-2013, 10:45 PM
Originally Posted by hopie22    
is this a different story?? Im confused because the other horses name is Kiro or something. I Loved the start with ghost just a little confused lol
The first chapter is sort of a preface. But I know that if that's what I call it, not everyone will read it. It needs to be read to understand a lot of the story. It's more of a mature way to read, the reader has to infer that time has passed. As you keep reading the whole story, it becomes more clear of this :)
    03-16-2013, 10:49 PM
Originally Posted by xJumperx    
The first chapter is sort of a preface. But I know that if that's what I call it, not everyone will read it. It needs to be read to understand a lot of the story. It's more of a mature way to read, the reader has to infer that time has passed. As you keep reading the whole story, it becomes more clear of this :)
Ok thanks sorry I just got really confused
    03-17-2013, 07:56 PM
Chapter 9

The bottom of the field was just as stunning as the top was. The details in the woodland area made it even more breathtaking, which I thought was impossible. The path was a beautifully manicured dirt/sand mix path, that was just hard enough for a good run. It was truly the perfect place to get some great practice in. If, that is, you were an avid cross country rider.

“Come on Krista! What are you waiting for?” He knew the answer good and well; he was just trying to make me get over my irrational fear that was jumping. “I think you should go first. Me and Kiro will just stay back and watch.” He rolled his eyes, and came up to me from his spot at the start box. “Come on,” were his only words. He walked away from the course now, on further down the path. “Where are you going? I thought you wanted to do the course?” He shook his head, stopped NG, and turned to face me, “I want you and I to both do the course. You are obviously a chicken. There is a huge field up ahead we use just for racing across. You win, we spend the rest of the trail on all four hooves. I win, we both do the Cross Country course. This is the small course too, I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. I promise it will be fine. Deal?” I looked down to Kiro. I had seen him run in the field. He was always just a big black flash of lightning. It was always a marvel to watch him run. Though I’d never ridden his gallop, you could just tell it would be smooth as glass, and quick as a Lamborghini. I looked back up to my opponent. “Deal.”

So we rode, side by side, down the wide trail. I could see the open area ahead Jared had mentioned – it was an extremely large clearing. We’d definitely have plenty of space to get our horses into a full out run. The two questions of mine were: how far could Kiro go … and if I could stop him at the end. “You ready, kitty cat?” I laughed and rolled my eyes, “I’ve told you a thousand times not to call me that! My 5th grade nickname has no place … anywhere!” Jared laughed and laughed, as if he had just pulled the Senior Prank of the century. I trotted away briskly, letting Kiro’s long, flowing tail dance in front of Northgate. “Come on, dweeb, let’s get this over with! And don’t be crying too hard when we kick you and your pretty little pony’s butt!” I taunted my best friend, to which he responded to with cantering and sliding-stopping right next to us. It was a bit intimidating, but I believed in Kiro. “We say ‘go’ at the same time! Got it?” He nodded.

“Three … two … one…” We alternated the numbers, gathered our reins, picked ourselves off our horses’ backs, and simultaneously shouted “Go!” Both horses took off like a rocket. Both were well trained, and instantly engaged their hindquarters, bringing themselves under their body to get the maximum amount of speed. It was horsepower at its finest really. We whistled in the wind, flying down the stretch. The cold air stung at my eyes, but I urged Kiro on. There was still the whole field in front of us, and I didn’t see Northgate in front of or beside us. “Get on boy! Go, go, go!” I called needlessly to Kiro. You could feel his entire body stretch, licking up the grass. We had the race bagged, and I was looking forward to a nice, relaxing trail.
Until Northgate showed up in my peripherals.

The grand horse was shockingly toned, and barely breathing hard. His stride was immaculate, as if he was born to race. He was perfectly balanced, as was his rider. I was so taken aback by the horse’s impeccable beauty, I hadn’t noticed he had pulled ahead until they were two or three strides ahead of us. “No, Kiro, come on! Get up boy!” I called to him, using my leg to encourage him on. But he was out of gas, his pace slowing. I could feel it. No matter what I did, he was tired. And Northgate had only just gotten started. We were only just a dozen strides away from the tree line, and I knew it was no use trying to catch Jared. With a few silent swears, I pulled Kiro to a free walk. He was breathing pretty hard, and was happy to be at a gentle walk.
“That was the most fun I’ve had in a long time! Wow Krista, he’s quick! Usually I have no competition with NG…” He patted his magnificent horse. “He’s really beautiful, Jared. How in the world does he have that much stamina? Kiro is one of the most fit, amazing horses I’ve ever met … and look at him!” Jared looked overly pleased with himself, but you could tell he was trying to hide it. He was a good friend, but I knew what he was about to make me do was quite mean. “Cross Country! Which is exactly what you are about to do, princess!” He said as he walked by me, heading back across the field to the course. I punched him as he walked by, but was forced to follow him. “Could you at least go first?” I called ahead to him. He nodded, but kept walking on.

When we got back to the start box, he gave me a small pep talk, “look, I will go first. But I promise, this is easy. Just tell Kiro to run, and think of running. Don’t jump, just go. The jumps are all 2’6” and lower, it’s the smallest course on the property. They are low enough – even if he hit these, he’d be fine. Everything here is made of foam. It’s made for people just getting into Cross. You’ll be fine, and so will he. I’ve seen you and him all day, and you click like a puzzle. Trust me on this, Kat. I’d never do anything to put you in danger.” He looked at me straight in the eye, and I knew he was serious. And I believed him. His deep amber eyes radiated trust…

“Okay. You go, I’ll watch. Then … Then I’ll …. I’ll go.”
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    03-17-2013, 08:09 PM
Next next next!! Love it!
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    04-11-2013, 02:57 PM
Green Broke
Where is the updates on this story?!!!!!
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    04-12-2013, 01:53 PM
It's coming soon!! :) I'm away at Equine Affaire this weekend, but on Monday I PROMISE I'll give you guys three more chapters at once, to make up for my slacking off :p
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