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A Story of a Girl and a Horse, Broken Without Each Other

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    04-13-2013, 08:56 AM
Green Broke
I'm holding you to this!!! Lol
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    04-16-2013, 04:59 PM
Chapter 10

[[ I meant to make this longer, but I simply don't have time to fill in all the details I'd like... sorry guys! Have to do a huge project today, I'll have to pile y'all up later on ... I'm working on it :) ]]

“Alright Krista Kat, you go up there on the lookout – that’s where we were before when we came down the hill. From there you can get the best vantage point of the whole track without running alongside. That will tire the best horses out, so I’d just sit from up there.” I nodded at Jared’s advice, and begun to continue up the hill. Before I headed up, Jared called my name out from the start box, “And Kat?” I turned around, “Take it easy, okay? You’ll make the trees nervous shaking like that!” I rolled my eyes and laughed with him before trotting back up.

When I got to the top of the hill, I gave Jared my signal of, “I’m here, take off.” He nodded in response, and pushed Northgate on. The horse’s take-off was amazing, his muscles rippling in the sun. The gleam of the shine of his coat almost heated the cool breeze around him as he blazed forward, taking the first jump with ease. In fact, taking every jump with ease.

Jared was right – all the obstacles were pretty small, and looked very plush. “See Krista, you’re hyping yourself up for nothing. Nothing can go wrong. Nope, Kiro’s a good boy. Aren’t you buddy?” I reached down and patted the black horse’s neck as I watched the team run across the field. Jared was an amazing rider as well. He controlled NG nearly invisibly, having an almost telepathic connection with the horse. The two moved in sync perfectly. Jared gave the most perfect automatic release over the jumps, making a 2’3” jump seem as flawless and genuine as a 6’ Olympic hurdle. It was poetry in motion to see him. I was awestruck by not only the horse … but the rider as well.

The course wasn’t long for a Cross Country course, at only about 15 jumps. When I saw them spread out effortlessly over the last jump, I began to make my way back down the hill to meet Jared at the start box. When I got there, I looked out to the area ahead of me, staring straight down the marked path, with the first jump in the difference. Fake logs, at only 2’ high, looked impossible. How could I do this …? Finally, Jared and NG’s trotting team caught the corner of my eye. They had both worked up a tiny sweat, but it was more of a sweat after a normal horse completed a round of 5 jumps at high speed … not 15. The animal’s fitness always took me aback.

“You ready?” He asked. I bowed my head. I was ashamed to show my weakness to my bestfriend, afraid to show my pain. But he simply gave a sad smile, and brought his horse next to Kiro. They touched shoulders, we touched legs. He put his hand on my shoulder firmly, encouragingly. “Krista. You have the second best horse I’ve ever seen in my life. You have the best connection I’ve ever seen in my life. Kiro will take you over anything, through anything, under anything, safely. You won’t hurt him, and he sure as hell won’t hurt you. You need to close your eyes, open your heart, and let this horse tell you who to be. You lost a piece of yourself in that accident, Krista. You, me, Kiro, and even Ghost all know that.” I looked up into Jared’s caring eyes. “It’s time to get it back.”

I smiled, my heart melting. He did always know just what to say. I gave him a hug as best I could between the horses, and finally came back asking, “Who’s the first?” Jared gave me a puzzled look. “You said Kiro was the second best horse you’d seen. Who’s the first? Hope you’re not about to say Northgate,” Jared raised his eyebrows, “’Cause I’m about to kick his butt!” I kicked Kiro into a gallop, pushing him down the stretch. I heard Jared call something to me, but his voice was drowned in the wind.

I let Kiro’s hooves pounding against the sand drown out my fears. The wind ripped the pain and worry from my head and threw it behind me with a force. The jump came to view. Small, foam logs … Bigger foam logs … just strides away … oh my … “Close your eyes,” Jared’s voice came to my brain, “Close your eyes …” I did so. Shut my eyes tight, giving Kiro all the rein he needed. “Open your heart … Open your heart … Open …” And we were airborne.

The feeling was priceless. I leaned softly into Kiro’s neck, letting his mane brush my face. I could feel my stomach jump with the horse, feel my body fall into the perfect position. Everything was perfect, effortless, flawless in the air. I called out to the world in victory, opened my eyes, brought everything together. We landed in epic ease, and continued down the course. “That a boy! Get it Kiro! Go!” We pulsed down the field, clearing each jump, one at a time, in flawless form and love.

I came back to the start box, me and Kiro a little hotter than NG came in. Jared looked at me in … shock? I really couldn’t tell what it was. He stuck something round in his pocket and smiled at me. “See Krista! I told you you wouldn’t die!”

I smiled wide at Jared, finally thankful for him pushing me to do it. I then leaned down to pat Kiro’s slightly sweaty neck, “That’s my boy … just you wait Kiro, we’ll be taking the Eventing world by storm, just you and me!”
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    04-17-2013, 09:56 PM
Chapter 10 Continued

I came back to the start box, me and Kiro a little hotter than NG came in. Jared looked at me in … shock? I really couldn’t tell what it was. He stuck something round in his pocket and smiled at me. “See Krista! I told you you wouldn’t die!”
I smiled wide at Jared, finally thankful for him pushing me to do it. I then leaned down to pat Kiro’s slightly sweaty neck, “That’s my boy … just you wait Kiro, we’ll be taking the Eventing world by storm, just you and me!”


“You what!?” I nodded enthusiastically at Trina, like a little 5 year old. “Yes! Yes Trina we jumped! A whole course! A Cross Country course! It was so amazing! I felt like flying, and the scenery? Oh the scenery was beautiful. Everything was beautiful. Everything felt beautiful, smelled beautiful, looked beautiful…” My trainer’s laughing at my rambles cut me short. “Oh Krista, you’re wild!! I’m so happy for you! So you are ready to get back into showing? Think Kiro has what it takes to be a Hunter? Well we should get him schooling immediately…” My puzzled look stopped Trina short. “Uh, I don’t know how to tell you this …” I began, slowly. Trina gave me a hard look, and it took all I had to finish, “But I’m kind of … done with Hunters. I want to get into Eventing.” Her eyes changed in size and she stood there, stock still for a good amount of time.

“You … you want to do three day eventing? With Cross Country, and Dressage? And not Hunters, Krista, that’s Show Jumping. All speed. Tight turns. Crazy talk. You don’t want to do that.” She spoke quietly and curtly, and I knew she wasn’t happy. I sighed, because I saw this coming, though I was sort of wishing I was going to be wrong. “Yea, Trina. Listen, I’ve been thinking about it the whole ride here. Kiro was made for cross. You can feel it when you ride him. His dressage is flawless, you and I both know that. We can get into and through show jumpers no problem, it’s just hunters with a little speed in the mix.”

I knew instantly I shouldn’t have said that.

“Hunters?! You think Show Jumping is like Hunters?! Now I know you’ve lost your marbles, Kristene! Show jumping is nothing like Hunters, not in the slightest bit! The jumps look different, are set extremely differently – if you thought Equitation courses were wily, wait till you get to a Jumpers course – the rules are all different, the speed makes the whole thing stupid … You’re insane!” I could tell she wanted to continue on, but I wasn’t going to hear it if she did, and she knew this. “No, Trina, it’s not that bad. Yes, the courses and rules and jumps are different, but it’s only dangerous if you ride the course dangerously. Do you think I’m a dangerous rider?” I questioned my trainer with a bit more spite than what was necessary, but I felt that she needed some help to get the idea in her head, through all the nonsense she’d gotten from previous opinions. She sighed and threw it right back at me,

“No, Krista, you’re not a dangerous rider. But that horse, now he might be on the crazy side! You know and I know that that horse isn’t reliable enough to take to a small local Hunter show, much less some crazy event!”
“‘that horse’ has a name. It’s Kiro. And he just took me through a whole Cross Country course without a hitch! Ghost would have taken it more flighty than he did!”
“Krista, the answer is no. I won’t take you to an event, I won’t enter that horse - sorry, Kiro – in an event, and therefore I won’t be driving you to the hospital or that horse to the vet!”

I knew that no meant no. It drove me insanely mad, and I wanted nothing more but to slam doors and storm out, but I also knew better in that subject. Instead of carrying on, I sighed and led Kiro to his stall, where he was put away for the night. “Don’t you worry, buddy,” I whispered to the big black, “I’ll get you in a trial. And we will take home the whole thing. We’ll show her who we are.” I smiled, gave Kiro one last pat, and headed for the door. “Goodnight, Trina.” I called behind me. “See you tomorrow, Kristene.” I gently shut the door behind me, and left the barn. “Yup,” I said to no one, “We’ll do it. If she knows … or not.”
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    04-23-2013, 04:42 PM
Green Broke
I'll get myself in trouble here at work for reading them if they were too much longer as I can never stop reading til the end.

I truly have the characters and scenery all depicted in my head from your descriptive writing. Thank you for making this enjoyable to read at my age of 42.
    05-18-2013, 12:53 PM
Chapter 11

[[ Bit of a short chapter, more to come! :) ]]

Sunday was a pretty slow day. I didn’t get to go to the barn, which might not have been a bad thing. It seemed that me and Trina both needed a little space to cool down after Saturday’s big debate. The second portion of my weekend really consumed of carting my little brother around town – he had a birthday party to get to, and we needed to buy a present beforehand. The store experience was probably the highlight of my day.
What I did get a chance to work on was my sketch of Kiro. I sat down at my desk, sighed, popped my knuckles a bit, and began working on the sketch. I managed to get from a crude outline to a decent looking start to a nice drawing. Kiro was immobilized in a quarter turn, his right hoof extended in front of his body. His mane whipped away from his long, structured face, staring at whomever it was that faced the paper. I hadn’t gotten to the light feathering around his hooves, or any of the detailing and shading on him, but really it was looking to turn out well. I smiled at the piece, before glancing at my clock to see how much more I could do before I had to head to bed. As soon as I saw the gleaming green 11:43, I knew I really shouldn’t have gotten this far with the drawing. I jumped up to get ready for bed.

After getting ready, I realized that Navy was downstairs, watching something on the television. I could still hear it. He should have gone to bed an hour before I did – which was supposed to be about three hours and forty-five minutes ago, considering we both had school tomorrow. I ran downstairs to get him, ready to punish him for sneaking back out after mom had told him to go to bed. Halfway down the stairs, I realized that mom had never came up to tell me to go to sleep. I was worried now. When I got down to find Navy passed out on the couch, and no mother to be found, I was more angry than anything. “Where is she?!” I growled, careful not to wake Navy. I immediately went to the kitchen to scour for notes. Sure enough, stuck on the fridge, was a pathetic excuse. Out with friends, Navy is asleep, wake him and take him to school in the morning. I mumbled to nobody, “Gosh, I don’t even know why she bothers living here if she’s never around.” I shook my head, flipped off the television, and proceeded up the stairs after giving Navy a blanket and a good night kiss.

“No sense worrying about it tonight,” I spoke softly to myself as I tucked myself into bed, “it’s not like being a worrywart will change anything.” I glanced once more at Kiro’s sketch, then pulled the cord on my bedside lamp to immerse the room in darkness to compliment my slumber.


I walked into Chemistry, one of my two classes with Jared. We shared a usual greeting, then began to discuss horses yet again – it was a fairly popular topic between us. “So, did you get any work in on Sunday?” Jared asked me. I sighed, shaking my head with a reply, “No. Me and Trina got in a pretty big fight after I got back from your barn. She’s … not very accepting of me doing Eventing. At all.” Jared got this puzzled look on his face, begging me to explain, “I have no idea why. She just says these things about her not wanting me and Kiro to be put in a hospital. Apparently she thinks that Eventing is ten times more dangerous than Hunters. Which isn’t true, if you’ll recall …” I glanced down to my forearm, taking note of the long, straight scar that showed exactly where my surgery was to fix my shattered bones.

Jared gave a sideways frown, “Yea, I agree with you, Kat,” he started, “No matter what discipline you do, riding is dangerous – that doesn’t make any one discipline more dangerous than another. You are living proof of that. I don’t understand what her beef is. So I guess you getting a small Cross course built at your place is out of the question?” I chuckled, amused by the idea of Trina ever even considering the thought. “Yea, there’s about as much chance of that happening as me getting a Ferrari!” We both laughed at that one, before I noticed a light bulb go off in Jared’s head. “Hey … why don’t you just trailer up to my place? Any time you want to train over some Cross Country, or even Stadium, you just come to me. Take your Dressage lessons there, maybe cover some Hunter work, then just come by any other time for any other training. I’ll help you learn the ropes. Besides, it will be good to show you how much better I am than you,” He gave a sly, teasing smile. I rolled my eyes and laughed, “Oh please! Sounds like somebody is full of himself! You wait till I learn the ways of your game, I’ll beat you every time!” Jared laughed and rolled his eyes, before extending his hand, “So it’s a deal? I teach you stadium and cross, and when the time comes, we event together. Every show, you and me, an unstoppable team. Deal?” He smiled in a more sincere manner, sweet and loyal. I returned the grin, and took his hand for the shake.

    05-18-2013, 03:45 PM
Chapter 12

After all my chores were finished, I went to fetch Kiro out of his stall. Trina snuck up behind me, “So, Krista, have you made your decision on what you’re going to do?” I smiled a bit, and proceeded with my plan, “Yea, Trina,” I replied, before turning to face her, “I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to spring that on you, or talk to you in the way I did. I’ve come to my senses – no need breaking my, or his, neck.” I gestured to the black beast I had haltered. His head was lowered to my level in a loving way. “We will just worry about getting back into shape first, maybe not compete for a while.” Trina nodded, pleased with my answer. “Good, I’m so happy to hear about that. I care about you, Krista, I really do. I couldn’t stand to see you all laid out on a hospital bed because I let you get into something like that. You understand, right?” I simply nodded, and led Kiro forward to the crossties. “I do understand, Trina. You’re right. I’ve got to take it easy on myself.” She smiled, then proceeded to the arena, calling back a ‘see you there.’

I had previously decided to not tell Trina of me and Jared’s plan. It would do nothing but worry her. Later, I told her that I’d be trailering twice a week to a friend’s barn, which was true. Though, as far as she knew, me and my friend would just be doing some dressage and a few little courses, to watch each other and catch tips. She was really very happy to hear this, and said it was good with her. The one thing she requested was that she could have the trailer when she needed it. Of course, I obliged. I hated lying to my trainer – she really had become a friend – but it was necessary in this situation, to keep her from fretting, and me in eventing.

My lesson went really well. We came over a few small jumps, mostly at 2’. We practiced simple things – 5 stride lines, single jumps, stuff that you would be taught in a basic lesson. The main goal was to get me back into jumping shape, and to teach Kiro the same time. In a normal situation, it would be a bad idea to have a semi-green jumping rider on a green horse; but considering the connection I had with Kiro, and his odd ways with other people, it seemed there was really no other choice. We handled each other well.
“I’m liking how he’s coming along! He’s got good foundation, you’ve taught him very well up to this point. He’s got wonderful potential and very decent form already, and he’s only been over a handful of jumps. He likes you, Krista, he really does.” I smiled at Trina’s kind words, reaching down to pet Kiro’s sweaty neck. “Yea, I really like him too.” I smiled, and saw a grin escape from Trina as we walked along.

After a good long cool-down, I brought him out of the arena and checked the clock in the aisle, “What?! Half past 7?! Oh crap, Navy!” I had dropped my little brother off at daycare on the way here, after school, since mom still wasn’t home yet. I had said I would likely be back by 5. The care center closed at 8. It took a half hour to get there, and Kiro was still fully tacked, standing in crossties. “I’m going to be so late! I’m going to get charged, and Navy is going to be so mad …” I let a short profanity fly as soon as Trina turned the corner (of course, I hadn’t noticed she had), and received a small scolding, “Krista! Watch your mouth! What is it you’ve got some spite against?” I told her my predicament, and she seemed to understand completely. “Oh … Why didn’t you just bring him here?” She asked me. The real answer was that I really didn’t feel like worrying about him while I was riding. I always did, for some reason, worry when I brought him here. Not because I don’t trust Trina, but because he could be quite rambunctious, and I didn’t want him getting into anything. Especially since Trina didn’t have kids, he would definitely be a challenge.

“I just don’t want him bothering anything. There’s a lot he could get into here, and I don’t want him to be any trouble,” I explained best I could. She just laughed and shook her head, “Aw, but I like your little buddy! He’s great fun, loves the horses. You should bring him next time! Bring him every day if you like, I could always use a fun little spirit around like him.” Her comments puzzled me a bit – I didn’t think Trina really liked kids – but I laughed and agreed that, if she wanted him around, he was all hers. It would help with the money to go around, too. Daycare was pretty expensive, and with mom out of a job, her unemployment and what I made here at the barn was pretty much holding us up. “Krista, you go ahead and get Kiro taken care of. I’ll go get the little man.” I was startled by Trina’s offer. “Are you sure? He likes you, he told me that when we left the last time I brought him, but do you really want to drive all that way?” Trina just nodded, “It’s no trouble!” I just shook my head, surprised, and agreed to her deal. “Only if you want to, I don’t –“ She cut me short, “I want to! You get this big black taken care of – it’s not like I could do it for you!” I realized this, and laughed. “Yea, I guess you’re right. Thanks Trina! Really, you’re a lifesaver!”

I didn’t have to wait around very long after getting Kiro put up in his stall. I watered all the horses, threw everybody except the few that are overweight another flake of hay for the night, and locked everything up; essentially, I did all the chores Trina usually does while I untacked the last horse of the day. Soon enough, I heard the noisy patter of sneakers running through the entranceway of the barn, and a voice calling behind it, “No running in the barn little man!” As soon as the words left her mouth, I heard a small skirt, and the running changed to a slower, walking pace. I stood up from the bench I was sitting on, and smiled when I saw Navy and Trina come around the turn. “What’s up little brother? How was day care?” He came up with big smiles and gave me a hug, “Great! I played with blocks, and outside on the slide, and lots of stuff! I liked it.” I smiled and ruffled his hair. He had a cute little Bieber cut, though my eight year old brother pulled it off a lot better, in my opinion. “Sounds awesome! Did Trina tell you about tomorrow?” He nodded very, very enthusiastically. “Yea! She said I was coming here from now on! She said I can help her, and we can have fun, and she can teach me all about ponies!” I chuckled a bit, and looked up to find Trina just a shade redder. I laughed a bit more, then thanked her. “It really means a lot to me. And sounds like it means a lot to this little guy too!” I patted Navy on the back, while he gave another dizzying nod.

After chatting just a bit about tomorrow’s plans, I head for the door with Navy in tow. We hopped in the truck and headed home. He told me all about his day at daycare, but also reminded me that he was much more excited to spend time at the barn. He then proceeded to tell me just how much he loves the barn, and wants to ride soon. The thought of him riding was a bit comical – I couldn’t fathom him focusing for a second – but I told him maybe, someday, it would be a possibility. He was happy with that answer, and by the time we pulled into the drive at about 9 o’clock, he was fast asleep in the passenger seat. I smiled, unbuckled him, and walked him into the house. On the way there, I noticed mom’s car. “So somebody finally made it home,” I muttered. After putting Navy to bed, I confronted her on the couch.

“Listen, Ma. I know you are going through a tough time around this time of year. But you can’t just keep jumping town like this. We need you here, okay?” She just nodded, and flipped the TV off, “You really don’t need me anymore, Kristene. You can handle Navy by yourself just fine. It’s a small house, not much cleaning to do. If I need a few days off, I need a few days off. I don’t need you telling me I can’t.” I sighed at her response. She was partially correct – I really could handle the place – but Navy didn’t have school over summer break, and I couldn’t just haul him everywhere. And lord knows we can’t afford daycare. I tried to compromise, “Okay mom. Do what you want now. But get it all out of your system, because Navy will need you this summer.” I took a deep breath before finishing my thought, “He’s already had to come this far without a father. Don’t expel him of his mother too.” That left mom speechless, and I knew it would. There was really nothing else I could say, though. Eventually, she just nodded. I gave her a hug, and told her goodnight before heading upstairs to get some rest.

“It’s definitely a struggle at times,” I spoke to myself, “But at least I have somebody. At least I have Kiro.”
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    05-21-2013, 08:51 AM
Oooo! This is a really good novel/story! Please keep going!! ;)
    05-23-2013, 10:34 PM
Chapter 13

I went to Jared’s for the second time on Tuesday. He called to let me know that we would be in the indoor arena. He said he wanted to go ahead and take me over some Jumper specific exercises, and teach me the rules. He figured I would fair best with starting our training with this because jumping was something I knew how to do. I was more comfortable with it. He was certaintly right, and I was ready for today’s lesson. I was hoping that Kiro could easily take the tighter turns and more complex turns. I had always loved doing Equitation courses, which usually included these tighter turns, and more complex way of travel, so here’s hoping Kiro felt the same way.

“Sis, this isn’t Trina’s barn?” Navy had to come with me. This wasn’t an ideal situation, as I wasn’t exactly sure what he would do at this beautiful, top of the line barn while we were riding. But I really had no other way of keeping him anywhere. Daycare would be an option, but my mother informed me last night that we just didn’t have the money for it, and I did understand that. None the less, it was sure to be an exciting day. “I know, Navy, we are going to hang out with a good friend of mine today. Now, listen bud, this is a really big stable, and you’ll have to be real good and just watch, okay? Kiro and I are going to be really busy with riding, and nobody will be able to play with you. Okay buddy? We won’t be long.” He gave a wayside smile, and sort of nodded his head. I felt bad for him, but there wasn’t much I could do. He was a good sport.

After we pulled into the barn and got Kiro out of the trailer, Jared came out of the barn to meet me and Navy. “Hey there big guy! What have you grown since I last saw you, a foot?” Navy’s face lit up – I had forgotten that he and Jared really did get along well. We had met up once or twice before, and it was starting to come back to me – Jared had played a little basketball with Navy once at my house. The hoop was low, low enough for Jared to dunk the ball without jumping, but he had let Navy win their little game of HORSE just to put a smile on his face. It was obvious that Navy hadn’t forgotten this, because he strode up to my bestfriend and promptly fist-bumped him, confidently stating “Well isn’t it Jared, the Jared I schooled last summer!” I had to laugh out loud, and it took Jared everything in him to hold back. The sound of the eight year-old’s “cool” voice was hilarious, funny enough for me to nearly drop Kiro’s lead! Jared finally came back with “Yes, yes, it is me. Suppose you wouldn’t be up for a little rematch after me and your sister get a little riding in, would you?” I looked over to him with a pondering look, trying to express that I didn’t want to be any trouble. He just smiled and nodded, mouthing, “it’s fine.” He must have gotten the message.

Navy’s face lit up with joy. Jared then led Navy to a viewing outpost on the second floor of the barn, overlooking the arena. Navy later told me that the area was stocked with chips and other snacks, with water in the mini-fridge. Jared had told him to help himself, but he said he only took two bags of chips and one bottle of water, to be polite. I praised him.

Meanwhile, I tacked Kiro and led him to the giant indoor. Jumps were everywhere, decorated like a typical jumper course. Colored gates, lattice, tarp, liverpools – many things you would only find in a jumpers course, not typically hunters. “Well, I guess we best take a look at these, huh Kiro?” I asked my gelding as I led him near the jumps. He took a hard look at them, but wasn’t too spooked till Jared snuck in behind us on Northgate, and called, “What are you doing? Step away from the jumps! Take the rail, don’t let him look at anything!” I jumped, as did my horse, “Jesus, Jared, you scared the crap out of us! Why all the hollering? Why can’t he look?” I accused him, slightly ticked that he had spooked my horse. It didn’t last long, for I saw the embarrassment, and bowed his head, “I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. But you can’t look at the jumps before you jump them – that’s the rules of the ring.” He said honestly, quietly, and sincerely. It was my turn to feel bad, “No, no you’re fine. Just don’t be so crazy next time,” I teased him in a playful voice. He gave me a lopsided grin, and I continued, “But that makes sense, the rules. I understand now, not used to that one. Sorry.” He just shook his head, and mumbled, “rookie,” to which I playfully retorted. We laughed a bit more over our playful teasing ways while warming up before we began jumping.

“Okay Kat, everything here is below 2’3”. You’ve jumped twice this before, and you’ve jumped this height just the other day. You’ve got it. Now listen, he’s going to look hard at those jumps – that’s the whole reason I set the colorful ones up – he needs to get used to that. Once you really get him exposed, he will stop being so particular and shy, and you can start shaving seconds off your time. For now, don’t expect anything too fast, and don’t try for it either. We won’t time you yet, maybe after we jump around a second,” He explained to me, “Now let’s just start with this diagonal line – the paint splatter plank to the wave jump.” I nodded, and cantered Kiro around the ring to get a good angle to the jumps. The canter was a forward, but calm pace. He had his head at a comfortable, easy to obtain position. Jared soon spoke up, “That’s a fine pace for these warm up jumps, but you’ll need more out of him later.” I nodded then continued to ride. It was clear that the jumps he’d pointed me to were probably the easiest, which calmed my mind. I liked starting smaller and working my way up. It helped build both me and my horse’s confidence.

The jumps were set at a smaller distance than I was used to, at three strides. Kiro ate up the ground pretty well with a large stride, so they came quickly. After I was out, I slowed him to a walk and patted him, looking to my buddy for instruction. He nodded with a smile, “That was great! I really like him, he’s got super potential. Now I want you to do the same thing, but make that a two stride.” I paused for a second, giving him a hard look. “It’s fine, Kat,” he assured me, “I know you can do it, I know he can do it. It’s not as hard as you think. You want me to go first?” I nodded, feeling more secure with having an example go ahead.

I was jealous of how Jared made the jumps. He simply pushed NG into a large, open stride, dialed in the small jumps, and popped over them with perfect pace – all in two strides. He then, I guess just to show it was possible, instantly shortened his mount’s stride. He cantered quickly down the long side, and took the jumps again. This time, putting four in the line. He halted and patted his horse religiously after the fact. “See Kat, it’s all a matter of adjustability. That’s so important in jumpers – you need to be able to come out of a tiny turn, push to get a bigger stride for the spread apart jumps, and then pull it all together to make the smallest, most ridiculous rollback you’ve ever done in your life. That’s all you need to do. Not hard, just necessary. Now you, go on.”

I nodded, understanding what he meant. You would hardly ever have to do such a thing in a hunters class, in those rounds you usually wanted a nice, even pace through the whole course. Equitation, you could occasionally use that sort of practice with tighter turns and more complex courses. I had to remind myself to put all of that behind me; take what I learned from hunters and apply it to what I’m doing now, but also adapt to the new style. I took a deep breath, and went down the line, asking for a large, powerful stride that I knew I could get out of Kiro. Once I pressured him, he moved out beautifully. Staying on the bit, but pushing through his hindquarters to stretch out perfectly. He dialed in the first jump, and flew over effortlessly; the second obstacle was just as flawless – and we fit two strides in between. “Good!” Jared called, “Now make it a four!” I called back an okay, and promptly leaned my body back just a smidge, and asked him to collect and bring it back. After taking just a bit longer than NG took to collect, my Kiro switched from the forward and out motion to a more up and in approach. Amazingly, I was able to re-take the line with the perfect amount of strides yet again.

I turned after the line to stop next to Jared and NG. He was smiling, and laid a hand on my shoulder. “That,” he emphasized, “was perfect! You and that horse, I’m telling you …” He looked me and Kiro up and down, then met my eyes again, “you’re just amazing.” I smiled, reaching down to pat my steed. “Yea, he’s pretty great. Maybe one day we can be as amazing as you guys!” I said honestly. He really did amaze me with his skill on his horse. It was so amazing to watch Jared, and even more amazing to know that I’d soon be able to accomplish the same feats as him soon enough!

After a great lesson, with stride adjustment and introduction to interestingly colored jumps, we cooled and untacked the horses. “You can stick Kiro in that empty stall with some water and a flake of hay if you want. Stay a while, Kat, I did promise your brother a set of hoops!” I decided to go ahead and oblige. After filling a bucket of water for my boy, I head over with Jared. Navy came down, and we walked out back to find a basketball hoop and a few balls. Jared walked over to the hoop and lowered it to an appropriate 8-year-old’s height, and proceeded to hand my brother the smallest ball. “How about some HORSE, little man?” Navy grinned wide and smacked his little hands around the ball. “I ain’t so little anymore!”

I laughed and watched as the two battled it out, and of course watched Navy take the lead. The two entertained each other a bit more, and I had a good time as well, before it was finally time to leave. I loaded up my Kiro, and head to the truck. “Thank you, Jared! Thursday, same time? Can’t wait!” Just before I buckled up and left, Jared popped up in the window of my truck, “Hey, Kat?” I nodded, gesturing him to go on. “I was thinking we could hang out after your lesson on Thursday. I figured I could totally school you, then we could grab some pizza and chill out?” I laughed, then replied with, “Well, maybe after I school you, I think that would be super awesome!” We both laughed, rolled eyes, and headed our ways.

With Navy chanting in my ear all the way home, “Krista’s got a boy-friend!” I proceeded along the road with eye rolls and hidden smirks.
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    06-15-2013, 05:04 PM
Chapter 14

Wednesday went by a lot slower than the other few days of the week had. It seemed to drag on, sitting through all my classes with the same level of interest (or lack thereof), and one thing on my mind- tomorrow. Of course, I was left with a ton of homework. Story of my life, it seemed!

After picking Navy up and driving on home, I decided to get started right away so that I could get to the barn. Navy started pestering me before I got my Calculus finished, asking for things to do. It was clear he was bored. “Little man, I can’t help you right now. See all this?” I gestured to all the paperwork laid out on my desk, “I’ve got to get all this done as quickly as I can. I want to get to the barn before it’s too late for me to ride. Why don’t you see what mom has for you to do? I’m sure she’d love for you to lift her spirits a bit,” I smiled and tried to be as cheery about it as possible, masking my annoyance. Not from Navy, but from my homework, though he certaintly wasn’t helping the case too terribly much. Finally he nodded and proceeded to head down the stairs, back to the living room.

I returned to my work, but not before catching a glance of the drawing I had been working on of Kiro. I looked back at my work, then back to the sketch, then back to the work again, before finally throwing my pencil down and walking out the door. Math can wait.


I walked into the arena on Kiro on a nice, loose rein. Trina was sitting patiently on the mounting block, waiting for us to come on in. “I thought you said you had tons of work to do?” She asked me, “It wasn’t but an hour after three; took me longer than that to do work for six classes when I was your age.” We both chuckled a bit, then I explained that it could wait until I was finished with my job here. “Yeah,” She scoffed, “Some chore you have here! You get to ride your horse, ride a few more, clean some stalls, call it a day. Wish this was my only job, that’s for sure!” We chatted back and forth a bit while me and Kiro warmed up, doing some nice walking exercises to get him all loosened up. After a bit of working trot, we were ready to get into the lesson.

The ride consisted of mostly flatwork, since Trina knew we had been working hard yesterday at Jared’s. Though, as far as she knew, we had just done some very simple jumping exercises. Which wasn’t being dishonest, but her definition of ‘simple’ corresponded with Hunter work; not exactly rollbacks and adding/subtracting distances to the extremes that we were. In all honesty, I probably could have told her all about my trip and have no harm done - those types of things were useful in the Hunter ring, just as they were in Jumpers – but I knew, as training progressed, she would have to be in the dark about the work I would be doing over fences. So it was best for her to never really have any good, solid details, so that it wouldn’t be suspicious later on. This sucked for me, as I hated lying to her. “Oh well,” I thought aloud, “Just a little white lie, won’t hurt anybody.”

After ending the lesson with some 2’3” lines and a good cool down, I dismounted and untacked Kiro. I groomed him next, making sure to get every little hair on his body all cleaned and sweat free. I had always been a huge stickler on grooming, and knew it’s importance. This time, though, I noticed he was wincing a bit over the saddle area. “You alright, buddy?” I asked him, wishing I could get a reply. I massaged the area a bit, hoping it was just a small muscle catch. After leaving it and coming back to it with the same wincing motion, I decided to call tomorrow’s ride off. “That’s alright buddy. I’ll check your saddle out, see if I can get another saddle pad to go over your square one. Maybe I can find one in black sheepskin to go with your red! Wouldn’t that be nice, Kiro? In the meantime, you can have tomorrow off to rest up. We don’t want his back too sore!” I gave him some more pats and love, then sent him in his stall. After fixing his feed and water, I decided it would be good to call Jared and let him know about tomorrow.

After two rings, he answered the phone. “Hey Krista Kat! How’s my best friend?” I smiled, though there was no one but the horses to see it, “Pretty good, but afraid I’ve hit a bump in the road for the moment,” I explained the situation with Kiro, and how I didn’t want to work him tomorrow. “Aw, send the big guy my best wishes! I’m sure he’ll be just fine in a day, I should have told you that all that jumping and riding could stretch him a bit thin, since he hasn’t done much speed stuff like that. I’m sorry, Kat.” He sounded extremely guilty, as if it was all his fault, “Don’t be sorry, Jared, soreness happens! I’m not mad or anything, I just wanted to let you know I couldn’t ride tomorrow,” After a short pause, I shyly added, “You still up for that pizza, though?” I figured it would still be nice to hang out after I left the barn tomorrow, I always loved having things to do. “Yea! That sounds awesome! Just drive over after you get done at Trina’s, maybe we can catch a movie or something with the extra time. See ya then, Kat!” I laughed, and said my goodbyes, before doing the same with Trina, and also telling her my plans with Kiro. “Okay then,” she started, “Since Kiro will be off, that gives you some space to get some of the other horses worked. No worries, I’ll turn you loose early enough to hang out with your boyfr- I mean, guy friend.” She smiled cunningly and winked, and all I could do was smile and shake my head. “Will do, Trina. I’ll be here right after school!”

It was then that my eyes grew twice their size, and I snapped my watch up to my face. 9:30. “Oh crap!” I bolted out the door, with Trina’s, “what’s wrong?!” falling behind me. As I ran out the door, I barely had time to make out, “homework! I still haven’t done it,” before jumping in the truck to get home. My mom was going to kill me.
    06-17-2013, 02:30 PM
Green Broke
Nice..Looking forward to the next chapter!!
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